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Plants, B to C
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BC Alphabetic listing of scientific names
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Baccaurea dulcis, rambai, medium evergreen tree, fruit, small, yellowish in long clusters, flesh whitish, sweet, used fresh
propagation from seeds, Southeast Asia, Euphorbiaceae.
Baccaurea motleyana, rambai, tampoi, Euphorbiaceae.
Baccharis dracunculifolia, vassoura, Asteraceae.
Baccharis halimifolia, baccharis, groundsel tree, willow baccharis, deciduous and evergreen shrubs, North and South America
Baccharts gennistelloides, carquueja, Asteraceae.
Backhousia citriodora lemon myrtle, Myrtaceae.
Bactris gasipaes, peach palm, palm chestnuts, pupunhapejibaye palm, medium palm, cold sensitive, fruit medium, ovoid with yellow oily
flesh, used cooked, preserves, Propagation from seeds, Central and South America, Arecaceae.
Bactris acanthocarpa, Brazil, Arecaceae.
Bacopa species, brahmi, water hyssop, herb of grace, Plantaginaceae.
Baeckea frutescens, false rue, Myrtaceae.
Baekea virgata, twiggy heath myrtle, very hardy, bushy erect shrub, up to 3.5 m, white flowers, grow in a light shade, in well-drained
soil, hedges or tubs, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Myrtaceae.
Baikiaea insignis, nkobakoba, nkoba, Tanzania, Uganda, Fabaceae.
Baileya, desert marigold, Asteraceae.
Balaka seemannii, spear palm, Arecaceae, used for making spears in Fiji, Baldellia, water plantain, Alismataceae.
Balduina, honeycomb head, Asteraceae.
Ballota nigra, black horehound, Lamiaceae
Balsaminaceae, Touch-me-not family
Balsamita malor (Chrysanthemum balsamita, Pyrethrum majus), costmary, balsam herb, alecost, mint geranium, sweet Mary
Bible leaf, balsamite, Asteraceae.
Balsamodendron, Arabian myrtle, Arabian myrrh incense
Balsamorhiza, balsam root, Asteraceae.

Edible Bamboo
Giant Timber Bamboo (Bambusa oldhamii), Oldham's bamboo, 20 metres, densely foliated, common in US, supposed to have sweet
shoot, Poaceae.
Bambusa rigida, used in Chengdu Panda Research Centre, Sichuan, Poaceae.
Sweet shoot bamboo (Bambusa latiflora, Guadua latifolia), culinary uses, cut the shoots before they see the light and before they
become fibrous Poaceae.
Slender weaver bamboo (Bambusa textilis var. gracilis), Poaceae
Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris), common bamboo, golden bamboo, Buddhas belly bamboo, widely cultivated and widely used, light
construction, carrying poles, brooms, combs, paper production, young shoots edible but rarely eaten, herbal medicine, ornamental,
soil erosion control, occur only as cultivated, Poaceae.
Giant atter bamboo (Giantochloe atter), sweet bamboo, dense clumping, young shoots are consumed as vegetable, stems used for
furniture and musical instruments, up to 22 m, common village cultivation, Malaysia, Poaceae
Edible Bamboo, Daley's Fruit Trees

Banara, palo de ramon, Flacourtiaceae.
Banisteriopsis caapi, ayahuasca caapi, Barbados cherry, lianes of Amazon forest, narcotic,harmine and derivatives, folk medicine,
Amazon region, Malpighiaceae.

Banksia, Proteaceae.
Banksia dentata (Dryandra), swamp banksia, wild nectar food, Australian native food, Proteaceae.
Banksia ericifolia, showy flowers, Proteaceae.
Banksia integrifolia, coastal banksia, entire-leaved banksia, ornamental, tree, Proteaceae.
Banksia serrata, saw banksia, "Banksia man" seed cone, saw-toothed, cone-like leaves, named after Sir Joseph banks, one of few
plants raised from seeds from first visit to Botany Bay by Captain Cook, Proteaceae.
Banksia spinulosa, hairpin banksia, hardy, evergreen shrub, up to 2 m, foliage with bold flowering spike cut to encourage flowering and
thicker foliage, grow in open sun, in well-drained soil, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Proteaceae.

Baphida nitida, camwood, Fabaceae.
Baptisia tinctoria, wild indigo, horsefly weed, herbal medicine, Fabaceae.
Barbarea vulgaris, upland cress (Brassicaceae.
Barbieria, barbieria, Fabaceae.
Barcopa monnieri, brahmi, Plantaginaceae.
Barkleyanthus, willow rag wort, Asteraceae.
Barleria, Philippine violet, Acanthaceae.
Barosma betulina (Diosma betulina), buchus shorts, bucku, blackcurrant taste, herbal medicine, South Africa, Rutaceae.
Barringtonia asiatica, fish poison tree, Lecythidaceae.
Barringtonia racemosi, powderpuff tree, Lecythidaceae.
Bartonia, screw stem, Gentianaceae.
Basellaceae, Basella family
Basella alba, Ceylon spinach, Malabar spinach, Basellaceae.
Basiphyllaea, basiphyllaea, Orchidaceae.
Bassia prostrata, forage kochia, Amaranthaceae.
Bassia scoparia, summer cypress, burning bush, cultivated form "Burning bush" deep red leaves, stock feed, perennial herb and shrub,
Bassia, smother weed, roly-poly, tumble weed, Amaranthaceae.
Bassia tricophylla, burning bush, annual herb, deep red leaves, Amaranthaceae.
Bataceae, saltwort family
Batis, turtle weed, Bataceae.

Bauhinia species, orchid trees, Fabaceae.
Bauhinia bidenta, Pride of Selangor, Fabaceae.
Bauhinia blakeana, Blake's bauhinia, Hong Kong orchid tree, mountain ebony, China, on Hong Kong SAR flag, Fabaceae.
Bauhinia divaricata, butterfly orchid tree, Caesalpiniaceae, Fabaceae.
Bauhinia glauca, climbing bauhinia, Fabaceae.
Bauhinia purpurea, butterfly tree, Fabaceae.
Bauhinia, purpurea bauhinia, butterfly tree, tropical tree ornamental, two-lobed leaves, hydrocyanic acid, quercitin, rutin, herbal
medicine, Fabaceae.

Beaucarnea recurvata, bottle "palm", pony tail "palm", elephant's foot "palm", Asparagaceae.
Beaumontia grandiflora, Nepal trumpet flower, herald's trumpet, ornamental, large shrub, white flowered woody climber, Apocynaceae.
Bebbia, sweet bush, Asteraceae.
Beccariophoenix alfredii, high plateau coconut palm, Madisgascar, Arecaceae.
Beckmannia, slough grass, Poaceae.

Begoniaceae, Begonia family
Begonia bowerae, eyelash begonia, Begoniaceae.
Begonia elatior hybrids (houseplant), Begoniaceae.
Begonia listada (houseplant), Begoniaceae.
Begonia lorraine hybrids (houseplant), Begoniaceae.
Begonia masoniana, iron cross begonia (houseplant), Begoniaceae.
Begonia rex, ornamental (houseplant), South America, Begoniaceae.
Begonia semoperflorens, wax begonia, fibrous-rooted begonia (houseplant), Begoniaceae.
Begonia sutherlandii (houseplant), Begoniaceae.
Begonia X tuberhybrida, basket begonia (houseplant), Begoniaceae.

Beilschmiedia obtusifolia, hard bollygum, tormenta, timber tree, Lauraceae.
Bejaria, befaria, Epacridaceae.
Belamcanda chinensis, blackberry lily, China, perennial herb, Iridaceae.
Bellardia, lineseed, Scrophulariaceae.
Bellis perennis, daisy, Asteraceae.
Bellucia costaricensis, Melastomataceae.
Beloglottis, Orchidaceae.
Beloperone guttata, shrimp plant, Acanthaceae.
Benincasa, benincasa, wax gourd, Cucurbitaceae.
Berberidaceae, Barberry family
Berberis aquifolium, Oregon grape, Berberidaceae.
Bentinckia nicobarica, Nicobar Islands, Arecaceae.
Berberis vulgaris, barberry, Berberidaceae.
Bergenia crassifolia, elephant's ear saxifrage, pipsqueak (noise when two leaves rubbed together), Central Asia, Saxifragaceae.
Bergerocactus, snake cactus, Cactaceae.
Bergia, bergia, Elatinaceae.
Berlandiera, green eyes, Asteraceae.
Berteroa, false mad wort, Brassicaceae.
Bertholletia excelsa, Brazil nut tree, Lecythidaceae.
Bertolonia marmorata, Brazil, Melastomataceae.
Berula, upright water parsley, lesser water parsley, aquatic, poisonous
Besseya, kittentail, Scrophulariaceae.
Beta vulgaris, beet, Amaranthaceae.
Betonica officinalis, water betony, water fig wort, herbal medicine used externally, Lamiaceae.

Betulaceae, Birch family
Betula species, Betulaceae.
Betula alba (B. odorata, B. pendula), birch tree, common birch, white birch, silver birch, European white birch, sesquiterpenes,
e.g. betulenol,
(sauna birch bundles) (birch tar from bark, mainly phenol, cresol and pyrobetulin used for "leather scent" and after shave lotions).
betulinic acid, Betulaceae.
Dried herb sold as leaves.
Betula alleghaniensis, yellow birch, Betulaceae.
Betula ermanii, Erman's birch, Betulaceae.
Betula lenta, sweet birch, southern birch, cherry birch, mountain mahogany, mahogany birch, spice birch, North America, Betulaceae.
Betula nigra, black birch, river birch, peeling bark, North America, Betulaceae.
Betula pendula, silver birch tree, commonly planted,Acacetin, England, Betulaceae.
Betula papyrifera, paper-bark birch tree, birch bud oil, contrasting white bark, Betulaceae.
Betula, silver birch, European white birch (Betula pendula), Betulaceae
Betula pubescens, downy birch tree, European birch, herbal medicine, ornamental, herbal medicine, England, Betulaceae.
Betula utilis, Himalayan birch tree, Betulaceae.
Betula verrucosa, birch bud oil, birch tar oil, Betulaceae.

Bhesa robusta, spindle tree, Asia, Celastraceae.
Cobbler's pegs (Bidens pilosa), beggar ticks, bur marigold, pitchforks, roadside weed, propagation from seeds attach to clothing
especially socks, African potherb, young leaves as pot herb, older leaves bitter, herbal medicine, dental ailments, toothache, Asteraceae.
Bigelowia, rayless golden rod, Asteraceae.
Bignoniaceae, Trumpet creeper family
Bignonia capreolata, cross vine, bignonia, vigorous climber, North America, Bignoniaceae.

Billardia species Pittosporaceae.
Billardiera: Australian native fruits with potential for development.
Billardiera cymosa, sweet apple-berry, Australian native food, Pittosporaceae.
Billardiera longiflora, blueberry, purple apple-berry, Australian native food, Pittosporaceae.
Billardiera scandens, common apple-berry, Australian native food, Pittosporaceae.

