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Plants, I to P
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I to N Alphabetic listing of scientific names
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Iberis amara, bitter candytuft, herbal medicine, in German medication "Iberogast", used as fresh whole plant, ornamental, Brassicaceae.
Iberis sempervivum, snowflake, evergreen candytuft, perennial candytuft, dwarf shrub, ornamental, pure white flowers, Brassicaceae.
Ibervillea, globeberry, Cucurbitaceae.
Ibicella, yellow unicorn plant, Pedaliaceae.
Ilex species Holly family, Aquifoliaceae.
Iliamna, wild holly hock, Malvaceae.
Illecebrum, coral necklace, knot grass, herbal medicine, Caryophyllaceae.
Illiciaceae, Star anise family
Illicium anisatum, Japanese star anise, Illiciaceae.
Illicium verum, Chinese star anise, Illiciaceae.
Imalva, gay mallow, Malvaceae.
Impatiens species, Balsaminaceae.
Impatiens hybrids, masses of spurred flat flowers (houseplant), Balsaminaceae.
Impatiens polypetala, subsp. aurantiaca, contains anthocyanidin red dye aurantinidin, herbal medicine, Java, Balsaminaceae.
Impatiens balsamina, balsam, herbal medicine, Balsaminaceae.
Impatiens capansis, jewel weed, Balsaminaceae.
Impatiens noli-tangere, western touch-me-not, Balsaminaceae.
Impatiens repens, golden dragon, Balsaminaceae.
Impatiens walleriana, busy lizzie, Balsaminaceae.
Imperata cylindrica, lalang, Japanese blood grass, kunai grass, satin tail, herbal medicine, Poaceae.
Incarvillea delavayi, hardy gloxinia, Chinese trumpet flower, Bignoniaceae.
Incarvillea sinensis, contains monoterpene alkaloid incarvillateine, C42H58N2O8, Bignoniaceae.
Indigofera enneaphylla, cyanogenetic stock poison, weed, Fabaceae.
Indigofera suffruticosa, Guatemalan indigo, small-leaved indigo, aniline origin, produces indigo blue dye, tropical Americas,
Indigofera tinctora, indigo, neeli, herbal medicine, indigotin, produces indigo blue dye, India, Fabaceae.

Inga, Fabaceae.
Ice cream bean (Inga edulis), medium tree, fruit fleshy pod, sweet pulp, used fresh, evergreen, fast growing, propagation from seeds,
cold sensitive, South America, Fabaceae.
Inga feuilleei, pacay, ice cream bean, nitrogen-fixing, garden fruit, Fabaceae.
Ice cream bean (Inga mortoniana), white, fluffy melt-in-your-mouth pulp around each seed best adapted and tastiest in northern NSW,
Costa Rica, Fabaceae.
Inga mortoniana Daley's Fruit Trees

Intsia bijuga, kwila, merbau, Moluccan ironwood, Borneo teak, ipil tree, ifil tree, tough flooring wood, official tree of Guam, Fabaceae.
Inula helenium, elecampane, Asteraceae.
Ionactis, aster, Asteraceae.
Ionopsis, violet orchid, Orchidaceae.

Ipomoea species, Convolvulaceae.
Ipomoea species: | Agroclavine | Convolvulaceae.
Ipomoea argyrophylla | Chanoclavine-I | Ergine | Ergometrine | Ergosine | Convolvulaceae.
Kankong (Ipomoea aquatica), water spinach, Chinese spinach, Chinese watercress, water convolvulus, water spinach, ong choi,
hung tsai, rau muang, perennial, hardy plant, deciduous, climbing vine, large purple flowers grows on banks of streams and wet areas
but does not need to be grown in water, long pale green hollow stems float, darker green stems, culinary uses, raw in salads and
stir-fried, prepare by stripping slippery leaves from firm stem and slicing stems diagonally, lightly cook until leaves just wilted, herbal
medicine, tonic, laxative, high protein leaves, herbal medicine, high nutritional value, invasive, origin unknown, Australian native food,
Kangkong, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, See text below images.
Kankong, Daley's Fruit Trees
1.0 Ipomea batatas, sweet potato, | Carotene | Ipomoeamarone | Convolvulaceae.
Ipomoea cairica | Arctigenin | Convolvulaceae.
Ipomoea costata, bush potato, rock morning glory, fast-growing creeper, purple-pink trumpet flowers, Australian native food, Convolvulaceae.
Cardinal creeper (Ipomoea horsfalliae), Lady Doorly's morning glory, Prince Kuhio vine, fast growing climber, many red to plum-coloured
tubular flowers, ball-shaped buds, dark green foliage, Brazil, Caribbean region, Convolvulaceae.
Blue morning glory (Ipomoea indica), blue dawn flower, purple winder, purple trumpet-shaped flowers that open at dawn
and close at sunset, Convolvulaceae.
Spanish flag (Ipomoea lobata), firecracker vine, fast twining, annual perennial vine, Central America, Convolvulaceae.
Ipomoea nil, Japanese morning glory, Convolvulaceae.
Beach morning glory (Ipomoea pes-caprae), goat's foot, salt-tolerant, seeds float, strand plant, aboriginal herbal medicine, marine stings,
Morning glory (Ipomoea purpura), common morning glory, tall morning glory, Convolvulaceae.
Mexican morning glory, (Ipomoea tricolor), poisonous seeds, Convolvulaceae.
Beach moonflower (Ipomoea violacea), ornamental, seeds contain ergot alkaloids "natural LSD", Mexico, Convolvulaceae.

Iresine herbstii, beefsteak plant, bloodleaf, spatula-shaped, dark red-brown leaves (houseplant), Amaranthaceae.
Iresine lindenii, narrow deep red leaves (houseplant), Amaranthaceae.

Iridaceae, Iris family, monocotyledon
Iris species, Iridaceae.
Iris species: Poisonous leaves and rhizomes, Iridaceae.
Iris danfordiae, fragrant yellow flowers on stems appear before leaves, (houseplant), Iridaceae.
Iris domestica, leopard lily, leopard flower, Iridaceae.
Iris ensata, Japanese iris, water plant, ornamental, Iridaceae.
Iris florentina, orris, flower-de-luce, Florentine orris, Iridaceae.
Iris foetidissima, gladwin iris, roast beef plant, stinking gladwin, stinking iris, Iridaceae.
Iris germanica, German iris, flag iris, orris root, Iridaceae.
Iris kemaonensis, contains 1, 4-benzoquinone, Iridaceae.
Iris pallida, pale iris, orris root, Iridaceae.
Iris pseudacorus, Iridaceae.
Iris reticulata hybrids, slightly fragrant blue flowers (houseplants), Iridaceae.
Iris japonica, iris, yellow flag, myrtle flag, myrtle grass, fleur-de-lys, herbal medicine, ornamental, Iridaceae.
Iris pseudoacorus, yellow flag, Iridaceae.
Iris versicolor, blue flag, Iridaceae.
Iris X germanica var. florentina, orris, Iridaceae.
Isachne, blood grass, Poaceae.
Isatis tinctoria, woad, Brassicaceae.
Ischaemum, muraina grass, Poaceae.
Iseilema, Poaceae.
Isocarpha, pearl head, Asteraceae.
Isochilus, isochilus, Orchidaceae.
Isocoma, golden bush, Asteraceae.
Isodendrion, isodendrion, Violaceae.
Isoetes, usually submerged plants in freshwater lakes, club moss, Isoetaceae.
Isoetes drummondii, live crowded together in dry places, club moss, Isoetaceae.
Isolepis, bulrush, Cyperaceae.
Isopogon, cone flower, Proteaceae.
Isotria, five leaf orchid, Orchidaceae.
Iva annua, sumpweed, marshelder, sumpweed, annual herb up to 150 cm, unpleasant odour, formerly cultivated by Native Americans,
Mexico, Asteraceae.
Ixia, African corn lily, Iridaceae.
Ixophorus, Central America grass, Poaceae.
Ixora chinensis, Chinese ixora, herbal medicine, Rubiaceae.
Ixora coccinea, jungle geranium, jungle flame, prince of orange, herbal medicine, many phytochemicals, flower juice to treat conjunctivitis,
root paste to treat diarrhoea, ornamental, India, Rubiaceae.

Jacaranda mimosifolia, jacaranda, tree, ornamental, Brazil, Bignoniaceae.
Jacquemontia, cluster vine, Convolvulaceae.
Jacquiniella, tufted orchid, Orchidaceae.
Jacquinia, jacquinia, Theophrastaceae.
Jaltomata, false holly, Solanaceae.
Jarava, rice grass, Poaceae.
Jarilla, jarilla, Caricaceae.
Jasione, sheep's rampion, sheep's bit scabious, Campanulaceae.
Jasmium species, Jasmine, Oleaceae.
Jateorhiza palmata, calumba root, columba (many alkaloids), herbal medicine, Madagascar, Menispermaceae.
Johannesteijsmannia altifrons, litter collecting palm, large simple leaves collect litter in centre of plants, leaves used for thatching,
Malaysia, Arecaceae.
Joinvillea, joinvillea, Joinvilleaceae.
Jubaea chilensis, Chilean wine palm, coquito palm, palm honey from sap in the stout grey trunk, Arecaceae.
Juncaceae, Rush family
Juncaginaceae, Arrow grass family
Juncus usitatus, common rush, hardy, vigorous upright clumping grass, to 1 metre, pale brown flowers, grow in stabilising banks and
decorative ponds, in moist soils with full sun, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Juncaceae.

