Maria Veronica Cazut
Maria Veronica Cazut

Veronica has a Bachelor degree in Social Communication. After briefly working coordinating social programs in Argentina she realized she needed more frameworks to understand the complexities of communities and learn about diverse tools to help them to create their own realities.

As part of her Practicum placement during the Master, Veronica worked for a youth-led social enterprise called Milaana. Milaana connects students and job seekers with community projects. is creating a new supply of valuable internship opportunities for students while helping community organisations to engage with the next generation of ideas, technology and people.
“What I liked most about Milaana is that it is creating a solution for students and organisations, using accessible technology in a way that is simple to understand apply and utilise. But far from being “simplistic”, that solution is based on a solid business plan with a strategic vision. In two words: social innovation!” Veronica said.
Veronica used Storytelling to value, share and capitalise on the knowledge of individuals.
“Stories help us to connect with others and to explain complex or deep truths or emotions, in simple words. Stories can combine facts and data with emotions and fiction, to explain in symbolic narrated images how we feel and think about certain things” she said.
“The session gathered six members of Milaana around a table full of colourful papers and markers. First, participants were asked to tell a personal story around certain topics related to moments when they felt really proud of being part of something, or inspired by what was going on around them” Veronica explained.
According to Holly Gordon, Milaana’s CEO, the organisation was very lucky to have Veronica among the team.
“Her passion is helping others to communicate their message by listening and not telling, a very innovative new approach. Being true to this, she facilitated the whole session with vibrancy and grace and enabled us to generate some fantastic insights into our personal motivations as well as all the different ways we can tell Milaana’s story” Holly said.
For Veronica the opportunity of getting to know Milaana from inside and being part of it has been fascinating.
“It is inspiring to see how the simple dream of a young student has been evolving into a tangible social business, with professional planning, executive meetings and passionate volunteers involved” she said.
The rationale of Milaana is that community focused organisations and university students have much to offer each other, they only need a platform that makes their engagement easier.


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