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Plants, Q, R S
Table of contents
Q, R, S Alphabetic listing of scientific names (genus and species), common names of plants
9.2.1 Plant classification, all plants
Dicotyledons, Phylum Magnoliophyta
| Q. | R. | S. |
Scientific name, common name, Family, country of origin or where now found, habit, use, botanical interest

Matisa (Quararibea cordata, Matisia cordata), South American sapote, chupa-chupa, semi-deciduous fruit tree,
up to 45 m, fruit, elliptical, thick skin, fibrous, orange-yellow sweet flesh, 2-5 seeds, used fresh, propagation
from seeds, grafting, South America, Malvaceae.
Matisia, Daley's Fruit Trees

Quassia amara (Picrasma excelsa), bitterwood, Simaroubaceae.

Quercus species, Fagaceae.
oaks, fancy oak panels called wainscoting
English oak tree (Quercus robur), pedunculate oak, damp oak, blackjack oak (Latin aesculus oak) trade cork, tannins, gall
oak, pinnately-lobed lamina, herbal medicine, dominant long-lived big tree in UK, tannic acid in leaves, acorns on long penduncles eaten
by pigs but acorns and leaves poisonous to horses, oak galls, called oak apples, are response to insect damage, used as Chinese herbal
medicine, source of tanning substances and dyes, Poland, Fagaceae.
Dried herb sold as bark.
Quercus aegilops, Tabor, Vailonea, Palestine, Fagaceae
Quercus cerris, Turkey oak, England (naturalized), Fagaceae.
Quercus coccifera, evergreen oak, ancient groves ofr imoral practices, Palestine, Fagaceae
Quercus coccinea, scarlet oak, deciduous tree, attractive autumn foliage, North America, Fagaceae.
Quercus frainetto, Hungarian oak, Fagaceae.
Quercus ilex, holm oak, evergren oak, holly oak, evergreen, long-lived, hard tough wood, acorns pig food, truffle orchards, England,
(naturalized), Southern Europe, Fagaceae.
Quercus petraea, sessile oak, England, Fagaceae.
Quercus phellos, willow oak, willow-shaped leaves, black bark, popular street trees in North America, Fagaceae.
Quercus palustris, pin oak, southern UK, North America, Fagaceae.
Quercus pubescens, downy oak (wide, twisting shape), Fagaceae.
Quercus rubra, red oak, Fagaceae.
Quercus suber, cork oak tree, Mediterranean region, Fagaceae.
Quercus virginiana, southern live oak, state tree of georgia, possibly the hardest wood, evergreen, ornamental, shade tree, North
America, Fagaceae.
Quercus X hispanica 'Luscombeana', Luscombe oak, Fagaceae.
Quillaja saponaria, quillaia, Rosaceae.

Quincula, quincula, Solanaceae.
Quisqualis indica, Rangoon creeper, Indian almond, clusters of pink and scarlet flowers, herbal medicine, Combretaceae.

Radermachera sinica, China doll, emerald tree, doubly pinnate foliage, pointed leaflets (houseplant), Bignoniaceae.
Rafflesia arnoldi, rafflesia, Malaysia, largest flower, 1 m diameter, putrefaction odour attracts flies, root parasite, vegetative body
reduced to filaments, Rafflesiaceae.
Rafinesquia, plume seed, Asteraceae.
Rajania, rajania, Dioscoreaceae.
Randia indigo, Rubiaceae.
Ranunculaceae, Buttercup family
Ranunculus acris, common buttercup, Ranunculaceae.
Ranunculus ficaria, lesser celandine, Ranunculaceae.
Raoulia, vegetable "sheep", dense weft of hairs, Asteraceae.
Raphanus raphanistrum, wild radish, horse radish, radish, herbal medicine, vegetable, Brassicaceae.
Raphanus sativus, radish, Brassicaceae.
Raphanus sativus, radish, Brassicaceae.
Raphia australis, South Africa, Arecaceae.
Raphia farinifera (R. ruffia), raffia palm, very large leaf, Madagascar, Arecaceae.
Raphia vinifera, African bamboo palm, sausage-like inflorescence, Madagascar, Arecaceae.
Rapistrum, bastard cabbage, Brassicaceae.
Ratibida, prairie coneflower, Asteraceae.
Rauwolfia species, Apocynaceae
Rauwolfia serpentina, Indian snakeroot, devil pepper, more than 50 alkaloids, reserpine, traditional medicine, Apocynaceae.
Rauvolfia viridis, devil's-pepper, Caribbean snakeroot, quinine tree, | ajmalicine | reserpine, herbal medicine, Apocynaceae.
Rauvolfia vomitoria | Astonine | Dimethoxybenzoquinone | Rescinnamine | Reserpine | 2,6-Dimethoxybenzoquinone | Apocynaceae.
Ravenala madagascariensis, traveller's tree, flowers opened by lemurs, Strelitziaceae.
Ravenea madagascariensis var.monticola, Madagascar, Arecaceae.
Rayjacksonia, tansy aster, Asteraceae.
Rebutia minuscula, Mexican sunball, crown cactus, hedgehog cactus, spherical, short white spines, red flowers (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Rebutia senilis, crown cactus, flattened sphere, densely covered with white thorns (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Redfieldia, blowout grass, Poaceae.
Redwoods, Subfamily Sequoiideae, Cupressaceae, conifers
Chinese foxglove (Rehmannia glutinosa), shen di huang, , rehmannia root, Chinese herbal medicine, China, Orobanchaceae.
Dried herb sold as rehmannia processed root.
Reichardia, bright eyes, Asteraceae.
Reimarochloa, reimar grass, Poaceae.
Reinhardtia gracilis var.gracilor, Window palm, Honduras, Mexico, Arecaceae.
Remirea, beach star, Cyperaceae.
Renanthera, renanthera, Orchidaceae.
Renealmia, renealmia, Zingiberaceae.
Reseda luteola, dyer's rocket, weld, Resedaceae.
Reseda odorata, mignonette, Resedaceae.
Reseda odorata, mignonette, Resedaceae.
Restrepiella, Orchidaceae.
Retama, bridal broom, Fabaceae.
Reussia, reussia, Pontederiaceae.
Rhagodia candolleana, seaberry salt-bush, shrub, stock feed, edible bitter berries, leaves cooked, Australian native food, Amaranthaceae.
Rhamnus species, buckthorns, Rhamnaceae.
Rhapidophyllum hystrix, needle palm, blue palmetto, long black spines from petiole, South Carolina North America, Arecaceae.
Rhapis excelsa, lady palm, dwarf palm, slender lady palm, very popular dwarf palm, herbal medicine, Southern China, Arecaceae.
Rhapis humilis, reed rhapsis, Southern China, Arecaceae.
Rhaponticum carthamoides, maral root, ecdysterone (20E), moulting hormone, Siberia, Asteraceae
Rhaponticum uniflorum, uniflower, Swiss centaury, medicine, polypodine alkaloid, Asteraceae.
Rheum species, rhubarbs, Polygonaceae.
Rhinanthus major, European yellow rattle grass, Scrophulariaceae.
Rhizanthella gardneri, saprophytic, underground orchid, Orchidaceae.
Rhizophora mucronuta, bakau kurap, common mangrove tree, herbal medicine, Rhizophoraceae.
Rhopaloblaste augusta, Nicobar islands, Arecaceae.
Rhopalostylis baureri, Norfolk palm, Norfolk Island, Arecaceae.
Rhynchospora, beak sedge, Cyperaceae.
Rhamnus purshiana, buckthorn, lokao, coffee berry, cascara, drug cascara sagrada, too strong laxative, Rhamnaceae.
Rhinanthus, yellow rattle, Scrophulariaceae.
Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri, Easter cactus, flattened, segmented stems with clusters of bell-shaped flowers (houseplant), Scrophulariaceae.
Rhizophora mangle, red mangrove, tannins, Rhizophoraceae.
Rhodanthe anthemoides, paper daisy, Asteraceae.
Rhodanthe chlorocephala, rosy sun ray, Asteraceae.
Rhodelia championii, Rhodelia, up to 12 mdrooping flowers, Hamamelidaceae
Roseroot (Rhodiola rosea), golden root, roseroot, Aaron's rod, Rhodionin rhamnoside, C15H10O7, herbacetin, traditional European herbal
medicine, tonic, anti-stress "adaptogen", in rhizome, lives in cold regions, Russia, Crassulaceae.
Dried herb sold as root and as root powder.
Roseroot stonecrop, golden root (Rhodiola rosea), Crassulaceae.
Rhododendron species, azalea, entire plant poisonous, Ericaceae.
Rhododendron species: | Asebogenin | Azeleatin | Farrerol | Grayanotoxin I | Phloridzin | Pyrocatechuic acid | Rhododdendrin | Taxifolin |
Rhododendron arboreum, Tree rhododendron, burans, laligurans or simply Gurans in Nepal, | Betulinic acid | Nepal, India, Ericaceae.
Rhododendron chrysanthum, Golden flowered rhododendron | Rhododendrin | herbal remedy, rheumatic pains, "200 uses", Ericaceae.
Rhododendron cinnabarium, Cinnabar rhododendron | Ampelopsin | Nepal, China, Ericaceae.
Rhododendron farreri, Farrer's rhododendron | Farrerol | Ericaceae.
Rhododendron fauriae | Rhododendrin | Japan Korea, Ericaceae.
Rhododendron indica, Azalea, Kirishima-tsutsuji, Japan, Ericaceae.
Rhododendron japonicum, Japanese Azalea | Rhodojaponin IV | Ericaceae.
Rhododendron maximum, Great rhododendron, rosebay rhododendron, American rhododendron, great laurel, evergreen shrub, showy white
flowers, North America, Ericaceae.
Rhododendron mucronatum | Azaleatin | Ericaceae.
Rhododendron periclymenoides, Pink azalea, pinxterbloom azalea, swamp azalea, soft pink flowers, for hybrids, North America, Ericaceae.
Rhododendron obtusum, Kurume azalea, Japanese azalea, Ericaceae.
Rhododendron ponticum, Rhododendron, mauve flower, invasive, contains poisonous diterpene grayanotoxin acetylandromedol said to affect
the heart and nervous system, poisonous honey, Ericaceae.
Rhododendron simsii, Sim's azalea, Indian azalea, evergreen, leathery leaves (houseplant), Hong Kong, Ericaceae.
Rhododendron X obtusum, Japanese azalea, semi-evergreen, glossy leaves, funnel-shaped flowers (houseplant), Ericaceae.
Rhodomyrtus macrocarpa, finger cherry, Myrtaceae.
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa, rose myrtle, Myrtaceae.
Rhodosphaera rhodanthema, dry rainforest tree, Australia, Anacardiaceae.
Rhoeo, spathacea oyster plant, Moses-in-a-boat, Commelinaceae.
Rhus aromatica, sweet sumach, fragrant sumac, herbal medicine, Anacardiaceae.
Rhus chinensis, Chinese sumac, nutgall tree, galls contain tannins and gallic acid, Chinese herbal medicine for many disorders, China,
Rhus coriaria, Sicilian sumac, tanner's sumac, deciduous large shrub, fruit sour taste, leaves and bark contain tnnic acid, used for
dyes, sap and fruit may contain irritating toxins, Turkey, Anacardiaceae.
Dried herb sold as berry powder.
Rhus trilobataskunk bush sumacthree-leaf sumac, Anacardiaceae.
Rhus typhina, stag's-horn sumach, staghorn sumac, leaves turn red in autumn, tiny bright red flowers form cones, pinnate
leaves with toothed leaflets, deeply dissected fern-like foliage, widely-grown ormamental, North America, Anacardiaceae.
Rhynchosia, snout bean, Fabaceae.

