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Physics S to Z
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Part 13. Physics teaching websites
Table of contents
1. Alphabetical list of terms, below:
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Physics S.
3.0 Safety, Laboratory safety and hazardous chemicals:
See: Safety (Commercial) Saint Elmo's fire
See: Salinity (Commercial)
36.10.6 Satellite in stable orbit, geostationary orbit (Astronomy)
12.3.1 SVP, Saturation Vapour Pressure
12.3.2 SVP, Saturation vapour pressure over water (Table)
3.19 Scale, Single pan balance (Primary)
2.0.7 Scale of a map, Draw bigger map (GIF)
14.1.01 Scalars and vectors (Mathematics)
27.170 Scattering, Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering
Science, scientific
See: Science Fairs (Commercial)
See: "Scientrific" Science Education Resources, (Commercial)
21.3.4 Screw, nut and bolt, pitch of a screw
4.244 Scuba diving and Boyle's law
25.16.0 Sea height (ocean waves)
37.49 Sea level, Height values
4.93 Sea wave patterns and sound wave patterns
15.6.12 Sealed lead-acid battery
16.10.0 Seat belts, Momentum, Second, Leap second (Time) Second (Time)
Secondary cells, rechargeable batteries
2.23 See-saw balance (Primary) See-saw, Centre of mass of see-saw (teeter-totter) Seebeck effect (thermoelectric effect)
4.95 Seeing and feeling vibrations which make sound waves Self-inductance, Inductors
10.4.4 Self-starting siphon, self-siphoning beads / gel
38.2.0 Semiconductors (Electronics)
Semipermeable membrane
See: Senior Physics (Commercial)
See: Sensors (Commercial)
9.12.1 Senses, "the five senses"
10.0.0 Separate pure substances from mixtures
10.10.0 Separate to metals by reduction of metal oxides, charcoal blocks
32.5.0 Series and parallel, Electric circuits, cells and resistors in series and parallel
See: "Serrata" "Helping you teach is our business!" (Commercial)
36.3.1 Sextant, Astrolabe, simple theodolite, sextant (Astronomy)
Shackle, ship's cable
35.19 Shape or form (Geology)
See: Sharps , Containers, (Commercial)
34.5.3 Shear stress
31.5.3 Shielding, Faraday cage, electrostatic shielding, electric field lines Ships' stabilizers, anti-roll stabilizers
13.2.9 Shower curtain, Bernoulli force
3.3.3 Shower, Eye washing and safety showers
23.3.7 Shrink fit (expansion)
10.3.5 Shrinking balloons (molecular spacing)
10.3.1 Shrinking mixture of liquids, lost volume
38.6.2 Signal generator (Electronics)
6.3.0 SI, International system of units, Système international d'unités (French)
36.12.02 Sidereal time (Astronomy)
9.5.0 Sight, Eyes and sight
6.4.1 Significant figures and standard form, scientific notation
7.2.6 Silly putty, Dilatant compound, silicone
33.3.03 Silver-oxide battery
33.3.1 Simple electric cell
3.84.4 Simple galvanic cell
15.0.3 Simple harmonic motion, Frequency, f
9.239.1 Simulated diaphragm breathing, breath
10.4.0 Siphons (syphons) Six-volt batteries in series and parallel (GIF)
3.0.0 Size of particles, Particles, matter as particles
3.3.3 Size of stearic acid molecule
13.2.7a Skipping stones on water, "ducks and drakes" game
17.1.0 Sliding friction
37.8.2 Sling psychrometer (relative humidity)
14.140 Slingshots, Catapults, trebuchet, mangonel, onager, ballista
25.5.0 Slinky springs, Springs
13.2.29 Slipstreaming, Aerodynamic drafting, tailgating
37.5.8 Smoke (Weather) Smoke alarms, Ionization by radioactivity, electroscope
Smoke alarms (Safety)
4.107 Smoke box to study light rays
17.5.0 Snooker, Collisions in two dimensions, air table
Soap, soap bubbles
See: Soap (Commercial)
13.5.8 Soccer balls
Soda pop can, Beverage can
Soda straws, drinking straws "straws"
14.1.11 Sodium acetate heat pack
Soft drink can, beverage can
Soil science Sol-fa, Octave and pitch, sol-fa (solfege) syllables
2.31.0 Soldering, solders, fluxes
See: Solder, Soldering (Commercial)
23.3.0 Solid expansion caused by heat
3.43 Solid, liquid and gas (Primary)
18.2.1 Solids in water, Tests for insoluble solids in rainwater
18.2.0 Solids in water, Total dissolved solids and suspended solids, Beer-Lambert law
3.9.0 Solubility and solutions Sonometer, single string monochord, Mersenne's law
26.0.0 Sound
4.100 Sound cannot travel through a vacuum
26.9.0 Sound recording and reproduction, microphone
See: Sound (Commercial)
6.20 Southern Cross constellation (Astronomy)
Spaghetti Sparks, Lightning
