Support for Research Awards and Prizes at UQ

The University of Queensland encourages the recognition of its exceptional researchers by supporting their nominations for external Research Awards and Prizes, and for Fellowships of the Learned Academies.

UQ Research and Innovation (UQR&I) has dedicated specialists who provide:
  • dissemination of information regarding upcoming awards and prizes;

  • information on nomination and submission requirements; and

  • assistance with compiling a nomination, including review and feedback. 

Currently open prizes and awards are listed in the UQR&I Research Bulletin each fortnight. To subscribe to the Research Bulletin, click on: Subscribe.

Please email to contact the UQR&I Awards and Prizes Team Member

Recent Award Recipients

Recent award recipients are profiled in the media:


Marshall and Warren Award, 2016 NHMRC Research Excellence Awards
Professor David Evans
Frank Fenner Early Career Fellowship, 2016 NHMRC Research Excellence Awards
Dr Larisa Labzin
Top-ranked Career Development Fellowship -  Level 2, 2016 NHMRC Research Excellence Awards
Associate Professor Kiarash Khosrotehrani

Top-ranked Science to Art Award, 2017 NHMRC Research Excellence Awards
Joshua Shing Shun Li
2017 Queensland Women in STEM
Dr Nasim Amiralian (Judge’s Choice Award); Ms Jordan Debono (People’s Choice Award)
Mahathir Science Award 2016
Professor Hugh Possingham, Professor Kerrie Wilso, Dr Erik Meijaard
World Down Syndrome Day Award
UQ Down Syndrome Research Program (DSRP), School of Education (HASS)
2017 AIAA Hypersonic Systems and Technologies Award
Professor Richard Morgan
2016 Matilda Awards - Best New Australian Work
Dr Stephen Carleton
2017 Dr John Dixon Hughes Medal for Medical Research Innovation
Professor Mark Kendall
Australian Academy of Science 2017 Nancy Millis Medal
Associate Professor Kerrie Wilson
2016 Banksia International Award
Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
2016 CSL Young Florey Medal
Professor Mark Kendall
2016 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science
Associate Professor Kerrie Wilson
Johnson and Johnson Innovation 2016 Emerging Company of the Year
ResApp Health - Associate Professor Udantha Abeyratne
Women in Research Citation Awards
Dr Alize Ferrari
Associate Professor Margaret Mayfield
Dr Eugenia Sampayo
NHMRC 10 of the Best Research Projects 2015
Professor David Craik
Associate Professor Helen Cooper
2016 Queensland Young Tall Poppy of the Year
Dr Barnaby Dixson
2016 Queensland Young Tall Poppy Awards
Dr Anna Hatton
Dr Luke Knibbs
Dr Shyuan Ngo
Marshall and Warren Award, 2015 NHMRC Research Excellence Awards
Professor Justin Cooper-White
Top-ranked Development Grant, 2015 NHMRC Research Excellence Awards
Professor Kirill Alexandrov
Top-ranked RD Wright Career Development Fellowship – Level 1, 2015 NHMRC Research Excellence Awards
Dr Joseph Powell
2016 ATSE Clunies Ross Award
Professor Maree Smith
Commonwealth Health Minister’s Award for Excellence in Health and Medical Research for 2016
Dr Joseph Powell
Australian Academy of Science 2016 Ruth Stephens Gani Medal
Associate Professor Geoffrey Faulkner
Research Australia Lifetime Achievement Award
Professor Perry Bartlett
2015 CSL Florey Medal
Professor Perry Bartlett
Life Sciences Queensland 2015 Aon Risk Solutions Regenerative Medicine Award
Professor Justin Cooper-White
Johnson & Johnson Innovation 2015 Industry Leadership Award
Professor Maree Smith
2015 NHMRC Science to Art Award
Dr Victor Anggono
2015 Women in Technology Awards
Assoc Prof Kerrie Wilson and Angie Jarrad
Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology 2015 Bruce Chandler Book Prize
Professor Bhesh Bhandari
2015 Australian Society for Microbiology Frank Fenner Award
Associate Professor Gene Tyson
2015 European Inventor Award
Professor Ian Frazer and the late Dr Jian Zhou
2015 John Douglas Kerr Medal of Distinction
Professor Clive Moore
2015 European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Young Investigator Award
Professor Jason Roberts
2015 ATSE Clunies Ross Award
Professor Zhiguo Yuan and Associate Professor Leigh Ward
2015 Metcalf Prize for Stem Cell Research
Associate Professor Christine Wells
2015 Vincent du Vigneaud Award for outstanding achievement in peptide research
Professor David Craik

Learned Academy Members

The headers below can be expanded to show the complete list of UQ Fellows for each Learned Academy. 

Please contact for corrections. 


  • Professor Neal Ashkanasy
  • Professor Janeen Baxter
  • Professor Stephen Bell
  • Professor Roland Bleiker
  • Professor Victor Callan
  • Professor Alex Bellamy
  • Emeritus Professor Conal Condren
  • Emeritus Professor David De Vaus
  • Professor Mark Dodgson
  • Professor Heather Douglas
  • Professor Tim Dunne
  • Emeritus Professor John Elkins
  • Professor John Foster
  • Emeritus Professor Cynthia Gallois
  • Emeritus Professor Gina Geffen
  • Professor Katharine Gelber
  • Professor Simon Grant
  • Emeritus Professor Graeme Halford
  • Professor Wayne Hall
  • Professor Charmine Härtel
  • Professor Brian Head
  • Emeritus Professor John Holmes
  • Emeritus Professor Colin Hughes
  • Emeritus Professor Michael Humphreys
  • Professor Jolanda Jetten
  • Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Lawrence
  • Professor Robert Lingard
  • Honorary Professor Ottmar Lipp
  • Emeritus Professor John Longworth
  • Honorary Professor Nicholas Martin
  • Professor Jason Mattingley
  • Professor Lorraine Mazerolle
  • Professor Andrew McLennan
  • Professor Paul Memmott
  • Professor Flavio Menezes
  • Emeritus Professor Jake Najman
  • Professor Martin Mills
  • Emeritus Professor Patricia Noller
  • Professor Nancy Pachana
  • Emeritus Professor Candida Peterson
  • Professor John Quiggin
  • Professor Prasada Rao
  • Professor Christian Reus-Smit
  • Professor Matthew Sanders
  • Professor Penelope Sanderson
  • Emeritus Professor Kay Saunders
  • Emeritus Professor David Siddle
  • Professor Virginia Slaughter
  • Emeritus Professor Peter Spearritt
  • Honorary Professor Sue Spence
  • Emeritus Professor Robert Stimson
  • Emeritus Professor Clement Tisdell
  • Professor Mark Western
  • Dr Nancy Williams


  • Professor Perry Bartlett
  • Professor Christine Beveridge
  • Professor Mark Blows
  • Honorary Professor Matthew Brown
  • Professor Paul Burn
  • Emeritus Professor Julie Campbell
  • Professor David Craik
  • Emeritus Professor David Doddrell
  • Professor Ian Frazer
  • Professor Bob Gilbert
  • Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
  • Professor Wendy Hoy
  • Emeritus Professor John Foxton Kerr
  • Professor Peter Koopman
  • Emeritus Professor Max Lu
  • Professor Eugenie Lumbers
  • Honorary Professor Nicholas Martin
  • Honorary Professor John Mattick
  • Professor Geoffrey McLachlan
  • Professor Gerard Milburn
  • Professor Nick Nicola
  • Honorary Professor Maria Orlowska
  • Professor Robert Parton
  • Emeritus Professor John (Jack) Pettigrew
  • Professor Hugh Possingham
  • Professor Linda Richards
  • Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop
  • Professor Mandyam Srinivasan
  • Professor Peter Visscher
  • Professor Ole Warnaar
  • Emeritus Professor Michael Waters
  • Emeritus Professor Curt Wentrup
  • Professor Andrew G. White
  • Professor Howard Wiseman
  • Professor Naomi Wray


  • Professor David Abramson
  • Professor Simon Bartlett
  • Professor Kaye Basford
  • Professor Suresh Bhatia
  • Professor Simon Biggs
  • Emeritus Professor Edwin T Brown
  • Emeritus Professor Margaret Bullock
  • Professor Ian Cameron
  • Associate Professor David Cook
  • Professor Stuart Crozier
  • Emeritus Professor Mat Darveniza
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Dimity Dornan
  • Adjunct Professor Ross Fardon
  • Professor Ian Frazer
  • Professor Peter Gray
  • Professor Chris Greig
  • Professor Robert Henry
  • Professor Peter Høj
  • Emeritus Professor Michael Hood
  • Emeritus Professor John Irwin
  • Professor Jurg Keller
  • Emeritus Professor Sritawat Kitipornchai
  • Emeritus Professor Max Lu
  • Professor Ross McAree
  • Adjunct Professor John McGagh
  • Professor Anton Middelberg
  • Professor Graham Schaffer
  • Emeritus Professor John Simmons
  • Professor John Skerritt
  • Professor Maree Smith
  • Emeritus Professor Roger Swift
  • Professor Jose Torero Cullen
  • Professor Zhiguo Yuan
  • Emeritus Professor Philip Almond
  • Professor Alastair Blanshard
  • Emeritus Professor Trevor Bryce
  • Professor David Carter
  • Emeritus Professor Conal Condren
  • Assoc Professor Helen Creese
  • Emeritus Professor Peter Cryle
  • Professor Frederick D'Agostino
  • Professor Simon During
  • Emeritus Professor Robert Elson
  • Emeritus Professor Richard Fotheringham
  • Emeritus Professor Nanette Gottlieb
  • Professor Peter Harrison
  • Emeritus Professor Laurie Hergenhan
  • Professor Peter Holbrook
  • Emeritus Professor Rodney Huddleston
  • Emeritus Professor Ian Hunter
  • Honorary Associate Professor Brian Jones
  • Emeritus Professor Veronica Kelly
  • Professor Ian Lilley
  • Professor John Macarthur
  • Professor Tim Mehigan
  • Emeritus Professor Clive Moore
  • Emeritus Professor John Moorhead
  • Professor Daniel Nolan
  • Professor Patrick O'Keefe
  • Professor Thomas O'Regan
  • Assoc Professor Samantha Owens
  • Emeritus Professor Martin Stuart-Fox
  • Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner
  • Professor Marshall Weisler
  • Assoc Professor John Whitehorne
  • Professor Gillian Whitlock
  • Honorary Professor Matthew Brown
  • Professor Annette Dobson
  • Professor Nicholas Fisk
  • Professor Ian Frazer
  • Professor Jürgen Götz
  • Professor Wayne Hall
  • Professor Ken Ho
  • Professor Gerald Holtmann
  • Professor Philip Hugenholtz
  • Professor John McGrath
  • Professor David Paterson
  • Professor John Prins
  • Professor Linda Richards
  • Professor Michael Roberts
  • Professor Peter Sly
  • Professor Maree Smith
  • Professor H Peter Soyer
  • Professor Ranjeny Thomas
  • Professor Claire Wainwright
  • Professor Robyn Ward
  • Professor Harvey Whiteford
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