Billbergia nutans, angel's tears, queen's tears, friendship plant, summer torch, Brazil, epiphytic herbs, nodding flowers (houseplant),
Billbergia X windii (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Billieturnera, false fan petals, Malvaceae.
Biserrula, biserrula, Fabaceae.
Bismarckia nobilis, Madagascar, Arecaceae.
Biuminaria bituminosa, Arabian pea, pitch trefoil | fucaocoumarins: | Psoralen | Xanthotoxin | Bergapten | Angelicin | leaves smell like bitumen,
Mediterranran region, Fabaceae.
Bixaceae, Lipstick tree family
Bixa orellana, lipstick tree, anatto, achiote, herbal medicine, Bixaceae.
Ballota nigra, Black horehound, Lamiaceae
Blandfordia nobilis, Christmas bell, showy flowers, family Liliaceae.
Blechnum brasiliense, Brazilian dwarf tree fern, rosette of red-brown fronds, Blechnaceae.
Blechnum gibbum, silver lady, a "hard fern", rosette of large fronds, to 1 m, Blechnaceae.
Blepharidachne, desert grass, Poaceae.
Blepharoneuron, drop seed grass, Poaceae.
Blephilia, pagoda plant, Lamiaceae.
Bletia purpurea, sharp-petalled bletia, common swamp orchid, West Indies, Florida, Orchidaceae.
Bletilla striata, bletilla, striped, ribbed leaves, Orchidaceae.
Blighia sapida, akee, vegetable brain, medium tree, evergreen, fast-growing, fruit, large, yellow-red, black seeds, cooked aril eaten
but pink raphe attached to aril is poisonous, peptide hypoglycin, used aril fried, fresh, propagation from seeds, Sapindaceae.
See diagram: Akee
Bloomeria, golden star, Liliaceae.

Blumea balsamifera, ngai camphor, sambong, leaves reduced to small scales at nodes of the flattened green stem, cladode, borneol,
Chinese and Philippine medicines, Asteraceae.
Blumea chinensis, tombak-tombak, Asteraceae.
Blumea lacera, Asteraceae.
Blumea myriocephala (B lanceolaria), Asteraceae.

Blysmus, bulrush, Cyperaceae.
Blyxa, Hydrocharitaceae.
Boehmeria nivea, ramie, Urticaceae.
Boerhavia diffusa, punarnava, Nyctaginaceae.
Boesenbergia pandurata, Chinese keys, Zingiberaceae.
Boesenbergia rotunda, Chinese ginger, Zingiberaceae.
Bolandra, false cool wort, Saxifragaceae.
Boltonia, doll's daisy Asteraceae.
Bomarea caldasii, twining herb, Liliaceae.
Bomarea shuttleworthii, climber, "Peruvian lily", bell-shaped flowers, Columbia, Alstroemeriaceae.
Bombacaceae, Chapter family
Bombax costatum, garden tree, buttressed roots, Bombacaceae.
Bombax malabaricum, silk cotton tree, kapok, Bombacaceae.
Bonamia, lady's night cap, Convolvulaceae.
Bontia, bontia, Myoporaceae.
Boquila trifoliata, pilpil, Chile, Lardizabalaceae.
Boraginaceae, Borage family
Borago officinalis, borage, starflower, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, retronecine, Boraginaceae.
Borassodendron machadonis, cangkai, Malaysia, Arecaceae.
Borassus flabellifer, Palmyra palm, lontar, borassus palm, toddy palm, India, Malaysia, Arecaceae.
Borinda, borinda, Poaceae.
Borojoa patinoi, boroj, borojo, small tree, evergreen, slow growing, up to 5 metres, tropical forest tree, fruit, medium, spherical dark brown
pulp, many small seeds, herbal medicine, polyphenol nutrients, used fresh, propagation from seeds, South America, Rubiaceae.
Boronia megastigma, boronia, brown boronia, boronia absolute oil, ionone, eugenol, phenols, Australia, Rutaceae.
Borrichia, seaside tansy, Asteraceae.
Boschniakia, ground cone, Orobanchacbeae.
Bossiaea scolopendria, bossiaea, Fabaceae.
Boswellia sacra, Frankincense, Bursuraceae.
Bothriochloa, beard grass, forest blue grass, couch grass, Indian couch, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Botrychium lunaria, moonwort, lunarie (not confuse with honesty), Ophioglossaceae.

Maprang (Bouea macrophylla), kundangan, medium tree, fruit, small, oval, one large seed, acidulous pulp, used fresh or cooked, preserves,
propagation from seeds, grafting, Southeast Asia, Anacardiaceae.
Plum mango (Bouea oppositifolia), village fruit tree, Malaysia, Anacardiaceae.
Bouea species, Daley's Fruit Trees

Bougainvillea X buttiana (B glabra, B peruviana), paper flower, scarlet papery bracts, Nyctaginaceae.
Bougainvillea glabra, vigorous climber, thorny stems (houseplant), Nyctaginaceae.
Bougainvillaea peruviana, bougainvillaea, Brazil, climbers, Nyctaginaceae.
Bougainvillaea spectabilis (many cultivars), thorny, vigorous, Nyctaginaceae.
Bougainvillea spinosa, bougainvillaea, Nyctaginaceae.

Bourreria, strong bark, Boraginaceae.
Bouteloua dactyloides, called "buffalo grass" in North America, grama grass, Noert American prairie grass, Poaceae.
Bowenia serrulata, byfield fern (cycad, not a fern), Australia, Stangeriaceae.
Bowenia spectabilis, Australia, Stangeriaceae.
Boykinia, brook foam, Saxifragaceae.
Brachiaria decumbens, signal grass, para grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Brachiaria humidicola, humidicola grass, koronivia grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Brachiaria ruziziensis, ruzi, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Brachionidium, cup orchid, Orchidaceae.
Brachyachne, Poaceae.
Brachychiton acerifolius, Illawarra flame tree, kurrajong, brilliant red flowers, ornamental, have no heartwood, Australia, Sterculiaceae.
Brachychiton populneus, kurrajong tree, Australian native food, Sterculiaceae.
Brachychiton rupestris, Queensland bottle tree, Australia, Sterculiaceae.
Brachyelytrum, short husk grass, Poaceae.
Brachypodium, false brome grass, Poaceae.
Brachylaena hutchinsii, muhuhu, Asteraceae.
Brachyscome iberidifolia, swan river daisy, Asteraceae.
Brachyscome multifida, cut leaf daisy, forest daisy, hardy, up to 150 mm, purple daisy flowers, grow in full sun, ground cover, in
rockeries, mass plantings, pots, hanging baskets and borders, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Asteraceae.
Brachystigma, desert foxglove, Scrophulariaceae.
Brahea edulis, Guadeloupe palm, small, round black fruit, Guadeloupe island, Arecaceae.
Brandegea, star vine, Cucurbitaceae.
Brasenia peltata, water shield, small water lily, eastern Asia, Cabombaceae.
Brassavola, brassavola, Orchidaceae.
Brassia caudata, tailed brassia, greenhouse orchid, sepals prolonged into a tail, Central America, Orchidaceae.
Brassicaceae, (Cruciferae), Mustard family
Braya, northern rock cress, Brassicaceae.
Brazoria, brazos mint, Lamiaceae.
Brexia madagascariensis, Madagascar, Escalloniaceae.
Brickellia, brickell bush Asteraceae.
Bridelia tomentosa, pop-gun seed, Phyllanthraceae.
Briza maxima, pearl grass, quaking grass, edible grain, annual and perennial, Poaceae.
Brodiaea coronaria, triplet lily, corm perennial, used for garlands, North America, Liliaceae.
Bromeliaceae, bromeliad family, Pineapple family, monocotyledon
Bromelia, bromelia, Bromeliaceae.
Bromeliaceae, Bromeliad family
Bromus, brome, fescue grass, Poaceae.
Bromus vulgaris, Columbia brome, Poaceae.
Breadnut (Brosimum alicastrum), Moraceae.
Cow tree (Brosimum utile), Moraceae.
Broughtonia, broughtonia, Orchidaceae.
Broussonetia kazinoki, Japan, Moraceae.
Broussonetia papyrifera, paper mulberry, Moraceae.
Browallia speciosa, bush violet (houseplant), Solanaceae.
Brownea grandiceps, rose of the mountain, rose of Venezuela, scarlet brownia, Fabaceae.
Brugmansia suaveolens, angel's trumpet, Solanaceae.
Bruguiera sexangula, oriental mangrove, pacific islands, Hawaiian lei flower, black tapa cloth dye, Rhizophoraceae.
Brunelliaceae, Brunellia family
Brunfelsia americana, "lady of the night", Brunfelsia rain tree, Solanaceae.
Brunfelsia pauciflora, "yesterday, today and tomorrow", sweet-scented flowering shrub, garden shrub, Brazil, Solanaceae.
Brunfelsia latifolia, "yesterday, today and tomorrow", rain tree, freesia-like perfume, hedging and screening, Brazil, Solanaceae.
Brunnichia, buckwheat vine, Polygonaceae.
Brya ebenus, granadilla tree, coccus wood, West Indies, Fabaceae.
Bryonia alba, bryony, white bryony, poisonous, cucurbitacins saponins, English mandrake, kua-lou, ladies' seal, tamus, tetter berry,
wild bryony wild hops, wild vine, noxious weed, Cucurbitaceae.

Bryophyllum calycinum (Kalanchoe pinnata), air plant, life plant, katakataka, succulent, Madagascar (plantlets on leaf margins)
Bryophyllum daigremontianum (Kalanchoe daigremontianum), succulent leaves, plantlets on leaf margins, Crassulaceae.
Bryophyllum delagoense, mother of millions, noxious weed, Madagascar, Crassulaceae.
Bryophyllum tubiflorum (Kalanchoe delagoensis), chandelier plant, cathedral bells, devil's backbone, poisonous (houseplant),

Bryophyta Moss, Phylum Bryophyta
Little gooseberry tree (Buchanania arborescens), sparrow's mango, Australian native food, Anacardiaceae.
Buchanania arborescens Daley's Fruit Trees
Buchanania latifolia, chirauli nut, Anacardiaceae.
Buchanania obovata, green plum, wild mango, Australian native food, Anarcardiaceae.
Buchloe, buffalo grass, Poaceae.
Buchnera, bluehearts, Scrophulariaceae.
Bucida buceras, black olive, Combretaceae.
Buckinghamia cellisima, ivory curl flower, fast growing ornamental tree,   evergreen, up to 8 m, creamy white fragrant flower spikes,
grow in moist, well-drained soil, in full sun to semi shade, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Proteaceae.
Buddleja species, butterfly bush, Buddlejaceae
Bulbine frutescens, bulbinella, Asphodelaceae.
Bulbine semibarbata, leek lily, Asphodelaceae.
Bulbophyllum, bulbophyllum, Orchidaceae.
Bulbostylis, hair sedge, Cyperaceae.
Bulnesia sarmienti, guaiac wood, champaca wood oil, Zygophyllaceae.

Bunchosia argentea (B. glandifora), peanut butter tree, silver peanut butter fruit, marmelo, mountain plum, leaves have silvery
appearance, Malpighiaceae
Peanut butter tree, Daly's Fruit Trees

Bunias, warty cabbage, Brassicaceae.

