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Table of contents
Part 1. Agriculture
Part 2. Astronomy, space sciences
Part 3. Biology, biotechnology
Part 4. Chemistry teaching
Drug abuse
Part 7. Environmental studies, sustainability
Equipment, Science Education Supplies (commercial)
Excursions, for schools (commercial)
Part 8. Food and nutrition, cooking
Part 9. Geology, Earth Science
Part 10. Health and nutrition, the human body
Laboratory suppliers (commercial)
Part 10a. Lesson plans, secondary
Part 11. Mathematics and computers
Part 12. Meteorology, weather, climate
Part 13. Physics teaching
Part 15. Primary science
Publishers for schools (commercial)
Part 16.8.0. Safety, this website
Part 16.8.1. Safety, public service, household products database, this
Safety (commercial)
Science Education Supplies (commercial)
8H Science fairs
Part 14. Science, kid's science, popular science
Part 17. Science, scientific, science jobs
Social websites
Drug abuse

Part 2. Astronomy, space sciences
AAQ, Astronomy Association of Queensland
Astronomy news
Australian Geographic, (telescopes, binoculars) (commercial website)
Australian Museum, Sydney
Brisbane Planetarium, Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium
Fred Watson, "Illuminating the Universe", Australia
Mars, NASA
Mars Society, Australia
Nine Planets, by Bill Arnett
Royal Observatory Greenwich, England
STARLABEDUCATION (commercial website), Australia
16.7 Telescopes (commercial)
Time and date, world clock
Time Unit Conversion
Uncommon knowledge about astronauts

Part 3. Biology, biotechnology
Biology (commercial)
3.0.0 Animal care and protection
16.1 Biology supplies (commercial websites)
19.0 Excursions for schools (commercial websites)
Biology, evolution, natural history
Biological Exceptions, (blogspot)
Featured Creatures, insects, nematodes, arachnids, University of Florida
Insects, insect pests
Marine studies
Microscopes, commercial websites
Plants, Botany

Part 4. Chemistry teaching
Chemicals (commercial)
16.2 Chemistry supplies, chemicals, environment and soils testing, tutoring (commercial)
16.5 Laboratory supplies, First Aid (commercial)
CAS, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS-RN numbers) American Chemical Society, USA
Cavalcade of Chemistry, Mr Guch, USA
ChEBI, The European Bioinformation Institute
Chemical Compounds, Institut für Chemie, Germany (English, German)
Chemical Elements, Yinon Bentor, USA (Periodic table, other topics)
Chemistry, About chemistry, Anne Marie Helmenstine, New York Times Company, USA
Chemistry, University of Queensland
College of Science, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Combinatorial chemistry, (New organic chemistry), Europe
Curious Cook, Harold McGee, cooking chemistry
Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic, USA
Laboratory supplies, First Aid (commercial)
Leffingwell Perfume and Flavor Chemistry
Molarity Calculator
Peptides Guide
Phenol Explorer
Protein Data Bank database
Quartzy, laboratory management
RSC, Royal Society of Chemistry
School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, University of Queensland
Toxic chemicals

Part 6. Education, official websites, instutuions
16.4 Education supplies, teaching, furniture (commercial)
16.3 Publishers (commercial)
ACS Distance Education, Australia
Annenberg Learner, USA
Australian Museum
Climate change, ABC
DETE Department of Education, Training and Employment
eLearning, University of Queensland
FAST, Formative assessment in Science Teaching project
Google Scholar (Academic research index)
Homeschooling: Design your homeschooling, Australia
ICASE, International Council of Associations of Science Education
Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, USA
New Scientist, New Scientist Magazine
Open Course Ware for Educators
Open University and BBC, UK
PISA, Programme for International Student Assessment, OECD
Prismatic Sciences, communicating science, Australia
Scientific American
Share My Lesson Teaching Resources, USA
Sony Explorascience Museum
STAQ, Science Teachers' Association of Queensland
UQ News (University of Queensland)

ACER, Australian Council for Education Research, Your Gateway to U.S. Federal Science