Juglans species, walnuts, Juglandaceae.
Japanese walnut tree (Juglans ailanthifolia), edible nuts have oily texture, husks used to make yellowish dye, ornamental, Japan,
Grey walnut tree (Juglans cinerea), butternut, white walnut, lemon-shaped nut surrounded by green husk before maturity, butternut
bark, mildly cathartic folk medicine, bark was used as illegal fish poison, USA, Canada, Juglandaceae.
Black walnut (Juglans nigra), eastern black walnut, herbal medicine contains manganese, timber, ornamental tree, hardest walnut shell,
used as polishing abrasive, North America, Albania, Bulgaria, Juglandaceae.
Dried herb sold as seed hulls powder.
Black walnut, Daley's Fruit Trees
Walnut (Juglans regia), common walnut, English walnut, Persian walnut, quinone juglone, timber, large nut and thin shell, tiny walnut shell
particles used for paint thickener, explosives filled, cleaning and polishing, exfoliating soaps abrasives, Juglandaceae.
Dried herb sold as hulls.
Juglans regia, Daley's Fruit Trees
Andean walnut (Juglans neotropica), Colombian walnut, Ecuadorian walnut, nogal, cedro negro, cedro nogal, cloud forests, edible fruit in
yellow-green husks when ripe, sap of fruit husk contains strong yellow dye, nut inside is more difficult to crack shell than Persian walnuts,
fruits should be soaked in water but not allowed to ferment, hard durable wood called nogal, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Juglandaceae.
Andean walnut, Daley's Fruit Trees
Iron walnut (Juglans sigiliata), cultivated for oval-shaped edible nuts, timber, ornamental, China, Juglandaceae.
Iron walnut, Daley's Fruit Trees

Juniperus species, Cupressaceae, conifers
Justicia beddomei, Malabar nut, water willow, adusa, herbal medicine, vasicine alkaloid, India, Acanthaceae.
Justicia betonica, white shining plant, Acanthaceae.
Justicia brandegeana, small white flowers, surrounded by red-brown bracts (houseplant), Acanthaceae.

Kaempheria galanga, kenkur, aromatic ginger, Zingiberaceae.
Kaempferia rotunda, round-rooted galangal, Zingiberaceae.
Kalanchoe species, Crassulaceae.
Kalanchoe beharensis, elephant's ear kalanchoe, feltbush, evergreen shrub to small tree, up to 2 m, CAM photosynthesis study, roots
like pipes (houseplant), semi-arid regions, garden plant but roots seek water, Madagascar, Crassulaceae.
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana hybrids, small, fleshy serrated leaves (houseplants), Crassulaceae.
Kalanchoe daigrenmontiana, devil's backbone, Crassulaceae.
Kalanchoe manginii, spatula-shaped leaves, pendant bell-like orange-red flowers (houseplants), Crassulaceae.
Kalanchoe pinnata, miracle leaf, cathedral bells, life plant, leaf plant, invasive in Australia, herbal medicine, Crassulaceae.
Kalanchoe tubiflora, chandelier plant (houseplant), Crassulaceae.
Kalimeris, aster, Asteraceae.
Kalmia latifolia, mountain laurel, evergreen shrub, pink flowers open like umbrellas, very popular for landscaping, | Asebogenin
| Grayanotoxin | Phloridzin | entire plant poisonous | North America, Epacridaceae.
Karroochloa, South African oat grass, Poaceae.
Karwinskia, coyotillo, Rhamnaceae.
Kennedia prostrata, running postman, red runner, scarlet pea, prostrate perennial creeper, liquorice-tasting tea substitute, Australia
Kennedia rubicunda (formerly Glycine rubicunda), dusky coral pea, first Australian species sold in Britain, Australia, Fabaceae.
Kerria japonica, yellow bachelor's buttons, Japanese rose, Rosaceae.
Kerriodoxa elegans, ching lang kao, tang lang kao, Thailand, Arecaceae.
Keteleeria, Pinaceae, conifer
Kickxia, cancer wort, Scrophulariaceae.
Kigelia africana, sausage tree, ornamental tree, Bignoniaceae.
Kingia australis, bullanok, palm-like habit, Western Australia, Dasypoggonaceae.
Kleinhovia, kleinhovia, Sterculiaceae.
Knautia arvensis, field scabious, gipsy rose, herbal medicine, supposed to cure scabies and other skin disorders, Caprifoliaceae.
Kniphofia uvaria, red hot poker, tritoma, torch lily, tall evergreen perennial, upright spikes of colourful flowers, Africa, Asphodelaceae.
Koanophyllon, thoroughwort, Asteraceae.
Kobresia, bog sedge, Cyperaceae.
Kochia, burning bush, molly, ornamental, Amaranthaceae.
Koeberlinia spinosa, crown of thorns, allthorn, Mexico, Koeberinaceae.
Koeleria, June grass, Poaceae.
Koellensteinia, koellensteinia, Orchidaceae.
Koelreuteria bipinnata, China, Sapindaceae.
Koelreuteria paniculata, golden rain tree, landscape tree, mustard-yellow plumes, each pink bladder contains 2 seeds size of pea, China,
Kokia, tree cotton, Malvaceae.
Kopsia singaporensis, kopsia, white kopsia, Singapore, tropical forest tree, Apocynaceae.
Krameria lanceolata, trailing ratany, Krameriaceae.
Krascheninnikovia, winter fat, Amaranthaceae.
Krigia, dwarf dandelion, Asteraceae.
Kumlienia, false buttercup, Ranunculaceae.

Laburnam anagyroides, common laburnam, golden chain tree, common ornamental tree, Fabaceae.
Laccospadix australasica, Atherton palm, above 800 m, north-eastern Queensland Australia, Arecaceae.
Lachenalia, lachenalia, Liliaceae.
Lachnanthes, lachnanthes, Haemodoraceae.
Lachnocaulon, bog button, Eriocaulaceae.
Lactuca species, Asteraceae.
Lettuce (Lactuca sativa), garden lettuce, salad lettuce, great wild lettuce, lactucopicrin, herbal medicine, salad vegetable, Asteraceae.
Prickly letttuce (Lactuca serriola), compass plant (because upper leaves twist upright), scarole lactucopicrin, strange odour, weed of
orchards and fields, herbal medicine, vegetable, Asteraceae.
Wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa), prickly lettuce, lactucin, herbal medicine, "lettuce opium", tall lettuce, great lettuce, mild sedative and
analgesic, painkiller, Asteraceae.
Laelia anceps, laelia (popular orchid), Orchidaceae.
Laetia americana, laetia, South America, Salicaceae.
Lagarosiphon major, oxygen weed, curly water weed, aquatic herb, narrow perianth tube, aquarium plant but can be noxious
waterweed, South Africa, Hydrocharitaceae.
Lagarostrobos, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Lagenaria siceraria, New Guinea bean, calabash, bottle gourd, climber, long melon, food and water container, widespread,
Lagenocarpus, lagenocarpus, Cyperaceae.
Lagerstroema indica, crepe myrtle, "queen of flowers", rose of India, jarool, ornamental tree, Lythraceae.
Lagerstroemia speciosa, pride of India, Lythraceae.
Lagophylla, hare leaf, Asteraceae.
Lagunaria, cow itch tree, Malvaceae.
Lagurus ovatus, hare's-tail grass, ornamental, Poaceae.
Lamarckia aurea, goldentop grass, golden dog's-tail, lawn grass, invasive, Mediterranean region, Poaceae.
Lamium species, Lamiaceae.
Lamiaceae, (Labiateae), Mint family
Lamium galeobdolon, yellow archangel, Lamiaceae.
Lamium maculatum, spotted dead-nettle, Lamiaceae.
Lamium purpureum, purple dead-nettle, Lamiaceae.
Lampranthus carcineus, ice plant, pig face, succulent, beach side groundcover, Aizoaceae.
Lampranthus aurantiacus, trailing ice plant, orange petals, the betaxanthin humilixanthin, South Africa, now world wide garden plant
Landoltia punctata, duckweed, Lemnaceae.
Landolphia, landolphia, landolphia rubber tree, woody liane (was source of wild rubber in the Congo), Apocynaceae.
Langsat (Lansium domesticum), duku, medium tree, evergreen, fruit medium, sweet, used fresh, propagation from seeds, air layering,
grafting, herbal medicine, Southeast Asia, Meliaceae.
Langsat Daley's Fruit Trees
Lantana camara, lantana, umbelanterna, big sage, wild sage, red sage, white sage, tickberry, ornamental, invasive weed, natural mosquito
repellent, entire plant poisonous especially the berries, herbal medicine, Americas, Verbenaceae.
Lapageria rosea, Chilean bellflower, copihue, national flower of Chile, evergreen, climber, red, pink, white bell-shaped flowers,
Laportea aestuans, West Indian nettle, leaves contain irritating calcium oxalate crystals, Urticaceae.
Lappula squarrosa, European stickseed, Boraginaceae.
Lapsana communis, common nipplewort, widespread, Asteraceae.
Larix, larches, deciduous conifers, Pinaceae.
Chaparral (Larrea tridentata), creosote bush, greasewood, herbal remedy, nordihydroguaiaretic acid antioxidant, Zygophyllaceae.
Dried herb sold as leaf and twig stems.
Dried herb sold as leaf-powder.
Lasiospermum bipinnatum, cocoon head, toxic to livestock, Asteraceae.
Lasiacis, small cane, Poaceae.
Lasthenia, gold fields, Asteraceae.
Lasiurus, Poaceae.
Latania ioddigesii, Blue latan palm, Mauritius, Arecaceae.
Lathraea clandistina, toothworts, root parasites

