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Plants, T to Z
Table of contents
T to Z Alphabetic listing of scientific names (genus and species), common names of plants
9.2.1 Plant classification, all plants
Dicotyledons, Phylum Magnoliophyta
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Scientific name, common name, Family, country of origin or where now found, habit, use, botanical interest

Tabebuia avellanedae, pau d'arco, trumpet tree, pink trumpet tree, taheebo, Brazil, Bignoniaceae.
Dried herb sold as bark.
Tabebuia rosea, trumpet tree, pink trumpet tree, pink poui, ornamental tree, Bignoniaceae.
Tabebuia serratifolia, yellow poui, ornamental tree, trumpet tree, Bignoniaceae.
Tabernaemontana catharinensis, (Pecschiera affinis), South America, Apocynaceae
Tabernaemontana coronia, crepe jasmine, milk wood, ornamental shrub, Apocynaceae.
Tabernanthe iboga, iboga, rainforest shrub, contains ibogaine hallucinogenic alkaloid, Apocynaceae.
Tacca leontopetaloides, East Indian arrowroot, Tahiti arrowroot, bat plant, Taccaceae.
Taccaceae, Tacca family
Taeniophyllum, "tapeworm leaf" orchid, Orchidaceae.
Tagetes species, Asteraceae.
Talinaceae. (newly recognized family)
Talinum calycinum, large-leaf fameflower, Talinaceae.
Talinum fruticosum, waterleaf, Ceylon spinach, Talinaceae.
Talinum paniculatum, fameflower, jewels-of-Opar, pink baby's breath, Talinaceae.
Talisia oliviformis, cotopriz, cotoperis, yellow genip, guayo, medium tree, evergreen, slow growing, dioecious, fruit, ovoid, yellow, small
spherical, leathery skin, translucent yellowish or pink pulp, 1 large seed, used fresh, juices, jams, roasted, propagation from seeds
air-layering, Central and South America, Sapindaceae.
Tamarind (Tamarindus indica), tinthinikam, Indian date, asam, large tree, pod, brown, pulp date-like, used drink, preserves, chutney
evergreen, herbal medicine, propagation from seeds, air-layering, grafting, one of the best shade trees, fruits high in sugar, calcium
phosphorus and thiamine, herbal medicine, India, Fabaceae (Caesalpinaceae.)
Sent to Brisbane City Botanic Gardens from Sydney Botanic Gardens in 1854.
Tamarix species, tamarisk, salt cedars, Tamariceaceae.
Tamarix aphylla, athel pine, saltcedar, windbreaks, fire barrier, excretes salt so making ground salty, invasive competition with native
species, possible was the eshel tree planted by Abraham in Book of Genesis in the Bible, Tamaricaceae.
See diagram: Tamarind
Tamarindus indica, Daley's Fruit Trees
See diagram: Brown tamarind
Tamarix gallica, French tamarisk, saline soils, has waxy exudate that was possibly the "manna" mentioned in the Bible, ornamental,
Saudi Arabia, Tamariceaceae.
Tamaulipa azurea, blue boneset, climbing shrub, blue flowers, beverages, herbal medicine, Mexico, Asteraceae.
Tanecetum balsamita, costmary, Asteraceae.
Tanacetum coccineum, pyrethrum daisy, painted daisy, Asteraceae.
Tanecetum gracile, contains lavandulol, chamazulene, Himalayas, Asteraceae.
Tanecetum parthenium, (Chrysanthemum parthenium), feverfew, Asteraceae.
Tanacetum vulgare, tansy, Asteraceae.
Taraxacum officinale, dandelion, Asteraceae.
Targetes erecta, African marigold, Asteraceae.

Tasmannia species, Winteraceae
Brush pepperbush (Tasmannia insipida), brush pepperbush, up to 3 m, red stems, crushed lance-shaped leaves have pepper flavour,
small white flowers as umbels from leaf axils, separate male and female flowers on the one plant oval-shaped, edible red berries
have pepper flavour, Australian native food, Winteraceae
Tasmannia lanceolata (Drimys lanceolata), mountain pepper, Tasmanian pepperberry, Cornish pepper leaf, up to 10 lanceolate
aromatic leaves with pale undersurface, red stems, small white flowers, black globose berries, separate male and female plants,
pepper flavour from polygodial, condiment, use to flavour vinegar and casseroles, Australian native food, Winteraceae.
Mountain pepper, Daley's Fruit Trees
Tasmannia stipitata, Dorrigo pepper, Australian native food, Winteraceae.
Tasmannia xerophila, Alpine Pepper, Australian native food, Winteraceae.

Taxodium, 3 species: pond cypress, swamp cypress, bald cypress, montezuma cypress, Mexican bald cypress, North America and
Mexico, near lakes, strong wood, Taxodiaceae.
Taxodium distichum, bald cypress, swamp cypress, Cupressaceae (a redwood large with spongy red bark), conifer
Taxodium mucronatum, Mexican bald cypress, Cupressaceae, conifer
Taxus baccata, yew tree, common yew, English yew, churchyard tree, Japanese yew, slow growing, evergreen and long-lived so
grown in English churchyards to symbolize immortality, needle-like leaves, used for hedges, long-bows, poisonous leaves (drug taxol),
cut stem, use ink to show transpiration stream, taxine alkaloid, England,
Taxaceae., Yew family, conifer
Yew tree (Taxus baccata), Taxaceae.
Pacific yew (Taxus brevifolia), Taxaceae.
Tecoma stans, Trumpet bush, yellow bells, ornamental tree, use shoot to demonstrate suction pressure, Bignoniaceae.
Tecomanthe, tecomanthe, Bignoniaceae.
Tecomaria capensis, cape honeysuckle, ornamental tree, Bignoniaceae.
Tectona grandis, teak tree, timber tree, Southeast Asia, Verbenaceae.
Teesdalia, Shepherd's cress, Brassicaceae.
Telesonix, brook foam, Saxifragaceae.
Telfairia, telfairia, Cucurbitaceae.
Telopea speciosissima, waratah, floral emblem of the state of New South Wales, large showy flower, follicle, Proteaceae.
Tephroseris, groundsel, Asteraceae.
Tephrosia, hoary pea, Fabaceae.