Part 7. Environmental studies, sustainability
Brisbane City Council
Biodiversity and conservation, Fuller Lab, University of Queensland and CSIRO
Climate change
Climate change, Climate and Health Alliance
Climate change, Climate Central
Climate change, Earthscan, Climate change publisher
factorCO2, Climate change solutions
Climate change, Green Cross, Australia
Climate change, "Scientific Critique of IPCCs 2013 'Summary for Policymakers' Heartland Institute (climate change deniers)
Climate change Least Developed Countries Group, UN
Climate change, NAMA Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions, International Climate Initiative
Climate change, Renew Economy
Climate change, Ross Garnot, analysis of practice of policy connected to development
Conservation, Australian Conservation Foundation
Conservation International
Development, ICTSD, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
Department of Energy and Water Supply, Queensland Government
Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts, Queensland Government
Earth System Research Laboratory
EHP, Department of the Environment and Heritage Protection, Queensland Government
Ecology, The Ecology Centre, University of Queensland, Australia
Commonwealth Human Ecology Council
Electric vehicle, Fast Charge Station, University of Queensland
Energy, Energy savers pack for teachers, Origin Energy, Australia
Energy, Green Power, Australia
Environment, Australian Government
Environment, Caloundra Cruises Eco Explorer for Students
Environment, CRCCARE, CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment
Environment, Dept. of the Environment and Water Resources, Australia
Environment, Earthscan, publishers of climate change books, UK
Environment, Gas drilling, Get up! (stop coal seam gas drilling)
Environment Greening Australia
Environment, GRIST (environment news)
Environment, Nexus Conference, University of North Carolina, USA
Environment, NRDC, National Resource Defence Council, USA
Environment, Renew Economy
Environment Save the Great Barrier Reef!
Environment, Urban utilities, Queensland
Environment, Urban Utilities, Brisbane
Environment, Wilderness Society, Australia
Fight for Global4C Monetary Policy for Climate Change Mitigation
Greenpeace Australia
Greening Australia
MEPA, Marine Environment Protection Association, Australia
Murray-Darling Basin Authority
Ocean, NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA, Lesson plans
Ocean, State of the ocean
Outdoor Education Centres,
Recycling, Brisbane City Council
Recycling and Waste, The University of Queensland
RenewEconomy, Tracking the next industrial revolution, Australia
Standards Australia
Sustainability, Ceres, supporting sustainable ways of living, Australia
Department of Education, Queensland
The Forests Dialogue
The World Bank
Toxic chemicals, Environmental Working Group
Toxic chemicals, Eliminate Toxic Chemicals Campaign, Greenpeace International
Toxic chemicals, Green living, National Resource Defence Council
Toxic chemicals, Detox Campaign, World Wildlife Fund
Healthy Living
Toxic chemicals, Environmental Health News
Toxic chemicals, Human Biomonitoring project, European Union
Urban Utilities, Brisbane
Water, Global Water Partnership
WaterAid, Australia
Wilderness Society, Australia
WWF, World Wildlife Fund for Nature

Part 8. Food and nutrition
Black Ant Gourmet
Body + Soul, "Body + Soul" supplement, Sunday Mail, Brisbane
BMI, Body mass index, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA
Cook Street, Cook Street, USA, (cooking classes)
Crunch the Numbers
CSR, sugar, Stevia
Culinary Schools
Curious Cool, Harold McGee
Dick Smith Foods, Australian food products
Dr Red nutraceuticals, Modified polyphenol technology in wine
Eating Ecologically
Edible school gardens
Food blog, how to start
Food Plants International, database of edible plants
Food Reference,Australia
Good Taste, Australia
JECFA: Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives
Kid's Health
Leffingwell Perfume and Flavor Chemistry
Living and Raw Foods
Natural medicines, Martin and Pleasance
Plants for a Future, database of useful plants
Rainforest Liqueurs, Australia
School Tuckshops, Australia
Serious Eats (Food blog for sharing recipes)
Taste, 24,000 + recipes, Australia
Vietnam Culinary Tour
Wray Organic, Australian Certified Organic