Lathyrus species, grass pea, singletary pea, ornamental, leafy green stipules, Fabaceae.
Lathyrus species: Entire plant poisonous, especially seeds, Fabaceae.
Lathyrus species: | Amino-oxalylaminopropionic acid | Bornesitol | Homoarginine | Hydroxyhomoarginine | Lathyrine | Medicarpin |
Variabilin |
Lathyrus aphaca, Yellow vetchling, yellow pea, edible pea, Fabaceae.
Lathyrus cicera, Red pea, red vetchling, flatpod peavine | Homoarginine | Fabaceae.
Lathyrus latifolius, Perennial peavine, perennial pea, everlasting pea | Amino-oxalylaminobutryic acid | Diaminobutryic acid |
Oxalylhomoserine | Fabaceae.
Lathyrus linifolius, Bitter vetch, heath pea | Orobol | Fabaceae.
Lathyrus nissolia, Grass vetchling | Nissolin | Fabaceae.
Lathyrus odoratus, Sweet pea, fragrant, colourful flowers, | Lathodoratin | Malvidin | Methylodoratol | Odoratol | Pelargondin |
Petunidin | seeds are toxic, used in genetics experiments by Reginal Punnett, (inventor of the Punnett square), Italy, Fabaceae.
Lathyrus sativus, Grass pea, blue sweet pea, chickling pea, Indian pea, white vetch, khesari dal, grain legume, | Agmatin |
Amino-oxalylaminopropionic acid | Cadaverine | Homoarginine | 0-Oxalylhomoserine | neurotoxin in seeds, East Africa, Asia, Fabaceae.
Lathyrus sylvestris, Flat pea, narrow-leaved everlasting-pea | Diaminobutyric acid | Fabaceae.
Lathyrus tingitanus, Tangier pea | Lathyrine | Fabaceae.

Lauraceae, Laurel family
Laurus nobilis, bay tree, bay laurel, laurel, true laurel, Grecian laurel, Lauraceae.

Lavandula species, lavender, Lamiaceae.
Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), (most common lavender), true lavender, garden lavender, English lavender, perennial, ornamental,
spikes of purple flowers, anceolate aromatic leaves, very hardy plant, up to 80 cm, monoterpene, perillyl alcohol, culinary uses,
garnish, in sauces and sweets, dried blossoms for aroma, used for scent for bath water and sheets, astringent to dry oily skin
token of affection, insect repellent, dog inhibitor, air freshener, in
soap and candles, garnish, used as aromatherapy or by mouth may increase the amount of drowsiness caused by some drugs,
e.g. antidepressants and alcohol, a-terpinol | Cineole | Geranyl acetate | Lavandulyl acetate | Linalool | Linalyl acetate | herbal medicine,
pain relief, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, Mediterranean region, China, Lamiaceae.
This species is used to make lavender oil, oil of lavender, but other Lavendula hybrids, e.g. Dutch lavender, are cultivated for
commercial production of a similar lavender oil.
Dried lavender sold as flowers.

Allardii lavender (Lavandula 'Allardii'), Lamiaceae
Allardii Lavender, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, See text below images.
Avonview lavender (Lavandula 'AvonView'), Lamiaceae
Avonview Lavender, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, See text below images.
Canary Islands lavender (Lavandula Canariensis, subsp. canariensis), Lamiaceae
Canary Islands Lavender, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, See text below images.
French lavender (Lavandula dentata), strongly aromatic, ornamental, Lamiaceae.
French Lavender, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, See text below images.
Heterophylla lavender (Lavandula heterophylla), Lamiaceae.
Heterophylla Lavender, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, See text below images.
Woolly lavender (Lavandula lanata), silvery hairs on leaves, no scent, ornamental, Lamiaceae.
Broad-leaved lavender (Lavandula latifolia), spike lavender, Portuguese lavender, strongest scent lavender, Lamiaceae.
Linda Lingon lavender (Lavandula 'linda lingon'), Lamiaceae.
Linda Lingon Lavender, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, See text below images.
French lavender (Lavandula pedunculata, (another "French lavender"!), Lamiaceae.
Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas), topped lavender, stoechas lavender, complex scent like Indian chutney, (noxious weed
in Victoria, Australia), ornamental, used in air fresheners, herbal medicine, Mediterranean, Lamiaceae.
Spanish lavender, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, See text below images.

Lavatera, tree mallow, Malvaceae.
Lawsonia inermis, henna tree, Lythraceae.
Laxmanniaceae, Cordyline family
Layia, tidy tips, Asteraceae.
Leavenworthia, glade cress, Brassicaceae.
Lechea, pin weed, Cistaceae.
Lecythidaceae, Brazil nut family
Lecythis ollaria, paradise nut tree, Lecythidaceae.
Lecythis pisonis, cream, paradise or sapucaia nut, Lecythidaceae.
Ledum palustre (now called Rhododendron tomentosum), Labrador tea, Ericaceae.
Leersia, cut grass, Poaceae.
Legenere, false Venus' looking glass, Campanulaceae.
Leibnitzia lyrata, Seemann's sun bonnet, Asteraceae.
Lemairocereus thurberi, organ pipe cactus, Cactaceae.
Lemna, duckweed, tiny plants that float on water, Lemnaceae.
Lemna minor, common duck weed (tiny plants that float on water), Araceae.
Lemuropisum edule, Malagasy tara, Madagascar, Fabaceae.
Lens culinaris, lentil, masoor dal, vegetable, Fabaceae.
Lentibulariaceae, Bladderwort family
Leochilus, leochilus, Orchidaceae.
Leonotis leonurus, lion's tail, Lamiaceae.
Leonotis nepetifolia, lion's ear, Lamiaceae.
Leontodon, hawk bit, Asteraceae.
Leontopodium alpinum, edelweiss, favourite plant, Swiss alps, Asteraceae.
Leonurus cardiaca, motherwort, Lamiaceae.
Leonurus sibiricus, Siberian motherwort, Lamiaceae.
Leopoldinia piassaba, popular drink from fruit, Brazil, Arecaceae.
Lepanthes, baby boot orchid, Orchidaceae.
Lepanthopsis, lepanthopsis, Orchidaceae.
Lepechinia, pitcher sage, Lamiaceae.
Lepidothamnus, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Lepidium species, peppercresses, Brassicaceae
Lepidospartum, broom sage, Asteraceae.
Lepidozamia, Zamiaceae, Phylum Cycadophyta
Lepironia, Cyperaceae.
Leptactina senegambica, karo-karounde, Rubiaceae.
Leptochloa, sprangle top, Poaceae.
Leptochloopsis, limestone grass, Poaceae.
Leptocoryphium lanilla, Poaceae.
Leptodactylon, prickly phlox Polemoniaceae.
Leptoloma, fall witch grass, Poaceae.

Tea trees, (Leptospermum species), Myrtaceae
Leptospermum species Daly's Fruit Trees
Leptospermum species are small shrubs, weeping habit, 80 cm to 2 m, showy pink or white flowers, grow in moist
well-drained soils, in full sun or light shade, in rockeries or over retaining walls, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Myrtaceae.
Leptospermum Pink Cascade (L. scoparium x polygalifolium)
Leptospermum 'Pink Cascade' Daly's Fruit Trees
Leptospermum cardwell Daly's Fruit Trees, Myrtaceae.
Coastal tea tree, (Leptospermum laevigatum), lemon-scented tea tree, ornamental tree, Myrtaceae.
Lemon tea tree, (Leptospermum liversidgei), swamp may, olive tea tree, lemon tea tree, shrub,
up to 4 m, wet coastal heath, leaves with lemon smell, solitary pink/white flowers, woody capsule, citral,
ornamental, eastern Australia, Myrtaceae.
Two chemotypes: 1. citral chemotype, 'lemon tea tree' used flavour teas and food products, Australian native food.
2. citronellal chemotype, used as a mosquito repellent.
Leptospermum liversidgeei, 'Tea Tree - Mozzie Blocker' Daley's Fruit Trees
Lemon-scented tea tree (Leptospermum petersonii, L. citratum) the "common tea tree", bushy rounded shrub, strongly lemon-scented
simple leaves, up to 5 m, white flowers, woody capsules, screen plant, lemony essential oil, distilled commercially, contains citronellal,
grown in plantations in Kenya, Zaire, South Africa, Guatemala and Australia, Myrtaceae.
New Zealand tea tree (Leptospermum scoparium), manuka, tree-like shrub, tiny white flowers, seeds colleced by Captan Cook in the
Endeavour, New Zealand, Myrtaceae.
Leptospermum scoparium 'Burgandy Queen' Daly's Fruit Trees

