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Plants, A, Alphabetic listing of scientific names
Chinese abelia (Abelia chinensis), deciduous, evergreen shrub, Caprifoliaceae.
Abelmoschus esculentus, lady's finger, okra, Malvaceae.
Abelmoschus manihot, aibika, hibiscus manihot, Malvaceae.
Abelmoschus moschatus, musk mallow, Malvaceae
Abies balsamea
Abies, Conifers conifer
Abildgaardia, sedge, Cyperaceae.
Sweet sand-verbena (Abronia fragrans), prairie snowball, herbaceous perennial, taproot, sticky hairy stems, cluster of fragrant,
white, flowers, traditional herbal medicine, insect bites, stomach cramps, ornamental, western North America, Nyctaginaceae.
Abrus, precatorius, jequirity bean, crab's eye, rosary pea, wild licorice, toxic Abrin, Fabaceae.
Hairy Indian mallow (Abutilon grandifolium), Malvaceae.
Flowering maple (Abutilon pictum), Malvaceae.
China jute (Abutilon theophrasti), Indian mallow, Chinese lantern, Brazilian bell-flower, rug-making fibres, weed, South America,
Acacia species, Fabaceae.
Acaena sanguisorbae, prickly bur fruits, Southern hemisphere, Rosaceae.
Acalpha hispida, chenille plant, red hot cat's tail, shrub, callus formation on cut stem, acalyphin, toxic to livestock, India, Euphorbiaceae.
Acalpha siamensis, Thailand, Euphorbiaceae.
Acalpha wilkesiana, fire dragon, copper leaf, beefsteak plant, shrub, multi-coloured foliage, catkin-like flowers, hedging plant, Fiji,
Acamptopappus, golden head, Asteraceae.
Acanthocereus, triangle cactus, Cactaceae.
Acantholimon, spiny shrubs and herbs, Iran, Plumbaginaceae.
Acanthomintha, thorn mint, Lamiaceae.
Acanthospermum, star burr, Asteraceae.
Acanthus species, Acanthaceae

Acer species, maples, soapberry family, Sapindaceae.
Acer campestre, field maple, Sapindaceae.
Acer capillipes red snake-bark maple, leaves with side-lobes and sunken parallel veins, Sapindaceae.
Acer cappacocicum, Cappadocian maple tree, many root sprouts, ornamental, Asia, Sapindaceae.
Acer griseum, paper-bark maple, Sapindaceae.
Acer negundo box elder, Sapindaceae.
Acer palmatum, smooth Japanese maple, hand-like leaves, ornamental, Sapindaceae.
Acer platanoides, Norway maple, England naturalized, Sapindaceae.
Acer polymorphum, maple, palmately-lobed lamina, Sapindaceae.
Acer pensylvanicum, moosewwood, Sapindaceae.
Acer pseudoplatanus, sycamore tree, great maple, plane tree, England (naturalized), Sapindaceae.
Acer saccharum, sugar maple, Sapindaceae.

Achatocarpaceae, Achatocarpus family
Achatocarpus brasiliensis, Achatocarpus, Achtocarpaceae

Achillea species, Asteraceae.
Achillea erba-rotta, Asteraceae.
Achillea ligustica, ligurian yarrow, Asteraceae.
Achillea millefolium, yarrow, common yarrow, Asteraceae.
Achillea ptarmica, sneezewort, bastard pellitory, Asteraceae.
Achillea tomentosa, woolly yarrow, yellow yarrow, Asteraceae.

Achimenes hybrids, hot water plant, magic flowers, perennial (houseplant), Gesneriaceae.
Achnatherum, needle grass, Poaceae.
Achnella, rice grass, Poaceae.
Achyrachaena, blow wives, Asteraceae.
Achyranthes aspera, chaff flower, herbal medicine, Amaranthaceae.
Acianthus fornicatus, small orchid, single leaf, brown-green flowers, Orchidaceae.
Acicarpha, acicarpha, Calyceraceae.
Acinos arvensis, basil thyme, spring savory, Lamiaceae.
Aciphylla colensoi, spear grass, spaniard, New Zealand, Poaceae.
Acleisanthes, trumpets, Nyctaginaceae.
Acmella oleracea, toothache plant, Asteraceae.

Acmena, a "lillypilly", Myrtaceae
Acmena hemilampra, 'Broad-leaved lilly pilly', Australian native food, Myrtaceae
Acmena ingens, 'Red Apple lilly pilly', southern satinash, fruit large red berry, 25 to 40 mm, single
seed with white flesh, Australian native food, Myrtaceae
Acmena smithii, 'Hedgemaster lilly pilly' (Eugenia smithii, Syzygium smithii), evergreen tree, 'monkey apple',
shrubs or hedgerows, cream and green
smooth waxy leaves, white to maroon edible berries, Australian native food, Myrtaceae.

Acmenosperma claviflorum, Myrtaceae.
Acmopyle, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Acoelorraphe wrightii, silver saw palmetto, Central America, Arecaceae.
Acokanthera, bush man's poison, pointed anthers, evergreen shrub, Apocynaceae.
Aconitum species, Ranunculaceae.

Acoraceae, Calamus family
Acorus calamus, sweet flag, Acoraceae.
Acourtia, desert peony, Asteraceae.
Acrachne, goose grass, Poaceae.

Acronychia species, Rutaceae
Acronychia species may be called "aspens", a name usually for Populus species, Salicaceae.
Acronychia species, Daley's Fruit Trees.
Lemon aspen (Acronychia acidula), Australian native food, Rutaceae.
White aspen (Acronychia oblongifolia), White Aspen, 'Marmalade Fruit', Australian native food, Asteraceae.

Acroptilon, hard heads, Asteraceae.
Acrotrema costatum, jungle star, Dilleniaceae.
Native currant (Acrotriche depressa), low growing heath, edible burgundy-coloured little berries, strong acidic flavour, used as a base
for sauces and desserts, coastal South Australia and Kangaroo Island, Australian native food, Ericaceae.
Actaea racemosa, black cohosh, Ranunculaceae.
Actaea rubra, red baneberry, Ranunculaceae.
Actaea spicata, baneberry, Ranunculaceae.

Actinidiaceae, Chinese gooseberry family
Actinidia aguta, hardy kiwi fruit, Actinidiaceae.
Actinidia deliciosa, kiwi fruit, Actinidiaceae.
Actinidia polygama, silver vine, Actinidiaceae.