Ribes, Grossulariaceae.
Black currant, (Ribes nigrum), blackcurrant, woody shrub, niribine oil, Grossulariaceae.
Blackcurrant, Daley's Fruit Trees
Red currant, (Ribes rubrum), redcurrant, cultivated currant, Grossulariaceae.
Red Currant, Daley's Fruit Trees
Gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa), thorny shrub, fruit mixed with cream to make "gooseberry fool", Grossulariaceae.
Gooseberry, Daley's Fruit Trees

Riccia, floating liverwort, Phylum Hepatophyta
Richardia, Mexican clover, Rubiaceae.
Ricinocarpus ricinocarpus, seed oils, Euphorbiaceae.
Castor oil bush (Ricinus communis), castor bean, castor oil plant, kikayon, large tropical shrub, up to 3 m, green-red-purple
stem, simple alternate large leaves, flowers in clusters with no petals, oval fruit in bunches and covered in spines, each fruit containing
3 grey-black seeds, endosperm has aleurone grains and oil globules, fatty reserves as a liquid oil, single seed may contain lethal 0.25 g
ricin, | Ricinine | Ricin | herbal medicine, used to treat constipation, Euphorbiaceae.
Castor oil, ricinoleic acid:
Rivina humulis, bloodberry, Prebetanin,, Phytolaccaceae.
Robinia bispida, rose acacia, bristly locust, shrub, hanging rose-pink flowers, North America, Fabaceae.
Robinia pseudoacacia, false acacia, common, England (naturalized)
Rollinia deliciosa, biriba, Amazon basin tree, medium tree, fast growing, fruit, large, yellow with brown protuberances, white
sweet pulp, used fresh, propagation from seeds, Annonaceae.
See diagram: Rollinia boy
See diagram: Rollinia
Rollinia, Daley's Fruit Trees
Romulea rosea, onion grass, weed, Iridaceae.
Rostraria, hair grass, Poaceae.
Rothea inasa, musical notes, witch's tongue, Labiateae
Rottboellia, itch grass, Poaceae.
Roystonea elata, Florida royal palm, Florida, Arecaceae.
Roystonea oleracea, Caribbean royal palm, South America, Arecaceae.
Roystonea regia, Royal palm, Cuban royal palm, excellent avenue palm, Cuba, Arecaceae.
Robinia psudoacacia, black locust, false acacia, robinia, mop top, "frisia" ornamental tree popular in England, stipules modified as
thorns, rootstock suckers are a problem, acacetin, North America, Fabaceae.
Rolandra, yerba de plata, Asteraceae.
Roldana, groundsel, Asteraceae.
Rollinia deliciosa, biriba, medium tree, yellow with brown protuberances, white, sweet pulp, used fresh, fast growing, propagation from
seeds, Amazon basin, Annonaceae.
Rollinea mucosa, wild sugar apple, Annonaceae.
Romanzoffia, mist maiden, Hydrophyllaceae.
Rorippa, watercress, yellow cress, Brassicaceae.
Rosaceae, Rose family
Rosa species, rose, Rosaceae
Rosa alba (R. damascena var.alba, cv semiplena), white rose, York rose, Rosaceae.
Rosa arvensis, musk rose, trailing rose, Rosaceae.
Rosa canina, dogrose, Rosaceae.
Rosa centifolia, provincial rose, cabbage rose, Rosaceae.
Rosa damascena, damask rose, Lancaster rose, Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose, cv Trigintipetaia, cv Kazanlik rose, var.semperflorens
Rosa gallica, red rose, York and Lancaster rose, Tudor rose, Rosa gallica, French rose, provins rose (cv Conditorum, Hungarian rose)
cv Officinalis, apothecary rose, red damask rose, Rosaceae.
Rosa indica, tea rose, oriental rose, Rosaceae.
Rosa minature hybrids (houseplants), Rosaceae.
Rosa muscatta, musk rose, Rosaceae.
Rosa rubiginosa (R. eglanteria), eglantine, sweet briar, rose hips, garden herb, Rosaceae.
Rosa rugosa, rugosa rose, shrub rose, rose hips, ramanas rose, Japanese rose, Chinese rose, Rosaceae.
Rosa, rose, sweetbrier, egantine, rose hip tea, damask rose, attar of rose perfume, rose water, leafy green stipules, herbal medicine
Rosemarinus officinalis, rosemary, Lamiaceae
Rossioglossum grande, tiger orchid, large flowers, up to 10 cm diameter, yellow with brown bars (houseplant), tropical America,
Retrophyllum, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Rowan, Sorbus species, mountain-ash trees, Rosaceae.
Roystonea regia, royal palm, Florida royal palm, up to 32 m, Arecaceae.
Rubiaceae, Madder family
Rubia peregrina, wild madder, Rubiaceae.
Rubia tinctorum, madder, Rubiaceae.

Rubus species, berry fruits, blackberry, raspberry, dewberry, Rosaceae.
Rubus hybrids, e.g. blackberry, shrub, black sweet, many seeds, used fresh, preserves, cooking, deciduous, propagation from seeds
cuttings, North America, Rosaceae.
Mysore black raspberry (Rubus albescens), India bush, evergreen, fast growing, fruit small black, sweet, juicy, used fresh, juice, ice cream,
evergreen, fast growing seeds, cuttings, tip layering, propagation from seeds, cuttings, tip layering, India, Rosaceae.
Raspberry (Rubus ideaus), red raspberry, European raspberry, receptacle stays with plant when fruit picked leaving hollow
fruit, perennial, hardy plant, up to 1 metre, leaves, used as tonic tea, delicious fruit, rich in vitamin C, | Procyanidin B4 | saponin glycosides, herbal medicine,
Dried herb sold as leaf.
Raspberry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Rubus moluccanus, Molucca bramble, broad-leaf bramble, scrambling rainforest shrub, pink or white flowers, red fruit 1.2 cm wide, tasty
edible fruit, eaten raw, used commercially in jams and sauces, regarded as healthy food rich in vitamin C, India, Australian native food,
Rubus parvifolius, Japanese bramble, pink-flowered native raspberry, Australian raspberry native raspberry, scrambling shrub up to 2 m,
curved prickles, stems pubescent then hairless, pinnate leaves, flowers red or pink petals, red fruit 1 cm wide pleasantly flavoured, eaten
raw or used in sauces and jams, dried fruit in traditional Chinese medicine, Australian native fruit, eastern Asia, Rosaceae
Atherton raspberry (Rubus probus), sweet native raspberry, herbal fruit, upright habit, low thorniness, compound
leaves shiny, edible red berry, Papua New Guinea, Australian native food, Rosaceae.
Atherton Raspberry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Rose-leaved raspberry (Rubus rosifolius), rose-leaf bramble, Australian native food, Rosaceae
Rose-leaved raspberry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Keriberry (Rubus rugosus var. thwaitsii), New Zealand, Rosaceae.
Keriberry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Blackberry (Rubus ursinus), but collection of species), may be called bramble, receptacle stays with fruit when picked leaving solid fruit,
aggregate fruit so not a "berry", biennial stems called canes from perennial root system, eaten raw, Catechin, Rosaceae.
Blackberry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Boysenberry (Rubus ursinus X hybrid), young berry, herbal medicine, trailing plant, aerial stems touch ground to form roots and stem,
propagation by air-layering, Rosaceae.
Boysenberry Daley's Fruit Trees
Youngberry (Rubus ursinus variety), similar to boysenberry, Rosaceae.
Youngberry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Loganberry (Rubus X loganobaccus hybrid, originally Rubus ursinus X Rubus idaeus), trailing plant, Rosaceae.
Loganberry, Daley's Fruit Trees