Lepturus repens, thin tail, widespread, Poaceae.
Lepyrodiclis, false jagged chick weed, Caryophyllaceae.
Lesquerella, bladder pod, Brassicaceae.
Leucadendron floridum, yellow bush, Proteaceae.
Leucadendron laureolum, cultivars, inca gold, safari magic, summer sun, devil's bush, Proteaceae.
Leucaena leucocephala, leucaena, white lead tree, tropical pasture legume, herbal medicine, Fabaceae.
Leucanthemum X superbum, shasta daisy, Asteraceae.
Leucas aspera, thumba, dronapushpa, herbal medicine, India, Lamiaceae.
Leucocrinum, star lily, Liliaceae.
Leucojum, snowflake, Liliaceae.
Leucophyllum, barometer bush, Scrophulariaceae.
Leucophyta brownii, cushion bush (has silvery appearance), Australia, Asteraceae.
Leucopoa, spike fescue, Poaceae.
Leucopogon lanceolatus, beard heath, Australia, Ericaceae (Epacridaceae.)
Leucospermum cordifolium, nodding pincushion, South Africa, densely flowering garden plant, Proteaceae.
Leucothoe, dog hobble, Epacridaceae.
Levisticum mutellina, alpine lovage, Apiaceae.
Levisticum officinale, lovage, Apiaceae.
Leydeum, Poaceae.
Leyland cypress, (Cupressocyparis leylandii), Cupressaceae.
Leymus, wild rye, Poaceae.
Liatris species, Asteraceae.
Liatris odoratissima, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Liatris scariosa, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Liatris spicata, gay feather, Asteraceae.
Liatris squarrosa, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Libertia, libertia, Iridaceae.
Libocedrus plumosa, kawaka, New Zealand, Cupressaceae, conifer
Licania platypus, sunsapote, large tree, evergreen, fast growing, fruit large, oval, orange, fibrous, sweet flesh, large seed, used fresh,
propagation from seeds, Central America
Licuala grandis, New Britain, Arecaceae.
Licuala ramsayi, fan palm, north-eastern Australia, Arecaceae.
Licuala spinosa, Palas, Malaysia, Philippines, Arecaceae.
Ligustrum species, Oleaceae.
Ligularia tussilaginea 'Giantea', giant leopard plant, Asteraceae.
Ligustrum lucidum, Chinese tree privet, glossy privet, nu zhen zi, herbal medicine, Oleaceae.
Ligusticum scoticum, sea lovage, Oleaceae.
Ligustrum lucidum, broad-leaf privet, Oleaceae.
Ligustrum vulgare, privet, Oleaceae.
Lilaea, lilaea, Juncaginaceae.
Liliaceae, the true lily family, monocotyledon
Limnanthes alba, meadow foam, marsh plant, Limnanthaceae.
Limnobium, sponge plant, Hydrocharitaceae.
Limnocharis, velvet leaf, Limnocharitaceae.
Limnodea, Ozark grass, Poaceae.
Limnophila aromatica, rau om, rice paddy herb, Plantaginaceae.
Limonia acidissima, wood apple, elephant apple, monkey fruit, curd fruit, Rutaceae.
Limonium vulgare, Mediterranean sea lavender, salt marsh plant, Europe, Plumbaginaceae.
Limosella, mud wort, Scrophulariaceae.

Linaria purpuria, purple toadflax, Scrophulariaceae.
Linaria vulgaris, toadflax, Scrophulariaceae.

Lindera species, Lauraceae.
Lindernia, false pimpernel, Scrophulariaceae.
Linnaea, twin flower, Caprifoliaceae.

Linospadix, Arecaceae.
Walking stick palm, (Linospadix monostachya), Arecaceae.
Small palm in rainforest understorey, Australian native food, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Arecaceae.
Linospadix monostachya, Daley's Fruit Trees

Linum usitatissimum, flax, linseed, Liliaceae.
Liparis, wide lip orchid, Orchidaceae.
Lipidium sativum, garden cress, pepper grass, Brassicaceae.
Lipocarpha, half chaff sedge, Cyperaceae.
Lipochaeta, nehe, Asteraceae.

Lippia citriodora, lemon verbena, garden herb, Verbenaceae.
Lippia graveolens, Mexican oregano, USA, Mexico, Verbenaceae.
Lippia micromeria, Spanish thyme, false thyme (South American substitute for thyme), Verbenaceae.

Liquidambar formosana, up to 30 m, longitudinal or grid-like cracked bark, Hong Kong, Hammamelidaceae.
Liquidambar orlentalls, oriental sweet gum, Levant styrax, Asiatic styrax, storax, Turkish sweet gum, liquid storax, Hammamelidaceae.
Liquidambar styraciflua, sweet gum, American styrax (American sycamore), red gum, deciduous, in swamps (produces medicinal
liquid styrax resin, chewed like gum to freshen breath), North America, Hammamelidaceae.
Liriodendron chinense, Chinese tulip tree, Magnoliaceae.
Liriodendron tulipifera, tulip tree, large stately tree, showy flowers, rectangular pits, vascular rays, North America, Magnoliaceae.
Liriope graminifolia, lily turf, Liliaceae.
Liriope gigantea, lily turf, Liliaceae.
Lychee (Litchi chinensis), fruit eaten fresh and canned, southern China, Sapindaceae.
Lychee, Daley's Fruit Trees
Lithachne, diente de perro, Poaceae.
Lithophragma, woodland star, Saxifragaceae.
Pebble plant (Lithops bella), living stone, prostrate succulents, pairs of fused swollen leaves become small clumps (houseplant) Southern
Africa, Aizoaceae.
Lithospermum, stone seed, Boraginaceae.
Lithospermum erythrorhizon, zicao, purple gromwell, red-root gromwell, dye, shikonin, dried root, Chinese medicine, Japan,
Litsea reticulata, bollywood, bollygum, timber tree, Australia, Lauraceae.
Litsia citrata,citral, Lauraceae.
Litsea cubeba, may chang, mountain pepper, exotic verbena, tropical verbena, magao spice, citral, herbal medicine, Asia, Lauraceae.
Litsea glutinosa, Pond Spice, 3-15 m, Hong Kong, Lauraceae.
Litsea monopetala, Persimmon-leaved Litsea, up to 18 m, Hong Kong, Lauraceae.
Liverworts, Phylum Hepatophyta
Livistona alfredi, millstream palm, western Australia, Arecaceae.
Livistona australis, Australian fan palm, cabbage tree palm, eastern Australia, Arecaceae.
Livistona benthami, fan palm, northern Australia, Arecaceae.
Livistona chinensis, Chinese fan palm, China, Japan, Arecaceae.
Livistona decipiens, weeping cabbage palm, ribbon fan palm, Australia, Arecaceae.
Livistona mariae, red leaf palm, Central Australian cabbage palm, central Australia, Arecaceae.
Livistona muelleri, Eastern Australia, Arecaceae.
Livistona saribus, serdang, Malaysia, Philippines, Arecaceae.
Lloydia, alp lily, Liliaceae.
Lobelia species, Campanulaceae.
Lobelia cardinalis, cardinal flower, Campanulaceae.
Lobelia erinus, trailing lobelia, window box ornamental, North America, Campanulaceae.
Lobelia inflata, Indian tobacco, Campanulaceae.
Lobelia urens, heath lobelia, Europe, Spain, Campanulaceae.
Lobivia densispina, densely thorned, short-cylindrical body (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Lobivia famatimensis, sunset cactus, cylindrical body, yellow thorns, (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Lobivia hertrichiana, spherical body, yellow thorns (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Lobularia, lobularia, alyssum, ornamental, Brassicaceae.
Lodoicea maldivica, double coconut palm, coco-de-mer, sea coconut, Maldive coconut, kelapa laut, largest single-seeded fruit,
protected and widely grown in botanical gardens, Seychelles, Arecaceae.
Loeflingia, loeflingia, Caryophyllaceae.
Loeselia, false calico, Polemoniaceae.
Loeseliastrum, calico, Polemoniaceae.
Logfia, cotton rose, Asteraceae.
Lolium perenne, perennial rye grass, alkaloids, Poaceae.
Lolium temulentum, darnel weed, cockle, "false wheat", weed of wheat (See Bible Matthew 1330), poisonous alkaloids, Poaceae.
Lomandra species, mat rush, deep green glossy narrow strap leaves, up to 700 mm, small yellow-cream flowers, grow in full sun to part
shade, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Asparagaceae.
Lomandra longifolia, spiny-head mat-rush, basket grass (Xerotes), strongly-scented flowers, used by indigenous Ausralians for ground
seed and baskets, Australia, Asparagaceae.
Lonchocarpus, lance pod, Fabaceae.
Lonicera japonica, Japanese honeysuckle, Caprifoliaceae.
Lonicera periclymenum, honeysuckle, Caprifoliaceae.
Lophatherum gracile, crested grass, herbal medicine, Poaceae.
Lophiola, lophiola, Liliaceae.
Lophophora williamsii, peyote cactus, mescal buttons, herbal medicine, illegal hallucinogenic drug mescaline, alkaloid, Aztec "sacred
mushroom", Cactaceae.
Lophostemon confertus, pink box tree, scrub box tree, timber tree, Australia, Myrtaceae.
Loranthus, mulberry mistletoe, Christmas mistletoe, leafy parasite distributed by bird beaks, Viscaceae.
Loropetalum chinense, fringe flower, shrub, hedge plant, pink flowers, China, Hamamelidaceae.
Lotononis bainesii, lotononis, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Lotus corniculatus, trefoil, bird's foot trefoil, asparagus pea, winged pea, vegetable, cyangenetic stock poison, weed, Fabaceae.
Lotus japonica, lotus, Fabaceae.
Lotus pedunculatus, greater lotus, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Loudetia, Poaceae.
Lowiaceae, Orchidantha family
Luculia gratissima, pink flower climber, Himalayan region, Rubiaceae.
Lucuma bifera, egg fruit, Peru, Sapotaceae.
Luffa aegyptiaceae. (also L. acutangula), luffa, loofah, fibrous fruit, bathroom "sponge", Cucurbitaceae.
Luina, silver back, Asteraceae.
Lunaria annua, honesty, Asteraceae.
Lupinus species, lupin, lupine, entire plant poisonous, Fabaceae.
Lupinus albus, field lupin, white lupin, Mediterranean region, Fabaceae.
Lupinus arboreus, yellow bush lupine, tree lupine, California, invasive, ornamental, Fabaceae.
Lupinus arcticus, Arctic lupin, lupinine alkaloid, Fabaceae.
Lupinus perennis, sundial lupine, Fabaceae.
Lupinus polyphyllus, garden lupine, large-leaved lupine, herbal medicine, ornamental, hemicellulose cell wall thickening and aleurone
grains, cytoplasm, chief carbohydrate reserve is the polysaccharide hemicellulose, cotyledons, lupinine, North America, Fabaceae.
Lupinus subcarnosus, annual herb, Texas bluebonnet, Fabaceae.
Luvunga scandens, lavang lata, Indian lavanga, Rutaceae.
Lynchnis species, called catchfly or campion
Lychnis flos-cuculi, ragged robin, crow flower, campion, Europe, Caryophyllaceae.
Lycium species, called boxthorns
Lycium barbarum, goji berry, Solanaceae.
Lycium chinense, wolfberry, Chinese goji berry, Solanaceae.
African boxthorn (Lycium ferocissium), Queensland declared weed, Solanaceae.
Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum), tomato plant, annual, up to 2 m, savoury vegetable, flavouring, dessert fruit, in salads, soups, juice
sold separately, fruit powder as flavouring and thickening agent, edible oil from seed, poisonous insecticide, lycopene, herbal medicine,
skin disorders, prostate disorders, South America, China, Solanaceae.
Dried herb sold as fruit powder,
Nodding clubmoss (Lycopodium cernum), herbal medicine, Lycopodiaceae.
Climbing fern (Lycopodium flexuosum), herbal medicine, Lycopodiaceae.
Lycopodiella, club moss, Lycopodiaceae, Phylum Lycopodiophyta
Gypsywort (Lycopus europaeus), Lamiaceae.
Lycopodiophyta, Club moss
Lycopus europeus, gypsywort, water horehound, Lamiaceae.
Lycoris radiata, red spider lily, hurrican lily, galanthamine alkaloid, poisonous bulbs used for pest control, associated with death legends,
China, Amaryllidaceae.
Lygodesmia texana, skeleton plant, North America, Asteraceae.
Lycoris radiata, spider lily, red spider lily, hurricane flower, Amaryllidaceae.
Lycurus phleoides, wolfs tail, Poaceae.
Lyonia, stagger bush, Epacridaceae.
Lyrocarpa, lyre pod, Brassicaceae.
Lysiloma, false tamarind, Fabaceae.
Lysimachia nummularia, moneywort, Primulaceae.
Luziola, water grass, Poaceae.
Luzula, wood rush, Juncaceae.
Lycaste, lycaste, Orchidaceae.
Lygeum, lygeum, Poaceae.
Lysichiton, skunk cabbage, Araceae.
Lythraceae, Loosestrife family, Pomegranate family
Lythrum salicaria, purple loosestrife, Lythraceae.