Bunium species, Apiaceae
Bunium bulbocastanum, black cumin, blackseed, black caraway, smoky taste of tuber-like root so called "great pignut", India, Apiaceae
Bunium persicum, kalazira, Apiaceae
Bunium persicum, kalazira, Apiaceae
Chinese thoroughwax (Bupleurum falcatum), sickle-leaved hare's-ear, Apiaceae
Dried herb sold as root pieces.
Buphthalmum, ox eye, Asteraceae.
Burchardia umbellata, milkmaids, white / pink flowers with red centres, white crip potato-like tubers eaten raw or cooked, Australian
native food, Colchicaceae
Burmanniaceae, Burmannia family
Burmannia, blue thread, Burmanniaceae.
Burrawang palm, cardboard palm, sago palm, fern cycad, prickly cycad, (large palm-like with trunk covered with leaf bases), cycad,
Phylum Cycadophyta
Bursaria spinosa, blackthorn, boxthorn, spinose,aesculin, up to 10 m, eastern and southern Australia, Pittosporaceae

Bursera species, linaloe berry, Mexican copal
Burseraceae, Frankincense family
Bursera fagaroides, linaloe, Burseraceae.
Bursera aloexylon, Mexican linaloe oil, incense, Burseraceae.
Bursera glabrifolia (Bursera delpechianum), linaloe, Mexican linaloe, copal lemon, Burseraceae.
Bursera linaloe, linaloe tree, lemon-scented wood, over-exploited, linalool, linalyl acetate, germacrine d in leaves, Mexico, Burseraceae.
Bursera penicillata, linaloe, Burseraceae.
Bursera schlechtendalli, fragrant Mexican copal, Burseraceae.
Bursera simaruba (Elaphrium simaruba), West Indian birch, West Indian elemi, gumbo limbo, incense tree, Burseraceae.
Butea monosperma, flame-of-the-forest, Fabaceae.
Butia capitata, jelly palm, Arecaceae.
Butomaceae, Flowering rush family, monocotyledon
Butomus umbellatus, flowering rush, sharp-edged leaves, flowers in umbels, marsh plant, water gladiole, aquatic perennial herb,
Buxaceae, Boxwood family
Buxus microphylla var. japonica, Japanese box, cyclovirobuxine alkaloid, Buxaceae.
Buxus sempervirens, box tree, garden hedge, evergreen shrubs and trees, cyclovirobuxine alkaloid, timber sinks in water, England,
Byrsonima crassifolia, nance, golden spoon, medium tree, evergreen, fast growing, fruit, small, sweet, aromatic, yellow, used fresh
propagation from seeds, Central America, Malpighiaceae.
Burmanniaceae, Burmannia family
Butomaceae, flowering rush family

Cabombaceae, Water shield family
Kabob aquatica, fan wort, water shield, Cabombaceae.
Cabomba caroliniana, fan wort, water shield, Cabombaceae.
Cabralea cangerana, cangerana, Meliaceae.
Cactaceae, Cactus family
Caelogyne, Orchidaceae.

Caesalpinia species, Fabaceae.
Caesalpinia bonduc, fever nut, banduc nut, thorny shrub, herbal medicine, India, Fabaceae.
Caesalpinia echinata, Brazil wood, "bresel wood", sappan tree, pernambaco tree, dense orang-red heartwood, natural red dyes
brazilin and brazilein, Fabaceae.
Caesalpinia ferrea, leopard tree, Brazilian ironwood, Fabaceae.
Caesalpinia pulcherima, Barbados pride, long red stamens, Fabaceae.
Caesalpinia sappan, sappanwood, Fabaceae.
Caesalpinia spinosa (E417 Tara gum), Fabaceae.

Caffea arabica, coffee, Rubiaceae.
Cajanus cajan, pigeon pea, red gram, kacang, edible legume, mature dried seeds in India called dahl, toor dahl, tropical pasture legume,
nitrogen-fixing cover crop, Fabaceae.
Cakile maritima, sea rocket, Brassicaceae.
Caladenia, caerulea orchid, Orchidaceae.
Caladium bicolor, angel wings, heart of Jesus, elephant ears, Araceae.
Calamagrostis, reed grass, Poaceae.
Calamintha species, Lamiaceae
Clinopodium species, Lamiaceae
Acinos species, Lamiaceae
Calammophila, Poaceae.
Calamovilfa, sand reed, Poaceae.

Calamus species, Arecaceae.
Calamus australia, hairy mary, lawyer cane, wait-a-while, climbing palm, petioles with many spines, Australia, Arecaceae.
Calamus reyesianus, apas palm, Arecaceae, climbing palm, Philippines, Arecaceae.
Calamus mallinensis, yantok, rattan fruit, Arecaceae.
Calamus maximus, rattan palm, rattan cane, "lawyer vines", large woody climber, Arecaceae.
Calamus muelleri, southern lawyer cane, Arecaceae, rainforest palm, Eastern Australia, Arecaceae.
Calamus scipionum, rotan semambu, Malaysia, Arecaceae.
Calamus speciosissimus, rotan sega badak, Malaysia, Arecaceae.

Calandrinia balonensis, red maids, parakeelya, Australian native food, Portulacaceae.
Calanthe, Orchidaceae.
Calathea crocata, dark green leaves, long-lasting orange flowers, rainforest (houseplant), Marantaceae.
Calathea lancifolia, rattlesnake plant, lance-shaped leaves, attractive fruit, deciduous shrub, Marantaceae.
Calathea makoyana, peacock plant, Marantaceae.
Calathea picturata, leaves oval dark green whitish streaks, rainforest, (houseplant), Marantaceae.
Calceolaria herbeohybrida, slipper flower, pouch flower, pocketbook flower, South America, Scrophulariaceae.
Calendula officinalis, marigold, Asteraceae.
Calepina irregularis, white ball mustard, Brassicaceae.
Caliphruria, amazon lily, Amaryllidaceae.
Calla, calla lily, Araceae.
Calliandra calothyrsus, calliandra, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Calliandra emarginata, powder puff plant, Fabaceae.
Calliandra haematocephala, stick pea, Fabaceae.
Calliandra surinamensis, powder puff plant, Fabaceae.
Calliandra tergemina, powderpuff plant, Fabaceae.
Callicarpa americana, American beautyberry, shrub, many purple berries, mosquito repellent, ornamental, North America, Lamiaceae.
Callicoma serratifolia, black wattle tree, for wattle and daub huts of first European settlers in Australia, only one species in family
Callisia fragrans, home ginseng, golden runner, basket plant, fragrant inch plant, ground cover, steroids, flavonoids, herbal medicine,
wound healing, infusions, invasive weed, Mexico, Commelinaceae.
Callisia navicularis, chain plant, striped inch plant, Mexico, evergreen herb, boat-shaped leaves, Commelinaceae.
Callitrichaceae, Water starwort family
Calycanthaceae, Strawberry shrub family
Calyceraceae, Calycera family
Cunonia capensis, butterspoon tree, shiny foliage, fragrant white flowers, ornamental, South Africa, Cunoniaceae.
Callirhoe involucrata, poppy mallow, Malvaceae.
Callisia fragrans, basket plant, Commelinaceae

Callistemon species, bottlebrush, fast growing, hardy, woody shrub, up to 2 m, flowers in variety of single colours, prune regularly for
bushier growth and increased flower production, grow in  moist, well-drained soil, in full sun for containers, edging, rockeries, hedges
and borders, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Myrtaceae.
Callistemon citrinus, crimson bottlebrush, bright red stamens, Australia, Myrtaceae.
Callistemon lanceolatus, bottle brush tree, ornamental tree, evergreen shrubs, lanceolate lamina, showy stamens, Myrtaceae.

Callistephus chinensis, Chinese aster, Michaelmas daisy, slim aster, ornamental, fast growing annual, showy terminal flower head, China,
Callitrichaceae, Water starwort family
Callitriche stagnalis, starwort, common starwort, aquatic, annual, monoecious, invasive, Plantaginaceae.
Callitris columellaris, murray pine, sand cypress pine, white cypress pine, conifer, Cupressaceae.
Callitris endlicheri, black pine, conifer, Cupressaceae.
Callitris intratropica, "cypress pine" (not true cypress), Australia, Cupressaceae.
Calluna vulgaris, heather, Ericaceae.
Mammey sapote (Calocarpum sapota, Pouteria sapota), fruit used fresh or preserved, South America, Sapotaceae.
Calocarpum viride, green sapote, large tree, evergreen, slow growing, fruit, large, green, used fresh, propagation from seeds
Central America, Sapotaceae.
Calocedrus, incense cedar (substitute for Naphthalene), North America, Cupressaceae, conifer
Calocedrus decurrens, incense cedar (a cypress), Cupressaceae, conifer
Calochortus, mariposa lily, Liliaceae.
Caloncoba echinata, caloncoba, herbal medicine, Africa, Flacourtiaceae.
Calopogon, grasspink, Orchidaceae.
Calophyllum vitiense, bitangor, hardwood timber tree, Malaysia, Clusiaceae.
Calophyllum inophyllum, Alexandrean laurel, beauty leaf, Penanga laut, huge forest tree, East Africa, Malaysia, Calophyllaceae.
Calopogonium mucunoides, calopo, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Calotropis procera, Sodom apple, Apocynaceae.
Caloptropis gigantica, crown flower, up to 4 m, yields fibre, poisonous, widespread, Asia
Caltha palustris, marsh marigold, cuckoo's joy, aquatic and marginal perennial, Ranunculaceae.
Calycadenia pauciflora, small flower western rosin weed, California, Asteraceae.
Calycanthaceae, Strawberry shrub family
Calycanthus floridus (Basteria), Carolina allspice, sweet shrub, strongly scented shrub, North America, Calycanthaceae.
Calyceraceae, Calycera family
Calycera crassifolia, Calyceraceae.
Calycoseris wrightii, white tack stem, Asteraceae.
Calydorea, violet lily, Iridaceae.
Calylophus hartwegii, Hartweg's evening primrose, sundrop flower, opens in evening, closes the next afternoon before new flowers
open, Mexico, Onagraceae.
Calypso, fairy slipper, Orchidaceae.
Calyptochloa, Poaceae.
Calyptrocalyx spicatus, Papua New Guinea, Arecaceae.
Calyptronoma dulcis, manac, Cuba, Arecaceae.
Calyptronoma occidentalis, manac palm, Greater Antilles, Arecaceae.
Calystegia sepium, false bindweed, morning glory, Convolvulaceae.
Camassia, camas, Liliaceae.

Camellia species, Theaceae.
Camellia crapnelliana, Hong Kong camellia, large fruit, Theaceae.
Camellia japonica, camellia, Japanese camellia, many cultivars, state flower of Alabama, Theaceae.
Camellia reticulata, "Spanish dancer", large showy flowers, Theaceae.
Camelina rumelica, graceful false flax, camelina oil seed, Theaceae.
Camellia sasanqua, many cultivars, garden hedge, evergreen shrub, Japan, Theaceae.
Camellia sinensis, tea plant, Theaceae.
Camellia sinensis var. assamica, Assam tea, Theaceae.
Camellia sinensis var. sinensis, China tea, Theaceae.
Campanulaceae, Bellflower family
Campanulastrum, small bellflower, Campanulaceae.
Camphorosma monspeliaca, Amaranthaceae.
Campnosperma auriculatum, terentang, Anarcardiaceae.
Campsis chinensis, Chinese trumpet vine, trumpet vine, tecoma, bignonia, China, Bignoniaceae.
Campsis radicans (Bignonia radicans), common trumpet creeper, showy trumpet-shaped flowers, popular shubbery plant, North
America, Bignoniaceae.
Camptotheca acuminata, Camptothecine alkaloid, canadanthus, mountain aster, Asteraceae.
Campylocentrum, bentspur orchid, Orchidaceae.
Cananga odorata, ylang ylang, Annonaceae.

Canarium species, Burseraceae.
Canarium album, Chinese olive, Burseraceae.
Canarium indicum, galip nut,  Java almond, kanari,   Burseraceae.
Canarium luzonicum, elemi, Manila elemi, elemi gum, elemi resin, elemicin Burseraceae.
Canarium oleosum, kenari minyak, Burseraceae.
Canarium ovatum, pili nut, Philippine nut, Burseraceae.
Canarium schweinfurthii, papo canary tree, Burseraceae.
Canarium tramdenanum, stem α-pinene, Burseraceae.
Canarium vulgare, kenari nut tree, Burseraceae.