Terminalia species, Combretaceae
Arjuna tree (Terminalia arjuna), Ayuredic medicine, sacred to the Buddha, tassar silk from Antheraea paphia moth which eats leaves,
Arjuna dried herb sold as bark powder.
Bahera (Terminalia bellirica), myrobalan, beleric, bastard myrobalantanni, Ayuredic medicine, street lining , cattle fodder, India,
Indian almond (Terminalia catappa), Bengal almond, Malabar almond, sea almond, tropical almond, tropical forest tree, fallen leaves
used as folk medicine, Asia, Africa, Australia, Combretaceae.
Indian Almond, Daley's Fruit Trees
Black myrobalan (Terminalia chebula), Indian gall nut, chebulic myrobalan, hareetaki, kadukka nut, tropical almond, herbal medicine,
Souh Asia, Combretaceae.
Kakadu plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana), billygoat plum, , gubinge, murunga, high in vitamin C,
strong antimicrobial properties, used to prevent food spoilage, e.g. prawns, similar to olives, Australian native food, Combretaceae.
Terminalia ferdinandiana, Daley's Fruit Trees
Okari nut (Terminalia kaernbachii), Combretaceae
Triphala, Ayuredic herbal mixture: Emblica officinalis + Terminalia beleria + Terminalia chebula, India
Dried herb sold as powder.
Australian almond (Terminalia muelleri), Combretaceae.
East Indian almond (Terminalia myriocarpa), Combretaceae.

Ternstroemia, ternstroemia, Theaceae.
Tetracera scandens, stoneleaf, itching, whole plant decoction for snakebite, Dilleniaceae.
Tetrachne, Poaceae.
Tetraclinis, Cupressaceae, conifer
Tetradenia riparia (Iboza riparia), nutmeg bush, misty plume bush, ginger bush, musk bush, iboza, up to 3 m,
sticky aromatic foliage, flowery ornamental,full sun - some shade, fast-growing, dioecious,traditional medicine, use young stems,
antiseptic, treat coughs, respiratory problems, stomach ache, diarrhoea, malaria, dengue fever, yaws, toothache, infusion of the
leaves and roots as emetic, scent of crushed leaves relieves headaches antispasmodic diterpenes, essential oil contains alpha-terpineol,
fenchone, beta-fenchyl alcohol, beta-caryophyllene, perillyl alcohol, also phytosterols, in laboratory leaf extracts show antimicrobial
activity, Africa, Lamiaceae
See diagram: Tetradenia
Tetradium ruticarpum (Evodia ruticarpa), bitter fruit, used in Chinese medicine, China, Korea, Rutaceae.
Tetragonia tetragonioides, New Zealand spinach, Aizoaceae.
Tetragonolobus, tetragonolobus, Fabaceae.
Tetragonotheca, nerveray, Asteraceae.
Tetramicra, wall flower orchid, Orchidaceae.
Tetraneuris, four nerve daisy, Asteraceae.
Tetrapogon, Poaceae.
Teuchrium canadense, Canada germander, Lamiaceae.
Teuchrium fruticans, tree germander, Lamiaceae.
Teuchrium marum, cat thyme, Lamiaceae.
Wood sage (Teucrium scorodonia), Lamiaceae
Teuchrium scorodonia, wood sage, Lamiaceae.
Thalassia, thalassia, Hydrocharitaceae.
Thalassodendron, Cymodoceaceae.
Thalia, alligator flag, Marantaceae.
Thalictrum, meadow rue, Ranunculaceae.
Thapsia garganica, "death carrot", toxic to sheep but may yield anti-cancer drug, Mediterranean region, Apiaceae (Umbelliferae).
Thaumastochloa, Poaceae.
Thaumatococcus danielli, Yoruba soft cane, a "miracle fruit, number 3", Marantaceae
Thea sinensis, camelia, Theaceae.
Thelesperma, green thread, Asteraceae.
Thellungiella, salt water cress, Brassicaceae.
Thelypodiopsis, tumble mustard, Brassicaceae.
Thelypodium, thelypody, Brassicaceae.

Theobroma cacao, cocoa, Sterculiaceae.