See: Spatulas, (Commercial)
5.1.12 Specific gravity
22.5.0 Specific heat capacity, calorimeters, heat measuring devices
38.8.1 Spectrophotometer, Gas discharge tubes
See: Spectrophotometers (Commercial)
27.11.0 Spectroscope
See: Spectroscopes (Commercial)
27.1.0 Spectrum, Colour
4.114 Spectrum with a ray box, dispersion
Spectrum, Rainbows, visible spectrum
1.60 Speed and road safety
3.13.1 Speed of light, C, Einstein was right, e = mc2
28.1.1 Speed of light
26.5.0 Speed of sound (Velocity of sound in gases, liquids, and solids) Spherometer (measures sphericity of curvature)
See: Spherometers (Commercial)
12.3.01 Sphygmomanometer, Blood pressure
See: Spill Kits (Commercial) Spinning eggs, forces with a fresh egg and a hard-boiled egg Spinning glass of water, tides simulation Spinning ice skater
1.10 Spinning picture, Thaumatrope, persistence of vision illusion
See: Spinning, Spin Bars (Commercial)
8.1.2 Spirit burner, alcohol lamp Spirit level accelerometer
8.1.0 Spring balance, Mass and weight
25.5.0 Springs, slinky springs
See: Springs, spring balance, (Commercial)
Square root, sqrt,
26.1.14 Squealing balloon, Feel vibrations with a balloon ( See: 5.)
17.5.16 Stabbed rice, gripping rice, suspended rice
20.0.10 Standard atmosphere (International Standard Atmosphere, ISA),
33.3.01 Standard cell (electrochemical), Weston Standard Cell
3.84.6 Standard electrode potential of metals, reduction potential, E0
6.4.1a Standard form, scientific notation
20.0.6 Standard temperature and pressure, STP, density of gases
25.1.3 Standing waves, Stationary wave, with a rope or string
36.14.0 Stars and planets (Astronomy) Starter motor, Motor vehicle starter motor, starters
22.2.08 Starting battery, car battery
24.0 State of matter, Change of state and solutions
25.16.0 "State of sea", Sea height
31.0.0 Static electricity, Electrostatics
25.1.3 Stationary wave, standing wave, with a rope or string
24.7.0 Steam
24.7.0 Steam turbines, Heat engines, refrigerator
20.4.1 Stirling engine, Heat cycles, Carnot cycle
1.38 Stirrers, magnetic stirrers, hotplates
See: Stirring, (Commercial)
17.3.0 Stokes' law, Viscosity
1.8 Stoppers, cork stoppers, rubber stoppers
See: Stoppers, (Commercial)
9.2.0c Stopping distance, Braking distance and stopping distance
See: Time, pendulum, timers, stopwatch, (Commercial)
See: Storage (Commercial)
20.0.6 STP, Standard temperature and pressure, density of gases
Straws, Drinking straws, soda straws, "straws"
See: Straws, (Commercial)
35.12 Streak (Geology)
13.4.0 Streamline flow, Turbulent and streamline flow
34.5.04 Stress and strain, Young's modulus, E, elasticity
See: Strain (Commercial)
34.5.3 Stress, Shear stress
34.5.2 Stress, Tensile and compressive stress
See: Stress Geology, (Commercial
23.6.5 Stretch rubber bands
3.12 String telephone, vibrating cans (Primary)
26.3.1 Strings, Resonance in strings, musical instruments
28.1.2 Stroboscope
See: Stroboscope (Commercial)
24.3.02 Sublimation
36.20.7 Sun and Moon diameter illusion Sunbeams, Tyndall effect
36.40.0 Sundials
4.144 Sunset, Colours of the blue sky and the sunset
3.4.04 Super ball
31.4.6 Superconductors
See: Superconductivity (Commercial) Supercooled water, Peltier effect Superheating in a microwave oven
36.20.8 Supermoon (Astronomy)
24.4.3 Supersaturation, Condensation nuclei (atmosphere)
26.8.9 Supersonics, Ultrasonics, ultrasonic interference
6.6.3 Surface / volume ratio of soil particles
19.0.0 Surface tension
See: Surface Tension bubbles, (Commercial)
4.36 Surfaces, Different surfaces affect heat radiation and absorption
19.0.3 Surfactants
25.15.0 Surfing, motion of a surfer on a surfboard
7.6.0 Suspensions and precipitates
36.10.0 Sun, Observing the Sun
19.7.4 Sunscreens and sun-protective clothing Super ball bouncing
31.4.6 Superconductors, levitron
3.2.1 Supervision of students
12.3.1 Saturation Vapour Pressure, SVP
12.3.2 Saturation vapour pressure over water (Table)
See: Swabs (Commercial)
See: Sweat glands (Commercial)
25.16.0 Swell, Sea height
18.0.0 Swimming pool chemistry
4.55 Switch, simple switch
39.2.0 Switches (Electronics)
32.4.5 Switches in a circuit, tapping key
4.56 Switches in a circuit, knife switch
38.5.3 Switches in a motor vehicle ignition system (Electronics)
See: Switches (Commercial)
Symbols (representations of words) (Table)
10.4.0 Siphons (syphons)
12.7.0 Syringes, Pumps
See: Syringes, Pumps, (Commercial)