Canavalia ensiformis, jack bean common jack bean, pig bean, wonder bean, horse bean ("awikiwiki, the quick one" Hawaiian name
and origin of "wikipedia"), Fabaceae.
Canavalia gladiata (C. cathartica), sword bean (psychoactive tobacco), Fabaceae.
Canavalia pubescens, lavafield jack bean (also "awikiwiki"), Fabaceae.
Canavalia rosea, beach bean, wild jack bean, bay bean, Fabaceae.

Canellaceae, Canella family
Cannabaceae, Hemp family
Cannabaceae, Hemp family
Cannabis sativa, cannabis, Cannabaceae.
Cannaceae, Canna family, monocotyledon
Canna edulis, Queensland arrowroot, Cannaceae.
Canscora decussata, shankhpushi, psychoactive, phenolic compounds, xanthones, triterpenoids, Indian traditional medicine, Canthium
shultzii, Rubiaceae.
Capparis spinosa, capers, Capparaceae
Caprifoliaceae, Honeysuckle family
Capsella bursa-pastoris, shepherd's purse, Brassicaceae.
Capsicum annuum, pimento, Solanaceae.
Capsicum frutescens, chilli, Solanaceae.
Caragana arborescens, pea shrub, Fabaceae.
Carapa guianensis, crab wood, Meliaceae.
Carapichea ipecacuanha, ipecacuanha, Rubiaceae.
Carbenia benedicta, blessed thistle, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.

Cardamine species
Bitter cress (Cardamine bulbosa), bulbous cress, spring cress, Brassicaceae.
Lady's smock (Cardamine pratensis) cuckoo flower, perennial herb, light shade, damp soil, small pale pink flowers, culinary, leaves in
salads, herbal remedy, treat coughs, Europe, Brassicaceae.
See diagram: Cardamine pratensis
Hoary cress (Cardaria draba), hoary cress, white top, weed of cereal crops, Brassicaceae.

Cardiospermum halicacabum, balloon vine, heart seed, Sapindaceae.
Cardiospermum grandiflorum, balloon vine, invasive, smothers vegetation, Sapindaceae.

Carduus acanthoides, plumeless thistle, Asteraceae.
Carduus marianus, milk thistle, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.

Carex appressa, sedge, tall sedge, up to 800 mm, large yellow seed heads, grow in wet areas in full sun or partial shade or  around pool
area in pots or mass plantings, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Cyperaceae.
Carex halleriana, "true" sedge, Cyperaceae.

Caricaceae, papaya family
Carica papaya papaya, paw paw, tall herb, evergreen, fruit, large, yellow, melon-like, used fresh, juice, propagation from seeds, herbal
medicine, grafting, herbal medicine, Tropical America, Caricaceae.
Carica pentagona, babaco, Caricaceae.

Carissa, Apocynaceae.
Carissa carandas, karanda, thorny shrub, fruit, small, acid, purplish-black, used juice, jelly, propagation from seeds, air-layering
cuttings, India, Apocynaceae.
Natal plum (Carissa grandiflora), carissa, thorny shrub, ornamental, thornless selections good for hedges or spiny hedges, fruit, medium
red, milky juice, used fresh, salads, sauce, juice, propagation from seeds, air-layering, cuttings, South Africa, Apocynaceae.
Natal plum, Daley's Fruit Trees
Carissa lanceolata, bush plum, conkerberry, konker berry, Australian native food, Apocynaceae.
Carissa, ovata, currant bush, baroom bush, turkey bush, Australian native food, Apocynaceae.

Carlina vulgaris, common carline thistle, Asteraceae.
Carlowrightia texana, Texas wrightwort, Acanthaceae.
Carludovica palmata, Panama hat plant, toquilla, Tropical America, Cyclanthaceae.
Carmona microphylla (bonsai plant), Boraginaceae.
Carmona retusa, Boraginaceae.
Carnegiea gigantia, saguaro cactus, very large cactus, Cactaceae.
Carpentaria acuminata, Carpentaria palm, Northern Australia, Arecaceae.
Carphephorus odoratissimus (Trilisa odoratissima, Liatris odoratissima, Frasera speciosa), deer tongue, hound's tongue, deer's tongue
Carpinus betulus, hornbeam tree, common hornbeam, ornamental, parks, England, Asia, Betulaceae.
Carolina vanilla, vanilla leaf, wild vanilla, vanilla trilisa, whart's tongue, liatris oil, Asteraceae.
Carphephorus pseudoliatris, bristle leaf, chaff head, North America, Asteraceae.
Carphochaete bigelovi, Bigelow's bristle head, North America, Asteraceae.
Carpinus betulus, common hornbeam tree, European hornbeam, Betulaceae.
Carpobrotus rossii, pigface, Aizoaceae.
Carthamus lanatus, saffron thistle, Asteraceae.
Carthamus tinctorius, safflower, Asteraceae.
Cartharanthus roseus, greater periwinkle, Apocynaceae.
Carum carvi, caraway, used in seedcake, Apiaceae.
Carum roxburgbianum, ajmud, India, Apiaceae.
Caryocaraceae, Souari family

Carya, Juglandaceae.
Pecan (Carya illinoiensis), hickory tree, deciduous trees, Juglandaceae.
See diagram: Pecan
Carya, Daley's Fruit Trees
Carya ovata, shagbark hickory nuts, Juglandaceae
Caryocar brasiliense, pequi; piquf, piquia-oil plant, South America, Caryocaraceae
Caryocar nuciferum, pekea nut, souari nut, butter nut tree, South America, Caryocaraceae.
Caryodendron orinocense, cacay, inchi, tacay, taccy, nogal, nuts, Euphorbiaceae
Caryophyllaceae, Pink family (carnations)
Caryota mitis, fishtail palm, Arecaceae.
Caryota rumphiana, native fishtail palm, northern Australia, Papua New Guinea, Arecaceae.
Caryota urens, solitary fishtail palm, Arecaceae.
'Cascara Sagrada" (trade name), see Cascara buckthorn Rhamnaceae
White sapote (Casmiroa edulis), Rutaceae.
Casimiroa tetrameria, wooly-leaved sapote, Rutaceae.

Cassia species
Cassia alata (Senna alata), candle bush, Fabaceae.
Cassia angustifolia, (Senna alexandrina), Alexandrian senna, Fabaceae.
Cassia fistula, golden shower tree, Fabaceae.
Cassia officinalis, (Senna alexandrina), Alexandrian senna, Fabaceae.
Cassia tora, sicklepod, Fabaceae.

Cassytha glabella, devil's twine, twining habit, parasitic with haustoria into hosts, degeneration of root system after parasitism, Lauraceae.
Cassytha paniculata, Lauraceae.

Castanea, Chestnut, Fagaceae
Castanea dentata, American chestnut (a sweet chestnut) (widely destroyed by chestnut blight fungus, Endothia parasitica), UK,
Sweet chestnut tree (Castanea sativa), European chestnut, Spanish chestnut, (a sweet chestnut), deciduous (big nuts in spiny sheaths),
herbal medicine, tannins, southern Europe, England (naturalized), Fagaceae.
Chestnut, Daley's Fruit Trees

Castanopsis schefferiana, chinquapin Fagaceae.
Castanospermum australe, Proteaceae.
Castanospermum australe, black bean, Queensland black bean, Moreton bay "chestnut", Moreton Bay bean, large seeds look like
chestnuts but contain cyanogenetic poison, wild food plant but do not eat it (if Australian native food, their method of counteracting
poison not known), rainforest timber tree, Australia, Fabaceae.
Castilleja, Indian paintbrush, prairie fire, hemiparasites on grass roots, Scrophulariaceae (Orobanchaceae.)
Casuarinaceae, Sheoak family
Casuarina equisetifolia, sheoak, Casuarinaceae.
Casuarina glauca, swamp oak, Casuarinaceae
Catabrosa, whorl grass, Poaceae.
Catalpa bignonioides, Indian bean tree, very large leaves, white flowers, North America, Bignoniaceae.
Catalpa ovata, yellow catalpa, China, Bignoniaceae.
Catalpa speciosa, northern catalpa, showy flowers, North America, Bignoniaceae.
Catalpa X erubescens 'J C. teas', Bignoniaceae.
Catapodium, Poaceae.
Catasetum, Orchidaceae.
Catesbaea spinosa, lily thorn, Rubiaceae.
Catha edulis, khat, contains cathinone, East Africa, Arabia, Celastraceae.
Catharanthus roseus, Madagascar periwinkle, pink periwinkle, Apocynaceae.
Catharinea, moss, Phylum Bryophyta
Cathaya, Pinaceae, conifer
Cathestecum, false grama grass, Poaceae.
Catopsis, strap air plant, Bromeliaceae.
Cattleya, Orchidaceae.
Catunaregam spinosa, thorn rungia, Rubiaceae.
Caulanthus, wild cabbage, Brassicaceae.
Caularthron, Orchidaceae.
Caulophyllum thalictroides, blue cohosh, squaw root, papoose root, herbal medicine, Berberidaceae.
Cayaponia, melon leaf, Cucurbitaceae.
Ceanothus americanus, New Jersey tea, Rhamnaceae
Cecropiaceae, Cecropia family
Cecropia peltata, trumpet tree, cecropia, medium tree, fast growing, cold-sensitive, much variation of fruit quality, fruit, cylindrical
hollow, soft, sweet flesh, many small seeds, used fresh, propagation from seeds, Central and South America, Cecropiaceae.
Cedrela odorata, West Indian cedar, Spanish cedar, cigar box cedar, Barbados cedar (substitute for Naphthalene), Meliaceae.
Cedrela glaziovii, stinking mahogany, Meliaceae.
Cedrela sinensis, Chinese cedar, ornamental tree, Meliaceae.
Cedronella canariensis, Balm of Gilead, Canary Islands balm, short-lived perennial, up to 1 m, full sun, small pink flowers
in terminal heads, elongated dull green leaves with sweet perfume, Azores, Madeira, Lamiaceae.
(See Bible, Genesis 37:25, but the "balm" may have been from Pistacia lentiscus, mastic tree). Burseraceae.
Cedrus, conifers, conifer
Ceiba pentandra, kapok tree, Malvaceae.
Celastraceae, Bittersweet family
Celosia argentea, plumed cockscomb, Amaranthaceae.
Celosia cristata, cockscomb, wool flower, wild cockscomb, Amaranthaceae.
Celtis sinensis, Chinese hackberry, Cannabaceae.
Celtis laevigata, sugarberry, Cannabaceae.
Celtis occidentalis, hackberry, nettle tree, deciduous tree, Cannabaceae.
Celtis sinensis, Chinese hackberry, Cannabaceae.
Cenchrus ciliaris, buffel grass, African foxtail grass, birdwood grass, Poaceae.
Codonopsis pilosula, "poor man's ginseng", dang shen, twining stems, bell-shaped flowers, roots for, tangshenoside saponin,
traditional Chinese medicine, improve well-being, Campanulaceae
Cornflower, Apiaceae.

Centaurea species, knapweeds, Asteraceae.
Centaurea calcitrapa, red star thistle, global noxious weed, Europe, Asteraceae.
Centaurea cyanus, bachelor's buttons, Asteraceae.
Centauria montana, mountain bluet, Asteraceae.
Centauria nigra, knapweed, Asteraceae.
Centaurea pullata, knapweed, Asteraceae.