Macadamia species, Proteaceae
Macadamia: Australian native fruits with potential for development.
Macadamia nut (Macadamia integrifolia), macadamia nut, Queensland nut, bauple nut, ornamental tree, seed contains 70% fats,
planted Brisbane City Botanic Gardens 1858, Australian native food, Proteaceae.
Rough-shell macadamia (Macadamia tetraphylla), bush nut, medium attractive tree, fruit shell very hard, white kernel, delicious
nut, used fresh, roasted, propagation from seeds, grafting, air layering, Australian native food, Proteaceae.
Macadamia species Daley's Fruit Trees

Macfadyena ungis-cati, claw creeper, aggressive climber that can smother native vegetation
restricted invasive plant in Queensland, tropical America, Bignoniaceae.
See diagram: Macfadyena ungis-cati
Machaeranthera, tansy aster, Asteraceae.
Machaerina, twig rush, Cyperaceae.
Macleaya cordata, plume poppy, five-seeded plume poppy, pink plume poppy, sanguinarine, bocconine alkaloid, China, in PapaverPapaveraceae.
Maclura pomifera, sage orange, Moraceae Macromeria, giant trumpets, Boraginaceae.
Macradenia, macradenia, Orchidaceae.
Macroptilium atropurpureum, siratro, purple bean, tropical pasture legume, North America Fabaceae.
Macroptilium bracteatum, Burgundy bean, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Macroptilium gracile, maldonado, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Macroptilium lathyroides, phasey bean, tropical pasture legume, , Fabaceae.
Macrosiphonia, rock trumpet, Apocynaceae.
Macrotyloma axillare, axillaris, pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Macrotyloma uniflorum (formerly Dolichjos uniflorus), tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Macrozamia, burrawang palm, not a true palm, fronds to 24 m long, pineapple-shaped male and female cones, large red seeds,
Zamiaceae, Phylum Cycadophyta
Macrozamia riedlei, zamia palm, poisonous if eaten raw, Western Australia, Zamiaceae, Phylum Cycadophyta
Madia, tar weed, Asteraceae.
Magnolia species
Magnolia acuminata, cucumber tree, beetle-pollinated flowers, Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia campbelli, Campbell's magnolia, widely grown spectacular tree, (pink tulip tree), Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia champaca, champak, Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia champaca (previously Michelia champaca), champak, herbal medicine, Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia denudata, lily tree, yulan, deciduous, alabaster white flowers, China, Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia grandiflora, southern evergreen magnolia, laurel-leaved magnolia, bull bay, up to 15-20 m, thin, scaly fissured bark, fragrant
showy flowers, 15-20 cm, southeast North America, Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia kobus, kobus magnolia, ancient magnolia, Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia liliflora, ancient magnolia, xinyin hus, nigra lily, flowered magnolia, herbal medicine, Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia macrophylla, big leaf magnolia, Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia obovata, Japanese bigleaf magnolia, up to 30 m, large leaves used as wrapping or dishes, cup-shaped flowers with strong
aroma, strong light wood used for carvings, herbal medicine, bark decoction used to prevent vomiting during pregnancy, Japan,
Magnolia salicifolia, willow-leaved magnolia, Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia stellata, star magnolia, Magnoliaceae.
Magnolia virginica (Pulmonaria virginica) Virginian bluebells, clump-forming perennial, violet-blue flowers, North America,
Magnolia X soulangiana, saucer magnolia, commonest magnolia in small gardens, Magnoliaceae.
Mahonia aquifolium (similar to Berberis), hollyleaved barberry, Berberidaceae.
Mahonia japonica (similar to Berberis), barberry, Berberidaceae.
Maianthemum, may flower, Liliaceae.
Malacothamnus, bush mallow, Malvaceae.
Malacothrix, desert dandelion, Asteraceae.
Malaxis, adder's-mouth orchid, Orchidaceae.
Mallotus philippensis, red kamals, dry rainforest, Australia, Euphorbiaceae.

Malpighia punicifolia, (M. emerginata) Acerola cherry, Barbados cherry, West Indian cherry, acerola,
See diagram: Barbados cherry
See diagram: Acerola cherry
Acerola Cherry, Daley's Fruit Trees
attractive shrub, 2-5 m in height, can be kept small with pot culture pruning and still bear fruits, many crops each year
bright red cherry-like fruit, taste changes during maturity, fruit juicy and aromatic when fully ripe, sweet acid apple-like flavour
previously grown for very high Vitamin C content, also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, and B3, antioxidants
used fresh mainly by children, propagation from air-layering, cuttings, hedge, shallow root system so susceptible to strong winds
foliage has minute, irritating stinging hairs causing allergic reaction, so prune wearing a long sleeved shirt and gloves
folk medicine, liver ailments, diarrhoea, dysentery, coughs, colds, sore throat, West Indies, Central and South America, Malpighiaceae.
Malpighia glabra, wild crepe myrtle, West Indian cherry, Malpighiaceae.

Malus species, apple
See diagram: Apple
Malus baccata, Siberian crab apple, Rosaceae.
Malus pumila (Malus domestica), apple, common apple, cyanogenic glycoside Amygdalin, C20H27NO11, in apple seeds, Rosaceae.
Any fruit resembling the fruit of Malus domestica may be called an "apple".
An apple grown from seed, not from grafts, called a pippin.
Malus ioensis, prairie crab apple, North America, Rosaceae.
Malus floribunda, Japanese crab apple, ornamental crab apple, Rosaceae.
See diagram: Crab apple
Malus hupehensis, Hubei apple, Rosaceae.
Malus micromalus, Rosaceae.
Malus prunifolia, plum-leaved crab apple, Rosaceae.
Malus pumila, orchid apple, medium tree, deciduous, lenticels on fruit, fruit large, sweet, used fresh, canned preserved, deciduous,
propagation from grafting, Europe, England (naturalized), Rosaceae.
Malus sylvestris, wild crab apple, European crab apple, wild tree has thorns, seeds and leaves poisonous, England, Rosaceae.
Malus tschonoskii, pilar apple, ornamental, planted in parks, Rosaceae.
Malus X purpurea, purple crab apple, common garden hybrid, Rosaceae.
Malus X robusta, cherry crab apple, common garden hybrid, Rosaceae.
Mallow, Malvaceae
Mammea americana, mamey apple, medium to large tree, evergreen, fruit large, round, sweet to subacid, brown, used fresh,
cooked, jam, preserves, propagation from seeds, grafting, West Indies, South America, Clusiaceae.
Mammillaria bocasana, nipple cactus, spherical, hooked thorns, white hairs, red flowers white inside (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Mammillaria elongata, lace cactus, yellow-brown spines (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Mammillaria, pincushion cactus, globe cactus, Cactaceae.
Mammillaria wildii, white thorns, long hairs (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Mammillaria zeilmanniana, rose pincushion, hooked spines, bell-shaped flowers (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Mandevilla species, rocktrumpets
Mandevilla boliviensis, white mandevilla, Chilean jasmine, cultivar "White fantasy", ornamental, Apocynaceae.
Mandevilla sanderi, Brazilian jasmine, "scarlet pimpernel" cultivar has red flowers with yellow throat, Apocynaceae.
Mandevilla X amoena, "Alice du Pont", Apocynaceae.
Mandrogora officinarum, mandrake, satan's apple, Solanaceae.
Manfreda, tuberose (Agavoideae), Asparagaceae.
Mangifera indica, mango, Anacardiaceae.
Mangifera odorata, kwini, Anacardiaceae.
Manihot esculenta cassava, manioc, tapioca, Euphorbiaceae.
Cassava project
Manihot glaziovii, ceara rubber tree, Euphorbiaceae.

