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SEL BROCHURE (2 page, .pdf, 230kb) all about our work.

BIRD research:

Mount Lofty Ranges Survey

Sherwood Arboretum

Oxley Creek Common

GONDWANA LINK: It’s bigger than Ben Hur and if you’ve had any involvement in the Australian conservation scene in recent years it’s likely you will have heard of it. It’s Gondwana Link, a massive, multi-organisation, on-ground conservation project transforming vast swathes of land in the south west corner of the Australian continent.

Dr Kerrie Wilson and Professor Hugh Possingham, along with a number of post graduate students, are key participants in this exciting project.

For a run down on the project see our Decision Point article (#25, p10).  For full details, see

Coral Triangle Conservation Science and Planning: People and Projects

Development of, and training in, marine reserve design tools (Marxan and Marxan with zoning) and conservation resource allocation methods. Professional exchange opportunities exist for conservation managers, technical experts, academics, and students.

Research Themes

Decision theory for conservation and environmental management

Conservation planning

Conservation resource allocation

Optimal monitoring

Uncertainty and decision making

Ecological and mathematical modelling

Population viability analysis

Spatial population dynamics

Statistical ecology

Theoretical population ecology

Ecological systems and populations

Disease ecology

Invasive species

Marine ecology

Vegetation ecology

Wildlife management

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