In order to be eligible to graduate, you must complete all the requirements of your program. Your faculty or school will check your eligibility to graduate in your final semester of study.  
If your faculty determines that you are conditionally eligible to graduate in the next graduation period, you will receive an email approximately six weeks before the ceremonies guiding you to complete your Conditional Graduation Application form via mySI-net.
Do not wait until your grades have been confirmed before completing your Graduation Application. Please complete your Graduation Application as soon as your alert appears.
Please be aware that the notification in mySI-net will be sent out on a rolling basis. It is possible that your faculty will not be able to confirm your eligibility to graduate until late November (for December ceremonies), and late June (for July ceremonies). Your graduation status will be confirmed upon official release of grades for that semester.
If you are not currently enrolled at The University of Queensland you can check your graduation status by contacting your Faculty.
If you are expecting to graduate in the current graduation period but have not heard from the University regarding your graduation three weeks prior to the commencement of the ceremonies, and do not have a Conditional Graduation Application form available in mySI-net, please contact your Faculty.
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law: or (07) 3365 7111
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology: or (07) 3365 4777
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences: or (07) 3365 7487
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences: or (07) 3365 1333
Faculty of Medicine: or (07) 3346 4922
Faculty of Science: or (07) 3365 1888 (St Lucia), +61 7 5460 1276 (Gatton)


If you expect to complete your program in the current semester and graduate in the next available ceremony period you should access your academic record on mySI-net to ensure that:
  • Your expected graduation term is set to the current semester. Your expected graduation term is Semester 1 if you expect to graduate in July and is set to Semester 2, if you expect to graduate in December.
  • Your enrolment details are correct.
  • Your fields of study or majors are recorded accurately.
  • Your name is recorded correctly - if your name is not recorded correctly, please complete a Change of Name Form and submit it to the Student Centre as soon as possible . Please check the Important Dates for the final date to change your name in the current graduation period.
  • Your mailing address is kept accurate after your program is completed. If you do not attend your graduation ceremony, your graduation documents will be posted to the mailing address listed in mySI-net.
  • If applicable, you must pay any outstanding fees and charges to The University of Queensland prior to your graduation ceremony.
If you undertook a supplementary or deferred (formerly Special) examination in the semester prior to your graduation, you will also be required to complete a Conditional Graduation Application Form. Your Graduation alert will also appear as per the timelines described above.  
Students who have already graduated, but have deferred their graduation ceremony, will receive a Graduation Invitation to the last recorded email address advised in mySI-net via their student email account.
Graduates are permitted to attend a University of Queensland Graduation Ceremony up to two ceremony periods following the first ceremony period at which they were awarded.
Testamurs, Academic Transcripts and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements 
Your testamur, a complimentary Academic Transcript and your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) will be provided to you at your graduation ceremony or posted to you after the completion of the ceremony period. These documents will be posted as soon as possible after the graduation period. Students with international mailing addresses may expect to receive their documents up to 6 weeks after posting. You can order additional copies of your academic transcript online

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