Actinorhytis calapparia, pinang penawar, Solomon Islands, Arecaceae.
Actinostrobus, Cupressaceae, conifer
Actinotus helianthi, flannel flower, Australian wildflower, Actinaceae.
Actinotus leucocephalus, Actinaceae.
Adansonia gregorii, baob tree, Australian baobab (the only baobab species to occur in Australia), bottle tree, dead rat tree, monkey bread
tree, swollen base of its trunk to look like a bottle, most parts are edible, medicinal products from leaves, can store water through dry
seasons eat pulp that fills the seed pods, decorative paintings, carvings, Australian native food, Malvaceae.
Adenanthera microsperma, bead tree, Java, Fabaceae.
Adenanthera pavonina, saga, Fabaceae.
Adenium multiflorum, impala lily, funnel-shaped flower, fish and arrow poison, ornamental, Arabian peninsula, Southern Africa,
Adenium obesum, desert rose, potted plant, digitalis-like glycosides, Apocynaceae.
Adenocaulon bicolor, trail plant, pathfinder, leaf top surface dark green, underside white woolly, used to follow trail of person who
disturbed leaves, North America, Asteraceae.
Adenophyllum cooperi (Cooper dyssodia), perennial shrub, unpleasant odour, common along roadsides, Mojave National
Preserve, North America, Asteraceae.
Adenostemma lavenia (Verbesina lavenia), sticky daisy, erect annual up to 1 m tall, weed, Sri Lanka, Australia, Asteraceae.
Adiantum species, maidenhair fern, Adiantaceae, Phylum Pteridophyta.
Adiantum capillus-veneris, Venus hair fern, maidenhair fern, bitter-tasting naringin, Adiantaceae, Phylum Pteridophyta.
Adinandra dumosa, tiup-tiup, fruits dispersed by fruit bats, Singapore, Theaceae.
Adonis annua, pheasant's eye, red chamomile, scarlet flowers, feathery leaves (in myth of Adonis, sprung up from his blood when
killed by a wild boar), Ranunculaceae.
Adonis vernalis, yellow pheasant's eye, false hellebore, poisonous, finely-divided leaves, annual and perennial herb, bright-coloured
flowers, borders and rock gardens, adonidin glucosides, herbal medicine, supposed to treat heart disorders where degenerating muscle
produces rapid and feeble motion, Europe and cooler Asia, Ranunculaceae.
Adoxa moschatellina, moschatel, Adoxaceae.
Adoxaceae, Moschatel family
Aechmea fasciata, silver vase, urn plant, may cause contact dermatitis, (houseplant), Brazil, Bromeliaceae.
Aechmea gamosepala, bromeliad, matchsticks, herbaceous perennial, pointed sepals, red bracts, Brazil, Bromeliaceae.
Aegicerus corniculatum, river mangrove, in Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, small white flowers, understorey to white mangrove,
Queensland, Primulaceae
Aegiceras majus, mangrove of tidal swamps, Primulaceae.
Aegilops, goat grass, weed, Poaceae.
Aegiphila, spirit weed, Verbenaceae.
Aegle marmelos, bael tree, Rutaceae.
Aegopodium podagraria, ground elder, Apiaceae.
Aegopogon, relax grass, Poaceae.
Aeluropus, Poaceae.
Aeollanthus saxatilis, can live in copper-rich soils, Congo, Lamiaceae.
Aeschynanthus lobbianus, dark green fleshy leaves, trailing stems (houseplant), Gesneriaceae.

Aeschynomene americana, American jointvetch, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Aeschynomene falcata, bargoo jointvetch, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Aeschynomene villosa, villose jointvetch, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Aeschynomene virginica, Virginia jointvetch, Fabaceae.

Aesculus species, Sapindaceae.
Aesculus flava, yellow buckeye, Sapindaceae.
Aesculus chinensis, horse chestnut, herbal medicine, Escin or aescin, C55H86O24: Sapindaceae.
Aesculus hippocastanum, horse chestnut tree, Sapindaceae.
Aesculus indica, Indian horse chestnut, Sapindaceae.
Aesculus pavia, red buckeye, red blossoms, North America, Sapindaceae.
Aesculus X carnea, red horse chestnut, Sapindaceae.

Afrocarpus falcata, Outeniqua yellow wood, garden tree, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Aframomum melegueta, grains of paradise, Zingiberaceae
Afzelia rhomboidea, Philippines, Fabaceae.
Agalinis, false foxglove, Scrophulariaceae.
Agapanthus, African lily, lily-of-the-Nile, strong-growing perennials, garden edges and backgrounds, hardy perennial herbs,
strap-shaped leaves, Southern Africa, Alliaceae.
Agarista, Florida hobble bush, Epacridaceae.
Agastarche species, giant hyssop, Lamiaceae.
Agathis, Conifers, conifer
Buch (Agathosma betulina), buchu, round leaf buchu, mountain buchu, short buchu, bookoo, buku, bucco, essential oil, phenolic
compounds, herbal medicine, gastrointestinal disorders, diruetic, antiseptic, brandy tincture called "buchu tea" still used,
South Africa, Rutaceae.
Agathosma serratifolia, longleaf buchu, flavanone glycoside hesperidin in leaves, South Africa, Rutaceae.

Agavaceae, Agave family
Agave species, Asparagaceae.
Agave americana, century plant, Asparagaceae.
Agave angustifolia, tropical cultivar, garden plant, agavoside A saponin, oxalic acid, Asparagaceae.
Agave attenuata, agave, large succulent garden plant, lamina modified for water storage, leaf has very thick cuticle, in three distinct
layers (houseplant), Asparagaceae.
Agave cantala, cantala, maguey, produce hard fibres, xerophyte, Asparagaceae.
Agave filifera, round rosette of fleshy pointed leaves with thread-like growths (houseplant), Asparagaceae.
Agave fourcroydes, henequen, Mexican sisal, used to produce twines, fibre from leaf tissue, Asparagaceae.
Agave lecheguilla, thistle, Mexican fibre, weed, Asparagaceae.
Agave potatorum, used to produce a drink, Mexico, Asparagaceae.
Agave schidigera, century plant, rarely flowers Asparagaceae.
Agave sisalana, leaves used to produce sisal "hemp" for cords, twine and matting (Sisal is a port in Yucatan), produce cytisine for
tequila, produce hecogenin for synthesis of cortisone, Mexico, Asparagaceae.
Agave victoriae-regina, spherical rosette of dull green, white-edged, triangular leaves (houseplant), Asparagaceae.

Ageratina adenophora (Eupatorium adenophorum), crofton weed, snakeroot, Mexican devil, eupatory, invasive weed, poisonous to
horses, Mexico, Asteraceae.
Ageratum conyzoides, white weed, Asteraceae.
Ageratum houstonianum, flossflower, Asteraceae.
Aglaonema commutatum, green leaves with silvery bands (houseplant), Araceae.
Aglaonema costatum, Thailand, Araceae.
Aglaonema crispum, green leaves with silvery grey variation (houseplant), Araceae.
Aglaonema modestum, Chinese evergreen, Borneo, Araceae.
Aglata odorita, Meliaceae.
Agrimonia eupatoria, agrimony, cocklebur, Rosaceae.
Agropyron repens (Triticum repens), English couch grass, couch grass, dog's grass, twitch, western wheat grass, herbal medicine,
Agrostemma, corn cockle, Caryophyllaceae.
Agrostis, bent grass, lawn grass, Poaceae.
Ailanthus altissima (Acacia glandulosa), tree of heaven, tall, deciduous, tree, chouchun (bad smell, tree), formation of abscission layer
before leaf fall, poison suckers, North China, Simaroubaceae.
Ailanthus triphysa, North China, Simaroubaceae.
Aiphanes erosa, Macaw palm, Martinique, Arecaceae.
Aiphanes caryotifolia, Coyure palm, popular glasshouse palm, South America, Arecaceae.
Aiphanes horrida, spiny palm, eat fruit, carotene, piceatannol, used to make candles, South America, Arecaceae
Aira, hair grass, Poaceae.
Aizoaceae, Fig marigold family

Ajuga species, Lamiaceae.
Ajuga pyramidalis, non-spreading, deep blue flowers, Lamiaceae.
Ajuga reptans, bugle, carpenter's herb, middle comfrey, sicklewort, Lamiaceae.
Ajuga reptans multicolor, groundcover, "Burgandy lace" cultivar, Lamiaceae.
Ajuga reptans purpurea, groundcover, most commonly grown, Lamiaceae.
Ajuga reptans variegata, groundcover, green leaves edged with cream, Lamiaceae.

Akar saga, creeper, weed, damaged seeds are toxic, alkaloids, herbal medicine, India, Fabaceae.

Albizia species, Fabaceae.
Albizia anthelmentica, | Albizziine | Desglucomusennin | Echinocystic acid | Musennin |Fabaceae.
Albizia julibrisin, | Albizziine | Noradrenaline | Turgorin | Fabaceae.
Albizia lebbeck, lebbeck tree, siris tree, woman's tongues tree, hardwood, soil binder, shade tree, | Albizziine | folk remedies, saponins and
tannins in bark, Fabaceae.
Dried herb sold as bark powder.
See diagram Albizia lebbeck
Albizia lophanta, | Albizziine | Djenholic acid | Fabaceae.