Rudbeckia, black-eyed susan, coneflower, Asteraceae.
Ruellia, wild petunia, Acanthaceae.
Rugelia, Rugel's Indian plantain, Asteraceae.
Rumex species, Polygonaceae.
Rumex acetosa, sorrel, Polygonaceae.
Rumex acetosella, common sheep sorrel, Polygonaceae.
Rumex crispus, yellow dock, Polygonaceae.
Rumex scutatus, French sorrel, salads, soups, diuretic
Rungia klossii, mushroom plant, Acanthaceae.
Ruscus aculeatus, Jew's myrtle, Asparagaceae.
Rutaceae, Rue family
Ruta angustifoilia, Sardinian rue, North African rue, Rutaceae.
Ruta chalepensis (R. bracteosa), winter rue, Sicilian rue, North African rue, Rutaceae.
Ruta graveolens, rue, Rutaceae.
Ruta montana, summer rue, Spanish rue, North African rue, Rutaceae.
Ruppia, widgeon weed, Ruppiaceae.
Ruscaceae., Ruscus family (Synonyms Convallariaceae, Dracaenaceae.) Scheuchzeriaceae, Scheuchzeria family
Rytidosperma, wallaby grass, Poaceae.

Saba, Pichon, Apocynaceae.

Sabal causiarum, Puerto Rico hat palm, West Indies, Arecaceae.
Sabal minor, Dwarf palmetto, Mexico, South East North America, Arecaceae.
Sabal palmetto, Palmetto palm, Bahamas, South East North America, Arecaceae.
Sabal princeps, the largest palmetto palm, huge palm for parks, origin unknown, Arecaceae.
Sabal rosei, Mexico, Arecaceae.

Sabatia, rose gentian, Gentianaceae.
Sabicea, wood vine, Rubiaceae.

Saccharum officinarium, sugarcane, herbal medicine, Poaceae.
Saccharum cvs (S. edule, X S. officinarum), sugar cane, vegetable, sucrose is chief food reserve, dissolved in cell sap, Poaceae.
Saccharum, ravenna grass, pit pit, Poaceae.

Sacciolepis, cup scale grass, Poaceae.
Sagina, pearl wort, Caryophyllaceae.

Sagittaria sagittifolia, arrowhead, swamp potato, arrow head, northern hemisphere, Alismataceae.
Sagittaria sinensis, arrowhead, water plantain, emergent swamp plant, Alismataceae.

Saintpaulia hybrids (houseplants), Gesneriaceae.
Saintpaulia ionantha, African violet, Usambara violet, Gesneriaceae.
Sairocarpus, snapdragon, Scrophulariaceae.

Salacca, Arecaceae
Salacca edulis, Salak palm, Java palm, snake fruit, medium, spherical, covered with overlapping brown scales, pulp sweet to tart, seed,
used fresh, preserves, propagation from seeds
Salak palm, Daley's Fruit Trees
Salacca glabrescens, salak hutan, Thailand, Malaysia, Arecaceae.
Salacca zalacca salak, snake palm, popular juicy fruit, spiny plant grows in clumps called salacca, Java, Arecaceae.

Salep dondurma, early purple orchid, fox testicle, ground tuber in turkish ice cream "dondurma" (contains glucomannams, glucose +
mannose), Orchidaceae.
Salicornia, pickle weed, Amaranthaceae.
Salicaceae, Willow family, willows, sallows, osiers
Salix species, willows, any narrow-leafed species used for basket weaving called an osier, any broad-leaved species called a sallow.
Willow trees were given a pollard, cut off above the bole leaving only the main trunk to produce young straight branches for
basket-weaving and wicker items.
Willow trees or or branches of other trees used for basket-makng, are called a "withy".
Salix alba, white willow, Salicaceae.
Salix babalonica, weeping willow, herbal medicine, alcoholic glycoside salicin, converted in the body to salicylic acid, related to aspirin,
analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects, Salicaceae.
Salix babalonica var.pekinensis 'Tortuosa', corkscrew willow, England, Salicaceae.
Salix caprea, goat willow, England, Salicaceae.
Salix cinerea sspoleifolia, grey sallow, England, Salicaceae.
Salix discolor, pussy willow, , England, Salicaceae.
Salix pentandra, bay willow, England, Salicaceae.
Salix pururea, purple osier, England, Salicaceae.
Salix triandra, almond willow, England, Salicaceae.
Salix viminalis, common osier, England, Salicaceae.
Salix X fragilis, crack willow, England, Salicaceae.
Salix X sepulcralis (Chinese Peking Willow X European White Willow), weeping willow, Salicaceae.
Salpiglossis, salpiglossis, zygomorphic flowers, Solanaceae.
Salsola, Russian thistle, Amaranthaceae.
Salvadora persica, toothbrush tree, may alleviate kidney stones, Arabia, Salvadoraceae.
Salvia species
Salvia argentea, silver sage, salads, Lamiaceae.
Salvia aurea, African sage, Lamiaceae.
Salvia canariensis, Lamiaceae.
Salvia columbariae, chia, food, Lamiaceae.
Salvia farinacea, mealy sage, season meat, herbal tea, Lamiaceae.
Salvia glutinosa, sticky sage, flavour wines, Lamiaceae.
Salvia grahami, grahami sage, ornamental, Lamiaceae.
Salvia hispanica, chia, Lamiaceae.
Salvia horminoides, Lamiaceae.
Salvia horminum, Lamiaceae.
Salvia involucrata bethelli, bethelli sage, Lamiaceae.
Salvia leucantha, Mexican bush sage, Lamiaceae.
Salvia mellifera, attracts bees, Lamiaceae.
Salvia mexicana, Mexican sage, Lamiaceae.
Salvia militorrhiza, red-rooted sage, Chinese sage, dan shen, Lamiaceae.
Salvia nutans, tree pineapple sage, Lamiaceae.
Salvia officinalis, Lamiaceae.
Salvia pachyphylla, mountain desert sage, Lamiaceae.
Salvia patens, gentian sage, Lamiaceae.
Salvia pratensis, meadow sage, mucilaginous seed for eye irritations, Lamiaceae.
Salvia sclarea, Lamiaceae.
Salvia uliginosa, bog sage, Lamiaceae.
Salvia verbenaca, vervain sage, mucilaginous seed for eye irritations, Lamiaceae.
Salvia viridis, red-topped sage, Lamiaceae.
Samanea, raintree, Fabaceae.
Sambucus canadensis, American elderberry, Adoxaceae.
Sambucus nigra, elder, Adoxaceae.
Samolus, brook weed, Primulaceae.
Sandoricum koetjape, santol, medium to large tree, evergreen, fruit, medium, subacid, juicy, used fresh, propagation from seeds
air-layering, grafting, Southeast Asia
Santol, Daley's Fruit Trees
Sanguinaria canadensis, bloodroot, herbal medicine, benzylisoquinoline alkaloids, in Papaver, Papaveraceae.
Sanguisorba minor, salad burnet, small burnet, Rosaceae.
Sanguisorba officinalis, great burnet, Rosaceae.
Sanguisorba minor, small burnet, salad burnet, Rosaceae.
Sansevieria trifasciata, mother-in-law's-tongue, tough, sword-like leaves, desert plant, snake plant, bowstring hemp, Nigeria, Congo,
leathery evergreen herbaceous perennial plant, weed, creeping rhizome, stiff leaves from a basal rosette (Agavoideae), Asparagaceae.

Santalum species, Santalaceae.
Santalum: Australian native fruits with potential for development.
Quandong, (Santalum acuminatum), desert quandong, sweet quandong, desert peach, native peach, arid inland, hemiparasitic on other tree
roots, high in vitamin C, used for exotic flavouring, attempted domestication of species for commercial purposes, Australian native food,
Santalum album, East Indian sandalwood, white sandalwood, white saunders, yellow sandalwood, sanderswood, Mysore sandalwood
See diagram: Quandong
See diagram: Sandalwood
Santalum ellipticum, sandalwood, Hawaii, Santalaceae.
Santalum murrayanum, bitter quandong, ming, root hemiparaste, shrub, sandplains, up to 5 m, white to
yellow-green flowers, Australian native food, Santalaceae
Santalum spicatum (Eucarya spicata), Australian sandalwood, Australian native food, Santalaceae.
Australian sandalwood, Daley's Fruit Trees

Santolina species, santolina, Asteraceae
Sanvitalia, creeping zinnia, Asteraceae.

Sapindaceae, Soapberry family
Wingleaf soapberry, Hawaiian soapberry (Sapindus saponaria), Sapindaceae.

Saponaria ocymoides, rock soapwort, Caryophyllaceae.
Saponaria officinalis, soapwort, Caryophyllaceae.

Sapotaceae, Sapodilla family
Sapota, sapota (sapodilla), Sapotaceae.
Saraca indica, ashoka, herbal medicine, India, Caesalpinaceae.
Sarcobatus, grease wood, Amaranthaceae.
Sarcocornia, swamp fire, Amaranthaceae.
Sarcodes, snow plant, Monotropaceae.
Saritaea magnifica, glow vine, ornamental tree, Bignoniaceae.

