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Scientrific Laboratory equipment (Commercial)
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Table of contents
Electrical circuits
Electrical equipment
Electronic balances Electrostatics
Environment meters
Fibre optics
Hooke's law
Laboratory equipment
Laboratory ware
Magnetic fields
Magnetic stirrers
Mass & force
Measuring cylinders
Meters electricity
Periodic table
pH meters
Resistance coils
Soil testing
Spring balances
Solar energy
Spectroscopes / Spectrophotometers
Van de Graaff generator
Water testing
Weather station
Wind energy

SC210047 Autoclave, 9 litre, sterilize liquids
SC210048 Autoclave, 12 litre, sterilize liquids

Adam Electronic Balance range
DCT201 Balance, 200 g X 0.1 g resolution
DCT2000 Balance, 2, 000 -1 g resolution
DCT5000 Balance, 5, 000 -2 g resolution

Balances, Triple Beam Balances
TBB2610T Balance Mechanical, with taring
TBB2610S Balance Mechanical, without taring
MF4300-001 Weight Set of 9 Brass Slotted

Adam Highlands range
HCB123 Balance, 120 g -0.001 g
HCB602H Balance, 600 g -0.01 g
HCB1502 Balance, 1500 g -0.05 g
HCB302 Balance, 300 g -0.01 g
HCB1102 Balance, 1, 000 g -0.01 g
HCB3001 Balance, 3, 000 g -0.01 g
308232030 In-use cover balance

Adam PGL Precision Balances
MH5K5 PGL, 203, 200 g -0.001 g
MH5K5 PGL, 2002, 2, 000 g -0.01 g
MH5K5 PGL, 8001, 8, 000 g -0.1 g
MH5K5 PGL, 303, 300 g -0.001 g
MH5K5 PGL, 4001, 4000 g -0.1 g
MH5K5 PGL, 20001, 20 kg -0.1 g

Balances, Electronic balances
Core Precision Balances
CQT202 Balance Electronic, 200g x 0.01g
CQT601 Balance Electronic, 600g x 0.1g
CQT2601 Balance Electronic, 2600g x 0.1g
Adam High Resolution Balances
PGW253e Balance Electronic, 250 g x 0.001 g
PGW453e Balance Electronic, 450 g x 0.001 g
PGW453i Balance Electronic, 450 g x 0.001 g, Internal Calibration
PGW753e Balance Electronic, 750 g x 0.001 g
PGW1502E Balance Electronic, 1500 g x 0.01 g
PGW2502E Balance Electronic, 2500 g x 0.01 g

Balances, Spring balances, cylindrical
MH5K5 Scale hanging kern 5 kg x 5 g
SC13564 Spring balance, plastic, 2.5 N
SC13567 Spring balance, plastic, 5.0 N
SC13570 Spring balance, plastic, 10 N
SC13573 Spring balance, plastic, 20 N
SC13576 Spring balance, plastic, 30 N
SC13579 Spring balance, plastic, 50 Nc
SC7057 Spring balance, 100 N

Beakers, Polymethylpentene
1203-0050 Beaker Griffin Low-form, 50 mL
1203-0100 Beaker Griffin Low-form, 100 mL
1203-0150 Beaker Griffin Low-form, 150 mL
1203-0250 Beaker Griffin Low-form, 250 mL
1203-0600 Beaker Griffin Low-form, 600 mL
1203-1000 Beaker Griffin Low-form, 1000 mL
1203-2000 Beaker Griffin Low-form, 2000 mL
1203-4000 Beaker Griffin Low-form, 4000 mL
1223-1000 Beaker with handle, 1000 mL
1223-3000 Beaker with handle, 3000 mL

SC14464 Burette brush
SC14161 Burette clamp, double clamp

SC13759 Calorimeter, electric, double wall
HL0840-001 IEC Calorimeter, Joules
HL0830-001 IEC Calorimeter, cup
PA0840-003 IEC Calorimeter, spare
PA0840-002 IEC Calorimeter, spare
PA0840-010 IEC Calorimeter, spare

MF0107Z-001 Air tracks
MF0945-001 Collision trolley, dynamics cart
MF0946-001 Collision trolley, dynamics cart
MF1000-001 Collision, 2 dimensions,
SC13951 Hall's carriage
CART-F Fan cart, Newton's sailboat
CART-FEC Encoder fan cart, use with track
FECT Encoder fan track upgrade

Compass, magnetic
SC13930 Compass, magnetic, plotting compass
SC7071 Compass, magnetic, 35 mm, lid
SC7074 Compass, magnetic, oil-filled