Centaurium erythraea, centaury, Gentianaceae
Centella asiatica, gotu kola, Apiaceae.
Centotheca, Poaceae.
Centranthus augustifolia, centranthus, narrow-leaved valerian, all heal, Hercules wound wort, golden heliotrope, Verbenaceae.
Centrosema pascuourum, centurion centro, tropical pasture legume, South America, Fabaceae.
Centrosema pubescens, centro, butterfly pea, flor de conchitas, valuable tropical pasture legume, South America, Fabaceae.
Centrosema virginianum, Virginian centro, spurred butterfly pea, herbaceous, perennial vine, North and South America, Fabaceae.
Cephalanthera, Orchidaceae.
Cephalanthus, button bush, Rubiaceae.
Cephalocereus chrysacanthus, large column, green body, woolly top yellow hairs (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Cephalocereus senelis, old man cactus, columnar-shaped blue-green cactus, many white hairs, old man cactus, Cactaceae.
Cephalotaxus fortunei, plum yew, cowtail pine, evergreen trees and shrubs, north China, Cephalotaxaceae, conifer
Cephalotaxus harringtonia, Japanese plum-yew, homoharringtonine alkaloid, Japan, Cephalotaxaceae, conifer
Cephalotus follicularis, West Australian pitcher plant, pod like a siliqua, Cephalotaceae.
Cerastium tomentosum, snow-in-summer (chickweed), grey leaves, white flowers, Caryophyllaceae.
Cerastium vulgatum, mouse-ear chickweed, Caryophyllaceae.
Ceratiola ericoides, sand heath, sand hill rosemary, tropical North America, Ericaceae.
Ceratophyllaceae, Hornwort family
Ceratocephala testiculata, curveseed, butterwort, poisonous leaves, invasive in disturbed land, North America, Ranunculaceae.
Ceratonia siliqua, St John's Bread, carob tree, Fabaceae.
Ceratopetalum apetalum, coachwood, scented satinwood, tarwood, timber tree, Australia, Cunionaceae.
Ceratophyllum demersum, hornwort, coon's tail, aquatic, widespread, common aquarium plant, Ceratophyllaceae.
Ceratozamia hildae, bamboo cycad, Mexico, Zamiaceae, cycad, Phylum Cycadophyta
Cerbera manghas, sea mango, Apocynaceae.
Cerbera odollam, pong-pong, Apocynaceae.
Cercis siliquastrum, red bud, Judas tree, Mediterranean region, deciduous, trees, woody fruits, Fabaceae.
Cercidiphyllaceae, Katsura tree family
Cercidiphyllum japonicum, katsura, Cercidiphyllaceae.

Cereus aethiops, torch thistle, sweet potato cactus, multi-stemmed cactus, tall like a taper, South America, Cactaceae.
Cereus azureus, upright, slender stems, blue waxy bloom (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Cereus chalybaeus (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Cereus jamacaru (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Apple cactus (Cereus peruvianus), Peruvian apple, columnar cactus, blue bloom, brown thorns (potted houseplant), night flowering, flesh
soft, sweet, delicate flavour (like dragonfruit), attractive, drought tolerant, night pollination by moths or bats, sold as bare-rooted cuttings,
South America, Cactaceae.
Apple Cactus, Daley's Fruit Trees
See diagram: Cereus peruvianus

Cerinthe major, honeywort, Boraginaceae.
Ceropegia radicans, lantern flower (houseplant), Apocynaceae.
Ceropegia stapeliiformis (houseplant), Apocynaceae.
Ceropegia woodii, hearts entangled, rosary vine, string of hearts, wiry purple stems, heart-shaped leaves, trailer (houseplant),
Ceroxylon alpinum, wax palm, ceroxylon palm, South American wax palm, very tall tree, Arecaceae.
Cestrum nocturum, night-blooming jasmine, Solanaceae.
Cestrum parqui, green cestrum, all parts poisonous, fruits toxic, Solanaceae.
Cestrum diurnum, day jessamine, Solanaceae.
Cevallia sinuata, stinging serpent, spiny leaf, Loasaceae.
Chaenactis artemisiifolia, white pin cushion, dusty maiden, North America, Asteraceae.
Chaenorhinum minus, dwarf snapdragon, Turkey, Scrophulariaceae.
Chaerophyllum temulum, rough chervil, Apiaceae.
Chaetadelpha wheeleri, wheeler's skeleton weed, North America, Asteraceae.
Chaetopappa bellioides, many flower east daisy, rose heath, Asteraceae.
Chaiturus marrubiastrum, lion's tail, false mother wort, Lamiaceae.
Chamaecrista bucherae, sensitive pea, only in Cuba, Fabaceae.
Chamaecrista fasciculata, partridge pea, Fabaceae.
Chamaecrista rotundifolia (Cassia rotundifolia), round-leaf cassia, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Chamaecyparis, Conifers, conifer
Chamaedaphne calyculata, leather leaf (only species), Ericaceae.
Chamaedorea tepejilote, Mexico, Arecaceae.
Chamaedorea elegans, parlour palm, Mexico, popular dwarf palm (houseplant), Arecaceae.
Chamaemelum nobile, chamomile, camomile, garden chamomile, Asteraceae.
Chamaecereus silvestris, peanut cactus, clump-forming, finger-like spined stems, funnel-shaped bright red flowers
Chamaedorea elegans, bright green arching leaves from base (popular houseplant), Arecaceae.
Chamaelirium luteum, false unicorn root, blazing star, devil's bit, fairy wand, herbal medicine, North America, Melanthiaceae.
Chamaemelum nobile "treneague", lawn chamomile, Asteraceae.
Chamaerops humilis, European fan palm, fan palm, large, fan-shaped leaves (houseplant), Europe, Arecaceae.
Chamaesaracha conoides, grey five eyes, Solanaceae.
Chamelaucium unicinatum, Geralton wax plant, Myrtaceae.
Chamemelum suaveolens (Matricaria matricarioides), pineapple weed, Asteraceae.
Chaptalia tomentosa, woolly sunbonnets, Asteraceae.
Chara vulgaris, common stonewort (algae), Characeae.
Chasmanthe, African corn flag, Iridaceae.
Chasmanthium, wood oats, Poaceae.
Cheilocostus speciosus, crepe ginger, contains steroid sapinogen diosgenin, C27H42O3, Asia, Costaceae.
Cheiranthus cheiri, wallflower, Brassicaceae.
Cheiridopsis subaequalis, cheiridopsis, succulent leaves, Southern Africa, Aizoaceae.
Chelidonium majus, greater celandine,chelerythrine chloride, herbal remedy, Papaveraceae.
Chelone glabra, white turtle head, Plantaginaceae.
Amaranthaceae, Beetroot family (Goosefoot family)

Chenopodium species, Amaranthaceae.
Chenopodium species | Indicaxanthin |
Chenopodium album, fat hen, lamb's quarters, Amaranthaceae.
Chenopodium bonus-henricus, blitum bonus-henricus, goose foot, fat hen, all good, smear wort, wild spinach, good King Henry,
Chenopodium, goose foot, Amaranthaceae.
Chenopodium quinoa, staple grain food of Incas, Peru, ashes consumed with coca leaves, bitter-tasting saponins, Amaranthaceae.

Cichorium endiva, curly endive, ("chicory" USA), Asteraceae.
Cichorium intybus, common chicory, Asteraceae.
Chigua, Zamiaceae, cycad, Phylum Cycadophyta
Chilopsis linearis, desert willow (single species), North America, Mexico, Bignoniaceae.
Chimaphila maculata, striped wintergreen, prince's pine, North America, Ericaceae.
Chiococca alba, West Indian milk berry, Rubiaceae.
Chionanthus virginicus, white fringe tree, greybeard, poison ash, snowdrop, dangling white flowers, North America, Oleaceae.
Chionodoxa, Liliaceae.
Chionophila jamesii, snow lover, Scrophulariaceae.
Chiranthodendron pentadactylon, devil's hand tree, monkey's hand tree, (single species), Mexico, Malvaceae.
Chlamydomonas, green algae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Chlorella pyrenoidosa, green algae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Chloris gayana, Rhodes grass, windmill grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Chlorogalum soap plant, Liliaceae.
Chlorogalum augustifolium, narrow leaf soap plant, soap root, amole, soap lily (saponin glycosides form a soapy foam), North America,
(Agavoideae), Asparagaceae.
Chlorophytum arundinacelum, sapogenins, Asparagaceae.
Chlorophytum borivilianum, vegetable, tiggenin (steroidal sapinigen), herbal medicine, sex disorders, India, Asparagaceae.
Chlorophytum comosum, spider plant, hen and chickens, linear variegated leaves arch to form cascade (common houseplant), southern
Africa, Asparagaceae.
Chloroxylon swietenia, satinwood, Rutaceae.
Chondodendron tomentosum, cuare, benzylisoquinoline alkaloids, D-tubocurarine alkaloid, Menispermaceae.
Chondrilla juncea, skeleton weed, vegetative reproduction by tuberous roots, Asteraceae.
Chondrus crispus, Irish moss, Phylum Rhodophyta
Dried herb sold as fronds powder.
Chonemorpha fragrans (C. penangensis), climbing frangipani, vigorous, deciduous, yellow-throated white blooms, delicious perfume,
grows in full sun, Apocynaceae.
Chorisia insignis, white floss silk tree, Bombacaceae.
Chorisia speciosa, silk floss tree, deciduous, up to 13 m, purple flowers, "most beautiful tree in the world", Brazil, Bombacaceae.
Chorizanthe brevicornu, brittle spine flower, Polygonaceae.
Christia verspertilionis, island pea, North America, Fabaceae.
Chromolaena odorata, Siam weed, Christmas bush, common floss flower, herbal medicine, invasive weed, Asteraceae.
Chrysobalanus icaco, cocoplum, Chrysobalanaceae.
Cryptomeria japonica, Japanese cedar, sugi, Taxodiaceae.
Chloranthaceae, Chloranthus family
Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, golden cane palm, butterfly palm, golden stems and leaf stalks, Madagascar, Arecaceae.
Chrysalidocarpus madagascariensis, Lucuba palm, Arecaceae.
Chrysalidocarpus cabadae, cabada palm, Madagascar, Arecaceae.
Chrysanthemoides monilifera, boneseed, bitou bush, weed in eastern Australia, South Africa, Asteraceae.

Chrysanthemum species, Asteraceae.
(Greek, chrysos, gold, anthenon flower), flower with 16 petals emblem of Japan
Chrysanthemum balsamita, costmary, Asteraceae.
Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium, pyrethrum, Asteraceae.
Chrysanthemum coccineum, pyrethrum daisy, Asteraceae.
Chrysanthemum coronarium, yellow chrysanthemum, edible chrysanthemum, Asteraceae.
Chrysanthemum indicum, Indian chrysanthemum, Asteraceae.
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, ox-eye daisy, Asteraceae.
Chrysanthemum morifolium, florist's daisy, Asteraceae.
Chrysanthemum parthenium, (Tanecetum parthenium), feverfew, Asteraceae.
Chrysanthemum X morifolium, "chrysanthemum" (most important hybrid), Asteraceae.

Chrysobalanaceae, Cocoa plum family
Chrysobalanus icaco, cocoplum, shrub, paradise plum, icaco, evergreen, slow growing, fruit, smooth, white or purple, cotton-like pulp,
used fresh jellies, preserves, propagation from seeds, grown as an ornamental, South Florida, West Indies, Chrysobalanaceae.
Chrysocephalum apiculatum, yellow buttons, common everlasting, desert flame, groundcover, yellow flower heads, Australia, Asteraceae.
Chrysolarix, Pinaceae, conifer

Chrysophyllum cainito, cainito, caimito, star apple, satin leaf tree, large tree, evergreen, slow growing, fruit, large, purple, gold, green,
edible pulp, used fresh, propagation from seeds, cuttings, grafting, Tropical America, Sapotaceae.
Star apple, Daly's Fruit Trees
Chrysophyllum lanceolatum, pepulut, Sapotaceae.
Chrysophyllum oliviforme, damson plum, Sapotaceae.