Manilkara species, Sapotaceae.
Balata (Manilkara bidentata), bulletwood, ausubo, massaranduba, latex used for non-elastic rubber, sticky pulp eaten, Sapotaceae.
Caqui (Manilkara kauki), wongi, wongai plum, leaves dark-green on the upper surface but palebelow, edible, orange-red fruit, Australian
native food, tropical Asia, northern Australia, Australian native food, Sapotaceae.
Wongai Plum, Daley's Fruit Trees
Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota), chikoo, naseberry, sapota, chiku, nispero, chicozapote tree, medium, slow growing,
fruit large, brown, sweet tang pulp, flat black seeds, used fresh, sherbets, chicle polyterpene, desert fruit, latex chicle
used in chewing gum, propagation from seeds, grafting, herbal medicine, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Sapotaceae.
Sapodilla, Daley's Fruit Trees

Mansoa, garlic vine, Bignoniaceae.
Mapania, Cyperaceae.
Marah, man root, Cucurbitaceae.
Marantaceae, Arrowroot family, Prayer plant family
Maranta arundinacea, arrowroot, Marantaceae.
Prayer plants, Maranta species, Marantaceae.
Maranta bicolor, prayer plant, round to oval leaves with brown blotches either side of main vein (houseplant), Marantaceae.
Maranta leuconeura, prayer plant, slightly tubular leaves with red veins and yellow markings near main vein, leaves flat in the day but
fold up at night as in prayer (houseplant), groundcover, rosmarinic acid, Brazil, Marantaceae.
Marantaceae, prayer plant family
Marantochloa, marantochloa, Marantaceae.
Marchantia, liverwort, Phylum Hepatophyta
Marcgravia, marcgravia, Marcgraviaceae.
Marina, false prairie clover, Fabaceae.
Marrubium vulgare, horehound, Lamiaceae.
Marsdenia australis, bush banana, silky pear, green vine, doubah, small fruit, Australian native food, Apocynaceae.
Marshallia, Barbara's buttons, Asteraceae.
Masdevallia, masdevallia, Orchidaceae.
Matelea, milk vine, Asclepiadaceae.
Matricaria chamomilla, chamomile, Asteraceae.
Matthiola, stock, stocks, called a "gillyflower" because it smells of clove, ornamental, Brassicaceae.
Mauritia flexuosa, ita palm, red fruit with yellow flesh, Arecaceae.
Maxillaria, tiger orchid, Orchidaceae.
Mayaca, mayaca, Mayacaceae.
Mayacaceae, Mayaca family
Medeola, Indian cucumber, Liliaceae.
Medicago species, Fabaceae.
Megaskepasma, Brazilian red cloak, Acanthaceae.

Melaleuca species, tea trees, Myrtaceae.
Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), paper bark tree, melaleuca, narrow-leaved paperbark, ti-trol, melasol,
tea tree oil, ti-tree oil, cork layers separate into alternate thick and degenerating thin layers, Myrtaceae.
Tea tree oil
Melaleuca cajeputi, cajeput, white samet, paperbark tree, white tea tree, white wood, swamp tea tree, punk tree,
gelam, herbal medicine, cajuput oil, Myrtaceae.
Melaleuca leucadendra, weeping paperbark, caleput, cajuput, river tea tree, weeping tea tree, herbal medicine, produce
pungent, volatile oil called cajeput oil, used as with clove oil, as counter-irritant, and in liniments, Australian native food, Sulawesi,
Melaleuca linariifolia, honey myrtle ('Claret Tops'), dense and compact shrub, up to 1.5 m, claret-coloured new growth, white flowers
grow in shrubberies or in containers, hedge plant, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Myrtaceae.
Melaleuca thymifolia, thyme honey myrtle, small hardy shrub, up to 1 metre, mauve claw-type flowers in clusters, grow in full sun with
good drainage, in large pots or containers, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Myrtaceae.
Melaleuca quinquenervia, broad-leaf paperbark, (niaouli essential oil from steam distillation of twigs and leaves), Madagascar
Melaleuca viridiflora, broad-leaved paperbark, kitcha-kontoo, up to 10, open canopy, papery bark, spikes of cream,
yellow, green red flower, 10 m, white, brownish grey bark, fruit woody capsules, described in 1788 by Daniel
Solander, Australian native food, Papua New Guinea, Myrtaceae.

Blue tongue (Melastoma affine), native lassiandra, dhumulus, fast growth up to 3 m, dark green foliage, red stems, showy mauve to purple
flowers, small black berries, eaten fresh, ornamental garden plant, attract bees, Australian native food, Melastomataceae.
Blue tongue, Daley's Fruit Trees

Melampodium, black foot, Asteraceae.
Melampyrum, cow wheat, Scrophulariaceae.
Melanthera, square stem, Asteraceae.
Melanthiaceae, Trillium family
Melastoma affine, native lasiandra, hardy, fast growing bushy shrub, up to 2 m, large pink/purple flowers, grow in sunny to partial shade,
hedge or container plant, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Melastomaceae.
Melastoma candidum, Asian melastoma, bright purple flowers, Melastomaceae.
Melastoma malabathricum, Singapore rhododendron, sendudok, dull purple flowers, herbal medicine, Melastomaceae.
See diagram Melastoma affine
Meliaceae, Mahogany family
Melia azedarach, chinaberry tree, pride of India, Cape lilac, white cedar, timber tree, toxic fruit if eaten in quantity, rainforest margin,
invasive, Australia, Meliaceae.
Melicoccus bijugatus, Spanish lime, genipe, limoncillo, mamoncillo, large tree, evergreen, slow growing, male and female, fruit medium,
green, whitish pulp, subacid fresh, Propagation, seeds, air-layering, Tropical America, Sapotaceae.
Melica, melic grass, Poaceae.
Melicope anisata, mokihana, small tree, crushed leaves and fruit anise fragrance, used for leis, Citropten C11H10O4, lethal
photosensitisation, Rutaceae.
Melilotus alba, white melilot, Fabaceae.
Melilotus officinalis, melilot, Fabaceae.
Melissa officinalis, balm, lemon balm, Lamiaceae.
Melinis minutiflora, molasses grass, pasture grass, stink grass, Poaceae.
Melissa officinalis 'lime', lime balm, Lamiaceae.
Melittis melissophyllum, bastard balm, Lamiaceae.
Melocanna baccifera, bamboo, Burma, building, edible shoots, Poaceae.
Melochia, melochia, Sterculiaceae.
Melodorum leichhardtii, zig zag vine, rainforest, climbing to rainforest canopy, evergreen shrub with large stems, orange fruit, used in
sauces, Australian native food, Annonaceae.
Melothria scabra, , mouse melon, Mexican sour gherkin, Cucurbitaceae.
Mentha species, mint family, Lamiaceae
Mentzelia, blazing star, Loasaceae.
Menyanthes trifoliata, bog bean (monotypic), herbal medicine, Menyanthaceae.
Mercurialis perennis, dog's mercury, French mercury, resembles a cactus, poisonous, Euphorbiaceae.
Merremia, wood rose, Convolvulaceae.
Mertensia, blue bells, Boraginaceae.
Merxmuellera, Poaceae.
Mesadenus, ladies'-tresses, Orchidaceae.
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, ice plant, pigface, Azoiaceae.
Medlar (Mespilus germanica),common medlar pear, hard acidic fruit, England (naturalized), Rosaceae.
Medlar, Daley's Fruit Trees
Mesua ferrea, Sri Lankan ironwood tree, Indian rose chestnut, Cobra's saffron, penaga, mesua, gau-gau, large hardwood tree used for
Qing dynasty furniture, heavy, hard wood, herbal medicine, Myanmar, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Calophyllaceae.
Metasequoia glyptostroboides, dawn redwood, Cupressaceae.
Metroxylon sagu, true sago palm, sac sac, rumbia, freshwater swamp plant, starchy food, roof thatch, Papua New Guinea, Arecaceae.
Metroxylon salomonense, Soloman ivory nut palm, scaly fruits look like snakeskin, Solomon Islands, Arecaceae.
Metroxylon warburgii, ivory nuts, natangura palm, seeds as "vegetable ivory", Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Arecaceae.
Meum athamanticum, broad-leaved spignel, meu, Apiaceae.
Mibora, sand grass, Poaceae.
Michelia x alba, fragrant white flowers, up to 17 m, thin leathery leaves, Indonesia, Magnoliaceae.
Michelia champaca, Yellow Jade Orchid, up to 10 m, thin leathery leaves, India, south Asia, Magnoliaceae.
Michelia figo, port wine michelia, champak, Magnoliaceae.
Miconia calvescens, velvet tree, miconia, or bush currant, Mexico, South America, Melastomataceae.
possible the world's most invasive species, forming monocultural forests in Tahiti.
See diagram: Miconia calvescens
Micranthemum, mud flower, Scrophulariaceae.
Microchloa, small grass, Poaceae.
Microcycas, Zamiaceae, Phylum Cycadophyta
Microlaena, weeping grass, Poaceae.
Micropus, cottonseed, Asteraceae.
Micropyrum, Poaceae.
Microseris, silver puffs, Asteraceae.
Microseris lanceolata, murnong, yam daisy, yellow flower like dandelion, edible tuberous roots, cooked by roasting,
sweet flavour, Australian native food, Asteraceae.
Microstegium, brown top, Poaceae.
Microtea, jumby pepper, Amaranthaceae.
Microthlaspi, penny cress, Brassicaceae.
Mikania, climbing hemp vine, bitter vine, guaco Asteraceae.
Milla, milla, Liliaceae.
Millettia pinnata (Pongamia pinnata), Indian beech tree, karanj, Australian biofuel, Fabaceae.
Millingtonia hortensis, tree jasmine, dried flowers for lung ailments, Bignoniaceae.
Milium, millet grass, Poaceae.
Miltonia, pansy orchid, Orchidaceae.
Mimosa pudica, sensitive plant, Fabaceae.
Mimosa catechu, Fabaceae.
Mimulus, monkey flower, Scrophulariaceae.
Mimusops elengi, tanjong tree, Spanish cherry, medlar, bullet wood, up to 16 m, shade tree, fragrant flowers, ornamental tree, valuable
timber, herbal medicine, different parts used in Ayurvedic medicine mainly for dental ailments, ripe edible fruit bright red-orange,
India, Southeast Asia, Australian native food, Sapotaceae.
Mnium, carpet moss, Phylum Bryophyta
Minuartia, stitch wort, Caryophyllaceae.