Alcea rosea, hollyhock, Malvaceae.
Alchemilla mollis, lady's mantle, Rosaceae.
Allamanda cathartica, yellow allamanda, allamandin, Apocynaceae
Amentotaxus, Taxaceae, conifer
Aloysia triphylla, lemon verbena, Verbenaceae.
Araucariaceae, Araucaria family, conifer
Alangium ridleyi, mentulang daun lebar, Alangiaceae.
Alangium salviifolium, Alangiaceae.
Albizia julibrissin, albizia, silk, tree, white siris, pink siris, West Asia, Fabaceae.
Albuca bracteata (Ornithogalum caudatum), herb of healing, false sea onion, pregnant onion, Asparagaceae.
Alcea rosea, hollyhock, Malvaceae.
Alchemilla mollis, garden lady's mantle, Rosaceae.
Alchemilla vulgaris, lady's mantle, Rosaceae.

Beach bird's-eye (Alectryon coriaceus), beach alectryon, coastal plant, up to 11 m, thick leathery leaves,
green-yellow flowers, small petals, red and black fruit, Australian native food, Sapindaceae.
See diagram Alectryon coriaceus, Daley's Fruit Trees

Aletris, colic root, Liliaceae.
Aleurites fordii, Tung oil tree, Euphorbiaceae.
Aleurites moluccanus, Candlenut, Euphorbiaceae.
Alisma, water plantain, Alismataceae.
Alismataceae, water plantain family
Alkanna tinctoria, alkanna, alkanet, dyer's alkanet, orchanet, dyer's bugloss, Spanish bugloss, bright blue flower, red dye from roots,
Alkannin France, Boraginaceae.
Allamanda cathartica, Apocynaceae.
Allamandrin, poisonous, South America, Malaysia, Apocynaceae.
Alliaria, Garlic mustard, Brassicaceae.
Allionia, windmills, Nyctaginaceae.

Allium species, chives, garlic, onion, leek, shallot, Amaryllidaceae.
Allium cepa, onion, spring onion, shallot, tree onion, Amaryllidaceae.
Allium chinense, Rakkyo Chinese scallions, Amaryllidaceae
Allium sativum var. sativum, garlic, cultivated garlic, Amaryllidaceae.
Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon, rocambole, serpent garlic, sand leek, used as garlic, ornamental, Amaryllidaceae.
Allium schoenoprasum, chives, Amaryllidaceae.
Allium tuberosum, Chinese chives, garlic chives, Amaryllidaceae.

Allocasuarina torulosa (Casuarina torulosa), forest oak, she-oak, Australia, Casuarinaceae.
Allolepis, Texassalt, Poaceae.
Allophyllum, false gilly flower, Polemoniaceae.
Allosidastrum, mock fan petals, Malvaceae.
Alloteropsis, summer grass, Poaceae.
Allotropa, sugar stick, Monotropaceae.
Allowissadula, false Indian mallow, Malvaceae.
Almutaster, alkali marsh aster, Asteraceae.
Alnus cordata, Italian alder, abundant in parks, Betulaceae.
Alnus glutinosa, common alder tree, European black alder, English alder, sticky young shoots and leaves, deciduous tree, England,
Alnus incarna, grey alder tree, Betulaceae.
Alnus rubra, red alder tree, Betulaceae.
Alnus tenuifolia, alder, tree, herbal medicine, Betulaceae.

Alocasia species, Araceae.
Alocasia brisbanensis, native lily, cunjevoi, poisonous, oxalatyes, dermatitis, edible if very well cooked, Australian native food, Araceae.
Alocasia cucullata, Chinese taro, hooded dwarf elephant's ear, Chinese medicine, poisonous, calcium oxalate (houseplant), Araceae.
Alocasia fornica, edible vegetable but calcium oxalate, India, Araceae.
Alocasia macrorrhizos, giant taro, elephant ear taro, kape, raphides, Philippines, Araceae.
Alocasia odora, night-scented lily, giant upright elephant's ear, poisonous, calcium oxalate, Araceae.
Alocasia sanderiana, kris plant, not edible, ornamental foliage, Araceae.
Aloe species, Asphodelaceae.
Alopecurus, foxtail, Poaceae.
Alophia, alophia, Iridaceae.
Alstroemeriaceae, Alstroemeria family
Alstroemeria pulchella, New Zealand Christmas bell, Peruvian lily, Alstroemeriaceae.
Alternanthera sessilis, mukunawenna, sessile joyweed, Amaranthaceae.
Alternantheria sissoo, Brazilian spinach, Amaranthaceae.
Aloysia triphylla, lemon verbena, herb louisa, white brush, bee brush, deciduous shrub, leaves, whorls of three, herbal medicine,
Alphitonis excelsa, soap, tree, red ash, open forest, tree, Australia, Rhamnaceae.
flowering stems, Chile, Alstroemeriaceae.
Alstroemeria pulchella, New Zealand christmas bells, Peruvian lily, Alstroemeriaceae.
Alstroemeriaceae, Alstroemeria family.

Alternanthera species, Amaranthaceae.
Alternanthera dentata, alligator weed, joy weed, rabbit meat, sterile alternate anthers, Central America, Amaranthaceae.
Alternanthera ficoidea, Joseph's coat, calico plant, Amaranthaceae.
Alternanthera philoxeroides, alligator weed, invasive, Amaranthaceae.
Alternanthera sessilis, sessile joyweed, Amaranthaceae.
Alternanthera sissoo, Brazilian spinach, Amaranthaceae.
Alternanthera versicolor, purple mukunuwenna, Amaranthaceae.

Althaea officinalis, marshmallow, Malvaceae.
Alysicarpus vaginalis, alyce clover, buffalo clover, white moneywort, livestock fodder, green manure, erosion control, Fabaceae.
Alyssium, madwort, Europe, annual and perennial herb, supposed to cure rabies, Brassicaceae.

Amaranthaceae, Amaranth family
Amaranthus species, Amaranthaceae.
Amaranthus caudatus, "love-lies-bleeding", Amaranthaceae.
Amaranthus caudatus 'Mira', colourful salad herb, Amaranthaceae.
Amaranthus cruentus, purple amaranth, purple flowering spikes, Amaranthaceae.
Amaranthus hybridus, green amaranth, pigweed, Amaranthaceae.
Amaranthus hypochondriacus, "Prince's feather", Amaranthaceae.
Amaranthus palmeri, pigweed, said to be resistant to glyphosate (e.g. "Roundup"), Amaranthaceae.
Amaranthus tricolor, tampala, Amaranth 'Mira', Amaranthaceae.

Amaryllidaceae, Amaryllis family (Not Liliaceae, so not a "lily")
Amaryllis species, Amaryllidaceae.
Amaryllis belladonna, belladonna lily, Jersey lily, Easter lily, naled lady flowering bulb, strap-shaped leaves, two leafless stems bear
funnel-shaped flowers, with 6 white-pink tepals, South Africa, Amaryllidaceae.
Amaryllis paradisicola (second of only 2 species in genus Amaryllis), Amaryllidaceae.
"Amaryllis" is common name for Hippeastrum cultivars

Amblyopyrum, Poaceae.
Amborella trichopoda, possibly the closest living relative of the first flowering plants, base of the classification of flowering plants

Ambrosia artemisiifolia, annual ragweed, common ragweed, asthma plant, hay-fever weed, hollyhock, marsh mallow, herbal medicine,
ornamental western ragweed, fern-like, pollen antigens causes hay-fever and asthma in humans, invasive, Asteraceae, North America