Chrysopogon aciculatus, love grass, Poaceae.
Chrysopogon zizanioides, vetiver grass, Poaceae.
Chrysopsis delaneyi, golden aster, Asteraceae.
Chrysosplenium alternifolium, alternate-leaved golden saxifrage, Saxifragaceae.
Chrysothamnus albidus, white flower rabbit brush, chamsia, North America, Asteraceae.
Chukrasia tabularis, chittagong wood, Meliaceae.
Chusquea, chusquea bamboo, Poaceae.
Cibotium barometz, golden chicken fern, woolly fern, Dicksoniaceae, Phylum Pteridophyta
Cicer arietinum, chickpea, garbanzo, bengal gram, hummus, widely cultvated not wild, important ancient pulse, fodder, traditional
medicine, Turkey, Fabaceae.
Cichorium endiva, endive, Asteraceae.
Cichorium intybus, chicory, Asteraceae.
Cicuta maculata, water hemlock, cow bane, poisonous roots, cicutoxin causes painful rashes, ttoxic to livestock, North America,
Cienfuegosia digitata, fly mallow, Africa, Malvaceae.
Cimicifuga cohosh, black bug bane, unpleasant smell, native American herbal medicine, Ranunculaceae.
Cimicifuga recemosa, black cohosh, herbal medicine, Ranunculaceae.
Cinchona ledgeriana and Cinchona succirubra produce the highest quantity of quinine alkaloids, nowadays mostly made synthetically
Cinnamomum, the 6 species sold as cinnamon
Cinnamomum burmannii, Indonesian cinnamon, Batavia Cinnamon, Padang cassia, up to 14 m, leathery leaves, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum camphora, Camphor laurel tree, Camphor tree, up to 30 m, irregular longitudinally cracked bark, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum cassia, Chinese cassia, Chinese cinnamon, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum cecidodaphne, Nepalese teipat, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum cassia, Chinese cassia, Chinese cinnamon, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum citriodorum, Malabar cinnamon, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum culiliban (C. culiliwan), lawang, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum iners, wild cinnamon, herbal medicine, febrifuge, colic remedy, purgative, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum loureirii, Saigon cinnamon, Vietnamese cinnamon, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum micrantbum, Chinese sassafras, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum parhenoxylon, Yellow Cinnamomum, up yto 10-20 m, deep longitudinal cracked bark, Hong KongLauraceae.
Cinnamomum tamala, Indian bay leaf tree, Indian cassia, Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum verum, Cinnamon, "true cinnamon", Lauraceae.
Cinnamomum zeylanicum, cinnamon, Lauraceae.
Cinna, wood reed, Poaceae.
Cinthona officinalis, Jesuit's bark, Rubiaceae.
Cirsium arvense, perennial thistle, thistle, weed, Asteraceae.

Cissus antarctica, kangaroo vine, woody stem climber, Vitaceae.
Cissus discolor, begonia vine (houseplant), Vitaceae.
Cissus quandrangula, Veldt grape, devil's backbone, general tonic, worm infection, South Africa, Vitaceae.
Cissus rhombifolia, Natal ivy, strong climber, dark green leaves with red hairs underneath, Vitaceae.
Cissus rhomboidea, grape ivy, climber, South America, Vitaceae.
Cissus X Citrofortunella microcarpa, dark green leaves, small orange bitter fruits, Vitaceae.

Cistanthe ambigua, pussy paws, North America, Portulacaceae.
Cistaceae, Rock rose family
Cistus incanus, subsp. C. polymorphus, Cistaceae.
Cistus incanus (C. villosus, C. polymorphus), labdanum, Cistaceae.
Cistus ladaniferus, labdanum, rock rose, evergreen shrub, cistus, ciste, cyste, ambreine, European rock rose, Cistaceae.
Cistus incanus, subsp. C. creticus, Cistaceae.
Cistus purpueus
Citharexylum spinosum, fiddlewood tree, popular garden tree, tropical America, Verbenaceae.
Citrofortunella mitis, calamondin, Rutaceae.
Citrullus colocynthis, colocynth, bitter apple, annual herb, Cucurbitaceae.
Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus, watermelon, camel melon, fruit green with dark green stripes, lycopene pigment, Cucurbitaceae.
Citrus species, Rutaceae.
Cladium mariscus, swamp sawgrass, lakeside, Europe, Cyperaceae.
Cladophora species, green algae, branching filaments, Cladophoraceae, Chlorophyta.
Cladoraphis spinosa, bristly lovegrass, South Africa, Namibia, Poaceae.
Cladrastis kentukea, American yellow wood, Kentucky yellow wood, North America, Fabaceae.
Clappia suaedaefolia, clap daisy, Asteraceae.
Clarkia amoena, farewell to spring (popular garden plants), North America, Onagraceae.
Clausena anisata, horsewood, Rutaceae.
Clausena brevistyla, native wampi, Australian native food, Rutaceae.
Clausena lansium, wampi, Rutaceae.
Miner's lettuce (Claytonia perfoliata), winter purslane, spring beauty, full sun, up to 25 cm, small rounded pale green leaves, tiny
flowers on tall stalks, winter salad plant or cooked like spinach, America, Portulacaceae.
Cleistachne, Poaceae.
Cleistes, rosebud orchid, Orchidaceae.
Cleistogenes, Poaceae.
Clematis brachiata, traveller's joy, leather flower, virgin's bower, woody climber, use leaf stalk tendrils to climb, Ranunculaceae.
Clematis glycinoides, headache vine, crushed leaf juice blisters skin, Ranunculaceae.
Cleome gyandra, African cabbage, spider plant, spider flower, ornamental, Africa, Cleomaceae (Capparaceae.)
Cleomella parviflora, slender stinkweed, clemella, Cleomaceae.

Clerodendrum macrosiphon (C. incisum), musical notes, tropical Africa, Verbenaceae.
Clerodendrum paniculatum, pagoda flower, herbal medicine, skin disorders, purgative, Verbenaceae.
Clerodendrum, speciosissimum, glory bower, Java, leaves, opposite pairs, tubular flowers, Verbenaceae.
Clerodendrum thomsoniae, bleeding heart, glory bower, dark green, heart-shaped leaves, tropical Africa, Verbenaceae.

Clethraceae, Clethra family
Clethra ainifolia, coastal sweetpepperbush, summersweet, garden shrub, North America, Clethraceae.
Clianthus dampieri, desert pea, glory pea, propagation from seeds have long-lived hard testa, Fabaceae.
Clinopodium vulgare, wild basil, Lamiaceae.
Clinostigma savoryanum, pacific beauty palm, arrack tree, Bonin Islands, Japan, Arecaceae.
Clintonia borealis, blue-bead lily, North America, Liliaceae.
Clitoria ternatea, butterfly pea, tropical pasture legume, 6 fatty acids, herbal medicine, pimples, eyewash, root purgative, Fabaceae.
Clivia miniata, Kaffir lily, bush lily, fire lily, funnel-shaped flowers, ornamental, herbal medicine, Southern Africa, Amaryllidaceae.
Closterium, desmid, green algae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Club moss, Phylum Lycopodiophyta
Clusiaceae, Mangosteen family
Clusia rosea, balsam apple, attorney, Clusiaceae.
Clytostoma callistegioides violet trumpet vine, South America
Cnicus benedictus, blessed thistle, Asteraceae.
Cnidoscolus chayamansa, chaya, requires no additional water but tolerates heavy rain, succulent stems and leaves, poisonous when
raw but removed with boiling and change of water Euphorbiaceae.
Cnidoscolus stimulosus, Euphorbiaceae.
Cobaea scandens, cathedral bells, cup and saucer vine, Mexico, Polemoniaceae.
Sea grape (Coccoloba uvifera), medium to large tree, on marine strands, fruit, small, purple to white, in clusters, jelly, propagation from
seeds, air-layering, ornamental, Tropical America, Polygonaceae.
Sea grape, Daley's Fruit Trees
Coccothrinax dussiana (Thrinax barbadensis), Guadeloupe, Arecaceae.
Coccothrinax argentata (C. argentea), silver palm, Arecaceae.
Cochleanthes, Orchidaceae.
Horseradish (Cochlearia armoracia, Armoracia rusticana), scurvy grass, perennial, spoonwort, herbal medicine, garden herb, Brassicaceae.
Horseradish, Daley's Fruit trees
Cochlospermum fraseri, kapok bush, Australian native food, Bixaceae.
Cochlospermum vitifolium silk cotton tree, Bixaceae.
Cocos nucifera, coconut palm, Arecaceae.
Cocos weddeliana, dwarf coconut palm, small palm, thin leaflets (houseplant) Arecaceae.
Codariocalyx motorius, telegraph plant, semaphore plant (rapidly moving leaflets), Fabaceae.
Codiaeum variegatum, Joseph's coat, croton, tall evergreen tropical shrub, brilliantly-coloured foliage, may shed leaves at change of
season, Euphorbiaceae.
Codiaeum variegatum pictum, many hybrids, pale green leaves, yellow centres
Codonopsis pilosula, bell flower, poor man's ginseng, dang shen, herbal medicine, Campanulaceae.
Coelogyne cristata, Himalayan orchid, Orchidaceae.
Coelorachis, joint tail grass, Poaceae.

Coffea, Rubiaceae.
Coffea arabica, small tree or shrub, evergreen, slow growing, white jasmine-scented flowers, red berries, fruit, small, red, sweet used
beverage from seed, arabica coffee (Arabian coffee), herbal medicine, contains caffeine and theobromine alkaloids, chief carbohydrate
reserve is the polysaccharide hemicellulose, hard endosperm, propagation from seeds, grafting, Ethiopia, Rubiaceae.
Coffea canephora (C. robusta), robusta coffee, caffeine, theobromine alkaloid, Rubiaceae.
Coffea liberica, Liberian coffee, Rubiaceae.
Coincya monensis subsp. recurvata, star mustard, wallflower cabbage, UK, Brassicaceae.
Coix lachryma-jobi, Job's tears, Poaceae.
Cola acuminata, cola tree, Goora nut, abata cola, catechine-caffeine (colanine), Malvaceae.
Giant cola (Cola gigantea), giant cola, Malvaceae.
Kola tree (Cola nitida), cola nut, ghanja cola, bitter cola, fruit called a "kola nut", theobromine, caffeine alkaloid, traditional medicine,
beverage flavoring ingredient "cola", rainforests, Africa, Malvaceae.
Dried herb sold as powder.
Colchicum autumnale, meadow saffron, Liliaceae.
Coleanthus, moss grass, Poaceae.
Coleus amboinicus, five seasons herb, Lamiaceae.
Coleus blumei hybrids, wide variegation, Lamiaceae.
Coleus forskolin, forskolin, anti-hypertensive, Lamiaceae.
Collinsia parviflora, blue-eyed Mary, Chinese house, herbal medicine, Plantaginaceae.
Collinsonia canadensis, Canada horsebalm, heal all, stone root, herbal medicine, North America, Lamiaceae.
Collomia linearis, tiny trumpet, slender leaf collomia, North America, Polemoniaceae.
Colocasia antiquorum, eddo, Chinese eddoe, Araceae.
Colocasia esculenta, taro, common taro, elephant ear, dasheen,raphides, Araceae.
Colocasia gigantea, giant elephant ear, Indian taro, Araceae.
Colubrina asiatica, Peria laut, Rhamnaceae.
Columnea glabra, goldfish plant (bright-coloured, tubular flowers), tropical America, Gesneriaceae.
Columnea gloriosa, long, limp. trailing stems, small leaves with red hairs, Gesneriaceae.
Columnea microphylla, long trailing stems, small flowers, Gesneriaceae.
Colutea arborescens, bladder senna, the common bladder senna, herbal medicine, Fabaceae.
Colutea orientalis, bladder senna, thin papery pods that are like "bladders", Fabaceae.
Comarostaphylis diversifolia, summer holly, California, Ericaceae.
Combretaceae, Indian almond family
Combretum constrictum, tropical evergreen climbers and shrubs, tropical Africa, Combretaceae.
Combretum glandiflora, Combretaceae.
Combretum quadrangulare, Takeo bushwillow, Combretaceae.
Commelina species, dayflowers, short-lived flowers
Commelina cyanea, scurvy weed, trailing herbaceous perennial plant, stems grow along ground. leaves used as edible vegetable by early
colonists to alleviate scurvy, Australian native food, Commelinaceae
Commelina diffusa, climbing dayflower, USA, blue dye, raphides, Commelinaceae.