Physics T. Tablecloth pull, Inertia tricks,
13.2.29 Tailgating, Aerodynamic drafting, slipstreaming Tangent galvanometers, Galvanometers
See: Tangent Galvanometers (Commercial)
See: Tape Measures, (Commercial)
9.6.0 Taste, Nose and smelling, taste, flavour
3.2.4 Teach manipulative skills
34.5.01 Tension, Elasticity (Tension, Compression, Shear)
19.3.32 Teapot effect (dribbling teapot)
23.8.22 Teapot experiment (heat loss due to radiation)
17.5.18 Telephone book, Interleaved telephone books
26.9.01 Telephone carbon microphone, transducer, load cell
3.12 Telephone, String telephone, vibrating cans (Primary)
36.1.0 Telescopes, Instruments for astronomy
See: Telescopes (Commercial) Temperature, Celsius scale, Kelvin scale, Fahrenheit scale
24.7.4 Temperature, Heat loss by the human body
22.7.0 Temperature, Thermometers and temperature
4.31 Temperature of water at maximum density, 4oC
4.1.0 Temperature rise and quantity of heat intake
35.20 Tenacity (Geology) Tennis balls
34.5.2 Tensile and compressive stress
14.2.01 Terminal velocity, Forces on a falling object, weight and drag, Tesla, Magnetic field Tesla, T, Ampère's law, permeability of free space
12.4.5 Test-tube force pump
1.9 Test-tubes (List)
3.3.1 Test-tubes, glassware and microscope slides (Safety)
See: Test-tubes (Commercial)
2.0.0 Tests for all substances
3.4.5 Tests for electric polarity, potassium chloride with phenolphthalein
1.0.0 Tests for gases and vapours
1.10 Thaumatrope, Spinning picture, persistence of vision illusion
36.3.1 Theodolite, Astrolabe, simple theodolite, sextant
14.01 Thermal capacity, Energy of reactions Thermal circuit breaker, (Motor vehicle circuits)
23.7.0 Thermal conductivity, Conduction of heat, insulation
23a Thermal expansion of liquids and solids
23.3.01 Thermal shock, borosilicate glass
See: Thermionic Tubes, triode valve, (Commercial)
32.2.0 Thermistors, conductivity and temperature
See: Thermistors (Commercial)
12.1.5 Thermite reaction, thermit welding
22.7.9 Thermochromic substances
33.8.0 Thermocouple, thermoelectricity Thermocouple (voltage produced by heat)
See: Thermocouple (Commercial)
20.4.0 Thermodynamics, isothermal change and adiabatic change
See: Thermodynamics Drinking Bird, (Commercial)
33.8.4 Thermoelectric devices Thermoelectric effect, Peltier effect Thermoelectric effect, Seebeck effect
33.8.0 Thermoelectricity, thermocouple
22.7.0 Thermometers and temperature
See: Thermometers (Commercial) Thermopile (joined thermocouples)
4.15 Thermoscope to compare absorption of radiation
22.2.8 Thermos flask, Heat transfer flask, Dewar flask (vacuum flask)
See: Thermos flask, vacuum flask, Dewar flask, (Commercial)
23.107 Thermostat, Bimetallic strip, compound bar, invar, thermostat Thompson effect (temperature gradient along electrical conductor)
14.3.15 Three holes bottle
26.2.4 Threshold of hearing, Loudness, decibels, audible limits
4.167 Thrust and recoil
36.53 Thrust, Discover thrust
37.5.9 Thunderstorm (Weather)
14.2.3 Ticker timer, recording timer
See: Time ticker timer, recording timer, (Commercial)
6.19 Tides, Moon and tides (Primary) Tides, Spinning glass of water, tides simulation Tightrope walking Time
6.22 Timer, Pendulum tells the time (Primary)
36.42.4 Time zones, Greenwich time, (GMT), Universal Time (UT) (Astronomy)
See: Time (Commercial)
See: Tin (Commercial)
Tin plate
1.4 Tongs
See: Tongs (Commercial)
6.3.07 Tonnage, displacement
7.0.0 Tools for electrical experiments
17.5.19 Toothbrush friction Topspin, Rotational stability, dynamic stability, Magnus effect
4.57 Torch, Electric torch (flashlight)
37.38.3 Tornadoes (Weather) Torque, Current loops, coils, magnetic torque, solenoids Torque, Moments
13.1.0 Torricelli, Atmospheric pressure, barometer
12.1.01 torr, Pressure definitions Torsion rod, modulus of rigidity, bending and twisting
18.2.0 Total dissolved solids and suspended solids in water, Beer-Lambert law (environment)
28.6.0 Total internal reflection, critical angle
9.7.0 Touch and feeling
4.0 Toxicity (Safety)
26.9.01 Transducer, Telephone carbon microphone, load cell Transfer air under water, Air takes up space
4.32 Transfer heat by radiation
23.104 Transfer kinetic energy to heat energy
18.3.3 Transfer of angular momentum
30.2.0 Transformers
See: Transformer, Dissectible (Commercial)
38.3.0 Transistors (Electronics)
36.52.1 Transit of Venus 2012 (Astronomy)
33.5.0 Transmission of power, Power and energy ( See 4.)
26.4.0 Transmission of sound, how sound travels
35.7 Transparency (Transparent, translucent, opaque, refraction) (Geology)
25.2.1 Transverse wave with a coiled spring, slinky spring, pulse
See: Trays Trolleys, (Commercial)
14.140 Trebuchet, Catapults, slingshots, mangonel, onager, ballista
23.3.10 Trevelyan rocker
31.1.02 Triboelectric series, Electrostatic series, ranking of insulators
6.2.0 Trillion, Different measurements, billion, trillion Triple point and ice point temperatures of water
10.2.3 Triple scale wine hydrometer
1.14 Tripod stands
See: Tripod stands, (Commercial)
3.2.3 Troy weight
3.21 Trundle wheel, Measure with a trundle wheel (Primary)
See: Tubes, (Commercial)
26.6.0 Tuning forks
See: Tuning, (Commercial)
18.7.68 Turbidity
See: Turbidity (Commercial)
13.4.0 Turbulent and streamline flow
15.5.7 Turning motor car, with a candle and balloon Tyndall effect, sunbeams
9.2.0c Tyres, Braking distance and stopping distance