Themeda, kangaroo grass, Poaceae.
Themidaceae, Dichelostemma family
Theobroma cacao, cacao tree, herbal medicine, Sterculiaceae.
Thermopsis, golden banner, Fabaceae.
Thesium minkwitzianum, thesinine pyrrolizidine alkaloid, C17H21NO3, South Africa, Santalaceae
Thespesia populnea (Correa), portia tree, thespesia, Malvaceae.
Thevetia nereifolia, thevetin A and B, West Indies, Apocynaceae
Thevetia peruviana, yellow oleander, thevetia, ornamental shrub, hazardous plant, all parts are poisonous, herbal medicine, Apocynaceae.
Thinopyrum, wheat grass, Poaceae.
Thismia, thismia, Burmanniaceae.
Thlaspi, penny cress, Brassicaceae.
Thrinax radiata, Florida thatch palm, Jamaica thatch palm, Florida, West Indies, Arecaceae.
Thrinax parviflora, Thatch palm, Broom palm, Jamaica, Arecaceae.
Thrinax excelsa, thatch palm, Jamaica, Arecaceae.
Thuarea, thuarea grass, Poaceae.
Thuja species, arborvitaes, Cupressaceae, conifers
Thunbergia alata, thunbergia, black-eyed susan, orange clock vine, golden glory, sky flower, Bengal clock vine, ornamental climber
Thunbergia annua, annual thunbergia, invasive, Africa, Acanthaceae.
Thymophylla, prickly leaf, Asteraceae.
Thymus caespititius, tiny thyme, tufted thyme, Lamiaceae.
Thymus capitatus, conehead thyme, corido thyme, Cretan thyme, thyme of the ancients, headed savory, Spanish oreganum oil, Israeli
oreganum oil, Lamiaceae.
Thymus citriodorus, lemon thyme, garden herb, Lamiaceae.
Thymus herba-barona, caraway thyme, perennial, groundcover, with delicious caraway flavour, Lamiaceae.
Thymus mastichina, Spanish wood thyme, Lamiaceae.
Thymus nummularius, Italian thyme, perennial, up to 30 cm, use on pizza and spaghetti, Lamiaceae.
Thymus praecox, creeping thyme, Lamiaceae.
Thymus pulegoides, wild thyme, Dutch tea thyme, Lamiaceae.
Thymus quinquecostatus, Japanese thyme, Lamiaceae.
Thymus serphyllum, wild thyme, Lamiaceae.
Thymus vulgaris, thyme, Lamiaceae.
Thymus zygis, Spanish sauce thyme, red thyme oil, Lamiaceae.
Thymus X citriodorus, lemon thyme, Lamiaceae.
Thyridolepis mulga, mitchell grass, Poaceae.
Thysanolaena, Poaceae.
Thysanotus, fringed lily, showy flowers, Liliaceae.
Thysanocarpus, fringe pod, Brassicaceae.
Tiarella, foam flower, Saxifragaceae.
Tibouchina tibouchina, orchid, has both sterile and fertile stamens, Orchidaceae.
Ticanto, grey nicker, Fabaceae.
Tidestromia, honey sweet, Amaranthaceae.
Tigridia parvona, shellflower, peacock flower, popular ornamental, Mexico, Iridaceae.
Tiliaceae, Linden family
Tilia vulgaris (Tillia x europaea, T. europaea), "lime tree" (UK), linden tree, lyne, tillet, tilea, basswood, herbal medicine,
dried flowers linden tea used to cause sweating and bring out fever
secondary wood shows annual rings with spring wood and summer wood, Poland, Tiliaceae.
Tilia platyphyllos, large-leaved linden tree, (large-leaved lime in England), grows in lime-rich soils, Europe, Tiliaceae, (Malvaceae).
Dried herb sold as linden flowers.
Tilia americana, basswood, American linden tree, Tiliaceae.
Tilia cordata, small-leaved lime tree, garden herb, England, Tiliaceae.
Tilia europaea, common lime tree, garden herb, Tiliaceae.
Tilia platyphyllos, broad-leaved lime tree, garden herb, England, Tiliaceae.
Tilia tomentosa, silver lime tree, Hungary, Tiliaceae.
Tilia X euchlora, Crimean lime tree, Tiliaceae.
Tilia X europaea (T. cordata X T. platyphyllos), common lime tree, common linden tree, natural hybrid, tilleul, herbal medicine, sedative,
linden tea used to improve excretory system and treat body odours
Yanang (Tiliacora triandra), yanang, jelly leaf vine, leaves used not whole but rubbed to extrude deep green solution
used for jellies and soups, e.g. bamboo soup, Thailand, Vietnam, Menispermaceae
See diagram: Jelly leaf vine
Tillandsia argentea, air plant, rosettes of narrow, thread-like leaves, (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Tillandsia cyanea, rosette of narrow, grass-like leaves, conspicuous blade-like flower spike, purple-blue pansy-shaped flowers,
(houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Tillandsia magnusiana, thread-like leaves covered in grey scales (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Tillandsia usneoides, Spanish moss, Bromeliaceae.
Tinanti variegated leaves, a, tinantia, Commelinaceae.
Tinospora cordifolia, heart-leaved moonseed, guruchi, tinosporoside saponin, south Asia, Menispermaceae.
Tinospora crispa, guduchi vine, liver toxicity, south Asia, Menispermaceae.
Tipularia, tipularia, Orchidaceae.
Tiquilia, crinkle mat, Boraginaceae.
Tithonia diversifolia, Arla, Mexican sunflower, Asteraceae.
Tithonia tithonia, ornamental, Asteraceae.
Tmesipteris elongata, hanging fork fern, Australia, NewZealand, Psilotaceae, Pteridophyta
Tofieldia pusilla, false asphodel, Scottish asphodel, Scotch asphodel, Liliaceae.
Tolmeia, youth on age, Saxifragaceae.
Tolmiea menziesii, pick-a-back plant, piggy back plant, Saxifragaceae.
Tolpis, umbrella milk wort, Asteraceae.
Tolumnia, dancing lady orchid, Orchidaceae.
Tonestus, serpent weed, Asteraceae.
Toona calantus, surian, kalantus, toon tree, South Pacific region, Meliaceae.
Torreya taxifolia, California nutmeg, naya Japan, spiny pointed leaves, male and female organs on separate trees, height to 21 m,
Torreyochloa, false manna grass, Poaceae.
Tournefortia, soldier bush, Boraginaceae.
Townsendia, Townsend daisy, Asteraceae.
Toxicodendron radicans, poison ivy, rhus tree "natural lacquer", Anacardiaceae.
Toxicodendron vernicifluum, "natural lacquer", Anacardiaceae.
Trachyspermum ammi, ajwain, Apiaceae
Trachelospermum jasminoides, star jasmine, Chinese star jasmine, Confederate jasmine, trader's compass, woody liana, green foliage
down to the base, white fragrant flowers, perfume oil for incence, white milky sap, ornamental climber, groundcover, Apocynaceae.
Trachycarpus fortunei, Chusan palm, Chinese windmill palm, Arecaceae.
Trachymene incisa, wild parsnip, perennial forest herb, up to 80 cm, thick rootstock, almost hairless, leaves
from base of the plant, deeply lobed with long petioles, white flowers umbels, ovate brown fruit, roots eaten
after baking, Australian native food, Araliaceae
Trachypogon, crinkle lawn grass, Poaceae.
Tracyina, Indian head dress, Asteraceae.
Tradescantia andersonia, wandering jew, satin grass, cover plant, Commelinaceae.
Tradescantia blossfeldiana, oval, fleshy leaves, in two distinct rows on trailing stems (houseplant), Commelinaceae.
