Free support, services and facilities for students with a disability, illness, injury or mental health condition at UQ.

We provide ongoing support during the semester for students with a disability.

A disability adviser will help you evaluate your academic access requirements, develop a Student Access plan for you, and organise the appropriate arrangements.


Disability services

Assistive technology

Get access to technology and equipment available for use by students with a disability.

Computer facilities

We provide access to specialised disability software and peripherals for eligible students.

Participation assistance

Students with a disability can get help completing tasks, including assistance at the library and lab and with mobility and typing.


Student who are unable to take adequate notes due to a disability can receive Note-taking assistance.

Alternative print formats

The Alternative Print Service (APS) aims to provide students with a disability with print material in alternative formats.

Interested in helping people with a disability? 

Learn how you can become a note-taker or participation assistant.