Gemma-Rose Turnbull
Gemma-Rose Turnbull

Research Topic:

Translating co-authored production into representation methodologies in socially engaged documentary photographic projects.


Dr Sally Butler (University of Queensland), Dr Natalie Collie (University of Queensland) and Dr Marnie Badham (University of Melbourne)

About Gemma-Rose:

Gemma-Rose Turnbull instigates photo-based projects that examine how the integration of collaborative strategies can catalyse social change agendas. She is a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland, Australia, and was a Scholar in Residence in the Art and Social Practice MFA program at Portland State University. She writes at Photography As A Social Practice.

Research Interests:

Photo-based Social Practice, Socially Engaged Art Practices, Visual Activism, Collaborative and Participatory Methodologies in Documentary Photography, Documentary Photography.


“Exploring the Tension Between Process And Product in Photo-based Collaborations,” in Beyond the impasse: New thinking in communication and social change, Nordicom Journal (special edition), Ed. Dr Pradip Thomas

The Questions We Ask Together. (Ed.) Portland, OR: OE In Print.

The Disposable Camera Project, Melbourne, VIC: Colour Box Studio.

A discussion of socially engaged, transdisciplinary, and expanded practices in contemporary photography, (in collaboration with Pete Brook, Eliza Gregory, Mark Strandquist), New York, NY: A Social Practice.

Talk to the Gun, (Ed.) Portland, OR: Publication Studio.

Red Light Dark Room; Sex, lives and stereotypes, Melbourne, VIC: G-R.Turnbull.

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