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Thursday, 13 April 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
QBI Level 7 Auditorium
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Queensland Brain Institute (St Lucia)
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Ms Deirdre Wilson
3346 6300
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Queensland Brain Institute

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Dr Christian Winterflood, Zurich Switzerland

Title: 'Applications of supercritical angle and single-molecule fluorescence'

Abstract: Highly surface-confined and efficient fluorescence detection can be achieved by the detection of near-field mediated supercritical angle fluorescence (SAF). This approach allows for undercritical angle fluorescence to be detected from deeper axial planes simultaneously. I will present applications of SAF detection ranging from sub-diffraction imaging to biosensing. I will also present a straightforward method for two-colour 3D dSTORM. The combination of biplane imaging and spectral demixing with two highly performant dyes eliminates several problems, including crosstalk, chromatic aberration or the need for colour registration. Lastly, I will present an investigation of the diffusion barrier to the lateral exchange of molecules in the axon initial segment membrane of neurons by correlative single-particle tracking and dSTORM, revealing a highly ordered nanoscopic compartmentalisation.​​

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To St Lucia Campus, UQ Ipswich, and UQ Gatton.

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