Amelachier lamarkii, snowy mesphil, abundant, England (naturalized), America, Asteraceae.
Amelanchia alnifolia, sasktoonberry, Rosaceae.
Amerorchis, Orchidaceae.
Amherstia nobilis, pride of Burma, orchid flower, rose of the mountains, ornamental, Fabaceae.
Amianthium, grey amianthium, Liliaceae.
Ammocalamagrostis, Poaceae.
Ammocharis, ammocharis, Liliaceae.
Ammophila, beach grass, marram grass, Poaceae.
Amnmi visnaga, khella seed, visnaga, Apiaceae.
Amomum costatum, black cardamom, Zingiberaceae.
Amomum subulatum, Nepal cardamom, Zingiberaceae.
Amoora cucullata, Pacific maple, timber tree, Meliaceae.
Amoracia rusticana, horseradish, Brassicaceae.
Amoreuxia palmatfida, saiya, yellowshow, North America and South Amerca, Bixaceae.
Amorpha californica, false indigo, Fabaceae.
Amorphophallus paeonifolius, elephant yam, Araceae.
Amorphophallus titanum, titan arum, corpse flower,   gigantic flower from underground corm, large, much-divided leaves, Sumatra,
Ampelaster carolinianus, climbing aster, North America, Asteraceae.
Ampelocissus acetosa, wild grape, Northern Australia, Australian native food, Vitaceae.
Ampelodesmos mauritanicus, Mauritanian grass, Mediterranean region, Poaceae.
Amphiachyris dracunculoides, common broomweed, prairie broomweed, North America, Asteraceae.
Amphibromus nervosus, common swamp wallaby grass, Australia, Poaceae.
Amphicarpaea bracteata, hog peanut, ground bean, North America, Fabaceae.
Amphicarpum muehlenbergianum, maidencane, North America, Poaceae.
Amphipappus fremonti, chaffbush, North America, Asteraceae.
Amphitecna macrophylla, black calabash, chaff bush, Mexico, Bignoniaceae.
Amsinckia intermedia, tarweed, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, Boraginaceae
Amsinckia lycopsoides, tarweed fiddleneck, North America, Boraginaceae.
Amsonia orientalis, European bluestar, Apocynaceae.
Amyris species wood produce elemi balsam, oleoresin containing elemic acids, sesquiterpenes, triterpenes,
e.g. alpha- and beta-amyrin.
Amyris balsamifera, balsam torchwood, West Indian sandalwood, West Indian rosewood, essential oil, caryophyllene, Rutaceae.
Amyris elemifera, fuel, honey, wood termite-proof, Florida, northern South America, Rutaceae.
Anacardiaceae, Sumac family, Cashew family
Anacardium occidentale, cashew nut tree, Anacardiaceae.
Anacolosa frutescens, occidentale galo nut, promising nut, Olacaceae
Anacyclus, pyrethrum (Anthemis), anacyclus, pellitory of Spain, herbal medicine, perennial herb, Asteraceae.
Anadenanthera colubrina, hallucinogenic snuffs Vilca/Cebil, bufotenin alkaloid, Fabaceae.
Anadenanthera peregrina, hallucinogenic Yopo/Cohobayopa, parica, bufotenin alkaloid, Fabaceae.
Anagallis arvensis, pimpernel, "The Scarlet Pimpernel", leafy bracts on fruit, Europe, Primulaceae.
Anagallis minima, pimpernel, chaff weed, Primulaceae.
Anamirta cocculus, Indian berry, fishberry, source of picrotoxin, many alkaloids, poisonous, used to stun fish and insecticide,

Ananas species, Bromeliaceae.
Ananas bracteatus striatus, red pineapple, small inedible fruit, striking ornamental (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Ananas bracteatus tricolor, small inedible fruit (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.
Ananas comosus, pineapple, Bromeliaceae.
Ananas comosus variegatus, ivory pineapple (houseplant), Bromeliaceae.

Anaphalis, pearly everlasting, Asteraceae.
Anastatia, hierochuntina, rose of Jericho, rose of the Virgin, Arabia, Egypt, Syria
Anabasis aphylla, semi-desert plant, anabasine, southern Europe, Amaranthaceae.
Anchusa azurea, garden anchusa, bristly perennial, cooked syems eaten, Italian bugloss, Europe, weed, Boraginaceae.
Anchusa officinalis, bugloss, alkanet (Spanish Alcanna, henna, red dye), Europe, Boraginaceae.
Anchusa tinctoria, dye plant, Boraginaceae.
Ancistrachne, Poaceae.
Ancistrocarphus, nest straw, Asteraceae.
Anacyclus pyrethrum, pellitory, Spanish pellitory, Asteraceae.
Anacyclus pyrethrum, pellitory, pellitory of Spain, Spanish chamomile, Asteraceae.
Anadenanthera colubrina, vilca, bufotenine, in psychedelic preparations, has many chemical compounds, South America, Fabaceae.
Andira inermis (Acacia anthelminitica), cabbage, tree, cabbage bark, angelin, herbal medicine (bark is antihelminth), Fabaceae.
Andrographis paniculata, king of bitters, Acanthaceae.
Andromeda, bog rosemary, Epacridaceae.
Andropogon gayanus, gamba grass, blue stem, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Androsace, rock jasmine, Primulaceae.
Androstephium, funnel lily, Liliaceae.
Aneilema, Commelinaceae.
Anemone coronaria, poppy anemone (not a "poppy" Papaver)blood red flowers, Ranunculaceae
Anemone nemorosa, wood anemone, wind flower, herbal medicine, ornamental, perennial herb, Northern Europe, N, W Asia, Ranunculaceae.
Anemone patens, Pasque flower, Ranunculaceae.
Anemone pulsatilla, pasque flower, herbal medicine, poisonous, Northern Europe, Ranunculaceae.
Anemone vulgaris, anemone, pasque flower, purple flowers, used fresh plant is toxic, dangerous herbal medicine, Northern Europe
Eastern pasqueflower (Pulsatilla patens, Anemone patens), prairie crocus, cutleaf anemone, purple flowers, dangerous herbal
medicine, poisonous, Northern Europe, USA, Ranunculaceae.
See diagram: Eastern pasque flower

Anemopaegma chamberlaynii, Bignoniaceae.
Angadenia, golden trumpet, Apocynaceae.

Angelica species, Apiaceae.
Angelica archangelica, angelica, Apiaceae.
Angelica atropurpurea, purple angelica, American angelica, Apiaceae.
Angelica keiskei, Japanese angelica, Apiaceae.
Angelica pachycarpa, shiny leaf angelica, archangel, culinary herb, Apiaceae.
Angelica sinensis, Chinese angelica, Apiaceae
Angelica ursina, Japanese angelica, Apiaceae.

Angelonia augustifolia, narrow leaf angelonica, Scrophulariaceae.
Angelonia salicariifolia, willow leaf angelonica, granny's bonnets, weed, medicine, cooking herb, Brazil, Scrophulariaceae.
Angiosperms, Flowering plants:9.5.2
Angophora cordifolia, cordate lamina, Myrtaceae.
Angophora costata, Sydney red gum, gum myrtle, smooth barked apple, "gum tree", Myrtaceae.
Angophora lanceolata, oldest layers of cork bark, phellogen, shed as hot summer approaches, Myrtaceae.
Angostura trifoliata, herbal medicine, angostura bark used in "Abbot's bitters", but not in "Angostura bitters", which was first produced
in the town of Angostura, renamed Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, Rutaceae.
Angraecum fragrans, Orchidaceae.
Angraecum sesquipedale, tropical orchid, nectaries are long trailing spurs, Orchidaceae.
Anhalonium lewinii, peyote cactus, Mescaline, C11H17NO3: 11.11.9, Cactaceae
Aniba duckei, Brazilian rosewood, bois de rose, Lauraceae.
Aniba parviflora, Brazilian rosewood, bois de rose, Lauraceae.
Aniba rosaeodora var. amazonica, Brazilian rosewood oil, bois de rose, Lauraceae.
Anigozanthos flavidus, kangaroo paw, widely opened flowers, Australia, Haemadoreaceae.
Anisacanthus, desert honeysuckle, Acanthaceae.
Anisodus tanguticus, Chinese herbal medicine, anisodine | anisodamine | hyoscyamine | scopolamine, western China, Tibetan plateau,
Anisoptera laevis, mersawa durian, tall tree with helicopter double-winged seed dispersal, Dipterocarpaceae.
Annonaceae, Custard apple family, Soursop family
Annona species, Annonaceae.
Annona muricata, graviola, soursop, Annonaceae
Anoectochilus, Orchidaceae.
Anthaenantia, silky scale grass, Poaceae.
Anthephora, old field grass, Poaceae.
Anthocerotophyta Hornworts, Phylum Anthocerotophyta
Anthoxanthum odoratum, vanilla grass, Poaceae.
Anethum graveolens, dill, Apiaceae.
Angelica species

Anthurium andraenum, laceleaf, tailflower, flamingo flower, herbaceous epiphyte, simple large heart-shaped leaves on long stalks
unisexual flowers in a curled spadix at end of long and slender flowering stalk, large usually red colourful bract.
Itching, burning, swelling and inflammation from leaves and stem containing calcium oxalate crystals
(houseplant in pots supposed to clean indoor air), Araceae.
Anthurium scherzerianum, lance-shaped leaves on long stalks (houseplant), spiny, Araceae.