Tradescantia fluminensis, hairless stems with variegated leaves (houseplant), Commelinaceae.
Tradescantia pallida, purple queen, Commelinaceae.
Tradescantia spathacea, Rhoeo spathacea, Rhoeo discolor, Setcreasea, Commelina zebrina, spiderwort, boat
lily, cradle lily, inch plant, Moses-in-a-cradle, girl-on-a-swing, lady-on-a-hammock, oyster plant, purple heart, spider lily
edging plant, perennial herb, the "self-stained" purple hairs on the stamens allow observation of movement of live cell contents, raphides,
West Indies, Commelinaceae.
Tradescantia zebrina (T. fluminensis, T. pallida, Zebrina pendula), zebrina, wandering jew, pointed oval leaves on creeping stem, upper
surface pale green with silvery sheen, lengthwise purple stripe, Commelinaceae.
Tragia urticifolia, twining herb, stinging hairs, Euphorbiaceae.
Tragopogon dubius, yellow salsify, Asteraceae.
Tragopogon porrifolius, salsify, Asteraceae.
Tragus, burr grass, Poaceae.
Trapa natans, water chestnut, horn chestnut, water calthrop, Jesuit nut, aquatic plant, Trapaceae.
Trautvetteria, bug bane, Ranunculaceae.
Trematolobelia, false lobelia, Campanulaceae.
Trewia nudiflora, trewia tree, India, Euphorbiaceae.
Triadenum, marsh St Johns wort, Clusiaceae.
Triantha racemosia, coastal false asphodel, Liliaceae.
Trianthema, trianthema, Aizoaceae.
Tribolium, tribolium, Poaceae.
Tribulus terrestris, puncture vine, devil's thorn, caltrop ("goathead fruit"), invasive noxious weed, male libido, Zygophyllaceae.
Dried herb sold as powder.
Trichloris, Poaceae.
Trichocentrum, Orchidaceae.
Trichocereus pachanoi (T. peruvianus), San Pedro cactus, Mescaline | Candicine |Cactaceae.
Trichocoronis, bug heal, Asteraceae.
Trichodesma zeylanicum, camel bush, cattle bush, Austyralia, Boraginaceae
Tricholaena, Poaceae.
Trichoneura, Silveus' grass, Poaceae.
Trichophorum, bulrush, Cyperaceae.
Trichosalpinx, bonnet orchid, Orchidaceae.
Trichosanthes cucumerina, snake gourd, Cucurbitaceae.
Trichostigma, alpine club rush, Phytolaccaceae.
Tricyrtis, tricyrtis, Liliaceae.
Tridens, tridens, Poaceae.
Trientalis, chickweed wintergreen, star flower, herbal medicine, Primulaceae.
Trifolium species, Fabaceae.
Trifolium pratense, red clover, meadow trefoil, Fabaceae.
Trifolium repens, white clover, Dutch clover, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Trifolium repens 'Dragon's Blood', dragon's blood clover, Fabaceae.
Trifolium semipilosum, Kenya white clover, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Trifolium subterraneum, subterranean clover, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Triglochin, arrow grass, Juncaginaceae.
Trigonella foenum-graecum, fenugreek, Fabaceae.
Trillium grandiflorum white trillium lily, Liliaceae.
Trimezia, trimezia, Iridaceae.
Triodanis, Venus' looking glass, Campanulaceae.
Triodia irritans, tussock grass, known as "spinifex grass" but is not Spinifex, Poaceae.
Triosteum, horse gentian, Caprifoliaceae.
Triphasia trifolia (T. aurantiola, Limonia trifolia), limeberry, lime berry, shrub, evergreen, fruit, small, red, thin skin, mucilaginous pulp,
used fresh, preserves, ornamental shrub, propagation from seeds, Malaysia, India, Rutaceae.
Triphora, nodding caps, Orchidaceae.
Triphysaria, owl's clover, Scrophulariaceae.
Triplarina imbricata, tiny white flowers produce frost-like effect, Myrtaceae.
Triplasis, sand grass, Poaceae.
Tripleurospermum, may weed, Asteraceae.
Tripogandra, tripogandra, Commelinaceae.
Tripogon loloformis, resurrection grass, five minute grass, Poaceae.
Tripolium, sea aster, Asteraceae.
Triphophyllum peltatum, 3 types of leaves, liana up to 50 m, second type glandular leaves to capture insects, third type hooked
leaves, West Africa, sole species in the "double-hooked leaves family" Dioncophyllaceae
Tripsacum, gama grass, Poaceae.
Triraphis, Poaceae.
Trisetum, oat grass, Poaceae.
Tristagma, spring star, Liliaceae.
Triteleia, triteleia, Liliaceae.
Triteleiopsis, Baja lily, Liliaceae.
Triticosecale, triticosecale, Poaceae.
Triticum turgidum, var.durum, durum wheat, edible grain, tetraploid, Poaceae.
Triticum aestivum, "bread wheat", vitamin E in wheat germ, edible grain, wheatgrass, hexaploid, Australia, Poaceae.
Dried herb sold as aerials powder.
Triuridaceae, Triurus family
Tripterocalyx, sand puffs, Nyctaginaceae.
Tristania conferta, brush box, timber tree, common ornamental street tree in Sydney, Myrtaceae.
Triumfetta, triumfetta, Tiliaceae.
Trixis, threefold, Asteraceae.
Trollius, globe flower, Ranunculaceae.
Tromboncino zuccini, zucchetta, climber, summer squash, cultivar of Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbitaceae
Tropaeolaceae., Nasturtium family
Tropaeolum majus, nasturtium, Tropaeolaceae.
Tropidia, Orchidaceae.
Tsuga canadensis (Pinus canadensis, Abies canadensis), eastern hemlock, common hemlock, Canadian hemlock, Chinese hemlock,
garden tree, dwarf to 21 m, not poisonous, tannins, spruce oil, Pinaceae, conifer
Tuctoria, spiral grass, Poaceae.
Tulbaghia violacea, society garlic, Amaryllidaceae.
Tulipa gesneriana, tulip, Liliaceae, Eurasia, North Africa
Turnera diffusa, damiana, Turneraceae.
Tussilago farafara, coltsfoot, coughwort, Asteraceae.
Tynanthus, tynanthus Bignoniaceae.
Typha, bulrush, reed mace, cat tail, Typhaceae.
Typhaceae, Cat-tail family
Typhonium roxburghii, arum lily, dwarf voodoo, lily, Araceae.
Ugni (Ugni molinae, Eugenia ugni, Myrtus ugni), Chilean guava, strawberry myrtle, ugniberry, New Zealand cranberry,
'Tazziberry', Chile, Argentina.
Ugni, Daley's Fruit Trees
Ulex europaeus, common gorse, furze, whin, Ulex gorse, thorny evergreen shrubs, yellow flowers, in desolate areas, Fabaceae.
Ullucus tuberosus, papalisa, Basellaceae.
Ulmaceae, Ulmus species, elm trees, Elm family.
Umbellularia californica, California bay laurel, Lauraceae
Umbilicus, kidney wort, navel wort, wall pennyroyal, pennywort, herbal medicine, Crassulaceae.
Uncaria tomentosa, cat's claw, Rubiaceae.
Dried herb sold as bark and bark powder.
Uncinia, bird-catching sedge, Cyperaceae.
Uniola, sea oats, Poaceae.
Urena lobata, urena, aramina, cadillo, fibres for coffee sacks, Malvaceae.
Urginea maratima, See: Drimia maritima, Asparagaceae.
Urochloa mosambicensis, urochloa or sabi grass, pasture grass, signal grass, Poaceae.
Urticaceae, Nettle family.
Urtica dioica, stinging nettle, Urticaceae.
Urtica urens, annual nettle, Urticaceae.
Lentibulariaceae, Bladderwort family.
Utricularia vulgaris, bladderwort, Lentibulariaceae.
Uvularia, bellwort, Liliaceae.