Sarracenia flava, yellow trumpet, yellow pitcher plant, American pitcher plant, trumpet pitcher, leaves like long trumpets, carnivorous
herb, Sarraceniaceae.
Sarracenia leucophylla, white-leaved pitcher plant, fiddler's trumpets, lace trumpets, Sarraceniaceae.
Sarracenia purpurea, huntsman's cup, purple saracenia, side saddle, purple pitcher plant, Sarraceniaceae.
Sarracenia purpurea, subsp. purpurea, purple, pitcher plant, eats insects, grows best in Sphagnum moss, North America,

Sartwellia, glow wort, Asteraceae.
Sasa palmata, Makino, broad leaf bamboo, hand-like leaf clusters, Poaceae.
Sasaella ramosa, branched bamboo, Poaceae.
Sassafras albidum, sassafras tree, Lauraceae.
Savorys, Satureja species, Lamiaceae.
Satureja hortensis, summer savory, Lamiaceae.
Satureja montana, winter savory, Lamiaceae.
Satureja repandra, savory, Lamiaceae.
Satureja repandra biflora, lemon savory, Lamiaceae.
Satureja thymbra, pink savory, Lamiaceae.
Saururaceae, Lizard's tail family
Sauropus androgynus, sweet leaf, Phyllanthaceae.
Sauropus androgynus, sweet leaf bush, katuk, star gooseberry, bush or small tree, needs extra water, used in salads, fries, nutty pea-like
flavour, vitamin C, papaverine alkaloid, Phyllanthaceae.
Saussurea costus (S. lappa, Aucklandia costus, Aplotaxis lappa, A auriculata), costus, saw wort, Asteraceae.
Sauvagesia, sauvagesia, Ochnaceae.
Saxegothaea, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Saxifraga, saxifrage, small plants growing in rock clefts, Saxifragaceae.
Saxifraga stolonifera, Strawberry geranium, mother of thousands, rounded leaves, plantlets cascade (houseplant), Saxifragaceae.
Scabiosa (Succisa), pin cushions, devil's bit, herbal medicine, Dipsacaceae.
Scadoxus, scadoxus, Liliaceae.
Scaevola aemula, fan flower, groundcover, up to 600 mm, dark green foliage, small mauve-pink flowers, grow in well-drained soils
or hanging baskets, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Goodeniaceae.
Scaevola naupaka, family has only one genus, Goodeniaceae.
Scaevola sericea, sea-lettuce tree, ambong ambong, herbal medicine, Goodeniaceae.
Scaphyglottis, scaphyglottis, Orchidaceae.
Scenedesmus, green algae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Schedonnardus, tumble grass, Poaceae.
Schedonorus, Poaceae.
Scheelea insignis, Brazil, Arecaceae.
Schefflera, umbrella tree, Queensland umbrella tree, octopus tree, raphides, Araliaceae.
Schefflera actinophylla, umbrella plant, large tree, bushy plant (houseplant), Araliaceae.
Schefflera arboricola, parasol plant, leaflets from top of leaf stalk like umbrella (houseplant), Araliaceae.
Scheuchzeria, Scheuchzeriaceae.
Schiedeella, Orchidaceae.
Schinopsis, quebracho, tannins, Anacardiaceae.
Schinus molle, Peruvian peppercorn tree, evergreen tree, weeping foliage, up to 10 m, aromatic when rubbed, red ‘peppercorns’, shade
tree, invasive, in parks Eastern and Southern Australia, South American, Anacardiaceae.
Schismus, Mediterranean grass, Poaceae.
Schizachne, false melic, Poaceae.
Schizachyrium, little blue stem, Poaceae.
Schisandraceae, Schisandra family
Schizandra glabra, Butterfly flower, bay starvine, Schizandraceae.
Schisandra chinensis, five-flavour berry, Schisandraceae
Schizanthus, poor man's orchid, zygomorphic flowers, Solanaceae.
Schizanthus hybrids, orchid-like flowers (houseplants), Chile, Solanaceae.
Schizolobium, Brazilian fire tree, Fabaceae.
Schizonepeta tenuifolia
Schizostachyum, Polynesian "ohe", Poaceae.
Schizostylis, Kaffir lily, Iridaceae.
Schkuhria, false thread leaf, Asteraceae.
Schleichera oleosa, Malay lac tree, macassar oil tree, India, host of lac insect, produces edible fat, used for hair oil, Sapindaceae.
Schleinitzia tangan, tangan, Fabaceae.
Schlumbergera, Christmas cactus, Cactaceae.
Schmidtia, Poaceae.
Schoenocaulon officinale, sabadilla, contains veratrine, a poisonous mixture of veratridine alkaloidsin the seeds, used as insecticide,
Mexico, South America, Melantheaceae.
Schoenocrambe, plains mustard, Brassicaceae.
Schoenolirion, sunny bell, Liliaceae.
Schoenoplectus, bulrush, Cyperaceae.
Schoenus, bog rush, Cyperaceae.
Schotia brachypetala, African walnut, weeping Boer bean, Fabaceae.
Schultesia, wing cup, Gentianaceae.
Sciadopitys, Taxodiaceae.
Sciaphila, Triuridaceae.
Scilla peruviana, Portuguese squill, contains cardiac glycoside, proscillaridin, C30H42O8, herbal medicine, heart disorders, Asparagaceae.
Scilla siberica, Siberian squill, squill, sea onion, Asparagaceae.
Scirpodendron, Cyperaceae.
Scirpoides, bulrush, Cyperaceae.
Scirpus, bulrush, Cyperaceae.
Scirpus lacrustis, bulrush, Cyperaceae.
Scleranthus, German knot grass, Caryophyllaceae.
Scleria, nut rush, Cyperaceae.
Sclerocactus, fish hook cactus, Cactaceae.
Sclerocarpus, bone bract, Asteraceae.
Sclerocarya birrea subsp. caffra, marula, maroela, nuts, Anacardiaceae
Sclerochloa, hard grass, Poaceae.
Sclerolepis, bog button, Asteraceae.
Scleropogon, burro grass, Poaceae.
Sclerostachya, Poaceae.
Sceletium tortuosum, kanna, channa, kougoed, succulent, folk medicine, psychoactive alkaloids, used to treat stress,
| Mesembrine | Mesembrenone | South Africa, Azoiaceae.
Scoliopus, fetid adders tongue, Liliaceae.
Scolochloa, river grass, Poaceae.
Scolymus, golden thistle, Asteraceae.
Scoparia, liquorice weed, Scrophulariaceae.
Schoenocaulon officinale
Scopolia carniolica, European scopolia, henbane bell, dark violet flowers on long hanging stems,
60 cm, poisonous, root contains tropane alkaloids, e.g. atropine, source of scopoletin and former anesthetic
scopolamine, southern Europe wet soils, Solanaceae
Scopulophila, rock wort, Caryophyllaceae.
Scorpiurus, scorpion's tail, Fabaceae.
Scorzonera hispanica, black salsify, Asteraceae.
Scorzonera laciniata, cutleaf viper grass, Asteraceae.
Scribneria, Scribner's grass, Poaceae.
Scrophulariaceae, Figwort family
Scrophularia nodosa, figwort, Scrophulariaceae.
Scutellaria species, skullcaps, Lamiaceae.
Scutellaria baicalensis, Baikul skullcap, Lamiaceae.
Scutellaria galericulata, skullcap, Lamiaceae.
Scutellaria formosa, Chinese skullcap, Lamiaceae.
Scutellaria lateriflora, blue skullcap, Lamiaceae.
Secale cereale, cereal rye grass, Poaceae.
Sechium edule, choko, choyote, chow chow, vegetable, Cucurbitaceae.

Sedum species, stonecrops, Crassulaceae.
Wallpepper (Sedum acre), goldmoss stonecrop, mossy stonecrop, perennial, groundcover, succulent leaves | Cadaverine | Lobelanidine
| Nicotine | Pelletierine | Sedamine | soothing properties,
culinary uses, Crassulaceae.
Sedum bellum (houseplant) Crassulaceae.
Sedum pachyphyllum, jelly beans, erect with pale green cylindrical leaves, (houseplant) Crassulaceae.
Sedum X rubrotinctum, Christmas cheer, leaves flushed red leaves (houseplant) Crassulaceae.
Sedum morganianum, donkey's tail, cascading growth of closely-pached grey-green succulent cylindrical overlapping leaves, (houseplant)
Sedum sieboldii, thin flat leaves in groups of three (houseplant) Crassulaceae.
Sedum spectabile, stonecrop, wall pepper, house leek, orpine, herbal medicine golden moss, ornamental, Crassulaceae.

Sehima, Poaceae.
Selaginella, club moss, Phylum Lycopodiophyta
Selenicereus, moonlight cactus, Cactaceae.
Selinocarpus, moonpod, Nyctaginaceae.
Semecarpus australiensis, Australian cashew nut, in rainforests near the sea, leaves have dark green veins on
the upper surface, small cream fruits with outside seeds in a pod attached to orange or red fleshy base, very
irritating sap so handle fruit with care, roast seeds in the fire before consumption, tastes like Anacardium
occidentale cashews, Australian native food, Anacardiaceae
Semiarundinaria, Poaceae.
Sempervivum tectorum, common houseleek, Crassulaceae.