Anogeissus latifolia, axelwood, useful source of tannins and Indian gum called ghatti gum, tassar silk moth, India, Combretaceae.
Anredera cordifolia, Madeira vine, serious weed in Australia, fragrant white flowers in drooping spikes, South America, Basellaceae.
Antennaria, pussy toes, Asteraceae.
Anthemis species, mayweed, dog-fennel, Mediterranean region, Asteraceae.
Anthemis arvensis, corn chamomile, Asteraceae.
Anthemis cotula, stinking chamomile, weed, Asteraceae.
Anthemis tinctoria (now called Cota tinctoria), golden chamomile, dyer's chamomile, golden marguerite, yellow chamomile, Asteraceae.
Anethum graveolens, dill, Apiaceae.
Antheropeas, easter bonnets, Asteraceae.
Anthocephalus chinensis, laran, tree of Sabah, Rubiaceae.
Anthocephalus indicus (Acacia cadamba), cadamba, kadamba, Rubiaceae.
Anthoceros, hornwort, Phylum Anthocerotophyta
Anthoxanthum odoratum, vanilla grass, Poaceae.
Anthriscus cerefolium, chervil, Apiaceae.
Anthriscus sylvestris, wild chervil, cow parsley, Apiaceae.
Anthurium andraeanum, flamingo flower (houseplant), poisonous calcium oxalate crystals affect skin and eyes, Araceae.
Anthyllis, kidney vetch, Fabaceae.
Antiaris toxicaria, upas, tree, toxic, dart poison, fibres used for tapa cloth, Moraceae.

Antidesma species, Phyllanthaceae
Antidesma: Australian native fruits with potential for development.
Herbert River cherry, (Antidesma bunius), bignay, current tree, buni, china laurel, small tree, small long fruit, small, currant-like clusters,
male and female plants, used as jelly, excellent juice, wine, propagation from air-layering, grafting, seeds, heart disease, evergreen,
attractive when in fruit, used as jelly, excellent juice used for wine, propagation from air-layering, grafting, seeds, Australian native food,
Wild currant (Antidesma erostre), up to 3 m, dark green, glossy leaves, young berries but sweet when mature as large, grape-like uneven
clusters, eaten raw or used in jams, syrups, desserts and wines, male and female plants but female may fruit on their own, pesticide
phytochemicals, Australian native food, north Queensland, Papua New Guinea, Phyllanthraceae

Antigonon leptopis, Mexican coral vine, coral creeper, corallita, Honolulu creeper, chain of love, queen's wreath, Mexico, Polygonaceae.
Antiphytum, saucer flower, Boraginaceae.
Antirhea, quina, Rubiaceae.
Antirrhinum majus, snapdragon, Plantaginaceae.
Anulocaulis, ring stem, Nyctaginaceae.
Aonopus, carpet grass, Poaceae.
Apera, silky bent grass, Poaceae.
Aphanes arvensis, parsley piert, herbal medicine, Rosaceae.
Aphanisma, coastal creeper, Amaranthaceae.
Aphanostephus, doze daisy, Asteraceae.
Aphelandra squarrosa, zebra plant, large, glossy, dark green leaves with white stripes along veins, attractive bracts (houseplant),
Brazil, Acanthaceae.
Aphelandra sinclairiana, coral aphelandra, Acanthaceae.
Apiaceae, (Umbelliferae), carrot family
Apios americana, potato bean, North America, Fabaceae.
Apium species, Apiaceae
Aplectrum, Adam and Eve, Orchidaceae.
Apluda, Mauritian grass, Poaceae.
Apocynaceae, Dogbane family
Apocynum cannabinum, dogbane, Apocynaceae.
Aponogetonaceae, Cape-pondweed family
Aponogeton distachyos, cape-pondweed, Aponogetonaceae.
Aporocactus flagelliformis, circular trailing stems with sharp spines, (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Aporocactus fragriformis, yellow-red flower buds open to become scarlet, (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Apteria, Burmanniaceae.
Aquaria agallocha, agar wood, aloes wood, agar, Thymelaeaceae.
Aquaria malaccensis, Indonesian agar wood, Thymelaeaceae.
Aquifoliaceae, Holly family
Aquilaria, Thymelaeaceae Aquilaria malaccensis, resinous heartwood, agarwood, agar oil, oodh, fragrant oil, Southeast Asia,
Aquilaria sinensis, evergreen, incense, Chinese herbal medicine ("Chen Xiang), Thymelaeaceae.
Aquilegia vulgaris, columbine, granny's bonnet (Aquilegia vulgaris), Ranunculaceae.
Aquilegia canadensis, red columbine, Ranunculaceae.
Arabidopsis thaliana, mustard plant, thale cress, mouse ear cress, rock cress, mustard weed, smallest plant genome, first plant to have
its entire genome sequenced, Brassicaceae.
Arabis, rock cress, Brassicaceae.
Araceae, Arum family
Arachis glabrata, prine peanut, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Arachis hypogaea, groundnut, peanut, Fabaceae.
Arachis pintoi, pinto pea, peanut pinto, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Aralia elata, Japanese angelica tree, Araliaceae.
Araliaceae, Ginseng family, Aralia family, Ivy family
Araucaria, Conifers, conifer
Athrotaxis cupressoides, pencil pine (but not a pine, Pinus), Cupressaceae, conifer
Arthrotaxis, Tasmania, Taxodiaceae, conifer
Arbutus andrachne, Greek strawberry tree, madrone, small evergreen tree, fruit, strawberry-like, small seeds, fruit and rind edible
Turkey, Epacridaceae.
Arbutus unedo, strawberry tree, cane apple, Irish strawberry tree, evergreen shrub or small tree, Mediterranean region, western
Europe, England, Ericaceae.
Arceuthobium, dwarf mistletoe, pine mistletoe, Viscaceae.
Arceuthos, Cupressaceae, conifer
Archidendron jiringa, Jering, Fabaceae.
Rose myrtle (Archirhodomyrtus beckleri), Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
Rose myrtle, Daley's Fruit Trees
Archontophoenix alexandrae, Alexandra palm, Queensland, Arecaceae.
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, Bangalow palm, Queensland, Arecaceae.
Arctagrostis, polar grass, Poaceae.
Arctium lappa, burdock, clot-burr, former herbal medicine, root vegetable, Asteraceae.
Arctophila, pendant grass, Poaceae.
Arctostaphylos species
Arctostaphylos alpina, alpine bearberry, Ericaceae.
Arctostaphylos rubra, red bearberry, Ericaceae.
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, common bearberry, Ericaceae
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, bearberry, uva urzi, bear's grape, kinnikinnick, crowberry, foxberry, hog cranberry, meal berry, manzanita,
Arbutin, herbal medicine, skin lightener because prevents melanin formation, Ericaceae.
Arctotheca calendula, cape weed, Australia, Asteraceae.
Arctotis, arctotis, African daisy, ornamental, annual and perennial herbs, South Africa, Asteraceae.
Ardisia elliptica (A. littoralis), shoebutton ardisis, seashore ardisia, marlberry, many small black fruits like eyes of animals in the trees,
herbal medicine, ornamental, invasive, Malaysia, Myrsinaceae.
Ardisia escalloniodes, marlberry, glossy dark gren leaves, white flowers, sweet smell, ornamental, Florida, Myrsinaceae.
Ardisia japonica, marlberry, bergenin, toxic, Chinese medicine, ornamental, China, japan, Myrsinaceae.
Arecaceae, Palm family (Palmae), monocotyledon
Areca catechu, betel nut palm, Arecaceae.
Areca ipot, Ipot palm, Philippines, Arecaceae.
Areca latiloba, Malaysia, Arecaceae.
Arecastrum romanzoffianum (Syagrus romanzoffianum), queen palm, very popular street palm, Brazil, Arecaceae.
Arenaria, sandwort, Caryophyllaceae.
Arenga australascia, Australia, Arecaceae.
Arenga pinnata, sugar palm, areng palm, ejow, kaong, gomuti palm, kabung, raphides, India, Arecaceae.
Arenga undulatifolia, jaka, Borneo, Arecaceae.
Arenga westerhoutii, langkap, Malaysia, Arecaceae.
Arethusa, dragon's mouth, Orchidaceae.
Arfeuillea arborescens, hop tree, Sapindaceae.
Argania sideroxylon, argan oil tree, resorcinol, Sapotaceae.
Argania spinosa, argan nut oil, resorcinol, Morocco Sapotaceae.
Argusia, sea rosemary, Boraginaceae.
Argyranthemum marguerite, Marguerite, Asteraceae.
Argyranthemum, dill daisy, Asteraceae.
Argyreia nervosa, Hawaiian baby woodrose, elephant climber, herbal medicine, Convolvulaceae.
Argyroxiphium, silver sword, Asteraceae.
Ariocarpus, living rock, Cactaceae.
Arisaema triphyllum, jack-in-the-pulpit, raphides, North America, Araceae.
Arisaema yamatense, cobra lily, raphides, China, Japan, Araceae.
Aristea, aristea, Iridaceae.
Aristida, three awn grass, Poaceae.
Aristocapsa, spiny cape, Polygonaceae.
Aristolochiaceae, Birthwort family, tubular flowers with unusual shapes