Vaccaria, soap wort, Caryophyllaceae.
Vaccinium species.
Vachellia farnesiana (Acacia farnesiana), sweet acacia, needle bush, thorny branches, origin of farnesol floral essence used in
perfumery, herbal medicine, anti-malarial, diarrhoea control, noxious weed, Central America, Fabaceae.
Vahlodea, hair grass, Poaceae.
Valerian (Valeriana officinalis), Caprifoliaceae.
Vallesia glabra, pearlberry, smooth vallesia, tear shrub, | Akuammidine | Aspidospermine | Acetylaspidoalbidine | tropical America, Apocynaceae.
Vallismena, eel grass, tape grass, ribbon weed, puck weed, wild celery, Hydrocharitaceae.
Vallisneria spiralis, Hydrocharitaceae.
Vallisneria americana, tape grass, American eel grass but not "eel grass", aquatic weed, Hydrocharitaceae.
Vanda, vanda, Orchidaceae.

Spanish tamarind (Vangueria madagascariensis, V. edulis), Rubiaceae
Spanish tamarind, Daley's Fruit Trees

Vanilla species, Orchidaceae.
Flat-leaved vanilla (Vanilla planifolia, (V. fragrans), Tahitian vanilla, West Indian vanilla, Orchidaceae.
Vanilla, Daley's Fruit Trees
Vanilla pompona, West Indian vanilla, vanillon, Pompona vanilla, Guadeloupe vanilla, Orchidaceae.
Vanilla tahitensis, Tahiti vanilla, Orchidaceae.

Vaseyochloa, Texas grass, Poaceae.
Vateria, vateria, Dipterocarpaceae.
Vaucheria, yellow-green algae, Xanthophyceae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Vauquelinia corymbosa, slim leaf rosewood, Rosaceae.
Veitchia merrillii, Manila palm, Arecaceae.
Velezia, velezia, Caryophyllaceae.
Veltheimia capensis, strap-shaped, wavy-edged leaves, bell-like flowers on spike (houseplant), Hyacinthaceae.
Veltheimia bracteata, forest lily, South Africa, Hyacinthaceae.
Ventenata, North Africa grass, Poaceae.
Veratrum album, white hellebore, false hellebore, corn lily, perennial, vertical rhizome, poisonous, protoveratrines | veratridine,
herbal medicine, Europe, west Asia, Melanthiaceae (Liliaceae.)
Veratrum californicum, california lily, california false hellebore, poisonous, teratogens, cyclopromine, jervine, Melanthiaceae.
Veratrum viride, green hellebore, alkaloid cevadine, Melanthiaceae.
Verbascum nigrum, mullein black, Scrophulariaceae.
Verbascum thapsus, mullein, Scrophulariaceae.
Verbenaceae., Verbena family
Verbena species, Verbenaceae.
Verbena officinalis, vervain, Verbanaceae.
Verbena bonariensis), purpletop vervain, ornamental, invasive, Verbenaceae.
Verbena bonariensis, 'Lolipop', Verbenaceae.
Verbena hastata, blue vervain, Verbenaceae.
Verbesina encelioides, crown beard, stock poison, weed, Asteraceae.
Vernonia cinerea, common vernonia, iron weed, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Veronica beccabunga, brooklime, Plantaginaceae.
Veronica officinalis, speedwell, Plantaginaceae.
Veronicastrum virginicum, culver's root, black root, herbal medicine, North America, Plantaginaceae.
Verschaffeitia splendida, Seychelles stilt palm, Seychelles, Arecaceae.
Vetiveria zizanioides (Andropogon muricatus), vetiver, cuscus grass, khus khus, khuskhus grass, vetiver, vetiveria grass, usiram
vetivert oil, aromatic roots, herbal medicine, oils and soaps, India, Poaceae.
Viburnam species
Viburnam species Adoxaceae (formerly Caprifoliaceae)
Viburnum davidii, Davidoside glucoside, C15H14O4
Viburnum furcatum, phenylpropanoid Furcatin C20H28O10, Adoxaceae
Viburnum odoratissimum, sweet Viburnum, hedging plant, Adoxaceae
Cramp bark (Viburnum opulus), guelder-rose, water elder, arrowwood, European cranberry bush, long-living tree, up to 4 m, three-lobed
leaves shed every year, dried bark collected from stem when plant in flower, herbal medicine, relaxes muscle tension and spasm, painful
menstruation, biliary colic, renal colic, irritable bowel syndrome, relaxes blood vessels to the brain to treat tension headaches, migraine,
Europe, Asia, Adoxaceae
Dried herb sold as bark.
Viburnum prunifolium, black haw, phenol Salicin C13H18O7, herbal medicine, analgesic, stress-related muscle pain, Adoxaceae
Viburnum tinus, sugar alcohol Viburnitol C6H12O5, Adoxaceae