Four o'clock flower (Mirabilis jalapa), showy four o'clock, marvel-of-Peru, beauty-of-the-night, | Indicaxanthin | Miraxanthin I to V |
Vulgaxanthin I | herbal medicine, opens in mid-to-late-afternoon and closes again the next morning, purgative, many-coloured, fragrant
ornamental, Nyctaginaceae.
Miscanthus zebrinus, zebra grass, Poaceae.
Corduroy tamarind tree (Mischarytera lautereriana), Australian native food, Sapindaceae.
Corduroy tamarind, Daley's Fruit Trees
Mitchella repens, partridge berry, squaw vine, herbal medicine, Rubiaceae.
Mitella breweri, Brewer's miterwort, Brewer's bishop's cap, Saxifragaceae.
Mitracarpus, girdle pod, Rubiaceae.
Mitragyna speciosa, kratom tree, contains many alkaloids, Rubiaceae.
Mitreola, horn pod, Loganiaceae.
Modiola, bristle mallow, Malvaceae.
Moehringia, sand wort, Caryophyllaceae.
Moenchia, upright chick weed, Caryophyllaceae.
Molinia, moor grass, Poaceae.
Mollugo, carpet weed Molluginaceae.
Momordica charantia, bitter melon, Cucurbitaceae.
Momordica cochinhinensis, gac fruit, Cucurbitaceae.
Monanthochloe, shore grass, Poaceae.
Monarda species, Lamiaceae.
Monarda citriodora, lemon bergamot, Lamiaceae.
Monarda clinopodia, bee balm, wild bergamot, Lamiaceae.
Monarda didyma, scarlet beebalm, Oswego tea, bergamot, Lamiaceae.
Monarda fistulosa, wild bergamot, Lamiaceae.
Monarda pectinata, pony bee balm, Lamiaceae.
Monbretia (Crocosmia X crocosmiiflora), large orange flowers, invasive, noxious weed, Iridaceae.
Moneses, single delight, Pyrolaceae.
Monochoria, monochoria, Pontederiaceae.
Monolepis, poverty weed, Amaranthaceae.
Monoptilon, desert star, Asteraceae.
Monotropa, Indian pipe, Monotropaceae.
Monotropsis, pygmy pipes, Monotropaceae.
Monroa, false buffalo grass, Poaceae.

Fruit salad plant (Monstera deliciosa), Mexican breadfruit, Swiss cheese plant, ceriman, shrub-like vine, climber, evergreen, large pinnate
leaves, plant and unripe fruit poisonous, grown for large unusual leaves with holes in them and fruit, fruit sweet, aromatic,
propagation from cuttings, seeds, Mexico, Guatemala, Araceae.
Monstera, Daley's Fruit Trees
Monstera tenuis, cheese plant, Araceae.

Montia, miners lettuce, Portulacaceae.
Montrichardia, montrichardia, Araceae.
Montropa uniflora, Indian pipe, ghost plant, corpse plant, white does not contain chlorophyll, parasitic, fungal host, Ericaceae.
Moraceae, mulberry family
Moraea, Iridaceae.
Morella cerifera, bayberry, small wax myrtle, candle berry, herbal medicine, Myricaceae.
Morelotia, Cyperaceae.

Noni (Morinda citrifolia), morinda, Indian mulberry, beach mulberry, cheese fruit, used in noni soap, traditional herbal medicine,
source of antioxidants, Vitamin C, potassium, phytonutrients, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial compounds, boost immune
system, repair cellular damage, stone-fish wounds, digestive problems, when ripe fruit skin becomes translucent, flesh turns soft with
unpleasant odour then called "starvation fruit", Southeast Asia and Pacific region, Australian native food, Rubiaceae.
See diagram: Morinda citrifolia
Noni, Daley's Fruit Trees

Moringaceae, Horseradish tree family
Moringa oleifera, Indian horseradish tree, drumstick tree, Moringaceae.
Moringa ovalifera, phantom tree, ghost tree, Moringaceae.
Morus alba, white mulberry, silkworm mulberry, Moraceae.
Morus nigra, black mulberry, (Moraceae.
Moss, Phylum Bryophyta
Mucronea, spine flower, Polygonaceae.
Mucuna pruriens, cowhage, velvet bean, Fabaceae.
Muehlenbeckia, maiden hair vine, Polygonaceae.
Muhlenbergia, bush muhly grass, muhly, Poaceae.
Muilla, muilla, Liliaceae.

Muntingia calabura, Muntingiaceae.
Panama berry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Muntingia calabura, capulin, Panama berry, Jamaica cherry, small tree, evergreen, attractive, fast-growing, shade tree, fruit small berry,
red or yellow, sweet, aromatic, used fresh, jam, tarts, propagation from seeds, suckers, attractive fast-growing shade tree,
Tropical America, Muntingiaceae.

Murdannia, murdannia, Commelinaceae.
Murraya koenigii, curry leaf tree, Rutaceae.
Murraya paniculata), orange jessamine, Rutaceae.
Musaceae, Banana family, monocotyledon.
Musa basjoo, non-fruiting species, useful fibre, herbal medicine, China, Musaceae.
Musa domestica, banana, Musaceae.
Musa textilis, abaca, manila hemp, fibres outer part of leaf stalks, Musaceae.
Muscari, grape hyacinth, Liliaceae.
Myagrum, myagrum, Brassicaceae.
Myoporum parvifolium, creeping boobialla, hardy, prostrate groundcover, up to 1 metre, small purple and white flowers, ornamental,
grow in sunny well-drained position or in pots or containers, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Scrophulariaceae.
Boobialla (Myoporum insulare), common boobialla, native juniper, blueberry tree, coastal Australia dunes and cliffs, shrub up to 6 m,
salt tolerant, dull green egg-shaped leaves, white flowers with purple spots, rounded purple-black edible drupe, used for jams and jellies,
coastal windbreak hedge, rootstock, Australian native food, Scrophulariaceae
Myosotidium hortensis, giant forget-me-not, Chatham Islands forget-me-not, Boraginaceae.
Myosotis scorpioides, true forget-me-not, scorpion grass, Boraginaceae.
Mysotis sylvatica), wood forget-me-not Boraginaceae.
Myosurus, mouse tail, Ranunculaceae.
Myrcia sphaerocarpa, root extract called "pedra hume caa",myrcene, traditional herbal medicine, diabetes, diarrhoea, hypetension
Brazil, Myrtaceae.
Myrciaria cauliflora, jaboticaba, shrub or small tree, fruit medium, round, black, sweet, used fresh, frozen, wine, propagation from
seeds, grafting, Brazil, Myrtaceae.
Myrciaria floribunda, guava berry, small tree, attractive ornamental, fruit small, yellow, sweet aromatic pulp, or seeds, used fresh,
flavourings, propagation from seeds, West Indies, Myrtaceae.
Myrciaria glomerata, yellow jaboticaba, small shrub, good ornamental, fruit yellow, sweet pulp and seeds, used fresh, propagation from
seeds, subject to iron deficiency in limestone soils, Brazil, Myrtaceae.
Myrciaria paraensis, camu camu, shrub or small tree, evergreen, slow growing, fruit small, red, acid pulp, used fresh, juice,
propagation from seeds, South America, Myrtaceae.
Myrciaria vexator, blue grape, false jaboticaba, medium shrub, fruit small, purple, thin sweet flesh or seeds, used fresh, propagation
from seeds, Costa Rica, Myrtaceae.
Myremecodia, ant plant, epiphyte, symbiosis with ants and fungi, Rubiaceae.
Myrianthus arboreus, tropical tree, up to 15m high, oblong fruits, Central Africa, Moraceae.
Myricaceae, Bayberry family
Myrica cerifera, bayberry, southern wax myrtle, Myricaceae.
Myrica gale, sweetgale, sweet gale, gale, herbal medicine, Myricaceae.
Myristica fragrans, nutmeg and mace spices, garden herb, dioecious, myristicin alkaloid, Myristacaceae.
Myrocarpus fastigiatus, cabreuva, cabureicica, Fabaceae.
Myrocarpus frondosus, cabreuva, Fabaceae.
Myrosma, myrosma, Marantaceae.
Myroxylon balsamum, balsum of Peru, Tolu balsam, Fabaceae.
Myrrhis odorata, sweet cecily, giant chervil, Spanish chervil, herbal medicine, garden herb, Apiaceae.
Myrsine, colic wood, Myrsinaceae.
Myrtaceae, Myrtle family
Myrtus communis, myrtle, Myrtaceae.