Aristolochia, Aristolochiaceae.
Aristolochia clematitis, birthwort, European birthwort, climks up neighbouring plants, poisonous, causes kidney disorders, former
herbal medicine, Aristolochiaceae.
Aristolochia debilis, slender Dutchman's pipe,
aristolochic acid, Chinese medicine, ma dou ling, Aristolochiaceae.
Aristolochia elegans, Calico flower, Aristolochiaceae.
Aristolochia grandiflora, dutchman's pipe, Brazil, shrubs and climbers, extraordinary shaped flowers, Aristolochiaceae.
Aristolochia indica, aristolindiquinone, Aristolochiaceae.
Aristolochia macrophylla, dutchman's pipe, climber, North America, Aristolochiaceae.
Aristolochia serpentaria, Virginian snake root, serpentaria oil, Aristolochiaceae.
Aristolochia tagala, Dutchman's pipe, Indian birthwort, aristolochic acid, Aristolochiaceae.

Chilean wineberry, (Aristotelia chilensis), maquei, Chili, Elaeocarpaceae.
Dried herb sold as freeze dried berry powder.
Armophallus paenifolius, elephant foor yam, white spot giant arum, Araceae.
Armoracia rusticana, horseradish, Brassicaceae.
Arnebia decumbens, shikonin, anti-inflammatory, Boraginaceae
Arnica chamissonis, chamisso arnica, Asteraceae.
Arnica montana, mountain tobacco, Asteraceae.
Arnoglossum, Indian plantain, Asteraceae.
Aronia arbutifolia, red chokeberry, North America, Rosaceae.
Aronia melanocarpa, black chokeberry, leaves and berry skin highest concentration of anthocyanins, North America, Rosaceae.
Aronia prunifolia, purple chokeberry, North America, Rosaceae.
Arrabidaea corallina, Bignoniaceae.
Arrhenatherum, oat grass, Poaceae.

Artemisia species, Asteraceae.
Artemisia annua (Artemisia absinthium), wormwood, artemisinine
Artemisia annua (Artemisia absinthium), wormwood, artemisinine
Artemisia absinthium, wormwood, Asteraceae.
Artemisia afra, African wormwood, Asteraceae.
Atremisia annua, sweet wormwood, Asteraceae
Artemisia arborescens, silver-lace sagebush, tree wormwood, silky, grey lacy aromatic leaves, shrub, repels insects, Asteraceae.
Artemisia campestris, field wormwood, Asteraceae.
Artemisia dracunculus, tarragon, French tarragon, Russian tarragon, small dragon, garden herb, Southern Europe, Asteraceae.
Artemisia feddei, chamazulene, Asteraceae.
Artemisia frigida, fringed sagebush, Asteraceae.
Artemisia genipi, black genipi, used with other Artemisi to make genipi herbal liqueur, in Europe, Asteraceae.
Artemisia herba-alba, white wormwood, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Artemisia judaica, Judaen wormwood, Asteraceae.
Artemisia ludoviciana, Mexican sagewort, silver wormwood, Asteraceae.
Artemisia maritima, levant wormseed, Asteraceae.
Artemisia pallens, davanam, grown for its fragrant leaves and flowers, Asteraceae.
Artemisia pontica, Roman wormwood, small absinthe, Asteraceae.
Artemisia princeps, Japanese mugwort, Asteraceae.
Artemisia tilesii, Tilesius' wormwood, Aleutian mugwort, stinkweed, perennial, up to 80 cm, yellow flowers, tough rhizome, aromatic
pleasant odour, used for revetation traditional native medicine, used by Eskimos to treat fevers, skin infections and joint pains, smell of
fish, Russia, Japan, North
America, Asteraceae.
Artemisia verlotiorum, Chinese mugwort, Asteraceae.
Artemisia vestita, Russian wormwood, causes dermatitis, Asteraceae.
Artemisia vulgaris, mugwort, Asteraceae.

Arthraxon, carp grass, Poaceae.
Arthropodium milleflorum, vanilla lily, rock lily, Australian native food, Liliaceae.
Arthrostylidium, climbing bamboo, Poaceae.
Arthurium andraeanum, laceleaf (houseplant), Araceae.

Breadfruit project (Artocarpus altilis), Moraceae.
Tree of glory (Artocarpus anisophyllus), bintawa, entawa, entawak, keladang babi, to 45m tall with buttress, small rounded yellow-brown
fruit, red edible aril, Sarawak, Moraceae.
Breadnut (Artocarpus camansi), "breadnut 1", spreading crown, up to 10 m, 100 cm trunk diameter, monoecious, green-yellow globular
fruit, harvested immature, boiled or roasted sweet aroma and taste, many seeds in fruit can be roasted, canned, or processed into paste,
butter, flour or oil, soil mulch from large leaves, sticky, white, milky latex in all parts, male flowers dried for mosquito repellent
tropical regions, Moraceae
Badak (Artocarpus dadah), beruni, tempinis, edible fruit, bark for rope, wood for houses, Papua New Guinea, Moraceae.
Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus), Moraceae.
Jakfruit, Daley's Fruit Trees
Kwai muk (Artocarpus hypargyreus), small tree, evergreen, slow growing, good ornamental, slow to fruit, fruit, small, round, yellow
used fresh, propagation from seeds, South China, Moraceae.
Kwai Muk, Daley's Fruit Trees
Cempedak, (Artocarpus integer), champedak, strong rich smell, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Moraceae.
Cempedak, Champedak, Daley's Fruit Trees
Monkey fruit (Artocarpus lakoocha)t, herbal medicine, India, Moraceae.
Lakoocha, Monkey fruit, Daley's Fruit Trees
Keledong (Artocarpus lancefolius), evergreen, orange fruit, valuable timber, Indonesia, Malaysia
Seeded breadfruit (Artocarpus mariannensis), Marianas bread
Artocarpus melinoxylus, North Borneo, Moraceae.
Marang (Artocarpus odoratissimus), terap, Moraceae.
Marang, Daley's Fruit Trees
Monkey jackfruit (Artocarpus rigidus), temponek, Moraceae.
Artocarpus species, Daley's Fruit Trees

