Your first weeks at UQ

Starting at university might seem overwhelming at first when you're not sure where to begin. To help guide you through the initial steps of your journey, we've laid out the essential tasks week by week and refer you to the people, resources, and services that will help you succeed at UQ.

Get your UQ journey off to a great start!

Before Orientation Week

Organise your tasks, and learn about the resources available to you at UQ.

Get ready

Orientation Week

Get to know the faces, services, and facilities that will enhance your UQ experience.

Get set

Week 1

Attend your classes, and plan ahead for a successful first semester. 


Week 2

Find where you fit at UQ, and develop your academic and social networks.

Find your stride

Week 3

Seek out the social structures, information, and resources that will help drive your success at UQ.

Sustain your momentum

Week 4

As census date approaches, assess your strengths, find the support to get you ahead, and reflect on your direction.

Explore your path

Week 5

Look back at what you've achieved, and prepare for the upcoming mid-semester assessments.

Maintain your focus

Week 6

Keep aiming high, and build on the strong foundation you have set up for yourself.

Go for the gold