Commiphora species
Commiphora abyssinica, myrrh, sweet myrrh, Mecca balsam, strong-scented oleoresins, Burseraceae.
Commiphora erytbraea, opopanax, bisabol myrrh, Burseraceae.
Commiphora gileadensis, balm of Gilead, Burseraceae.
Commiphora madagascariensis (C. abyssmica, Balsamodendron habessinica), Abyssinian myrrh, Burseraceae.
Commiphora myrrha, myrrh, Burseraceae

Comparettia falcata, epiphytic orchid, North and South America, Orchidaceae.
Coniferophyta Division, conifers (Pinophyta Division, Coniferae Division)
Congea griffithiana, purple congea, Malaysia, Verbenaceae.
Congea tomentosa, shower orchid, woolly congea, white congea, tropical evergreen vine, greenhouse plant, Southern China,
Conicosia pugioniformis, narrow-leaved ice plant, pig root, Southern Africa, Aizoaceae.
Conium maculatum, hemlock, Apiaceae.
Connaraceae, Cannarus family
Conopholis americana, cancer root, squaw root, bear corn (parasitic, non-photosynthesising, looks like a corn cob), Orobanchaceae.
Conradina canescens, false rosemary, North America, Lamiaceae.
Conringia orientalis, hare's ear mustard, North America, Brassicaceae.
Consolida ambigua, lark's heel, Ranunculaceae.
Consolida regalis (Delphinium regalis), larkspur, Ranunculaceae.
Convallaria majalis, lily-of-the-valley, Liliaceae.
Convolvulaceae, Morning glory family
Convolvulus eneorum, silver bush, bindweed, Convolvulaceae.
Conyza canadensis (Erigeron canadensis), Canadian flea bane, Asteraceae.
Copaifera officinalis, copaiba, copahu balsam, copaiva, Jesuit's balsam, para balsam, maracalbo balsam, balsam copalba oil, Fabaceae.
Copaifera langsdorffii, diesel tree, rashed tree, salam tree, up to 12 m, "copaiba balsam" (copaiba oleoresin), copaiba oil contains
caryophyllene, light porous wood containing oils, biodiesel source, traditional medicine, Fabaceae.
Copaifera langsdorffii, diesel tree, Fabaceae,
Cooperia, rain lily, Liliaceae.
Copernicia alba, Paraguay, Arecaceae.
Copernicia prunifera, carnauba wax palm, Brazilian wax palm, up to 20 m, carnauba wax on leaf surfaces, fibres for handicrafts,
cheap wood, Brazil, Arecaceae.
Coprosma repens, taupata, mirror bush, shiny leaf (popular garden, tree), New Zealand, Hawaii, Rubiaceae.

Coptis, Ranunculaceae.
Coptis aspleniifolia, gold thread, canker root, North America, Ranunculaceae.
Coptis chinensis, Chinese gold thread | Coptisine | Ranunculaceae.

Corallorhiza, coral root, Orchidaceae.
Corchorus capsularis, white jute, leaves and fruit eaten, finer jute than tossa jute, traditional medicine, India, Malvaceae.
Corchorus olitorius, tossa jute, salad mallow, Jew's mallow, leafy vegetable, main source of jute fibre from the stem, India, Malvaceae.
Cordeauxia edulis, yicib, ye-eb, yeheb, nuts, Fabaceae
Cordia subcordata, sea trumpet, Boraginaceae.
Cordylanthus, bird's beak, Scrophulariaceae.
Cordyline australis, cabbage palm, good luck plant, New Zealand cabbage plant, New Zealand palm tree, palm lily, sword-shaped
long green leaves, large fleshy roots, creeping roots, knobbly when cut, Asparagaceae.
Cordyline cannifolia, Palm lily, Australia, Asparagaceae.
Cordyline fructicosa (C. terminalis), Madagascar dragon tree, good luck plant, ti tree tree of kings, East Asia, Asparagaceae.
Cordyline rubra, red-fruited palm lily, shady area garden tree, Asparagaceae.
Corema conradii, corema, Arctic, Empetraceae.
Coreopsis tinctoria, calliopsis, Asteraceae.
Corethrogyne, sand aster Asteraceae.
Coriandrum maritimum, samphire, rock samphire, Apiaceae.
Coriandrum sativum, coriander, Apiaceae.
Cornaceae, Dogwood family
Cornus florida, flowering dogwood, profuse flowers, state flower of Virginia, North America, Cornaceae.
Corns kousa, strawberry dogwood, admired ornamental, Japan, Cornaceae.
Cornus sanguinea, common dogwood tree, dogberry, England, North America, Cornaceae.
Coronilla, crown vetch, Fabaceae.
Coronopus, swine cress, Brassicaceae.
Correa alba, cape barren tea, native fuchsia, white correa, aromatic leaves, flavour like jasmine, groundcover,
Australian native food, Rutaceae.
Corrigiola, corrigiola, Caryophyllaceae.
Cortaderia, pampas grass, Poaceae.
Coryanthes, bucket orchid, insectivorous, Orchidaceae.
Corydalis ambigua, Yuan Hu Suo, Papaveraceae.
Corydalis solida, fumewort, Papaveraceae.

Corylus, Betulaceae.
Corylus americana, American hazelnut, Betulaceae.
Hazel nut (Corylus avellana), common hazel, hazel tree, "hazelnut", filbert, single sex catkin, used to make pralines, Europe, west Asia,
Hazelnut Daley's Fruit Trees
Corylus colurna, Turkish hazelnut, used to make "Nutella", street use, Betulaceae.
Corylus cornuta, beaked hazelnut, deciduous shrub, North America, Betulaceae.
Corylus maxima, filbert (possibly named after St. Philibert), long narrow nut hidden in furry husks called "Christmas stockings",

Corymbia calophylla, marri, white flowers, very large eucalyptus, Western Australia, Myrtaceae.
Corymbia citriodora, spotted gum, lemon-scented gum, lemon eucalyptus, tall forest tree, lemon smell (citronellal), Queensland
Australia, Myrtaceae.
Corymbia ficifolia, rough bark, small eucalypt, Western Australia, Myrtaceae.
Corymbia maculata, spotted gum, sheds bark to show grey and green spots, creamy white flowers, about, 30 m, Eastern Australia
Corymbia ptychocarpa, large clusters of white, pink and red flowers, street tree, Australia, Myrtaceae.
Corymbia tessellaris, Moreton bay ash, carbeen bloodwood, timber tree, Australia, Myrtaceae.
Corymborkis, crow orchid, Orchidaceae.
Corynephorus, club awn grass, Poaceae.
Corynocarpaceae, Karaka family
Corypha umbraculifera, talipot palm, up to 25 m, largest inflorescence of all plants, India, Ceylon, Arecaceae.
Corypha utan, gebang palm, cabbage palm, "once in a lifetime", up to 20 m, huge inflorescence towards ends of life, suitable for parks
northern Australia, India, Arecaceae.
Coryphantha, beehive cactus, Cactaceae.
Cosmos bipinnatus, cosmos, ornamental, garden herb, Asteraceae.
Costus malortieanus, spiral ginger, stepladder plant, costus grass, Central America, Costaceae.
Costus speciosus, crepe ginger, contains steroid sapinogen diosgenin, C27H42O3, Asia, Costaceae.
Cota tinctoria, golden marguerite, dyer's chamomile, Asteraceae.
Cotoneaster frigidus, Himalayan tree cotoneaster, Rosaceae.
Cottea, cotta grass, Poaceae.
Cotula coronopifolia, brass buttons, golden buttons, button weed, water buttons, very salt tolerant, low growing perennial herb, South
Africa, Asteraceae.
Couepia longipedula, castanha de galinha nut, Chrysobalanaceae
Couepia polyandra, olosapo, small tree, fast growing, evergreen, fruit, medium, elliptical, rough surface, soft flesh, one seed, used fresh
propagation from seeds, attractive tree, easy to grow in warm areas, Mexico, Central America, Chrysobalanaceae.
Couroupita guianensis, cannonball tree, Lecythidaceae.
Coursetia axillaris, Texas babybonnets, South America, Fabaceae.
Covillea racemosa, Colville's glory, Madagascar, Fabaceae.
Crambe abyssinica, oilseed crop, lubricant, surfactant, Mediterranean area, Brassicaceae.
Cranichis mucosa, cypress-knee helmet orchid, Florida, Orchidaceae.
Crassocephalum crepidioides, redflower ragleaf, invasive, Madagascar, Asteraceae.
Crassulaceae, Stone crop family
Crassula arborescens, silver jade plant, Crassulaceae.
Crassula ovata, jade plant, money tree, lucky plant, thick, smooth, shiny leaves, easily propagated, South Africa, Crassulaceae.
Crassula lycopodioides, rat tail plant, Crassulaceae.
Crataegus species, red berry called a "haw", Rosaceae.
Crataegus monogyna, hawthorn, Rosaceae.
Crataegus oxyacanthoides, hawthorn, thorns are modified branches, herbal medicine, Rosaceae.
Crataegus laevigata, midland hawthorn, England, Rosaceae.
Crataegus orientalis, oriental thorn, often planted, Rosaceae.
Crataegus persimilis 'Prunifolia', broad-leaved cockspur thorn, frequently planted, Rosaceae.
Crataeva magma (Crataeva nurvala), three-leaved caper, Capparaceae.
Cratoxylum cochinchinense (C. polyanthum), Kemutong, Guttiferae
Cratoxylum formosum, Pink mempat, Guttiferae
Crepis, hawks beard, 2 pairs of chromosomes, Asteraceae.
Cresentia cujete, calabash, large fruits, herbal medicine (containers, musical instruments), North and South America, Bignoniaceae.
Cressa, alkali weed, Convolvulaceae.

Crinum, Amaryllidaceae.
Crinum lilies are poisonous to most animals, | Ambelline |.
Crinum asiaticum, seashore crinum, crinum lily, spider lily, bakung, grows in sandy places, herbal medicine, crushed leaves to wash
piles, apply to wounds and abscesses, Tropical Asia, Singapore, Amaryllidaceae.
Crinum augustum, Mauritius, Amaryllidaceae.
Crinum bulbispermum, South Africa, Amaryllidaceae.
Crinum flaccidum, Darling lily, swamp lily, bulb perennial, Amaryllidaceae.
Crinum moorei, longneck crinum, Amaryllidaceae.

Crithmum maritimum, rock samphire, Apiaceae.

