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Tuesday, 26 March 2019
9:30 am
Level 2 seminar room
Building 57, Centre for Advanced Imaging, St Lucia campus
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Miss Maria Moran
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Advanced Imaging

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Associate Professor Mehdi Mobli
Group Leader - Principal Research Fellow, Centre for Advanced Imaging
The University of Queensland, presents:

Updates from the CAI BioNMR group

'Our group works in the fields of structural biology and signal processing. I will provide updates on our major research activities in these areas, including recently published and ongoing work by members of the group. Three specific projects will be covered:

Fast and automated protein structure determination
I will present our recently published work on a new method for sampling multidimensional NMR data, called burst sampling.

Targeting ion-channels for drug development
I will introduce our approach of isolating the ligand binding domain of ion-channels for structural and functional characterisation as well as the significance of lipid membrane mimetic systems in the characterisation of ion channels and their ligands.

Secreted Cysteine-rich REpeatPeptides (SCREPs) as a novel source of bimodal ligands
Finally, I will provide an overview of our research activities in mining SCREPs, to discover novel molecules of pharmacological value and to better understand the naturally evolved design principles of generating bimodal peptides.' -Associate Professor Mehdi Mobli

All guests are welcome to join us for morning tea following the seminar for discussions and networking.

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