Vicia faba, broad bean, fava bean, vetch, tare, ink equidistant marks on the radicle to find zones of elongation, catechin, Fabaceae.
Vicia villosa, woolly pod vetch, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.

Victoria amazonica, giant water lily, royal water lily, huge floating leaves, nocturnal flowers, largest known water lily, South America,
Victoria cruziana, Santa Cruz water lily, very large floating leaves, South America, Nymphaeaceae.

Vigna Fabaceae
Vigna aconitifolia, moth bean, mat bean, arid regions, grain legume, drought-resistant, India, Fabaceae.
Vigna angularuis, adzuki bean, azuki bean, red ming bean, grain legume, in red bean paste, East Asia, Fabaceae.
Vigna lanceolata, pencil yam, native bean, Maloga bean, parsnip bean, small yam, bush carrot, slender twining
Vigna luteola (Vigna marina), tropical wet pasture legume, widespread, Fabaceae.
Vigna mungo, black gram, mungo bean, urad dal, grain legume, India, Fabaceae.
Vigna parken, Shaw creeping vigna, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Vigna radiata (Phaseolus aureus), mung bean, green bean, green gram, golden gram, moong dal, Fabaceae.
Vigna subterranea, Bambara groundnut, edible pods ripen underground, West Africa, Fabaceae.
Vigna umbellata, rice bean, ricebean, dried pulse, south Asia, Fabaceae.
Vigna unguiculata, cowpea, black eye pea, crowder, southern bean, China pea, Kaffir pea, marble pea, drier tropics, widespread
legume food crop, Fabaceae.

Viguiera, golden eye, Asteraceae.
Vinca major, greater periwinkle, Apocynaceae.
Vinca minor, lesser periwinkle, Apocynaceae.
Vinca rosea (Catharanthus roseus), Madagascar periwinkle, Apocynaceae.
Viola species, violets, Violaceae.
Viola species: | alpha-Irone | Piperonal | Violaceae.
Parma violet (Viola alba), Violaceae.
Field pansy (Viola arvensis) (pansy from French penser to think, because flowers have a thinking "face"),
European field pansy, Violaceae.
Native violet (Viola banksii - cultivated species) perennial, groundcover, kidney-shaped leaves, more richly coloured lavender/white
flowers than native violet (wild species), herbal medicine, culinary uses, Violaceae.
Native Violet, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm
Native violet (Viola hederacea - wild species), pale flowers, anterior petal widest towards its apex, mature
seeds are brown, leaves have semicircular outline and dark green above but pale green beneath, common in Australia but rarely cultivated.
groundcover, up to 150 mm in damp shady areas, small round light green leaves, violet flowers grow in rockeries, mass plantings, pots and
hanging baskets, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Violaceae.
Sweet violet (Viola odorata), violet, common violet, garden violet, English violet, blue violet, perennial,
groundcover, hardy plant, fragrant flowers, perfumery,Violet leaf aldehyde, herbal medicine,
culinary uses, salads, desserts, drinks, garnish, Croatia, Violaceae.
Sweet Violet, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm
Dried herb sold as leaves.
Dog violet (Viola riviniana) (can change cross fertilization to self fertilization), Violaceae.
Russian violet (Viola suavis), Violaceae.
Heartsease (Viola tricolor) (wild pansy USA), herb trinity, love-in-idleness, johnny-jump-up, kiss-me-quick, tickle-my-fancy, perennial,
up to 10 cm, | Vioanthin | Violaxanthin | herbal medicine, love potion, culinary uses, edible flowers as garnish on meals, common wild flower, Europe, Bulgaria,
Dried herb sold as aerials.
See diagram: Viola tricolor

Viscum album, European mistletoe, Santalaceae.
Viscum articulatum, leafless parasite with flattened green stems, Santalaceae.
Vitellaria paradoxa, shea butter tree, West Africa, produces shea butter for cooking, hairdressing, soap, candles, Sapotaceae.
Vitex agnus-castus, chaste tree, Verbenaceae.
Vitex negundo, Chinese vitex, Verbenaceae.
Vitex rotundifolia, roundleaf chaste tree, Verbenaceae.

Grape vine (Vitis vinifera), Vitaceae.
common grape, many varieties, small vine, liana, grows to 32 m, flaky bark,
alternate leaves palmately lobed, the berry fruit is called a "grape", deciduous, fruit, small, round, sweet, in
bunches, used fresh, juice, jelly, propagation from cuttings, grafting, Mediterranean region.
catechin (E163 Anthocyanins), America, Europe, Asia, Vitaceae.
Vitis varieties Daley's Fruit Trees

Volvox, green algae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Vossia, hippo grass, Poaceae.
Voyria parasitica, ghost plant, parasite, no chlorophyll, Gentianaceae.
Vriesea hieroglyphica, large rosette of wide, strap-shaped leaves, dark green markings (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Vriesea splendens, flaming sword, rosette of strap-shaped leaves, brown cross-bands, colourful red bracts (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Vulpia, fescue, Poaceae.