Critonia, thorough wort, Asteraceae.
Crocidium, spring gold, Asteraceae.
Crocosmia paniculata, crocosmia, dried flowers smell of saffron, flowers in panicles, Iridaceae.
Crocus species, Iridaceae.
Crocus sativus, saffron, Iridaceae.
Crocus chrysanthus, grass-like leaves, white central stripe (houseplant), Iridaceae.
Crocus suaveolens, crocus, corm, herbs Eastern Europe, Iridaceae.
Crocus vernus (C. africanus), dutch crocus, Iridaceae.
Crocosmia aurea, falling stars, montbretia, copper tips, spikes of tubular flowers, South Africa, Iridaceae.
Crocosmia X Crocosmiiflora, monbretia, large orange flowers, invasive noxious weed, Iridaceae.
Croomia, Stemonaceae.
Croptilon, scratch daisy Asteraceae.
Crossandra infundibuliformis, firecracker flower, tubular, soft-orange flowers (houseplant), Acanthaceae.
Crossosomataceae, Crossosoma family

Crotalaria, Fabaceae
Crotalaria juncea, rattle box, sunn hemp, India, fibre, bast stronger than jute, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, Fabaceae.
Crotalaria pallida, smooth crotalaria, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, Fabaceae.
Crotalaria retusa, rattleweed, wedge-leaf rattlebox, noxious weed, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison retronecine, Fabaceae.
Crotalaria semperflorens, bird flower, tropical shrubs, yellow flowers, India, Fabaceae.
Crotalaria spectabilis, showy crotalaria, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, Fabaceae.

Croton species, all seeds poisonous, Rubiaceae
Croton eluteria, cascarilla, sweet wood bark, sweet bark, Bahama cascarilla, aromatic quinquina, false quinquina, febrifuge, cascarilla
bark, folk medicine, bark tincture tonic, volatile oils, used to flavour campari and Vermouth, West Indies, Euphorbiaceae.
(The garden croton is Codiaeum variegatum.) Cruciata laevipes, smooth bedstraw, crosswort, smooth stalk, Turkey, Rubiaceae.
Cruciferae, now Brassicaceae.
Crypsis, prickle grass, Poaceae.
Cryptanthus acaulis, earth star, green earth star, low-growing rosette, fragrant tubular white flowers (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Cryptanthus bromelioides, large rosettes (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Cryptanthus zonatus, flat rosettes (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Cryptocoryne, water trumpet, Araceae.
Cryptothemis, saprophytic underground orchid, Orchidaceae.
Crysophila albida, Panama, Arecaceae.
Crysophila warsewiczii, rootspine palm, aerial roots from short spines on the trunk called rootspines, Panama, Arecaceae.
Cryptanthus bromeliodes, rainbow star (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Cryptocardia foetida, stinking cryptocardia, stinking laurel, weed, Lauraceae.
Cryptocarya massoy (Massoia aromatica), massoi, Lauraceae.
Cryptocarya woodii, Cape laurel (repels mosquitoes), Lauraceae.
Cryptomeria japonica, Japanese red cedar (redwood, very large with spongy red bark), Cupressaceae, conifer
Cryptostegia grandiflora, rubber vine, weed in Australia, Madagascar, Apocynaceae (Asclepiadaceae.)
Cryptostemma calendulaceum, cape weed
Cryptotaenia japonica, mitsuba, Apiaceae
Ctenanthe lubbersiana, bamburanta (houseplant), Marantaceae.
Ctenanthe oppenheimiana, never-never plant, giant bamburanta (houseplant), Marantaceae.
Ctenium aromaticum, toothache grass, North America, Poaceae.
Cucurbitaceae, Cucumber family
Cucumis melo, piel de sapo, toad skin melon, santa claus melon, ulcardo melon, native cucumber, rock melon, melon, oval shape
green-brown striped outer rind, breakfast food, Cucurbitaceae.
Cucumis melo var. reticulatus, galia melon, sarda, 1 kg, special aroma and flavour, Southeast Asia, hybrid from Israel, Cucurbitaceae.
Cucumis metuliferus, kiwano, African horned cucumber, African horned melon, jelly melon, Cucurbitaceae.
Cucumis sativus, cucumber, Cucurbitaceae.

Cucurbita species, Cucurbitaceae
Cucurbita maxima, winter squash, called "pumpkin" in Australia, Cucurbitaceae.
Cucurbita maxima 'Pepitas', source of edible pumpkin seeds, contain high levels o fphytosterols and zinc, important for prostate gland,
Dried herb sold as whole Pepitas Black or hulled seeds.
Cucurbita maxima 'Queensland Blue', winter squash variety, Cucurbitaceae.
Cucurbita mixta, source of edible pumpkin seeds, Cucurbitaceae.
Cucurbita moschata, source of edible pumpkin seeds, Cucurbitaceae.
Cucurbita pepo, zucchini, squash, field pumpkin, Texas gourd, Cucurbitaceae.
Cucurbita pepo sibsp. pepo var. 'styriaca', source of edible pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil squash seeds, gourd seeds, Cucurbitaceae

Cullen species, Fabaceae
Cullen parvum, small scurf pea, Fabaceae.
Emu foot grass (Cullen tenax), up to 50 cm, alternate leaves, racemes of purple pea-shaped flowers, Fabaceae

Cunoniaceae, Cunonia family
Cuminum cyminum, cumin, Apiaceae
Cunninghamia, Cupressaceae.
Cupaniopsis anacardioides, tuckeroo, carrot wood, dense shade, garden, tree, orange fruits, Sapindaceae.
Cuphea hyssopifolia, False heather, Lythraceae.
Cupressaceae, Cypress family, conifers
Cupressocyparis leylandii, leyland cypress, Cupressaceae.
Curculigo, capitulata "palm" grass, Liliaceae.
Curcuma species, Zingiberaceae.
Cucurbita maxima, Queensland blue pumpkin, winter squash, Cucurbitaceae.
Cucurbita pepo, pumpkin, Cucurbitaceae.
Cupaniopsis anacardioides, tuckeroo, rounded canopy, up to 8 m, orange fruits, grow in most soils, in full sun to partial shade, evergreen
shade tree, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Sapindaceae.
Cuscutaceae, dodder family Cuscuta australis, Australian dodder, Convolvulaceae.
Cussonia spicata, cabbage tree, Araliaceae.
Cutandia, Memphis grass, Poaceae.
Cyamopsis, cyamopsis (E412 Guar gum), Fabaceae.
Cyanoglossum officinale, hound's tongue, Boraginaceae.
Cyanthillium, iron weed, Asteraceae.
Cyathula prostrata, cyathula, Amaranthaceae.
Cybianthus rupestris, Brazil, Myrsinaceae.
Cycadophyta, Cycads, Phylum Cycadophyta
Cycas, Cycads Phylum Cycadophyta
Cycladenia humilis, Sacramento waxy dog bane (monotypic genus), Apocynaceae.
cyclamen hederifolium, cyclamen, Europe, Mediterranean, Myrsinaceae., (Primulaceae.)
Cyclamen persicum, wide, reflexed petals (houseplant), Myrsinaceae, (Primulaceae.)
Cyclanthera explodens, exploding cucumber, Cucurbitaceae.
Cyclopia intermedia, honeybush, Fabaceae.
Cyclopogon, ladies'-tresses, Orchidaceae.
Cydista aequinoctalis, garlic vine, withe, Bignoniaceae.

Quince (Cydonia oblonga), deciduous tree, golden-yellow pome fruit, consumed cooked fruit, pale pink blossoms, ornamental, Rosaceae.
Quince, Daley's Fruit Trees

Cymbalaria muralis, ivy-leaved toadflax, Scrophulariaceae.

Cymbidium elegans, cymbidium, greenhouse orchid, India, Orchidaceae.
Cymbidium hybrids (houseplant), Orchidaceae.
Cymbocarpa, cymbocarpa, Burmanniaceae.

Cymbopogon species, Poaceae.
Cymbopogon ambiguous, Australian lemon-scented grass, Australia, Poaceae.
Cymbopogon citratus, lemon grass, Poaceae.
Cymbopogon, martinii, palmarosa, Poaceae.
Cymbopogon martinii var. sofia, gingergrass, sofia, Poaceae.
Cymbopogon nardus, citronella grass, Poaceae.
Cymbopogon nardus var. nardus, Ceylon citronella, Lenabatu citronella, Poaceae.
Cymbopogon nardus var. confertiflorus, citronella, Poaceae.
Cymbopogon pendulus, jammu lemon grass, Poaceae.
Cymbopogon winterianus, Java citronella, Poaceae.

Cymodoceaceae, Manatee grass family
Cymodocea, cymodocea, Cymodoceaceae.
Cymophyllus, cymophyllus, Cyperaceae.
Cynanchum aphyllum, swallow wort, dog strangling vine, Apocynaceae, (Asclepiadaceae.)
Cynara cardunculuss, artichoke thistle, cardoon, Asteraceae.
Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus, globe artichoke, Asteraceae.
Cynara scolymus, artichoke, Asteraceae.
Cynodon dactylon, couch grass, green couch grass, Bermuda grass, lawn grass, pasture grass, herbal medicine, excessive menstruation,
purgative, Poaceae.
Cynodon fluensis (C. plectostachyus), African star grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Cynoglossum officinale, hound's tongue, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, Boraginaceae.

Namu-namu (Cynometra cauliflora), nam nam, small tree, evergreen, slow-growing, fruit, fleshy pod 5-10 cm long, subacid pulp, one seed,
used fresh, propagation from seeds, Indonesia, Malaysia, Fabaceae.
Cynometra, Daley's Fruit Trees

Cynosurus, dogs tail grass, Poaceae.
Cyphomandra betacea, tree tomato, tamarillo, Solanaceae.

Cyperus species, Cyperaceae.
Cyperus albostriatus, umbrella plant, can stand pot in water (houseplant), Cyperaceae.
Cyperus alternifolius, grass-like leaves, with white stripes (houseplant) Cyperaceae.
Cyperus bulbosus, "bush onion" "wild onion" (not an onion), nutgrass, nagloo, agricultural weed, Australian native food, tubers harvested,
Cyperus echinatus, global flat sedge, Cyperaceae.
Cyperus esculentus, tiger nut, yellow nut sedge, Cyperaceae.
Cyperus, galingale, herbal medicine, Cyperaceae.
Cyperus mitis (C. scariosus sensu), nagar motha, Cyperaceae.
Cyperus papyrus, papyrus, flat sedge, Cyperaceae.
Cyperus rotundus, nutgrass, coco grass, herbal medicine, Cyperaceae.

Cypripedium calceolus var. pubescens, lady's slipper, slipper orchid, moccasin flower, nerveroot, American valerian, sedative and
antispasmodic, North America, Orchidaceae.
Cypripedium pubescens, lady's slipper orchid, herbal medicine, Orchidaceae.
Cyphomandra casana, fast growing, hairy heart-shaped leaves, milder taste than tamarillo, Solanaceae.
Cypripedium reginae, showy lady's slipper orchid, North America, Orchidaceae.
Cypselea humifusa, cypselea, Aizoaceae.
Cyrillaceae, Cyrilla family
Cyrilla racemiflora, titi (sole species in genus), North and South America, Cyrillaceae.
Cyrtanthus elatus, valotta lily, Scarborough lily, fire lily, Amaryllidaceae.
Cyrtococcum, Poaceae.
Cyrtopodium, cyrtopodium, Orchidaceae.
Cyrtosperma merkusii, giant swamp taro, Papua New Guinea, Araceae.
Cystisus scoparius, broom, common broom, Fabaceae.
Cyrtostachys renda, sealing wax palm, maharajah palm, Pinang raja, scarlet leaf bases and petioles, Malaysia, Arecaceae.