Excellent lab skills needed for these sensors!
ETH-BTA Ethanol sensor, fermentation
VDC-PTD Drop counter, titrations
GO-LINK Go!Link, logger Lite software,
GL-TP Go!Link Teacher Pack, 8 sensors
GO-MOT Go!Motion, Logger Lite software
GO-MOT-TP Go!Link Teacher Pack
GPS-BTA Gas pressure sensor, Boyles' law
LABQ2 LabQuest 2 interface system, sensors
LQ2-CRG LabQuest 2 charging station
LQ-MINI Labquest Mini, 5 sensor ports
LGA-BTA Low-g accelerometer, real/toy car
MD-BTD Motion detector, ultrasonic pulse echo
OEK Optics expansion kit, light intensity
9619 PAR Sensor, Photon Flux Density, sunlight
SLM-BTA Sound level meter, 30 to 130 dB
WDSS Wireless dynamics sensor system, 3-axis

EM14434 Dynamo/generator, AC/DC.
HEPL-001 Dynamo/generator, hydroelectric
SC5237 Dynamo/generator, hand-cranked, DC
SC92018 Dynamo torch, hand-cranked LED
SC9015 Electric motor, generator, hand-turned
SC5756 Electric motor kit
EM2193-201 Electric motor kits
SC33021 Electric motor, 15 mm leads, 3V
EM1758-001 Generator, hand driven, LEDs
KWA0051 Generator, hand generator kits
EM1443 Generator, AC/DC, hand-cranked
EM2193-201 Generator, build electric motor
HEPL-001 Hydroelectric, dynamo/generator
SHEG Hydroelectric generator, 12 V 5.5 Watts
SC33011 Plastic fan, 1.9 mm bore, need motor

Electrical circuits
Adaptor plug
SC5072 Adaptor, male plug to 4 mm socket
SC5073 Adaptor, plug to RCA socket
Alligator clip
SC15133 Alligator clip, black, pack of 10
SC15130 Alligator, red, pack of 10
SC15127 Alligator clip, plain, uninsulated
SC15160 Alligator clip to clip, cable, 60 cm, black
SC15157 Alligator clip to clip, cable, 60 cm, red
Banana plug
SC15145 Banana plug, black, pack of 10
SC15142 Banana plug, red, pack of 10
SC15172 Banana plug, cable, 60 cm, black
SC15175 Banana plug, cable, 60 cm, red
SC5502 Cable set, hook-up lead, lead, heavy duty
SC5501 Cable set, hook-up lead, standard duty
SC33001 LEDs, 200 mm leads, red
Knife switch
SC13858 Knife switch, plastic
SC13861 Knife switch, plastic, SPDT
SC13864 Knife switch, plastic, DPST
SC13867 Knife switch, plastic, DPDT
SC92005 Lampholder, base, plastic

Electrical equipment
LB0081-001 Amplifier, speaker, 240 V
LB3756-101 Amplifier, oscillator generator
SC7310 Crooke's radiometer, 4-vane
EM1230-001 Current balance kit
EM1763-010 Electricity kits
EM1765l-001 Electronics kits
AP1886 Geiger counter, LED 240V AC
AP1884-001 Geiger counter, GM Tube
AP2668-001 Geiger counter, simulator
EM1973-001 Induction kit
SC5560 Knob, tampering, power supply
LB2064-001 Loudspeaker
SC279521 Printer, optional for data recording
SC279505 Printer rolls, X 10
LB3753-101 Signal generator, 0.5 Hz to 100 Hz

EM1100-001 Coulomb meter
EM1810-001 Electroscope, metal vein
SC1007 Electrostatic cloths
EM1770-001 Electrostatics, simple kits
ESK-CRG Faraday's ice pail
EM1775-001 pith ball, coated
EM1774-001 pith ball, uncoated
EM3502-001 rod, acrylic, 300 x10 mm
EM3550-001 rod, half brass half acrylic
EM3532-001 rod, ebonite, 300 x10 mm
EM3512-001 rod, glass, 300 x10 mm
EM3535-001 rod, nylon, 300 x10 mm
EM3522-001 rod, polystyrene, 300 x10 mm
EM3542-001 rod, polythene, 300 x10 mm
SC13873 rod, hard rubber/ebonite

Environment meters
SC6802 Binoculars, x10 magnification
LB1950-001 Inclinometer, clinometer
SC5093 Environment and multimeter

Fibre optics
SC5136 Fibre optics cable
IF-E33 Fibre optics kit, experiments projects
IF-E22 Fibre optics kit, un-assembled
IF547 Optical wave guide, acrylic bar
SC1032 Fluorescent fibres, polystyrene