Senecio species, Asteraceae.
Senecio aureus, life root, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Senecio confusus, Mexican flame vine, Asteraceae.
Senecio cruentus hybrids, Cineraria (houseplants), Asteraceae.
Senecio jacobea, tansy ragwort, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, weed, Asteraceae.
Senecio longilobus, threadleaf groundsel, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, weed, Asteraceae.
Senecio macroglossus, Wax vine, cape ivy, small, succulent triangular leaves, like ivy (houseplant), Asteraceae.
Senecio mikaniodes, German ivy, leaves have 5-7 sharply-pointed lobes, (houseplant), Asteraceae.
Senecio riddelli, threadleaf groundsel, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, weed, Asteraceae.
Senecio rowleyanus, pendant thread-like stems, pea-like leaves, resemble beads (houseplant), Asteraceae.
Senecio vulgaris, common groundsel, lobed leaves, small rayless heads, common weed, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison retronecine,

Sengalia catechu, catechou, Fabaceae.
Senna alata (Cassia alata), candle bush, candle cassia, Fabaceae.
Senna alexandrina (Cassia angustifolia), Fabaceae.
Sequoia sempervirens, redwood, coast redwood, california redwood, sequoia, giant sequoia, redwood pine, giant redwood, world's
tallest tree 110 m, may live for thousands of years, Cupressaceae (a redwood very large with spongy red bark), conifer.
Sequoiadendron giganteum (Wellingtonia gigantea, Sequoia gigantea), giant sequoia, big tree, sierra redwood, wellingtonia,
reaches 90 m height, 12 m trunk diameter, long-lived, large timber volume, Cupressaceae (a redwood very large with spongy
red bark), conifer.
Serenoa repens, saw palmetto, Arecaceae
Sericocarpus, white top aster, Asteraceae.
Serissa, snow rose, Rubiaceae.
Serratula, plume less saw wort, Asteraceae.
Serruria florida X rosea, sugar 'n' spice, pink flowers, Proteaceae.
Sesamum indicum, sesame, Pedaliaceae
Sesbania grandiflora, West Indian pea tree, Humming Bird Tree, fast growing, short lived, used white or red flowers taste of mushroom,
but stem of pistil has bitter flavour, stir fried or lightly steamed, Fabaceae.
Sesbania punica, noxious weed in Queensland, herbal medicine, Fabaceae.
Sesbania sesban, sesbania, Egyptian river hemp, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Sesleria, Poaceae.
Sesuvium, sea purslane, Aizoaceae.
Setaria, bristle grass, Poaceae.
Setaria incrassata (S. porphyrantha), purple pigeon grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Setaria italica, foxtail millet, dwarf setaria, widely planted millet in East Asia, Poaceae.
Setaria palmifolia, pit pit, Poaceae
Setaria palmifolia, fan-leafed pit pit, palm grass, Poaceae
Setaria palmifolia, fan leafed pit pit, palm grass, 1 metre, hardy perennial grass, tolerates light frost, thick base, culinary uses
eaten raw and cooked, stir-fries Poaceae.
Setaria sphacelata, setaria, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Setariopsis, Poaceae.
Seymeria, black senna, Scrophulariaceae.
Shibataea, Poaceae.
Shinnersoseris, beaked skeleton weed, Asteraceae.
Shisandra chinensis, five flavor berry, Schisandraceae.
Shorea, shorea, Dipterocarpaceae.
Sibara, winged rock cress, Brassicaceae.
Sickingia rubra, timber tree, red dyes, folk medicine as febrifuge and purgative, Central and South America,
Sicyos angulatus, burr cucumber, Cucurbitaceae.
Sida, fan petals, Malvaceae.
Sidalcea, checker bloom, Malvaceae.
Sidastrum, sand mallow, Malvaceae.
Siderasis fuscata, brown spiderwort, Brazil, Commelinaceae.
Sideroxylon foetidissimum, false mastic, bully, Sapotaceae.
Siegesbeckia orientalis, Eastern Saint Paul's wort, Asteraceae.
Silene suecica (also called Lynchnis alpina), Alpine catchfly (indicates high copper content in soil), Norway, Caryophyllaceae.
Silphium, rosin weed, Asteraceae.
Silybum marianum, milk thistle, Asteraceae.
Simmondsia chinensis, jojoba, goat nut, jojoba oil, Simmondsiaceae.
Simsia, bush sunflower, Asteraceae.
Sinapsis alba (Brassica alba, B. hirta), white mustard, yellow mustard, annual, used in mustard and cress sandwiches, sinalbin, herbal
medicine, widely grown for seed for less pungent white mustard, fodder crop, green manure, widely grown, Mediterranean region,
Sinningia speciosa, florest's "Gloxinia", large oval-oblong leaves, from tuber, showy bell flowers (houseplant), Gesneriaceae.
Sinocalamus, wide leaf bamboo, Poaceae.
Sinomenium acutum, sinomenium, sinomenine alkaloid, Menispermaceae.
Siphonoglossa, tube tongue, Acanthaceae.
Siratia grosvenorii, monk fruit, luo han guo, Chinese medicine, low calorie sweetener, Southern China, Cucurbitaceae
Sisymbrium (Descurainia), hedge mustard, flix weed, flux weed, herbal medicine, Brassicaceae.
Sisyrhynchum micranthum, blue-eyed grass, tiny plant with minute flowers, weed, Iridaceae.
Sium suave, great water parsley, creeping water parsley, aquatic, poisonous skirret, Apiaceae.
Skimmia laureola, Rutaceae.
Sloanea australia, maiden's blush, blush carrobean, timber tree, Australia, Elaeocarpaceae.
Smallanthus sonchifolius (Polymnia edulis, P sonchifolia), yacón, yacon, Peruvian ground apple, contains inulin, Asteraceae.
See diagram: Smallanthus sonchifolius
Smelowskia, candy tuft, Brassicaceae.

Smilacaceae, catbrier family, greenbriar family Smilax
Smilax species: | Glycyphyllin | Sarsasapogenin | Smilacaceae.
Gray sarsaparilla (Smilax aristolochiifolia), Mexican sarsaparilla | Parillin | Sarsaparilloside | Smilacaceae.
Common smilax (Smilax aspera, )rough bindweed, sarsaparille, Mediterranean smilax | Yamogenin | Smilacaceae.
Lawyer vine (Smilax australis), austral sarsaparilla, barbwire vine, "wait-a-while"), thorny climber, Australia, Smilacaceae.
Ecuadorian sarsaparilla (Smilax febrifuga), Guayaquil sarsaparilla, Smilacaceae.
Sweet sarsaparilla (Smilax glyciphylla), sweet tea, native sarsaparilla, "Botany Bay tea", dioecious climber, coastal rainforest, three-veined
leaves, coiling tendrils, small flowers, black globose berries with one seed, leaves used as antiscorbutic | glyciphyllin glycoside | herbal
medicine, tea substitute, sold as sarsaparilla-flavoured drink, Australian native food, Smilacaceae.
Vera Cruz sarsaparilla (Smilax medica), Mexican sarsaparilla, Smilacaceae.
Sarsaparilla (Smilax officinalis), true sarsaparilla, Jamaican sarsaparilla, popular tonic and soft drink, licquorice-like flavour, Smilacaceae.
Sarsaparilla (Smilax ornata, S. aristolochifolia, S. Honduras sarsaparilla, Jamaican sarsaparilla, perennial, trailing
vine, in sarsaparilla and root beer soft drinks | Smilogenin | herbal medicine, anti-inflammatory, Mexico, Central America, Smilacaceae.
Dried herb sold as root powder.
Roundleaf greenbrier (Smilax rotundifolia), common greenbrier, cat brier, woody vine, herbal medicine, Smilacaceae.
Brazilian sarsaparilla ( Smilax siphilitica), Smilacaceae.

Smithiantha zebrina (ancestor hybrids of Smithiantha), loose heads of pendant tubular flowers (houseplants), Gesneriaceae.
Smyrnium olusatrum, alexanders, Apiaceae.
Snowdenia, Poaceae.
Sobralia, sobralia, Orchidaceae.
Socratea exorrhiza (Iriartea exorrhiza), Stilt palm, Arecaceae.
Solandra maxima, cup of gold vine, Hawaiian lily, Solanaceae.
Solanaceae, Potato family