Najas, water nymph, Najadaceae.
Nama, fiddle leaf, Hydrophyllaceae.
Nandina domestica, sacred bamboo, Berberidaceae.
Nannorrhops ritchiana, Mazari palm, Iran, India, Arecaceae.
Nanozostera japonica, dwarf eelgrass, Zosteraceae.
Napaea, napaea, Malvaceae.
Narcissus species: Poisonous bulbs, Malvaceae.
Narcissus jonquilla, jonquil, Amaryllidaceae.
Narcissus poeticus, poet's narcissus, pheasant's eye, daffodil, jonquil, Amaryllidaceae.
Narcissus pseudonarcissus, daffodil, asphodel, narcissus, joss flower, lent lily, starch in fleshy bulb scales, poisonous bulbs Amaryllidaceae.
Narcissus tenzetia, narcissin flavanoid, Amaryllidaceae.
Nardostachys chinensis, Chinese spikenard, Valerianaceae.
Nardostachys jatamansi, spikenard, nard, Caprifoliaceae.
Nardus, mat grass, Poaceae.
Nartheciaceae, Narthecium family
Narthecium americanum, bog asphodel, yellow asphodel, Liliaceae.
Narthecium ossifragum, bog asphodel, Nartheceaceae.
Nassella, needle grass, Poaceae.
Nasturtium officinale, common watercress, Brassicaceae.
Nasturtium officinale (Rorippa), common watercress, garden herb, Brassicaceae.
Narthecium ossifragum Nauclea esculenta, nauclea, small tree, evergreen, fruit medium, red, firm sweet pulp, many tiny seeds, used fresh,
propagation from seeds, West Africa, Rubiaceae.
Nauclea orientalis, large tree, globular yellow flowers, Leichhardt tree, yellow cheesewood, fruit edible but not palatable, rainforest,
Northern Australia, Rubiaceae.
Navarretia, pincushion plant, Polemoniaceae.
Nechamandra, nechamandra, Hydrocharitaceae.
Nectandra coriaceae, lancewood, Lauraceae.
Nectandra elaiophora, louro nhamuy, Lauraceae.
Neea psychotrioides, saltwood, pigeon plum, nia, edible fruit, herbal medicine, Nyctaginaceae.
Neeragrostis, creeping love grass, Poaceae.
Nelumbo nucifera, lotus, sacred lotus, Indian lotus, red lily (water lily, water bean), liensinine alkaloid, herbal medicine,
Dried herb sold as whole flowers.
Nemacaulis, cotton heads, Polygonaceae.
Nemacladus, thread plant, Campanulaceae.
Nemastylis, pleat leaf, Iridaceae.
Nematanthus wettsteinii, goldfish plant
Nemophila, baby blue eyes, Hydrophyllaceae.
Nengella pinangoides, Papua New Guinea, Arecaceae.
Neobeckia, lake cress, Brassicaceae.
Neodypsis decaryi, Madagascar, Arecaceae.
Neomarica, neomarica, Iridaceae.
Neonotonia wightii, glycine, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Neoregelia carolinae, blushing bromeliad, epiphyte, leave form broad rosette, like a vase (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Neostapfia, colusa grass, Poaceae.
Neottia cordata, heartleaf twayblade, lesser twayblade, uncommon, easily not seen close to ground, Europe, Orchidaceae.
Neottia nidus-avis, bird's nest orchid, Orchidaceae.
Nepenthes, pitcher plants, Nepenthaceae.

Nepenthes ampullaria, pitcher plant, herbal medicine, Nepenthaceae.
Nepenthes khasiana, pitcher plant, blue fluorescence to attract insects, India, Nepenthaceae.
Nepenthes salpouriana, pitcher plants, Indonesia, Malaysia, climbing tendrils on leaf ends may develop into lidded flowers,

Nepeta X racemosa, six hills giant catmint, Lamiaceae.
Nepeta glechoma, Lamiaceae.
Nepeta hederacea, Lamiaceae.

Rambutan, (Nephelium lappaceum), Sapindaceae
Rambutan, medium tree, evergreen, male and female trees or hermaphroditic, fruit medium, red, yellow or white
sweet pulp, edible aril, covered with fleshy spines, used fresh, preserved, propagation from seeds, grafting, herbal
medicine, Southeast Asia, Sapindaceae.
Rambutan, Daley's Fruit Trees
Nephelium rambutan-ake, pulasan, herbal medicine, Sapindaceae.
Pulasan (Nephelium mutabile), large tree, evergreen, fruit small, oval, leathery red skin, translucent sweet flesh, seed, used fresh,
propagation from seeds, grows best in a warm climate, Malaysia, Sapindaceae.
Pulasan, Daley's Fruit Trees

Nephrophyllidium, deer cabbage, Menyanthaceae.
Neptunia, yellow neptunia, puff, Fabaceae.
Nerisyrenia, fan mustard, Brassicaceae.
Nerine sarniensis, "Guernsey lily" but it comes South Africa, spider lily, ornamental, Liliaceae.
Nerium indicum, oleander, Indian oleander, sweet-scented oleander, karaviram, herbal medicine, nerioderin in tuber
entire plant poisonous especially leaves, India, Apocynaceae.
Nerium oleander, oleander, ornamental shrub, leathery, willow-like leaves, cardiac glycosides, oleandrin, entire plant poisonous
especially leaves, Apocynaceae.
Nertera granadensis, coral bead plant, mound-forming, creeping stem, small rounded leaves, white then orange berries (houseplant),
Nervilia, Orchidaceae.
Neyraudia, neyraudia, Poaceae.
Nicolletia, hole-in-the-sand plant, Asteraceae.
Nicotiana species Solanaceae.
Nidema, nidema, Orchidaceae.
Nidularium billbergioides citrinum, rosette forming, epiphytic (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Nidularium fulgens, rosette forms vase with tubular white and purple flowers (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Nidularium innocentii, undersides of leaves purple (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Nidularium innocentii, bird's nest bromeliad, Bromeliaceae.
Nierembergia, cup flower, Solanaceae.
Nigella damascena, love-in-a-mist, devil-in-a-bush, Ranunculaceae.
Nigella sativa, black cumin, nigella, Ranunculaceae.
Nissolia, yellow hood, Fabaceae.
Nitella clavata, protoplasmic streaming can be observed
Nitraria billardierei, nitre bush, dillon bush, perennial salt-tolerant shrub, up to 2 m, small ovoid or oblong purple-golden drupe, edible
fruit, taste like "salty grapes", used to make jam, Australian native food, Nitrariaceae
Nitraria: Australian native fruits with potential for development.
Nitraria retusa, salt-tolerant desert shrub, up 2.5 m, small white-green, fragrant flowers, small edible red fruit, Africa, Nitrariaceae
Nitrophila mohavensis, amargosa niterwort, Amaranthaceae.
Nolina, bear grass, Liliaceae.
Nonea vesicaria, red monkswort, Boraginaceae.
Nopalea, cochineal cactus (female bug Coccus cacti)
Normanbya normanbyi, black palm, north-eastern Queensland, Australia
Nothocalais, prairie dandelion, Asteraceae.
Nothocestrum, aiea, Solanaceae.
Nothofagus alpina, rauli (a southern beech), Andes mountains, Nothofagaceae.
Nothofagus antarctica, antarctic beech tree (a southern beech), Andes mountains, Nothofagaceae.
Nothofagus obliqua, Roble beech (a southern beech), Northern Europe, Nothofagaceae.
Nothoscordum bivalve, crow poison, Liliaceae.
Nothoscordum fragrans, onion weed, Liliaceae.
Nothoscordum gracile, fragrant false garlic, Liliaceae.
Notocactus apricus, spherical ribbed, very spiny, yellow flowers (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Notocactus ottonis, stiff spines (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Notothixos incanus, var. subaureus, yellow-leafed parasite of Loranthus, Loranthaceae.
Notothyles, hornwort, Phylum Anthocerotophyta
Nototrichium, rockwort, Amaranthaceae.
Nuttallanthus, toad flax, Scrophulariaceae.
Nuytsia floribunda, West Australian Christmas tree, hemiparasite, Loranthaceae.
Nyctaginia, nyctaginia, Nyctaginaceae.
Nymphaea macrosperma, water lily, white water lily, herbal medicine, leaf has very thin cuticle and aerenchyma, air chambers, Australian
native food, Nymphaeaceae.
Nymphaea maculata, red tiger lotus, water lily, Nymphaeaceae.
Nymphaea violacea, purple lily, Nymphaeaceae.
Nymphoides, floating heart, Menyanthaceae.
Nyssa sylvatica, black gum, tupelo, moderate size, ornamental shade tree, North America, Cornaceae.
Nypa fruticans, nipah palm, mangrove palm, grows as a mangrove in tidal estuaries, Pacific islands, Arecaceae.