Part 9. Geology, earth sciences
Crystal Dictionary (commercial)
Geology and Earth Science News and Information
Google Earth
Marble Man (commercial)
One Geology, British Geological Survey (BGS)
Opals, Lightning Ridge Opal Mines
Oresomeresources, minerals and energy education, geology for children
Plate tectonics, Australian Museum
Topsie Jewellery, Crystals, minerals, Melbourne (commercial)
UNPh35 Rocks and minerals (This website)
USGS, United States Geological Survey, USA

Part 10. Health and nutrition, the human body
Ambulance, Queensland Ambulance Service
Anatomy, Histotechnology, University of Nottingham
Anatomy, Human body, BBC, UK
Anatomy, Queensland Brain Institute, Australia
Anatomy, Physical Therapists
Ayurveda, Niramaya, Brisbane
Bacteriology Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology (website)
B+S, Body and Soul, Sunday Mail, Brisbane
See: Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology (website)
Cancer, Cancer Council, Australia
CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Department of Health & Human Services
Cyberbullying, Guide to Understanding Cyberbullying, USA
Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy
Diamantina Institute, University of Queensland
Doctor Secrets
Doctors online, OZDOCS, Australia, (Commercial website)
Drug abuse
Fire safety, University of Queensland
First Aid, St John Ambulance, Australia
Genetics Home Reference, Understanding Genetics Conditions
Health, Atlas of Health and Climate, World Health Organization
Health, Health and Ageing, Department of Health and Ageing, Australian Government
Health, Health insite, Australian Government
Health, Health-e-Profile (online health assessment)
Health, Lowjita Institute, National Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research
Health, Medical and Health Games for Kids, Claricode, USA
Health, Mission hospitals
Health, Putting the Public Back in Public Health
Health, Queensland Academy of Health Sciences
Health, Queensland Department of Health
Learn Psychology -Suicide
Med+DBase, management for large GP practices and occupational health departments,
NPS Medicine wise
Medicines, Aspen, Australia, 263 medicines (commercial)
myDr, Australia (Top medical information website for Australians)
Neuroscience, ANS, Australian Neuroscience Society
NOVA Science Now, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA
Pharmacy education, University of Queensland
Practical clinical skills
QIMR, Queensland Instutue of Medical Research
School of Public Health, University of Queensland
Schools & Health
Sexuality education
Sitting Disease
Stem cells, Stem cell channel
Student Stress and Anxiety Guide, USA
Suicide, Suicide-depression Student Guidebook
Sun, Sun Smart, UV Alert, Your daily guide to Sun Protection, Australia
Swine Flu, N1H1, World Health Organization
Travel doctor, Queensland
WHO, World Health Organization
Workplace, Safework, Australia

Drug abuse
Drug abuse (This website)
Drug Policy, Australia
Drugs, Dangerous Drugs, USA
Drugs, Drugs information online, USA
Drugs, Phoenix House, Drug assistance, USA
Drugs, Practical Drug, Device, & Healthcare Safety Information, USA
Drugs, National Institute of Drug Abuse, USA
Drugs, National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, USA
Drugs, Signs of Addiction, USA
Drugs, College and Drug Abuse, USA
Drugs, Project Know, How teens are exposed to drugs and alcohol, USA
Drugs, Substance Abuse Among College Students, USA
Smoking, Anatomy of a cigarette, by Lexi Krock, NOVA Online, USA (Some parts require Flash)

Sexuality education
Sexuality education
(This website)
Cancer, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Australia
Fertility, Billings LIFE, Leaders in Fertility Education
Fertility, Every Woman Every Child, major health challenges facing women
Fertility, Women's Health Matters
Health, Women's Health
HIV / AIDS, The Body, The Complete HIV / AIDS Resource
Pregnancy, Preterm Birth Guide from the CDC
Sexed, Testosterone therapy
Youth, Act for Youth (adolescent psychology)

Part 10a Lesson plans, secondary
BBC home, KS2 Science Lesson plans
Discovery Education, Free lesson plans
Lesson Planet, (lesson plans)
NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA, Lesson plans
Physics and chemistry, translated French high school lessons
Share My Lesson Teaching Resources, by teachers for teachers, USA