Solanum species, nightshades, Solanaceae.
Solanum species: | Caffeic acid 3-glucoside | Caffeoyl-D-glucose | Demissine | Paeonoside | Solanidine | Solasodine | Solasonine |
Tomatidine | Tomatine | Solanaceae.
Solanum species, Daley's fruit Trees
Solanum americanum (Solanum nigrum), American black nightshade, blackberry nightshade, wild currants (cyanide and oxalic acid
so must cook, green berries poisonous), bitter sweet, toxic alkaloids, fruit a berry, hazardous plant, green fruit is poisonous,
| Chaconine | Solanidine | Solanine | solamargine | herbal medicine, Solanaceae.
The species labelled "bush tomato" below are edible, but similar species may be poisonous.
Solanum aviculare, Kangaroo apple, poroporo, New Zealan nightshade, soft wooded shrub, bush tomato but outer skin may blister mouth,
| Solasonine | "bush tomato", Australian native food, Solanaceae
Solanum berthaltii, Berthault’s potato | Farnesene | Isobutryric acid | Bolivia, Solanaceae.
Solanum capsiacastrum, False Jerusalem cherry, Christmas cherry, winter cherry (houseplant), Solanaceae.
Solanum capsicoides, Devil's apple, hazardous plant with spines and sharp hairs, alkaloid solanine, Solanaceae.
Solanum carpense, Pepino berry, Solanaceae.
Pepino Pepino Berry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Solanum centrale, Desert raisin, bush raisin, bush sultana, akadjura, kutjera, now most popular "bush tomato", Australian native food, Solanaceae.
Solanum chacoense | Chaconine | Demissine | most widely distributed wild potato, South America, Solanaceae.
Solanum chippendalei, Tanami apple, "bush tomato", Australian native food, Solanaceae
Solanum curtilobum, Papa rucki, short nightshade | Demissine | Peru, Bolivia, Solanaceae.
Solanum diversifolium, male flowers and bisexual flowers on same plant, important Australian native food in western deserts, Solanaceae.
Solanum ellipticum, Potato bush, ripe fruit have pungent smell, "bush tomato", Australian native food, Solanaceae
Solanum laciniatum, Kangaroo apple, bush tomato, young foliage contains steroids for manufacture of contraceptives, home screen plant, Solanaceae.
Solanum linnaeanum, Devil's apple apple of Sodom, solasonine, invasive, South Africa, Solanaceae.
Solanum lycopersicon, Tomato Solanum lycopersicum (Lycopersicon esculentum), Tomato, Solanaceae.
Solanum melongena, Aubergine, eggplant, egg-plant, brinjal, vegetable eggplant, | Calystegin | Lubimin | Solomargine | Solasonine |
herbal medicine, poisonous leaves and stems, Solanaceae.
Solanum mammosum Solanum mammosum, Udder plant perennial, up to 1 metre, yellow fruit shaped like cow's udder, herbal medicine, Solanaceae.
Solanum muricatum, Pepino melon, pepino, melon pear, tree melon, Solanaceae.
Pepino Pepino, Pepino Berry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Solanum nigrum, European black nightshade, toxic to livestock and humans, folk medicine, fruit grows in bunches, Solanaceae
Solanum phlomoides, wild tomato, bush tomato, prickly shrub, Western Australia, Solanaceae.
Solanum pseudolulo, Sweet naranjilla, sweet naranjilla, spiky leaves, Columbia, Solanaceae.
Solanum quitoense, Naranjilla, medium shrub, hairy, green inside, used for juice, seedlings susceptible to root knot nematodes,
Ecuador, Colombia, Solanaceae.
Solanum sessiliflorum, Cocona, tropical shrub, large herbaceous plant, evergreen, fast growing, fruit, small to medium ovoid, orange,
subacid to sour pulp, many small seeds preserves, jelly, cooking, propagation from seeds, South America, Solanaceae
Solanum torvum, Turkey berry, devil's fig, nightshade, small short-lived tree, unless grafted shrub, root stock for eggplant because
resistant to nematodes, small intensely bitter green marble-sized fruit in Thai curries, | Solasonine | Solanaceae.
Solanum tuberosum, Potato, Irish potato, vegetable, vegetative reproduction by tuber, Solanaceae.
| Calystegin | Carboxyarabinitol 1-phosphate | Chaconine | Coumaric acid | Delphinidin | Lubimin | Phytuberin | Plastocyanin |
Propane-1-thiol | Propane-2-thiol | Rishitin | Solanine | Solavetivone | Starch | Tryptamine | Tuberonic acid glucoside | poisonous leaves,
stems, green tubers and sprouts.

Soldanella alpina, alpine, snow bell, Primulaceae.
Soleirolia soleirolii (Helxine soleirolii), mind-your-own-business, baby's tears,
creeping, ground-hugging, very small round leaves (houseplant), Urticaceae.
Solenostemon rotundifolius (Coleus parviflorus, C rotundifolius, C tuberosus), coleus, aromatic tubers, staple food Lamiaceae.
Solenostemon scutellarioides (Coleus), dwarf coleus, ornamental shrub, colourful leaves, Lamiaceae.
Solidago canadensis, golden rod, Asteraceae.
Solidago odora, sweet golden rod, Asteraceae.
Solidago virgaurea, European goldenrod, Asteraceae.
Soliva sesselis, bindii weed, field burweed, sharp-needled seeds, South America, Asteraceae.
Sonchus oleraceus, common sowthistle (not a thistle!), hare's lettuce, edible young leaves, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Sophora flavescens, kuhseng, necklace pod, 17 known alkaloids including oxymatrine and matrine, Chinese herbal medicine, Fabaceae.
Sophora japonica, pagoda tree, Japan, Fabaceae.
Sophora microphylla, kowhai, evergreen tree, yellow flowers hang down, national flower of New Zealand, Fabaceae.
Sophora secundiflora, mescal bean, pagoda tree, kuhseng, cytisine alkaloid, Fabaceae.
Sorbus species, rowans, mountain-ash trees, Rosaceae.
Sorghastrum, Indian grass, Poaceae.
Sorghum bicolor (Andropogon), sorghum, Poaceae.
Sorghum halapense, Johnson grass, stock feed, Poaceae.
Sorghum sudanense, Sudan grass, stock feed, Poaceae.
Sparaxis, wand flower, Iridaceae.
Sparganium, bur reed, Sparganiaceae.
Sparrmannia africana, African hemp, large, pale green downy leaves, long stalked clusters of white flowers, purple stamens,
(houseplant), Malvaceae.
Spartina, cord grass, Poaceae.
Spartium junceum (Genista juncea), broom, Spanish broomseed oil (Genet absolute), weaver's broom, genista, genet, caprillic acid,
phenols, yellow dye, sparteine alkaloid, Fabaceae.
Spathiphyllum wallsii, pearl lily, spathe flower, white sails, lance-shaped leaves from rhizome, flowers like arum lily, popular houseplant
because can live in shade,
raphides, Araceae.
Spathodea campanulata, African tulip tree, tulip tree, fountain tree, flame of the forest, fire tree, ornamental tree, invasive, Bignoniaceae.
Spathoglottis, ground orchid, Orchidaceae.
Spergula, spurry, Caryophyllaceae.
Spergularia, sand spurry, Caryophyllaceae.
Spermacoce, false button weed, Rubiaceae.
Sphaeralcea, globe mallow, Malvaceae.
Sphaerella (Haematococcus), green algae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Sphaeromeria, chicken sage, Asteraceae.
Sphagneticola, creeping oxeye, Asteraceae.
Sphagnum, peat moss, Phylum Bryophyta
Sphenoclea sphenoclea, one genus in family, Sphenocleaceae.
Sphenopholis, wedge scale, Poaceae.
Spigelia, pink root, Loganiaceae.
Spinacea oleracea, English spinach, Amaranthaceae
Spinifex, Poaceae.
Spiracantha, dogwood leaf, Asteraceae.
Spiranthes, lady's tresses, Orchidaceae.
Spirodela, duck meat, Lemnaceae.
Spirogyra, green algae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Spodiopogon, Poaceae.

Spondias cytherea, Ambarella, Otaheite apple, large tree, fruit, large, yellow sweet pulp, large spiny stone, used fresh, preserves
jelly, deciduous, fast growing, air-layering, large cuttings, South Pacific, Anacardiaceae
Spondias dulcis, hog plum, Anacardiaceae
Ambarella Daleys Fruit Trees
Ambarella Daleys Fruit Trees
Spondias mangiferum, Anacardiaceae
Spondias mombin (Spondias purpurea var.lutea), yellow mombin, medium tree, deciduous, fruit, small, yellow, subacid, large seed
contains oil, thick skin, thin pulp, used fresh, cooked, jelly, propagation from seeds, cuttings, Mexico, Anacardiaceae.
Spondias purpurea, red or purple mombin, medium tree, small, red, subacid, used fresh, cooked, jelly, deciduous seeds, cuttings
Tropical America, Anacardiaceae.
Red mombin, Daley's Fruit Trees
Spondias tuberosa, imbu, Brazil plum, small tree, deciduous, slow growing, fruit, yellow-red, small, sweet, round, thick rind, used
fresh, cooked, propagation from seeds, cuttings, Brazil, Anacardiaceae.