Physics U.
11.1.1 U-tube, Density of liquids with U-tube, balancing columns
26.8.9 Ultrasonics, ultrasonic interference
26.1.8 Ultrasound
Ultraviolet radiation (UV)
21.0.0 Units of work and energy
See: Uniforms (Commercial)
20.0.7 Universal gas equation, Ideal gas constant
36.10.1 Universal gravitational constant, G, Newton's universal law of gravitation
37.33 Upper winds, wind direction astrolabe (Weather)
Uranium, U (Chemistry)

Physics V. Vacuum cleaner
22.2.8 Vacuum flask, Heat transfer by Dewar flask ("Thermos" flask)
See: Vacuum flask, Thermos flask, Dewar flask, (Commercial)
See: Vacuum Tubes (Commercial) Vacuum pumps, Magdeburg Hemispheres
See: Magdeburg Hemispheres (Commercial)
26.4.1 Vacuum, Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum
38.1.0 Valves (Electronics)
31.9.0 van de Graaff generator, electrostatic machines, Wimshurst induction machine
See: van de Graaff generator (Commercial)
20.0.7a van der Waals forces, Universal gas equation
24.1.08 van't Hoff factor, i, for dilute solutions
24.1.02 Vapour pressure of water and non-volatile solvent
27.56 Variable autotransformer (Variac) and light bulb
14.1.01 Vectors, Scalars and vectors
6.3.03 Velocity (speed)
15.4.2 Velocity, position, and acceleration
21.03 Velocity ratio (VR) of a machine
Venturi tube, fly spray, atomizer
6.4.4 Vernier calipers, Measuring instruments, micrometer screw gauge,
See: Vernier Calipers (Commercial)
VHS (video home system), now standard video format from Matsushita, replaced Betamax from Sony
4.97 Vibrating cans, string telephone (Primary)
26.1.9 Vibrating drums and balloons, ping-pong ball and tuning fork
15.0.0 Vibration, Circular motion and vibration
4.95 Vibrations, Seeing and feeling vibrations which make sound waves
34.5.02 Viscoelasticity, creep
17.3.0 Viscosity, Stokes' law
27.193 Visible spectrum, rainbow
9.8.0 Voice and speaking
3.7 Volatility of different liquids
Volt, voltage
15.5.4 Voltameter, Electrolysis of water, Hofmann voltameter, coulometer
See: Voltameters, Hoffman Voltameter (Commercial) Voltmeters
See: Voltmeters (Commercial)
6.3.06 Volume
4.238 Volume and pressure of air, Boyle's law
See: Volume Overflow can, (Commercial)