Part 11. Mathematics and computers
Chart Gizmo, creation of pie, bar, line, scatterplot, time series graphs and diagrams
Easy Calculation
Fun with maths, Australia
Mathematics, Have fun with maths, Australia (Commercial website)
Mathematics, Lexia, Symphony Math, Australia (Commercial website)
Metric Conversions

Part 12. Meteorology, weather, climate
American Meteorological Society
BOM, Bureau of Meteorology,(for teachers and students)
Kites (commercial)
"Learn about meteorology"
Beaufort wind scale, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia
UNPh 37 Weather Experiments (This website)
Weather damage, storms and flooding, Brisbane City Council

Part 13. Physics teaching
Physics (commercial)
19.0 Excursions for schools, See: Amusement Park Physics (commercial)
16.5 Laboratory supplies, First Aid (commercial)
16.6 Physics supplies, electronics, data loggers (commercial)
Adruino, Open-source electronics prototyping platform
Boomerangs, + Plus magazine, University of Cambridge, UK (Many articles)
16.8 Catapult, siege weapons (some commercial websites)
Coaster wars 1
Coaster wars 2
Conversion tables
Data-loggers, sensors (commercial websites)
Kites (commercial)
Electric vehicle, Fast Charge Station, University of Queensland
Energex, Australia
Energy, Alternative Technology Association
Explore Einstein
Fear of physics
Geiger Radioactivity, protection from radiation and geiger counters
HSC Physics, Joe Wolfe, School of Physics, The University of New South Wales (pdf)
HSC Physics, Physclips, A multi level, multi media resource (animations)
Lumo Energy
NECA, National Electrical and Communications Association
Oscilloscope, Wikipedia, USA
PAIN, University of Queensland Physics Students' Society
Physics and chemistry, translated French high school lessons
Physics classroom (Imperial measurements)
Physics Demo Troupe (Demonstrations of physics experiments by students) University of Queensland
Physics demonstrations, School of Physics, University of Melbourne
Physics demonstrations, Learning and teaching resources, Joe Wolfe, UNSW
Physics Museum, University of Queensland
Physics World, Institute of Physics
Quartzy, laboratory management
QUT, Queensland University of Technology, Science and Engineering
Roller coasters
School physics, UK
Sound science, Sarah Tulga, pan pipes
Time and date, world clock
Time Unit Conversion
Time, Calendar
UNSW, University of New South Wales, School of Physics
University of Melbourne, Physics lectures and demonstrations

Part 14. Science, kid's science, popular science
ACTF, Australian Children's Television Foundation, Backyard Science (for kids)
ASSIST Australian School Science Information Support for Teachers and Technicians
Careers in science, you tube
Education Perfect, competitions and online learning
19.0 Excursions for schools
Free Book Centre
Headstart, The Courier Mail, Brisbane
Kids' science experiments
Legends of Learning
RiAus, science to people, people to science
School Science clips, BBC, UK (for kids)
Science and Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, QUT
SSI, Smart Science Initiative, courseware for year 9 and year 19 students
Storm the castle
TeachConnect, online community to support pre-service teachers
The Edge
UQ Sciences: Upcoming events
Wunderkammer, Chamber of Wonders, Melbourne

Part 15. Primary science
1.0.0 Agriculture Projects (This website)
Effective Curriculum Ideas
22.0 Five challenges for science in Australian primary schools
Primary lessons (This website)

16.8.0 Safety, this website
15.1.1 Dust explosions
Dust masks, Safety masks
Electrical hazards
3.0 Health effects of chemicals
3.0 Laboratory safety
4.0 Laboratory safety and hazardous chemicals
12.3.31 Pressure safety
1D Protective clothing and safety equipment

16.8.1 Safety, public service, household products database
ARPANSA, Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
Fire safety
Household products database, USA
National Pollutant Inventory, Substance Fact Sheets, Australian Government
Queensland Ambulance Service
Safework Australia