Transparent polycarbonate flasks, polypropylene screw caps, liner-less,
non-contaminating caps, safer than glass, limited autoclavable
4108-0125 Erlenmeyer flask, 125 mL
4108-0250 Erlenmeyer flask, 250 mL
4108-0500 Erlenmeyer flask, 500 mL

SC4965 Glove dispenser, wall mount
SC4966S Glove, latex, small, pack of 100
SC4967M Glove, latex, medium, pack of 100
SC4968LO Glove, latex, large, pack of 100
SC4956S Glove, vinyl, small, pack of 100
SC4956M Glove, vinyl, medium, pack of 100
SC4956L Glove, vinyl, large, pack of 100
SC4956XL Glove, vinyl, extra large, pack of 100

MF1890-001 Gyroscope, Use with:
MF1891-001 Rotating platform

HL0200-001 Ball and ring brass
HL0210-001 Bar and gauge brass
HL0883-001 Compound bar, brass/Fe
LB2100-001 Metals kit, Set of 8 rods
SC14344 Gauze mat, iron wire, 12.5 x 12.5 cm
SC92002 Stainless steel triangular mesh mat
SC91004 Stainless steel tripod, triangular mesh
CH2251-001 Oven fan-circulated
CH4240-001 Water bath, needs IEC hot plate
CH4240-101 Water bath temp. controller

Hooke's law, springs
SC7262 Hooke's law apparatus
MF1910-001 Hooke's law, helical spring
MF1918-001 Hooke's law, non-proportional
MF1918-101 Hooke's law, proportional spring
MF4665-001 Tensile test machine
SC1021 Oscillation spring, 500 to 2000 g

Hotplates, magnetic stirrer
CH2080-001 Hotplate, epoxy
CH2081-001 Hotplate, PTFE
CH1921-001 Hotplate, Simmerstat, 240V AC
CH1922-001 Hotplate, thermostat, plain top
CH1920-001 Hotplate, Simmerstat, plain top
CH2092-001 Hotplate, thermostat
CH2090-001 Hotplate, Simmerstat
CH2093-001 Hotplate, PTFE top

Induction, Electromagnetic induction
EM1973-001 Induction kit, 450 / 1300 turns
EM2220-001 Induction, 2 movable coils
EM3450-001 Induction, Rhumkorff coil
SC1090 Induction tube, Lenz's law, braking
SC15000 Inductive breaking kit, eddy current

Laboratory equipment
SC14137 Bosshead, heavy duty
SC14161 Burette clamp
SC7001 Burner, alcohol, glass
SC7005 Burner, alcohol, spare wicks
SC14323 Cork borers, 12
SC13897 Glass tubing cutter
SC4627 Petri dish, disposable polystyrene
LW2468-01 Petri dish, 90 mm, plastic, pack of 500
SC14119 Retort stand clamp, 4 cork-lined jaws
SC92007 Retort clamp, 4 jaws, cork-lined jaws
SC14185 Suspension clamp, 13 mm
SC14263 Test paper, litmus, blue
SC14269 Test paper, litmus, red
SC14281 Test paper, phenolphthalein
LW3859 Test paper, universal indicator, pH 1-14

Laboratory ware
6219-0068 Disposable dropper 30 drops per mL
2411-0030 Dropper bottle, 30 mL, LDPE
6320-0010 Forceps, polypropylene
4250-0065 Funnel analytical, PP, 65 mm
4252-0100 Funnel powder PP, 100 mm
2002-0008 Narrow mouth bottle, HDPE, 250 mL
2002-0016 Narrow mouth bottle, HDPE, 500 mL
6250-9050 Sample vial, LDPE, 50 mL
6169-0010 Stirring rod, PP 248 mm, polypropylene
6528 1-hole Rubber Stopper
5386 2-hole Rubber stopper
5389 2-hole Rubber Stopper, 2 holes with one blocked which can be cut off to make 3 holes
5972-0320 Test-tube, half rack, 20 mm
6210-0010 Thistle tube, safety, LDPE/PP, 343 mm
2402-0250 Wash bottle, LDPE, 250 mL

IF-ML-268 Laser, class 2, rechargeable, 650 nm
IF-HN08M Laser, helium, neon- modulated
CUSTOM391 Laser pointer, 650 nm, class II
STAND Laser pointer, 650 nm, class II, laser
IF-583 Laser ray box, 5 parallel laser beams
IF-547 Optical wave guides, 2 rectangular bars
SC16000 Red/green laser diffraction,
IF-514 Tyndall's experiment, total internal reflection,