Wachendorfia, wachendorfia, Haemodoraceae.
Wallenia, jacanillo, Myrsinaceae.
Wallichia densiflora, Himalayas, Arecaceae.
Waltheria, waltheria, Sterculiaceae.
Warea, pine land cress, Brassicaceae.
Washingtonia filifera, American cotton palm, desert fan palm, petticoat palm, fan-shaped, long-stalked, grey-green leaves with fibrous
threads at ends, Arecaceae.
Washingtonia robusta, desert fan palm, Mexican washingtonia, washington palm, sky duster, very tall distinctive palm for parks, Mexico,
Watsonia, bugle lily, ornamental, Iridaceae.

Websteria, algal bulrush, Cyperaceae.
Wedelia species, creeping ox eye, Asteraceae.
Welwitschia mirabilis, Namibia deserts short hollow stem with two strap-like leaves, slow growing, male and female cones,
Welwitschiaceae, Phylum Gnetophyta
Westringia species, coastal rosemary, hardy, small,  fast growing evergreen shrub, up to 1 metre square, long flowering, for hedge or
screening plant or for low maintenance gardens, exposed sites and coastal gardens, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Lamiaceae.
Whiteochloa, Poaceae.
Widdringtonia cupressoides (W. dracomontana, W. whytei), mountain widdringtonia, mlange cedar, Cupressaceae, conifer
Wilkesia, Iliau Asteraceae.
Willkommia, willkommia, Poaceae.
Whisk ferns, Phylum Psilophyta
Wisteria species: Poisonous pods and seeds.
Wisteria floribunda "Macrobotrys", wisteria (named after Caspar Wistar), Fabaceae.
Wisteria frutescens, American wisteria, very popular climbing ornamental, North America, Fabaceae.
Wisteria sinensis, wisteria, wistaria, China, pinnate leaves, lilac-purple flowers, Fabaceae.
Withania somnifera, withania, Solanaceae.
Wollemia nobilis, Wollemi pine, discovered Australia 1994, height to 36 m, now being extensively propagated, Araucariaceae, conifer
Woodfordia fructicosa (W. floribunda), woodfordia, fire flame bush, dhataki, herbal medicine, India, Lythraceae.
Wodyetia bifurcata, Queensland, Arecaceae.
Wolffia arrhiza, duckweed, water meal, smallest known flowering plants, Lemnaceae.
Wolffiella, bog mat, Lemnaceae.
Wrightia antidysenterica, arctic snow, milky way plant, Apocynaceae.
Wullschlaegelia, wullschlaegelia, Orchidaceae.
Wyethia, mule ears, Asteraceae.

Xanthisma, sleepy daisy, Asteraceae.
Xanthium chinense, Noogoora burr, weed, wind pollinated, Asteraceae.
Xanthium spinosum, Bathust burr, cockle burr, weed, wind pollinated, Asteraceae.
Xanthium stumarium, cocklebur, Asteraceae.
Xanthomonas campestris, zeaxanthin causes yellow colour, vascular bundles scattered irregularly throughout the stem, terminal panicles
with solitary "ears", E415 xanthan gum from fermentation by stamens, used as soothing diuretic
Xanthorhiza, yellow root, Ranunculaceae.
Asphodelaceae., Grass tree family, monocotyledon
Xanthorrhoea australis, grass-tree, Asphodelaceae.
Xanthosoma sagittifolium, arrowleaf elephant ear, edible strachy corm, South America, Araceae.
Xanthosoma violaceum, blue taro, blue tannia, purple stem taro, needs thorough cooking because of calcium oxalate crystals, tropical
America, Araceae.
Xanthostemon chrysanthus, golden penda, up to 8 m, showy, dense cluster of golden yellow flowers, grow in full sun to part shade in
well-drained soil, hedge, windbreak, screen or as feature tree, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Myrtaceae.
Xanthostemon verticillatus, little penda, hardy, shrub, up to 2 m, glossy dark green leaves,  clusters of pale lemon flowers, prune after
flowering for bushy growth, grow in moist, well-drained soils in full sun, in tubs and containers, Brisbane City Council suggestion,
Xenostegia, morning vine, Convolvulaceae.
Xerophyllum, bear grass, Liliaceae.
Ximenia americana, yellow plum, tallow wood, hog plum, sea lemon, small sprawling tree, oval- shaped bright green leaves have smell
of almonds, pale flowers, lemon-yellow or orange-red fruits with pleasant plum-like taste, young leaves may be cooked as a vegetable, but
contains cyanide herbal medicine to treat sore muscles and gums, roots contain tariric acid, Australian native food, Olacaceae
Xiphidium, xiphidium, Haemodoraceae.
Xylene, xylol
Xylobium, Orchidaceae.
Xylococcus, mission manzanita, Epacridaceae.
Xylomelum occidentale, woody pear, large woody pear-shaped seed capsules, winged seeds, Australia, Proteaceae.
Xylorhiza, woody aster, Asteraceae.
Xylothamia, desert golden rod, Asteraceae.
Xyris, yellow eyed grass, Xyridaceae.

Yavia cryptocarpa, cryptocarp so fruits hidden in plant body, Argentina, Cactaceae.
Yeatesia, small bract spike, Acanthaceae.
Yermo, desert yellow head, Asteraceae.
Yucca, Asparagaceae.
Yucca aloifolia, leaves to 20 cm in dense rosette, very sharp points, pronounced trunk, Asparagaceae.
Yucca brevifolia, Joshua tree, California, Asparagaceae.
Yucca elephantipes, spineless yucca, leaf tips not sharp, Asparagaceae.
Yucca filamentosa, yucca, Asparagaceae.
Yucca shidigera, Mojave yucca, Spanish dagger (roots contain saponins), Asparagaceae.

