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 Dr Sean Fitzgibbon



Dr Sean Fitzgibbon

PhD, BSc. (Hons)

Research Interests

Like many of the odd bods I work with, I began my love affair with critters at an early age, initially through a fascination with frogs. My parents were very understanding, allowing me to take over much of the backyard with dozens of buckets containing native frog tadpoles and Dad even built me a dedicated frog greenhouse where I could often be found of a night as a kid. In my latter teenage & then uni years my attention turned to other creatures of the night and so my zoological interests were diverted to more diurnal animals. Nowadays my research covers a range of fauna groups including birds, dung beetles, freshwater fish and microbats.



I am particularly interested in how species are affected by urbanisation and how we can modify the way we build our suburbs to enhance the survival of natives. And after years of resisting I finally succumbed to studying koala ecology, initially to stop the pestering of annoying colleagues, but then I actually got quite interested in these unusual arboreal fur balls. A major component of my current research examines the conservation and management of koalas in urban landscapes of South East Queensland and in coal mining landscapes of central Queensland.



Personal Interests

With the recent realisation that I am not invincible, I have removed myself from contact sports but still love watching them (especially the game they play in heaven). Apparently marathon runners peak in their mid-thirties so I am having a crack at that but hopefully it is a passing fad. I am still very proud of my stamp collection although it hasn’t received any attention for near on two decades. I like growing plants and playing with glow swords but never at the same time and I am a life-time member of the Society for Promoting Garden Gnomes throughout Australasia.

Contact Details

School of Integrative Biology
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, Brisbane
Australia, 4072
Ph: +61 7 3365 1391