Part 17 Science, scientific, science jobs
ABC Science, ABC Science Features, Australia
All the Web (Search engine, index provided by Yahoo!, search for "School science lessons")
AMEPA, Australian Marine Environment protection Association
Artificial Intelligence, 20 Questions, Artificial intelligence project
ASTA, Australian Science Teachers Association
Aussie Educator, a total education page for Australia
Aussie Educator, Australia
Bad Science, Pennsylvania State University, USA ("The gas tried to escape.")
BBC Science quiz (What kind of a thinker are you?)
Brisscience: Public seminars in science and technology, Brisbane
Curious Science (resources, competitions and events), The University of Queensland
Demo Troupe (Science demonstration training, University of Queensland)
Faculty of Science, University of Queensland
Free patents online, all the inventions of mankind
Free Science (download more than 2000 free scientific books)
Google Scholar
Harvard Natural science lecture demonstration
How stuff works
Hunkin's Experiments, cool cartoons
IAP, The global network of science academies
Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado, USA
Learning science, new and emerging tools to teach science
Live Science (science news items), USA
Mad Scientist Network, Washington University Medical School, USA
Madlab, UK
Marine teachers, Australia
Middle School Science
Nation Master (Statistics about everything, including use of chemicals in foods)
New Scientist, UK
Science Alert
Science Basics, ABC, Australia, videos
Science in Public
Scientific American, Scientific American magazine
Scientific American, in the classroom series
Scope TV, Channel 10, Australia
Skeptical Science
Slowmation, Student-generated animation.
SSI, Smart Science Initiative, courseware for year 9 and year 19 students
STAQ, Science Teachers' Association of Queensland
Surfing Scientist, Australian Broadcasting Commission, Australia
Surfing Scientist, demonstrations
The Scientist online
Water divining and dowsing
Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Wikipedia (Free multi-lingual encyclopaedia)
WolframAlpha, the computational knowledge engine
Young Scientists Journal, for scientists aged 12 - 20, UK

Biology, Animals
3.0.0 Animal care and protection

Biology, Birds
Birds, Bird observation and conservation, Australia
Birds, Birds Queensland

Biodiversity, Conservation of Australia's biodiversity

Biology, Biological Exceptions (blog)
Biology, Discoveries in Natural History & Exploration, University of California, USA
Biology, Evolution, Understanding evolution, University of California Museum of Palaeontology, USA
Biology, Evolution
Biology, Histotechnology Technical Methods, Alphabetical Protocol Index, University of Nottingham
Biology, Kimball's Biology Pages, by Dr. John W. Kimball (Online biology textbook)
Biotechnology, Microbiology, SGM, Society for General Microbiology, UK
Biotechnology, Techniques for studying bacteria (This website)
Stem Cells, Australia

Biology, Fungi
Fungi map
Fungi, Mycology Online, University of Adelaide
Fungi, Queensland Mycology Society

Insects, insect pests
Insects, Butterfly Host Plants, Australia
Insects, Entomology, University of Queensland
Insects, Fire ants, Queensland Government

Biology, Marine studies
, Australian Marine Sciences Association
Marine studies, Centre for Marine Studies, University of Queensland
Marine studies, Wet Paper Publications, Australia
Microscopes (commercial)

Biology, Plants, Botany
Plants, Algae Base
Plants, Australian National Botanic Garden
Plants, Australian Plant Names Index
Plants, Australasian Virtual Herbarium
Plants, Brisbane Botanic Gardens
Plants, Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Reseach and Australian National Herbarium
Plants, EBOT Plant Sciences Collection, University of Sydney (images)
Plants, Food Plants International, database of edible plants
Plants for a Future, database of useful plants
Plants, Greening Australia
Plants, Kew Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK
Plants, The Plant List, A working list of all plant species, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Plants, New York Botanical Garden, USA
Plants identification, Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Plants of the World Online, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK
Plants, SAPS, Science & Plants for Schools
Plants, Supermarket Botany, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Plants, Supermarket Botany, Teachers' Domain, USA (FLASH, Interactive)
Plants, Understanding Plants, (This website)
Plants, Wollemi Pine, Australia