Physics W. Walking the plank (balance)
15.2.5 "Wall of death", Centrifuge, milk separator
37.38.0 Warm fronts and cold fronts (Weather)
37.43.02 "Warmists", "Globalwarmists" (Weather)
See: Wash Bottles (Commercial)
3.4.11 Wastes, Disposal of waste chemicals (Safety)
36.6.1 Watch compass, Find north with a watch compass
See: Watch Glass (Commercial)
See: Water Bath (Commercial) Water rocket
See: Water Testing (Commercial)
See: Water, (Commercial) Watermarks
4.94 Wave patterns of a tuning fork
26.1.0 Wave properties of sound, oscillation, vibration
4.85 Waves travel along a rope
25.00 Waves, wave motion, waveform
See: Waves (Commercial)
See: Wax (Commercial)
37.0.0 Weather
See: Weather Station (Commercial)
6.54 Weathering (Soils)
12.5.0 Weight and pressure
See: Weight (Commercial)
See: Trays, Weighing trays, (Commercial) Welding, Oxyacetylene welding (oxy-acetylene welding)
33.3.01 Weston Standard Cell
37.8.1 Wet and dry bulb thermometer (hygrometer, psychrometer)
27.170 Wet sand, Scattering, Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering ( See 3.)
19.0.1 Wetting, Drops and films
33.6.4 Wheatstone bridge
See: Wheatstone Bridge (Commercial)
21.2.0 Wheel and axle
16.3.7 Wheelbarrow, Push a wheelbarrow
19.3.0 Wicks, Capillarity, capillary action, capillary rise in wicks
23.109 Wien's law, Heat transferred by radiation, black body radiation
31.6.1 Wimshurst machine, induction generator
See: Wimshurst Machine (Commercial)
See: Winchester Bottle (Commercial)
37.11.0 Winds, convection (Weather)
See: Wind Energy (Commercial)
26.5.02 Windshear and noise level, noise of thunder
21.2.1 Windlass, raising weight with rotary pencil sharpener
37.1.3 Windmills Wine glass resonance
See: Wipes (Commercial)
4.98 Wood, Sound waves travel through wood
9.0.0 Work and energy, Energy
3.1.0 Workplace Health and Safety Act

Physics X.
27.23 X-rays
Xenon Xe, Table of the elements
See: Xenon (Commercial)

Physics Y. Yo-yo on a balance (complex systems)
27.57 Young's two-slit experiment (double-slit experiment), Interference
See: Young's Slits (Commercial)
34.5.04 Young's modulus, E, stress and strain

Physics Z.
See: Zinc (Commercial)
See: Zinc (Elements, Compounds)
33.4.2 Zinc-carbon cell, Dry cell torch battery (flashlight battery)
Ziploc bags, Sous vide cooking with a ziploc bag
36.12.01 Zone time (Astronomy)

See: Solar (Commercial) Astronomical unit (Non-SI unit) (Solar system)
27.81 Michelson interferometer (Solar cells)
36.49.1 Model of the solar system, orrery
9.0.1 Renewable energy, biomass, hydroelectric, solar, wind Second (Time, solar system)
36.33 Solar eclipse
36.45 Solar eclipse simulation
39.1.0 Solar panels, CSP, CPV
36.25 Solar system model
37.34 Solar ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer
9.2.10 Solar water heater Temperature of incandescent lamps with silicon solar cells

