Art-based therapy

Expression through art can bring you closer to your inner experiences, and develop your self-understanding.

Mindfulness Yoga

Develop your mindfulness skills and adapt yoga practices in a supportive learning environment. 

Freedom from your cage

Break free from the ideas, beliefs and behaviours that keep you stuck in your body image cage.


Self-help resources

Learn self-help strategies to help improve your mental health, personal relationships and physical health - and recognise when it may be worth seeking help.

Find self-help resources 


Our counsellors can help you with the issues that are important to you.

Counselling services

We offer a range of different counselling sessions to suit your needs including one-on-one appointments, group sessions and online appointments. 

Our counsellors will listen without judgement, offer new perspectives and work with you on strategies that are right for you. This is a confidential service and anything that you say or do will be kept in confidence. 

Crisis appointments

If you need help immediately, crisis appointments can be arranged within 24 hours. Please notify the Student Concierge that this is what you need.

As our counselling services are in high demand all appointments are subject to our Appointment Policy.

If you need supporting documentation from your appointment please read our Letter Request Policy