Arum species, called "arum lilies", all parts poisonous
Arum maculatum, arum, cuckoo pint, lords and ladies, priest- in-the- pulpit, poisonousraphides, tuberous perennial herbs,
(not "arum lily", Zantedeschia), Araceae.
Arundaria gigantia, bamboo, mountain bamboo, Poaceae.
Arundina, bamboo orchid, Orchidaceae.
Arundinaria amabilis, bamboo, split-and-glued fishing rods, Poaceae.
Arundinella, rabo de gato, Poaceae.
Arundo, giant reed, Poaceae.
Asanthus, brickell bush Asteraceae.
Asarum canadense, Canadian Snakeroot, wild ginger, Indian ginger, Aristolochiaceae.
Asarum, wild ginger, asarabacca, abortefacient, herbal medicine, Aristolochiaceae.
Asimena triloba, pawpaw, American pawpaw, Eastern North America, Annonaceae.
Asclepias, Apocynaceae, milkweed family
Ascophyllum nodosum, kelp, brown algae (garden fertilizer), Phaeophyceae, Phylum Phaeophyta
Asimina triloba, pawpaw, American pawpaw, Eastern North America, Annonaceae.
Green rooibos (Aspalathus linearis), Fabaceae.
Asparagaceae, Asparagus family
Asperugo, German-madwort, Boraginaceae.
Asperula arvensis, blue woodruff, Rubiaceae.
Asperula odorata, sweet woodruff, Rubiaceae.
Asperula squinancy, wood ruffe, quinsy wort, squinancy wort, sweet wood ruffe, small wood ruff, herbal medicine supposed to cure
quinsy, Rubiaceae.
Aspidistra elatior, cast iron plant, bar room plant, evergreen, dark green leaves, up to 60 cm long, grow from soil level, also small
purple flowers, hardy plant (houseplant), Asparagaceae.
Asphodeline lutea, yellow asphodel (Asphodeliaceae.), Liliaceae.
Asphodelus albus (Acacia sphaerocarpus), asphodel, affodel, "immortal flower" covering the Elysian fields, garden flower, poisonous
Astelia family
Asplenium nidus, bird's-nest fern, Aspleniaceae.
Asphodelus fistulosis, onion weed, noxious weed, Liliaceae.
Asphodelus ramosus, highly branched stem, garden flower, Liliaceae.
Astelia, pineapple grass, Liliaceae.
Asterogyne martiana, Central America, Arecaceae.
Asteraceae, (Compositae), Daisy family
Aster alpinus, alpine aster, Europe and North America, Asteraceae.
Aster amellus, aster, ornamental, star-shaped flower heads, Asteraceae.
Aster grandiflorus, large flower aster, ornamental, star-shaped flower heads, North America, Asteraceae.
Astilbe, false goat's beard, Saxifragaceae.

Astragalus, Fabaceae.
Astragalus species, called milkvetch or locoweed or goat's-thorn
Contains alkaloid swainsonine, stops breakdown of glycoproteins to damage nervous system locoweed, crazy weed.
Astragalus gummifer, tragacanth, Fabaceae.
Astragalus mollissimus, woolly locoweed, Fabaceae.
Astragalus propinquus, Mongolian milkvetch, huang qi, Fabaceae.
Astragalus tragantha, Astragale de Marseille, Fabaceae.

Astranthium, western daisy, Asteraceae.
Astrebla lappacea, curly mitchell grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Astrocaryum vulgare, tucurna nut, Mexico, Arecaceae.
Astroloma, cranberry heath, flame heath, Australian native food, Epacridaceae.
Astroloma pinifolium, Epacridaceae.
Asyneuma, hare bell, Campanulaceae.
Asystasia gangetica, cultivar. Variegata, Acanthaceae.
Atalantia monophylla (Acacia sponosa), Sea lime, merlimau, Rutaceae.

Athertonia species, Proteaceae
Atherton oak (Athertonia diversifolia), Atherton almond, rainforest tree, ornamental, edible nut, Australian native food, Proteaceae.
Atherton Oak, Daley's Fruit Trees

Athrotaxis laxifolia, summit cedar (a redwood very large with spongy red bark), Cupressaceae, conifer
Athysanus, sand weed, Brassicaceae.
Atractylodes lancea, atractylis, beta-eudesmol, "black atractylodes" rhizome is cang zhu, Chinese herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Atractylodes macrocephala, scopoletin, "white atractylodes" rhizome is bai zhi, Chinese herbal medicine, digestion disorders, Asteraceae.

Atriplex species, Amaranthaceae.
Grey saltbush (Atriplex cinerea), coast saltbush, barilla, truganini, wild food plant, leaves edible if cooked, former common pot-herb,
succulen taste like sage, Australian native food, Amaranthaceae.
Orache (Atriplex hortensis), red orache, arrach, garden orache, French spinach, mountain spinach, in soups and salad vegetable in France,
ornamental coloured variants, herbal medicine, treat sore throat and shrubs, alternative to spinach, Europe, now most regions,

Atropa belladonna, deadly nightshade, Solanaceae.
Attalea cohune, cohune palm, corozo palm, manaca palm, cohune oil, fibre, Mexico, Central America, Arecaceae.
Atuna racemosa, Fiji, Chrysobalanaceae.
Aubrieta, lilac bush, Brassicaceae.
Aucuba japonica, spotted laurel (houseplant), Garryaceae.
Aulax cancellata, Proteaceae.
Aureolaria, false foxglove, Scrophulariaceae.
Austrephus latifolius, wombat berry, yellow-orange globose capsules, Australian native food, Asparagaceae
Austrocedrus chilensis, Chilean incense cedar, Andes mountains (a cypress), Cupressaceae, conifer
Midyim (Austromyrtus dulcis), midgem, native blueberry, silky myrtle, up to 2 m, shrub, full sun and part shade, needs moist but
well-drained soil, frost tolerant, fire retardant, decorative, attracts birds, edible berries said to be tastiest wild fruit, aromatic pulp,
spectacular white fruit with blue spots, slight ginger flavour, Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
See diagram Midyim
Midyim, Daley's Fruit Trees
Austromyrtus: Australian native fruits with potential for development.

Austrotaxus, Taxaceae, conifer
Austrostipa, Poaceae.
Avellinia festucoides, Mediterranean region, Australia, Poaceae.
Avena, Oats, Poaceae.
Avens, Geum urbanum, Rosaceae.
Avenula pratensis, meadow oat-grass, Poaceae.
Averrhoa bilimbi, bilimbi, cucumber tree, Oxalidaceae.
Averrhoa carambola, five corners, starfruit, Oxalidaceae.

Avicennia, Verbenaceae.
Avicennia germinans, black mangrove, tidal swamps, Verbenaceae.
Avicennia marina, grey mangrove, white mangrove, in Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Australian native food, Verbenaceae.
Avicennia officinalis, mangrove, tidal swamps, Verbenaceae.

Axonopus affinis (Acacia compressus), mat grass, pasture grass, carpet grass, Poaceae.
Axyris, Russian pig weed, Amaranthaceae.
Azadirachta indica, neem tree, Meliaceae

Acacia species, Fabaceae.
Acacia, acacia wattles, zig zag wattle, black brush, catechu, babul, trees and shrubs, Australia, South Africa, gum arabic, tannin bark,
gum arabic, tannins, balsams, resins, seedlings have pinnate leaves replaced, older plants by phyllodes, i.e. green flattened petioles,
leaf base forms pulvinus to turn lamina, Fabaceae.
Wattleseed are the edible seed from many species of acacia, some used for commercial production of wattleseed flour with low glycemic
index for diabetics, and for bush bread, sauces and deserts, Australian native food, Fabaceae.