See: Solenoids (Commercial) Solenoids, Current loops, coils, magnetic torque Interacting solenoids Iron filings and a solenoid Length of a solenoid Small coils in a solenoid

Ultraviolet radiation
See: Ultraviolet (Commercial)
See: UV Beads (Commercial)
Aluminium properties ( See: 3. Aluminium flame)
Cadmium occurs in films sensitive to ultraviolet light.
35.5 Colour (minerals)
23.8.21 Colour temperature
4.139 Colours of transparent objects, colour filters
Diazo prints, blueprints and diazo prints: 2.3
Diazo = bleaching action of ultraviolet radiation on diazonium salts
27.20 Electromagnetic radiation
35.16 Luminescence, fluorescence, phosphorescence, triboluminescence ( See; fluorescent minerals, phosphorus)
4.136 Ultraviolet light source
27.24 Ultraviolet rays
27.13.0 Ultraviolet rays, Ultraviolet radiation (UV)
37.34 Ultraviolet radiation, Solar ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer (Safety)
38.8.1 Ultraviolet radiation, Gas discharge tubes, discharge tubes (Cathode ray tubes)
18.7.13 Chlorine lost from swimming pools in sunlight by ultraviolet radiation
Quinine ( See: fluorescence spectroscopy) Xanthophylls ( See astaxanthin, canthaxanthin, lutein)
27.28 Radio and TV waves ( See: Table 27.28)

Venturi tube, fly spray
4.242 Air streams, Bernoulli theorem
13.2.6 Venturi tube, fly spray, chimney
27.180 Rainbows, spectrum
19.3.14 Water droplets

Volt, Volta, voltage, voltaic, voltameter, voltmeter
See: Voltmeters (Commercial) Alternating voltages and currents
4.2.11 Australian voltage Capacitance and voltage, electroscope
31.6.0 Electrophorus, Volta, Galvani
4.102 Low voltage light source Motor vehicle generator
31.7.07 Potential difference (voltage)
4.61 Volta
31.1.24 Volta's experiment, voltaic pile, metal on Perspex
4.61 Voltage = electrical potential difference
33.5.6 Voltage and current to a heating coil in a calorimeter
32.1.0 Voltage, EMF sources, Voltage produced by:
4.61 Voltage of a generator Voltage outputs from the pulsar / astable module (Electronics) Voltmeters

See: Wire (Commercial)
Bell wire Constantan wire: Copper wire
4.2.3 Electrical leads
Fuse wire Fuses
Local purchase
5.5.15 Nitinol memory wire

Experiments Convert a galvanometer to an hot wire current meter Current-carrying wire in magnetic field Dynamo, Bicycle dynamo, the "missing wire" Electrical fuse, fuse wire, household fuse box, circuit breakers
15.6.0 Electrochemical cell, voltaic cell, "battery", cathode & anode
15.5.4 Electrolysis of water, Hofmann voltameter, coulometer Eureka wire, Constantan
29.2.6 Force on current-carrying wire
33.84.2 Galvanic cell, Voltaic cell, with salt bridge
33.5.8 Heat wires in series
Nichrome wire
5.5.15 Nitinol memory wire Oersted's effect, magnetic field around a wire
1.13 Wire gauze mat
Local purchase
Connecting wire, insulated copper wire, connecting cord, single conductor cable
Copper wire
Fly wire, roll
Fuse wire, 5A, reel 100 g
Fuse wire, 15A, reel 100 g
Iron wire, fence wire
Iron wire, tie wire
Wire, bell wire or lamp wire, 100 m
Wire cable, 3-core, 6 A, 1 metre
Wire, copper wire, bare, 16 swg, 500 g reel
Wire, copper wire tinned, PVC cover, reel 100 m
Wire, Eureka wire / constantan, 16 swg, 125g
Wire, flexible wire, single wire, piano wire, 10 m
Wire helix, spring, slinky spring
Wire netting, chicken wire
Wire, nichrome wire, bare, 16 swg, reel 125g
Wire, platinum wire, for flame test
Wire stripper

33.5.0 Electric power and electrical energy, electrical equivalent of heat
3.13.0 Energy conversion KJ, MJ, kWh, therm, BTU, calorie, horsepower
2.2.04 Kilowatt-hour, kWh
22.2.03 Megawatt-hour, MWh Watt hour, Battery capacity
21.0.0 Units of work and energy, joule and calorie, kilowatt-hour