Zamia furfuracea, cardboard palm, coontie, container plant, male cones and female cones on different plants,
Zamiaceae, Phylum Cycadophyta
Zamia pumila, Sago coontie, Zamiaceae, Phylum Cycadophyta
Zannichellia, horned pond weed, Zannichelliaceae.
Zantedeschia childsiana, dwarf arum lily, Araceae.
Zantedeschia aethiopica, and hybrids, arum lily, white callas, calla lily, pig lily, Southern Africa, perennial herb, ornamental, usually
a showy white funnel-shaped spathe with central finger-like spadix, poisonous, Araceae.
Zanthoxylum species
Zanthoxylum alatum, tomarseed, Rutaceae.
Zanthoxylum americanum, prickly ash, Rutaceae.
Zanthoxylum americanum, prickly ash, herbal medicine, Rutaceae.
Zanthoxylum flavum, West Indian satinwood, psoralen, West Indies, Rutaceae.
Zanthoxylum gilletii, flavonaoid hesperidin, amide and acridone alkaloids, East African satin wood, Rutaceae.
Zanthoxylum piperitum, Japanese pepper, sansho, Rutaceae
Zanthoxylum rhetsa (Z. bodrunga), mulilam, Rutaceae.
Zanthoxylum schinifolium (Z. mantchuricum), pepper bush, Rutaceae.
Zanthoxylum simulans, Chinese pepper, Sichuan pepper, Rutaceae.
Zanthoxylum tessmannii, fruit used for uzazi spice, Nigeria, Rutaceae.
Zapoteca, white stick pea, Fabaceae.
Zea mays, Indian corn, Poaceae.
Zelkova carpinifolia, Caucasian elm, fluted bole, Ulmaceae.
Zelkova serrata, keaki, smooth bole, commonly planted, Ulmaceae.
Zenobia, honey cup, Epacridaceae.
Zephyranthes atamasco, Amaryllidaceae.
Zephyranthes candida, grass-like leaves, crocus-like white flowers (houseplant), Amaryllidaceae.
Zephyranthes citrina, Amaryllidaceae.
Zephyranthes grandiflora (Z. rosea), large rosy-pink flowers, with yellow throat (houseplant), Amaryllidaceae.
Zephyranthes tubispatha, Amaryllidaceae.
Zephyranthes, rain lily, zephyr lily, Amaryllidaceae.
Zeuxine, zeuxine, Orchidaceae.
Zigadenus glaberrimus (monotypic) sand bog death, camas, Melanthiaceae.
Zigadenus, death camas, Liliaceae.
Zingeria, Poaceae.
Zingiberaceae, Ginger family, monocotyledon
Zingiber officinale, garden ginger, Jamaica ginger, herbal medicine, coughs, Zingiberaceae.
Zingiber spectabilis, Beehive ginger, garden plant, beehive-shaped long lasting flowers, Zingiberaceae.
Zingiberaceae, Ginger family
Zinnia species, loved by bees and butterflies
Zinnia elegans, common zinnia, youth-and-old-age, ornamental, South America, Asteraceae.
Zinnia pauciflora, small flowered zinnia, small orange-red flowers, annual, South America, Asteraceae.
Zizania aquatica, wild rice, Indian rice, vegetable, North America, grows, marshes, Poaceae.
Zizaniopsis, cut grass, Poaceae.
Zizia aptera

Chinese date (Zizyphus jujuba), jujube, Chinese jujube, Chinese red date, Rhamnaceae
shrub or small tree small, oval, yellow or brown, sweet, used fresh, dried, preserved cuttings, fruit red to purple black, like small dates,
dried fruit Persian "annab", folk medicine, different parts used to treat different diseases and complaints including anemia, anxiety,
bronchitis, cancer, diabetes, diarrhoea, fever, insomnia, liver disorders, obesity, pharyngitis, skin infections, urinary disorders, and also
for blood purification and tonification of the gastrointestinal tract.
Jujube contains fatty acids, mainly oleic, linoleic (omega-6), palmitic, and palmitoleic acids, and also amino acids and proteins, bioactive
compounds include flavonoids, cerebrosides, phenolic acids, alpha-tocopherol, beta-carotene, polysaccharides, and Triterpenic acids, said
to have anticarcinogenic and antitumor properties, Asia, Rhamnaceae.
Dried Chinese date sold as whole seed.
See diagram: Zizyphus jujuba, Rhamnaceae
Jujube, Daly's Fruit Trees

Zizyphus mauritiana, Indian plum, Malay jujube, Chinese apple, ber tree, masau, shrub or small tree, thorny, evergreen, weed in Australia, fruit
small, oval yellow or brown, sweet, used fresh, dried, jelly, candied, evergreen, propagation from seed, Asia, Rhamnaceae.
Zostera, eel grass, sea wrack Zosteraceae.
Zosteraceae, Eel grass family
Zoysia tenuifolia, No-mow Grass, Mascarene Grass, Korean grass, Meyeri, lawn grass, ground hugger, always green, likes moist conditions,
ideal feature grass, Poaceae.
Zoysia matrella Manila grass, Poaceae.
Zygadenus nuttallii, death camas, star lily, Liliaceae.
Zygadenus paniculatus, foothill death camas, Liliaceae.
Zygadenus venenosus, meadow death camas, poison sego lily, Liliaceae.
Zygnema, green algae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Zygocactus truncatus hybrids, Christmas cactus, crab cactus, flattened segments, exotic flowers (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Zyzyphus mauritania (Z. jujuba), Chinese date, Indian jujube, lote bush, Greek lotus, gum arabic, fresh and dried or candied fruit, Ramnaceae.
Zygopetalum, orchid, petals and sepals usually green and spotted, Orchidaceae.