Acacia acinacea, gold-dust, Fabaceae.
Acacia adunca, Wallangarra wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia alata, winged wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia albida, now Faidherbia albida, apple ring acacia, winter thorn, deep taproot, sheds leaves in rainy season so important for maize
interplanting in African agroforesty, Fabaceae.
Acacia ampliceps, acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia anegadensis, black brush wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia aneura, mulga wattle, acacia gum wild gum plant food, Australian native food, Fabaceae.
Acacia armata, stipular spines, Fabaceae.
Acacia angustissima, prairie wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia aulacocarpa, brown salwood, black wattle, timber tree, Fabaceae.
Acacia auriculiformis, ear leaf, auriculocide, L-djenkolic acid, proacacipetalin, Fabaceae.
Acacia baileyana, Cootamundra wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia bakeri, rainforest tree, Fabaceae.
Acacia beckleri, Barrier Range wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia berlandieri, guajillo, Fabaceae.
Acacia binervata, two-vein-hickory, Fabaceae.
Acacia boomanii, Snowy river wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia brachybotrya, grey mulga, Fabaceae.
Alpinia caerulea, native ginger, Australian native food
Acacia calamifolia, broom wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia cambagei, gidgee, density 135, Fabaceae.
Acacia cardiophylla, Wyalong wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia catechu, black cutch, Fabaceae.
Acacia caven (Acacia cavernia) (Acacia caven var. microcarpa) Roman cassie, ornamental, erosion control, Argentina, Fabaceae.
Acacia chinchellensis, Chinchilla wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia choriophylla, cinnecord, Fabaceae.
Acacia cibaria, turpentine mulga, Fabaceae.
Acacia cognata, bower wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia colei, Australian native food, Fabaceae
Acacia collinsii, bull horn, Fabaceae.
Acacia confusa, small Philippine acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia constricta, white thorn acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia continua, thorn wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia coriacea, dogwood, Australian native food, Fabaceae
Acacia cornigera, bullhorn wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia cultriformis, knife acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia cyclops, coastal wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia dealbata (Acacia decurrens var. dealbata), silver wattle, mimosa, Sydney black wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia deanei, Deane's wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia decora, graceful wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia decurrens, green wattle, kaempferol causes colour of flowers, Fabaceae.
Acacia difformis, drooping wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia discolor, twice pinnately-compound lamina, Fabaceae.
Acacia doratoxylon, spear wood, Fabaceae.
Acacia drummondii, Drummond's wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia elata, cedar wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia erioloba, camel thorn, Fabaceae.
Acacia farnesiana, mimosa bush, Fabaceae.
Acacia fimbriata, fringed wattle, Brisbane wattle tree, fast growing bushy small tree,   up to 6 m, dense yellow perfumed ball-shaped
flowers, prune to shape,   and can be pruned to shape, grow in full sun to a partial shade, hedge or screening plant, Brisbane City
Council suggestion, Fabaceae.
Acacia genistifolia, early wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia gonocarpa, wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia gracilifolia, graceful wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia greggii, cat claw acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia harpophylla, brigalow, spearwood, timber tree, Australia, Fabaceae.
Acacia holosericea, candelabra wattle, strap wattle, Australian native food, Fabaceae.
Acacia horrida, buffalo acacia, East Africa, large thorns, Fabaceae.
Acacia howittii, sticky wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia imbricata, imbricate wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia implexa, screw pod wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia irrorata, green wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia iteaphylla, Flinders Ranges wattle, Western Australia, Fabaceae.
Acacia jibberdingensis, Fabaceae.
Acacia karroo, karroothorn, Fabaceae.
Acacia kempeana, witchetty bush, Australian native food, Fabaceae
Acacia koa, koa, Fabaceae.
Acacia koaia, koaoha, Fabaceae.
Acacia ligulata, acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia linifolia, flax wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia longifolia, golden rods, Sydney golden wattle, long leaves are flattened petioles - phyllodes, kaempferol causes colour of flowers,
Australian native food, Fabaceae.
Acacia macracantha, pork nut, Fabaceae.
Acacia mangium, black wattle, up to 30 m, drought resistant, mine dump rehabilitation, Australia, Fabaceae.
Acacia means, black wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia melanoxylon, black wood, Fabaceae.
Acacia microcarpa, manna wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia millefolia, mil foil wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia moschata, musk yarrow, Asteraceae.
Acacia mucronata, narrow leaf wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia muricata, spineless wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia murrayana, use for commercial production of wattleseed, Australian native food, Fabaceae
Acacia neovernicosa, viscid acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia nigrescens, knob thorn, Fabaceae.
Acacia nilotica, gum arabic tree, babul, Egyptian thorn, thorn mimosa, Fabaceae.
Acacia notabilis, notable wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia omalophylla, yarran, Fabaceae.
Acacia oswaldii, umbrella acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia pachyceras, myall, Fabaceae.
Acacia paradoxa, paradox acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia parramattensis, South Wales wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia parvipinnula, silver stem wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia pendula, myall acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia pennatula, fern leaf, Fabaceae.
Acacia penninervis, black wood, Fabaceae.
Acacia pinetorum, pine land wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia podalyriifolia, pearl wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia polyacantha, catechu tree, Fabaceae.
Acacia pravissima, wedge leaf wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia prominens, golden rain wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia pruinosa, frosty wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia pycnantha, golden wattle, national floral emblem of Australia, Australian native food, Fabaceae.
Acacia quornensis, quorn wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia redolens, bank catclaw, Fabaceae.
Acacia retinodes, water wattle, Australian native food, Fabaceae.
Acacia retusa, catch and keep, Fabaceae.
Acacia rigens, nealie, Fabaceae.
Acacia rigidula, black brush acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia rivalis, creek wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia robusta, bastard mulga, Fabaceae.
Acacia roemeriana, round flower cat claw, Fabaceae.
Acacia rubida, red leaf wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia salicina, cooba, Fabaceae.
Acacia saligna, orange wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia schaffneri, Schaffner's wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia schottii, Schott's wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia senegal, acacia (E414 Acacia gum), Fabaceae.
Acacia seyal, talh, red acacia ("And they shall make an ark of shittim wood:" the Bible: Exodus 25:10), Fabaceae.
Acacia sieberiana, paperbark-thorn, Fabaceae.
Acacia silvestris, red wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia sophorae, coast wattle, Australian native food, Fabaceae.
Acacia spectabilis, glory wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia sphaerocephala, bee wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia sphaerocephala, bee wattle, bull's horn acacia, large thorns that provide shelter for ants, Fabaceae.
Acacia stenophylla, Dalby myall, Fabaceae.
Acacia stowardii, bastard mulga, Fabaceae.
Acacia stricta, Fabaceae.
Acacia suaveolens, sweet acacia, Fabaceae.
Acacia subulata, awl leaf wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia tetragonophylla, dead finish seed, kurara, sharp-pointed needle-like leaves, traditional medicine, tannins, Australian native food, Fabaceae.
Acacia tortilis, umbrella thorn, Fabaceae.
Acacia tortuosa, poponax, Fabaceae.
Acacia ulicifolia, juniper wattle, Fabaceae.
Acacia verticillata, prickly Moses, Fabaceae.
Acacia victoriae, shrub-like tree, large root system, survives drought, in desert areas, Australia, Fabaceae.
Acacia victoriae, gundabluey, prickly wattle, elegant wattle, used for commercial production of wattleseed, Australian native food, Fabaceae
Acacia vogeliana, macata bourse bastard, Fabaceae.
Acacia xanthorrhiza (Acacia esculenta), arracacha, Andes mountains, used as starchy food, Fabaceae.
Acacia xanthophloea, fevertree, Fabaceae.