Sporobolus jacquemontii, American rat's tail grass, invasive (dropseed grass), Poaceae.
Sporobolus pyramidalis, giant American rat's tail grass, invasive (dropseed grass), Poaceae.
Sprekelia, jacobean lily, Amaryllidaceae.
Stachys affinis, Chinese artichoke, Lamiaceae.
Stachys byzantina, lamb's ears, Lamiaceae.
Stachys lanata, woundwort, Lamiaceae.
Stachys palustris, marsh woundwort, all heal, hedge-nettle, edible roots, herbal medicine, bruised leaves wound covering, persistent
horizontal tuber, weed, Europe, Asia Lamiaceae.
Stachys officinalis, wolly betony, Lamiaceae.
Stachycarpus, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Stachytarpheta indica, common snakeweed, porter weed, herbal remedy, Verbenaceae.
Stahlia, stahlia, Fabaceae.
Stangeria eriopsis, Phylum Cycadophyta
Stangeria, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Stanhopea, stanhopea, Orchidaceae.
Steinchisma, gaping grass, Poaceae.
Stelis, leach orchid, Orchidaceae.
Stenanthium, feather bells, Liliaceae.
Stenomesson, stenomesson, Liliaceae.
Stenorrhynchos, lady orchid, Orchidaceae.
Stenotaphrum secundatum, buffalo grass, St Augustine grass, Poaceae.
Stephania cepharantha, Cepharanthine, root extract herbal medicine, Menispermaceae.
Stephania tetrandra, Chinese medicine, han fang ji, China, Menispermaceae.
Sternbergia lutea, winter daffodil, Amaryllidaceae.
Stipa, feather grass, spear grass, esparto grass, matting fibre, Poaceae.
Stipa aristiglumis, plains grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Stipagrostis, Poaceae.
Stratiotes, water soldiers, Hydrocharitaceae.
Strelitzia reginae, bird of paradise, ornamental, spectacular orange petals from a beak-like bud, South Africa, Strelitziaceae.
Strelitziaceae, Bird of paradise flower family
Streptopus, twisted stalk, Liliaceae.
Stricta pulmonaria, herbal medicine, moss, Phylum Bryophyta
Stuckenia, pond weed, Potamogetonaceae.
Stanleya, princes plume, Brassicaceae.
Stapelia grandiflora, carrion flower, aasblom, African starfish flower, large starfish-shaped patterned flower, carrion smell, attracts
pollinating flies, very popular greenhouse plant, South Africa, Apocynaceae.
Stapelia variegata, starfish flower, carrion flower, clump-forming succulent, angular fleshy green stem star-shaped flowers (houseplant),
Stelechocarpus bura, hol, Kepel apple, kepel, fruit, ornamental, oral deodorant, Indonesia, Anonaceae.
Stellaria media, chickweed, Caryophyllaceae.
Stemodia, twin tip, Scrophulariaceae.
Stenandrium, shaggy tuft, Acanthaceae.
Stenocarpus, Proteaceae.
Stenocereus, pitaya fruit, tall cactus, toxic sap for fish kill, Cactaceae.
Stenogonum, buckwheat, Polygonaceae.
Stenotaphrum secundatum, St. Augustine grass, Charleston grass, buffalo turf (not "buffalo grass"), tropical lawn grass, pasture grass,
North America, Poaceae.
Stenotus, mock golden weed, Asteraceae.
Stephanomeria, wire lettuce, Asteraceae.
Stephanotis floribunda, common wax plant, Hoya, Madagascar jasmine, wax flower, Madagascar chaplet flower, bridal wear, glossy,
oval leaves, very fragrant star-shaped tubular white flowers, shining white trumpet-shaped flowers, hyacinth fragrance, vigorous climber,

Sterculiaceae, formerly the Cacao family, based on Sterculia species, but genera are now placed in the family Malvaceae
Peanut tree (Sterculia quadrifida), green-yellow flowers, orange seed pods, edible black seeds like raw peanuts, Australian native food,
Peanut tree, Daly's Fruit Trees
Sterculia gum (Sterculia urens), Indian tragacanth, ghost tree, damaged bark exudes karaya gum, used as laxative, ice cream thickener,
India, Malvaceae.

Stevia, rebaudiana, sweet leaf, Asteraceae.

Stewartia malocodendron, silky camelia, upright shrub, rose-like white flowers, North America, Theaceae.
Stizolobium utile, velvet bean, Fabaceae.
Stratiotes aloides, common water soldier, water aloe, herbal medicine, Hydrocharitaceae.
Streptanthus, twist flower, Brassicaceae.
Streptocarpus saxorum, Cape ivy, cape primrose, whorls of small, oval, hairy leaves, lilac flowers, Gesneriaceae.
Streptocarpus hybrids, long, stemless, strap-shaped leaves, trumpet-shaped flowers (household), irritating leaf sap, Gesneriaceae.
Streptosolen jamesonii, orange marmalade bush, perennial shrub, bright orange flowers, Solanaceae.
Striga, witch weed, Scrophulariaceae.
Strobilanthes crispa, pokok pecah beling, diabetes, Madagascar, Acanthaceae.
Stromanthe amiabilis, pale green large cross-banded each side of midrib, (houseplant), Marantaceae.
Stromanthe sanguinea, glossy, lance-shaped leaves, conspicuous scarlet bracts around small white flowers (houseplant), Marantaceae.
Strongylodon macrobotrys, strongylodon, jade vine, bayabak, woody climber, grape-like bunches of jade green and turquoise blue
flowers look artificial, tropical regions, Philippines, Fabaceae.
Strophanthus gratus, lianes, Acolongifloroside K, C29H44O12, ouabain C29H44O12, extracted from seeds, arrow poison, source of
cortisone, K-strophanthin, G-strophanthin glucosides, East Africa, Apocynaceae.
Strophostyles, fuzzy bean, Fabaceae.
Strychnos nux-vomica, strychnos, strychnine plant, curare, poisonous, bitter | Brucine | Cantleyine | Loganin | Strychnine | Vomicine |
not recommended for use as herbal medicine, India, Southeast Asia, Loganiaceae.
Stylisma, dawn flower, Convolvulaceae.
Stylocline, nest straw, Asteraceae.
Stylosanthes biflora, pencil flower, Fabaceae.
Stylosanthes hamata, Caribbean stylo, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Stylosanthes humilis, Townsville stylo, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Stylosanthes, guianensis, common stylo, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Stylosanthes, hippocampoides, fine stem stylo, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Stylosanthes scabra, shrubby stylo, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Stylosanthes seebrana, caatinga stylo, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Styphelia tubiflora, red five corner, eastern Australia, Ericaceae.
Styrax species
Styrax benzoin, gum benjamin tree, Styracaceae.
Styrax macrotbyrsus, Vietnam styrax, Styracaceae.
Styrax paralleloneurus, harninlon toba (Indonesian), Sumatra benzoin, Styracaceae.
Styrax tonkinensis, Siam styrax, Siam benzoin, Styracaceae.
Suaeda, seep weed, Amaranthaceae.
Subularia, awl wort, Brassicaceae.
Sullivantia, cool wort, Saxifragaceae.
Sundacarpus, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Swainsona, desert pea, Darling pea, Sturt's desert pea, stock poison, weed, swainsonine-N-oxide, swainsonine alkaloid, Fabaceae.
Swertia genus, felworts, may have very showy purple and blue flowers, Gentianaceae
Indian gentian (Swertia chirata), chitretta, blue flowers, amarogentin, bitter herb, Ayurvedic medicine, used to treat fever, Gentianaceae.
Swertia purpurascens skin disorders, anti-inflammatory, northern India, Gentianaceae.
Swertia perennis, felwort, star swertia, wetlands, blue-violet corolla, northern hemisphere, Gentianaceae.
Swietenia macrophylla, false mahogany, herbal medicine, Meliaceae.
Swietenia mahagoni, mahogany tree, American mahogany, West Indian mahogany, mahogany, tropical hardwood, timber tree,
planted 1858 Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Meliaceae.
Symphoricarpos, snow berry, Caprifoliaceae.
Symphyotrichum, aster, Asteraceae.
Symphytum officinale, comfrey, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, Boraginaceae.
Synsepalum dulcificum, miracle fruit, Sapotaceae.
Systenotheca, spine flower, Polygonaceae.
Syngonium podophyllium, arrowhead vine, goosefoot plant, often just called "syngonium", foot-shaped compound leaves, woody
climber grows to 18 m, flowers are poisonous (houseplant), Araceae.
Synthyris, kitten tails, Scrophulariaceae.
Syntrichopappus, Fremont's gold, Asteraceae.
Syringa vulgaris, lilac tree, eleutheroside in bark, ornamental tree, Oleaceae.

