Supervision Program

About the program

The University of Queensland (Student Services) offers a supervision program which approves the accommodation, support and general welfare of international students under 18 years of age. This program is compulsory for international students who:

  • are at least 17 years of age when they enter Australia and commence their program at UQ
  • are not living with a parent, legal custodian or suitable relative approved by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA)  while under 18 in Australia
  • need their accommodation and welfare arrangements approved in order to meet the DOHA's student visa requirements

If you have a parent/legal custodian/relative in Brisbane, who will be arriving with you and can provide accommodation and welfare arrangements until you reach the age of 18, do not register for this program. Please complete the alternative form Guardian Form for International Students under 18 Years of Age that you will have also received with your offer letter. 

  • Registration process

    1. Apply to study at UQ and receive a conditional/unconditional offer of a place on your chosen program.
      Note: For enquiries about the status of your application, email and include your full name, date of birth and student number (if known). 
    2. On receipt of your conditional/unconditional offer, complete the online registration form for the International Student Supervision Program (see 'Register Now' button below) and upload all supporting documents:
    • Signed Declaration Form
      Completed by you and your parent/legal custodian.
    • Copy of your passport.
      Photo and information page of passport.
    • Copy of your parent’s/legal custodian’s identification.
      E.g. passport, driver's licence, national ID card, that must show name, photo and signature.
      This must be the same parent/legal custodian who has completed the declaration form with you.
    • Documentation from your doctor outlining any relevant medical conditions and detailing any additional support required.
    1. After reviewing your registration details, we will email you confirming the total supervision program fee to pay, along with a link to UQ’s secure online payment portal for credit card payment of this fee.
    2. Your preferred accommodation provider will contact you to finalise your accommodation arrangements. You must complete their rental contract and pay a deposit to confirm your accommodation .
    3. Accept UQ’s offer of a place. Pay UQ deposit and Overseas Student Health Cover (unless own health cover is provided).
    4. UQ issues Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW). Note: a CoE and CAAW will only be issued if you have completed the registration process for the supervision program in full and if UQ Student Services has confirmed that the University will be accepting responsibility for your accommodation and welfare arrangements.  
    5. Apply for Student Visa.
    6. Arrange to be picked up from the airport with  UQ’s free International Student Airport Reception. You must only arrive in Australia on, or after, the date that care arrangements commence as specified on your CAAW. 




  • What we provide

    When you arrive:

    • A University representative will meet you when you first arrive at the Brisbane Domestic or International Airport and will take you to your approved accommodation
    • Your Welfare Advisor will meet with you within the first week of your arrival to Brisbane


    Adjusting to university life:

    You will be invited to:

    • academic preparation sessions as part of orientation activities and throughout the semester
    • engage with a Student Leader throughout the semester to assist with the transition to UQ
    • academic skills workshops to assist you with your academic transition to UQ and to meet other students and ask questions about courses and assessment
    • attend an Orientation week induction session to assist you in settling into UQ and the Australian community


    Safety and security:

    • You will have weekly meetings with your Welfare Advisor to offer academic and welfare support
    • You will be provided with an out-of-hours emergency support number
    • If you are under 18 you must live in UQ approved accommodation. Any overnight stays elsewhere must be approved by parent/legal custodian and your designated Welfare Advisor
    • You must act responsibly and avoid risk-taking behaviour
  • What we require


    • You must arrange airport pick up  with UQ’s free International Student Airport Reception
    • You must only arrive in Australia on or after the date that care arrangements commence. This is a condition of your Student Visa.
    • For students commencing their program in Semester 1, 2018, you are expected to arrive on Saturday 10 February.
    • For students commencing their program in Semester 2, 2018, you are expected to arrive on Saturday 14 July. 
    • For students commencing an English language program at ICTE, you are expected to arrive nine (9) days before the start of your first class.
    • You must attend all compulsory orientation sessions (Getting Started, Health & Safety, and any program-specific sessions).  


    • You must maintain regular and timely communication with the Welfare Advisor via email and in person.
    • You must avoid risk-taking behaviour.
    • You must abide by curfew, or else submit an Activity Permission Request four days prior.
    • You must inform the Welfare Advisor if you need additional academic support to complete course assessments.
    • You will attend weekly individual and group academic sessions. 
    • You will advise us via email to if any contact details change for you or your parents/legal guardians (residential address, mobile number, email address).
    • You will submit an Activity Permission Request if you are late for curfew or will be staying overnight at a location other than your usual accommodation.  This will be submitted at least four days before the intended activity.


    ​You will live in UQ-approved accommodation only. Any overnight stays elsewhere must be approved by a parent/legal custodian and the designated Welfare Advisor by submitting an Activity Permission Request at least four days before the activity.  You must request written approval from UQ’s Welfare Advisor and your parent/legal custodian before making any changes to your accommodation and welfare arrangements. If you do not maintain adequate arrangements while in Australia, your Student Visa may be cancelled.


    Deferring program commencement

    If you have received an offer of place from UQ, but you wish to defer commencement of your studies at the University until after you have turned 18 years of age, to a future semester, please contact UQ International Admissions –

  • Approved accommodation

    Applications for approved accommodation must be made via the International Student Supervision Program registration form. You must not apply directly to the provider as we will contact them on your behalf.

    St Lucia and Herston campuses

    Both of our UQ Supervision Program accommodation providers have a close relationship with UQ and are located within 15 minutes of our St Lucia campus.  Please choose from the following providers and available rooms prior to commencing the registration process.  

    Student One (Brisbane City)


    Urbanest (South Bank)
    • Single ensuite room in a 5 or 6 person apartment
      (Private bedroom with private bathroom)

      $229/week per student for 12 month lease

    Gatton campus

    Gatton students can choose from a number of different room options at the Halls of Residence located on Gatton campus. As places are limited, Gatton students should email our International Student Advisers prior to registering for the supervision program.

  • Program fees

    There is a non-refundable registration fee of $110. Program fees are $6.60 per night while you are enrolled in the program*. To calculate the total number of days you will be in the program, enter your arrival date and the date you will turn 18 in the Time and Date calculator.

    To calculate the total amount of the program fee, multiply the number of days by $6.60 and add this amount to the registration fee.

    Refund Policy

    If a student enrols in the International Student Supervision Program (Program) and subsequently wishes to withdraw, they must notify the University in writing by emailing 
    If a student has been issued with a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) and they withdraw from the Program, UQ will cancel the CAAW and notify the Department of Home Affairs that these care arrangements have been cancelled. 
    A full refund of the Program fees, minus the non-refundable registration fee of $110, will be made if the University receives written notification of withdrawal before the start date of the student’s CAAW.  After this date, students are required to give 10 working days’ notice if they are discontinuing in the Program and any unused portions of the Program fee will be refunded.


    * The program fee does not include the price of accommodation. 
  • What happens when you turn 18

    Whilst you are under 18, it will be necessary for you to remain in the supervision program in order to meet the condition of your Student Visa.

    When you turn 18, although the University will no longer be required to monitor your accommodation and welfare, your arrangement with your accommodation provider may continue if you would like it to along with support from UQ Student Services.


  • Contact us

    For enquiries about the International Student Supervision Program please contact UQ Student Services: