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Abel Smith Lecture Theatre, 23

Advanced Engineering Building, 49

Alumni Centre, 91C

Alumni Court, 16

Archaeology Teaching and Research Centre, 56J

Aung San Suu Kyi Conference Centre, 21C

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, 75

Axon Building, 47

Biological Sciences Library, 94

Bookshop , 4

Brian Wilson Chancellery, 61A

Building 33, 33

Building 54, 54

Building 69, 69

Building 87, 87

Building 90, 90

Building 96, 96

Building 97, 97

Campus Kindergarten, 73

CEIT, 17

Centre for Advanced Imaging Building, 57

Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology, 17

Centre for Innovation in Professional Learning, 17

Chamberlain Building, 35

Chancellor's Place,

Chemistry Building, 68

CIPL, 17

Colin Clark Building, 39

Conifer Knoll Parking Station, 98D

Connell Building, 26

Cromwell College, 36B

CSIRO Car Park, 80B

CSIRO Controlled Environment Facility, 80A

Cumbrae-Stewart Building, 72

Don Nicklin Building, 74

Duchesne College, 36G

Duhig Link, 12A

Duhig North, 12

Duhig Tower, 2

Emmanuel College, 36D

Forgan Smith Building, 1

Frank White Annexe, 44

Frank White Building, 43

Gardeners' Compound, 86

Gehrmann Laboratories, 60

General Purpose North 3, 39A

General Purpose South, 78

Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio, 22

Global Change Institute, 20

Goddard Building, 8

Gordon Greenwood Building, 32

Grace College, 36

Hartley Teakle Building, 83

Hawken Engineering Building, 50

Human Movement Studies Building, 26B

Human Performance Laboratories, 26A

Industrial Centre, 85

International House, 36A

ISSR Research Hub, 31B

J. D. Story Building, 61

James and Mary Emelia Mayne Centre, 11

John Hines Building, 62

Joyce Ackroyd Building, 37

Kathleen Lambourne Building, 82F

King's College, 36C

Lakes Bus Station, 58A

Learning Innovation Building, 17

Mansergh Shaw Building, 45

Margaret Cribb Child Care Centre, 93B

McElwain Building, 24A

Michie Building, 9

Molecular Biosciences Building, 76

Multi-level Car Park 1, 98A

Multi-level Car Park 2, 98B

Natural Amphitheatre,

Otto Hirschfeld Building, 81

Oval 5, 29A

Parnell Building, 7

Physics Annexe, 6

Physiology Lecture Theatres, 63

Physiology Refectory, 63A

Prentice Building, 42

Priestley Building, 67

Queensland Bioscience Precinct, 80

Queensland Brain Institute, 79

Relaxation Block, 21

Relaxation Block - D, 21D

Richards Building, 5

Ritchie Research Laboratories, 64A

Safety bus stop 01 (University Drive/Duhig Bldg (Library),

Safety bus stop 02 (Schonell Theatre),

Safety bus stop 03 (City Cat Terminal),

Safety bus stop 04 (Dutton Park Ferry),

Safety bus stop 05 (Women's College),

Safety bus stop 06 (Duchesne College),

Safety bus stop 07 (Staff Club),

Safety bus stop 08 (Emmanuel College),

Safety bus stop 09 (St Lucia Village),

Safety bus stop 10 (University Bus Stop),

Safety bus stop 11 (Grace College),

Schonell Theatre, 22

Security Annexe, 87A

Seddon Buildings, 82

Seminar Building (Journalism), 91B

Services Hut (Property and Facilities), 87B

Sir James Foots Building, 47A

Sir Llew Edwards Building, 14

Sir William MacGregor Building, 64

Skerman Building, 65

Social Sciences Annexe, 31A

Social Sciences Building, 24

Squash Centre, 26A

St John's College, 36E

St Leo's College, 36F

Steele Building, 3

Student Union Complex, 21

Swimming Pool (St Lucia), 27

Teaching and Educational Development Institute, 17

TEDI, 17

Tennis courts,

The Women's College, 36H

Therapies Annexe, 84A

Therapies Building, 84

Undergraduate Education, 17

Union College, 36J

University Drive taxi ranks,

University of Queensland Club, 41

UQ Centre, 27A

UQ Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre, 38

UQ Sport and Fitness Centre, 25

Warehouse, Book Repository and Solvent Store, 99

Wordsmiths, 4

Zelman Cowen Building, 51

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