Syzygium, fruit are often called a "jambu"
Syzgium species, lilly pilly, hardy, evergreen, up to 5 m, glossy green leaves, fluffy pom-pom white flowers then red berries, prune to
size and shape, grow in full sun, well-drained soil, as screens, windbreaks and hedges, Myrtaceae.
Syzygium species Daley's Fruit Trees
Onionwood satinash lilly pilly (Syzygium alliiligneum), large, white, fluffy flowers, ornamental, red
flesh succulent fruits in clusters, used as bushy screen plant, Australian native food, Myrtaceae
Anise myrtle (Syzygium anisatum), aniseed myrtle, ringwood, aniseed tree, aromatic leaves, trans-E-Anethole
chemovar, distilled essential oil, Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
See diagram: Aniseed myrtle
Aniseed Myrtle, Daley's Fruit Trees
Water apple (Syzygium aqueum), water cherry, watery rose apple, lau lau, small tree, evergreen, fruit, small, red, crisp sweet white flesh,
seedless or seed, used fresh, Myrtaceae.
Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum), Myrtaceae.
Brush cherry (Syzygium australe), compact shrub, up to 3 metres high x 1.5 metres wide, foliage is compact, hedges and screens,
masses of white flowers then berries, in forest will grow to about 10 m so shade tree for cattle, non-invasive roots, used for topiary,
See diagram: Syzygium australe
Hinterland Gold lilly pilly variety (Syzygium australe), medium height, fast growing dense shrub with mid-sized glossy golden leaves,
compactly arrayed, flushes several times a year with fresh new growth, screen, hedge and topiary plant, grows to 4 m and 1.5 m wide,
fluffy flowers, red berries, sunny to part-shaded position, Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
Giant Lau Lau (Syzygium coarctatum), grows at a rapid rate reaching up to 6-7m with enough water, long glossy leaves, fruit bright red,
crisp apple-like flavour, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Myrtaceae.
Sour cherry lilly pilly (Syzygium corynanthum), bright red when in fruit, pale green new growth, attractive tree,
dense crown so an ideal shade tree, slow growing so suits containers, Myrtaceae.
Purple cherry lilly pilly (Syzygium crebrinerve), up to 40 m, large buttress, masses of white flowers, fruits every second or third summer,
tasteless large brightly-coloured purple fruit spectacular ornamental, hardy, in full sun, frost-tolerant, bright red new growth, Myrtaceae.
Jambolan plum (Syzygium cumini), Java plum, Portuguese plum, Malabar plum, black plum, purple plum, Indian blackberry,
wax jambu, attractive tree, esteemed by Buddhists, often planted near Hindu temples, grown from seeds, grafting, large tree, evergreen,
fast growing, shade tree, medium plum-like purple fruit, frost sensitive when young then hardy, windbreak tree, tolerates flood and dry
periods, prefers tropical regions from sea level to 600 m then fruits prolifically, fruit eaten fresh or used to make pies, sauces, jams, juices
astringent jelly, used juice, wine, naturalized Hawai, popular South America, weed by bird seed dispersal, South Asia, Myrtaceae
See diagram: Jambolan
Jambolan plum Daley's Fruit Trees
Syzygium erythrocalyx, Johnstone River satinash, rainforest tree, up to 10 m, large broad elliptical leaves, prominent veins, red new growth,
edible red fruit up to 4 cm wide, cultivated, apple-like flavour, used in preserves and beverages, Australian native food, Myrtaceae
Apricot satinash (Syzygium fibrosum), fibrous satinash, rain cherry lilly pilly, attractive
tree, creamy-yellow flowers, attract birds, many bright pink-red edible fruits, used in jams and preserves, rainforest understory tree,
Papua New Guinea, Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
See diagram: Syzygium fibrosum
Rose apple (Syzygium jambos), Malabar plum, attractive evergreen ornamental, fast growing, medium shade tree,
glossy narrow leaves, dark red new growth, fruit, round, pale yellow, sweet "rose petal" flavour, unique taste, fruiting for about 6 months
each year, white fluffy flowers attract bees and birds, beautiful ornamental plant, aromatic fruits in 3-4 years from seed, used fresh, candied,
preserves, susceptible to myrtle rust, East Indies, Myrtaceae.
See diagram: Rose apple
Rose apple, Daley's Fruit Trees
Weeping lilly pilly (Syzygium floribunda, Waterhousea floribunda)
See diagram: Syzygium floribunda
Giant water gum lilly pilly (Syzygium francisii), trunk usually with large diameter buttress, canopy can spread over almost
the same distance as the height of the tree, may be cultivated as an ornamental but too large for household plantings, Australian native
food, Myrtaceae.
See diagram: Syzygium francisii
Wax jambu (Syzygium javanicum), large tree, evergreen, fast growing, fruit, medium, red, sweet, watery, used
fresh, preserves, grown from seeds, East Indies, Myrtaceae.
Lilly pilly, brush cherry, satinash, evergreen trees and shrubs, white fluffy flowers, small red, pink or purple edible
fruit, more than over 60 different varieties of lilly pilly plants in Australia, all edible, range from a small bush to a large tree, spectacular
ornamental qualities, tastes vary quite markedly, but all have high pectin content, Australian native food, Myrtaceae
Lilly pilly plants in three genera: 1.Acmena species, 2. Syzygium species, 3.Waterhousea species, Myrtaceae
Syzygium species, myrtle family, Myrtaceae
Riberry (Syzygium luehmanii), cherry satinash, cherry alder, small-leaved lilly pilly, grows 5-10 metres in rainforest, garden hedging plant,
mostly seedless fruit, taste like mix of cardamon, cinnamon and cloves, pink young foliage,
popular street and screen tree, attracts birds, windbreak, fire retardant, erosion control, needs well-drained soil, grows in
full sun and part shade, select seedless or small-seeded trees for planting, forms fruit in 3-4 years, large fruit harvests reported,
masses of red pear-shaped fruit, purple-red growth, edible hedge, fruit slightly acidic, like cinnamon, used in wild-food dishes,
variety 'Royal Flame' is resistant to psyllid attack, Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
See diagram: Riberry
See diagram: Lilly pilly
See diagram: Syzygium luehmannii
Riberry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Cascade lilly pilly (Syzygium luehmannii x wilsonii), hybrid species, powderpuff it has pale pink flowers, pale pink fruits, used in hedges,
variety 'Cherry puff', Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
Wax jambu - White, Syzygium samarangense, similar to the Red wax jambu, but has white waxy skin, sweeter, and is sensitive to cold,
Malay apple (Syzygium malaccense), mountain apple, hardy plants, attractive fast growing evergreen tree, up to
6 m, large red, sweet, watery, pear-shaped fruit, culinary uses, fresh, preserves, herbal remedy, grown from seeds, air-layering,
large, dark-green glossy leaves, large red-purple clusters of tassel-like flowers, deep-red oval fruit, thin skin, white crispy flesh, aromatic,
sweet mild flavor, hardy plant but needs tropical humid climate, water-logging tolerant, most soil types, eaten fresh but best as stewed dessert,
make wines, Southeast Asia, Myrtaceae.
See diagram: Malay apple.
Coolamon lilly pilly (Syzygium mooreii), 'coolamon tree', up to 25 - 30m, rainforest tree, need to plant in rich soil with adequate moisture,
attractive red-pink flowers, large edible fruit, Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
See diagram: Syzygium mooreii
Blue lilly pilly (Syzygium oleosum), spongy delicate purple fruit, aromatic, sweet slightly ginger or turpentine flavour, glossy green leaves,
many large oil glands so distinctive smell when crushed unlike other lilly pilly plants, fruit unusual blue colour, Australian native food,
See diagram: Syzygium oleosum.
Syzygium paniculatum (Eugenia paniculata), magenta lilly pilly, rainforest tree up to 15 m, long slightly-ovate dark
glossy leaves, clusters of white flowers, magenta or white or pink or purple fruit, easily cultivated, appreciated edible
wild fruit with sour apple-like taste, eaten fresh or used in jams, Australian native food, Myrtaceae
Indonesian bay leaf (Syzygium polyanthum) Indonesian laurel, salam leaf, Myrtaceae
Lipote (Syzygium polycephalum), ornamental tree, fruits along its branches, pink-purple
new growth, dark purple almost black fruits, subacid. Philippines, Myrtaceae.
Java apple (Syzygium samarangense), wax jambu, wax apple, rose apple, fast-growing ornamental tree,
spilanthol, fruit red or pink or white, waxy skin, crisp white flesh, sweet and tasty, attractive red-pink
pear-shaped fruit, protect from frosts when young. Myrtaceae.
See diagram: Syzygium samarangense.
Lilly pilly (Syzygium smithii, formerly Acmena smithii), coast satinash, lilly pilly satinash, small leaf lilly pilly, monkey apple,
magenta cherry, brush cherry, rainforest tree, up to 20 m or trim as bush, clusters of white flowers, pink to white acidic raw fruit with
tasteless or apple flavour, used in jams, timber, cultivars selected for cultivation, ornamental, Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
Lilly pilly 'River Cherry' (Syzygium tierneyanum), Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
Syzygium suborbiculare, red bush apple lady apple, understorey tree, up to 20 m, white flowers with many stamens,
smooth broad oval leaves, flattened-globular fleshy edible fruit, prominently ribbed, large seed, eaten raw, herbal
medicine, Australian native food, Myrtaceae
Powderpuff lilly pilly (Syzygium wilsonii), 1-3 metres, clusters of bright scarlet-pink, fluffy red "pom pom" flowers, culinary uses,
white fruit too sour to eat raw, small to medium pendulous shrub, new foliage attractive bright pink, large crimson flowers in large
fluffy heads, Myrtaceae.
River cherry lilly pilly (Syzygium tierneyana), medium tree, dense foliage, coppery new growth, whitish flowers, edible fruit, hardy,

Swallenia, dune grass, Poaceae.
Syagrus coronata, adherent leaf bases form spiral up trunk, Brazil, Arecaceae.
Symplocarpus, skunk cabbage, Araceae.
Syngonanthus, syngonanthus, Eriocaulaceae.
Syngonanthus chryanthus, "Mikado", indoor plant, Eriocaulaceae.
Syngonium, syngonium, Araceae.
Syringodium, Cymodoceaceae.

Sorbus species, Rosaceae.
Sorbus aucuparia, rowan, comman rowan, mountain ash, the original "rowan", mountain-ash, very useful tree, bitter fruit, planted in
parks, herbal medicine, Rosaceae.
Sorbus admonitor, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus americana, American mountain ash, Rosaceae.
Sorbus ana, common whitebeam, Rosaceae.
Sorbus anglica, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus aria, whitebeam, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus arranensis, arran whitebeam, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus aucuparia, rowan, European mountain ash, wiggentree, witchen, white beam, service tree, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus bristolienses, Bristol service tree, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus cambrensis (Brecon Beacons), England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus cheddarensis (Cheddar gorge), England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus commixta, Japanese rowan tree, Rosaceae.
Sorbus croceocarpa, England (naturalized), Rosaceae.
Sorbus cuneifolia, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus devoniensis (Frence Hales), England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus domestica, true service tree, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus eminems, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus eminentoides, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus glabrescens, Hubei rowan tree, Rosaceae,
Sorbus intermedia, Swedish whitebeam, Rosaceae.
Sorbus latifolia, service tree of Fountainebleau, Rosaceae.
Sorbus pseudofennica, Arran service tree, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus rupicola, cliff whitebeam tree, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus sargentiana, Sargent's rowan, Rosaceae.
Sorbus subcuneata, Exmoor service tree, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus terminalis, wild service tree, England, Rosaceae.
Sorbus thuringiaca 'Fastigiata', bastard service tree, Rosaceae.
Sorbus torminalis, wild service tree, Rosaceae.
Sorbus vestita, Himalayan whitebeam, Rosaceae.
Sorbus vilimorinii, Vilimorin's rowan, Rosaceae.