SC7411 Lens, mirror holder, 75 mm, V-groove
L15-OEK Lens, biconvex, 15 cm focal length
2693 Lens, biconcave, 15 cm focal length
LH-OEK Lens, holder, OEK, with rider/carriage
SC7411 Lens, mirror holder, 7 5 mm, V-groove

HL1670-001 Diffraction kit, slits and filters
SC3620 Diffraction grating demonstration slide
SC13219 Diffraction grating demonstration slide
DAK Diffraction apparatus, interference patterns
SC92005 Lampholder base, MES, pack of 10
HL2060-001 Light box, Hodson light box
SC3382 Light bulb, lamp, 250 V, 25 W, bayonet
SC02110 Light bulbs, MES, 12 Volt, pack of 25
SC92090 Light bulbs, MES, 2-6 Volt, pack of 25
HL2010-001 Light bulb, IEC light source
IF-C-LG64 Light guide, 64 strand
SC5015N Light, Lux meter, digital, 50, 000 lux
LS-BTA Light sensor, near human eye response
SC7079 Magnifier, -2.5 magnification, hand-held
SC5340 Magnifier, 114 mm diameter glass
2103197 Magnifier, 100 mm diameter glass
GE3147-01 Magnifier, with lamp, hand-held
SC14000 Magnetic field demonstrator, 205 mm
SC7192 Magnetic field plate, 100 X 75 mm
SC13597 Newton's colour disk, plastic with paper
SC7095 Newton's colour wheel, 23cm
AP2341-001 Photo-electric effect, Planck constant

Magnetic fields
SC7195 Magnetic field demonstrator, oil-filled,
SC13999 Magnetic field demonstrator, oil-filled
EM2067-001 Magnetic field demonstration, dry
SCI3996 Magnetic field demonstration, oil-filled
MG-BTA Magnetic field sensor, Earth's field
SC14000 Magnetic field demonstration
SC7192 Magnetic theory plate
SC7080 Magnetic "levitation stands"
EM2070-001 Magnetic needle and stand
EM0090-001 Solenoid, air cored, 700 turn

Magnetic stirrers
CH2080-001 Magnetic stirrer, Alnico
CH2081-001 Magnetic stirrer, PTFE, Alnico
PA3802-005 Magnetic stirrer, spin bar, Teflon
PA3802-010 Magnetic stirrer, spin bar, Teflon
STIR Magnetic stirrer, and retort stand

SC1399 Electromagnet field demonstrator
EM1820-001 Electromagnet, U-shaped
SC6030 Magnet, Alnico bar magnet, with keepers
SC6031 Magnet, Alnico horseshoe, keeper
SC6040 Magnet, major, large horseshoe-shaped
SC1008 Magnet, remagnetiser, NdFeB
SC1011t Magnet tube kit + resonance tube
SC4401N Magnet, sleeved, NdFeB, super magnets
SC4400N Magnet, unsleeved, NdFeB, super mag.
SC5881 Magnet, unsleeved, NdFeB, super mag.
SC5882 Magnet, sleeved, NdFeB, super magnets
SC1009 Magnet, tongs, separating round magnets

Mass and force
MF0107Z-001 Air track, 2 metre air track tube
MF01052-001 Air track, 2.5 metre air track tube
LB2336-001 Air track, U-shaped photogate
LB0115-002 Air source, hose for air tracks/table
3D-BTA 3 Axis accelerometer, three low-g
RMV-BTD Rotary motion sensor, or linear position
AK-RMV Rotary motion kit, pendulum
DFS-BTA Dual range force sensor
VDS Dynamics System (VDS), heavy track stays
VPG-BTD Photogate, free fall

Measuring cylinders
PMP, polymethylpentene, non-wetting, no meniscus to confuse readings.
3665-0010 Graduated Cylinder, PMP, 10 mL
3665-0025 Graduated Cylinder, PMP, 25 mL
3665-0050 Graduated Cylinder, PMP, 50 mL
3665-0100 Graduated Cylinder, PMP, 100 mL
3665-0250 Graduated Cylinder, PMP, 250 mL
3665-0500 Graduated Cylinder, PMP, 500 mL
3665-1000 Graduated Cylinder, PMP, 1000 mL

MF0107Z-001 Air Track 2.0 m, gliders
SC5361 Balloon helicopter kit, blow up balloon
MF0848-001 Circular motion kit, revs per minute
MF1960-001 Inclined plane, adjustable
Glass surface
MF1990-001 Kinetic theory model, 12V DC
VSMT Structures Tester, stress and strain
SC7088 Trundle wheels, clicks for each metre
Vacuum pump
SC8012 Vacuum pump, electric, 35 litres/minute

Meters, electricity, (amps A, milliamperes mA)
PA214 Ammeter, digital, 0 to 200 mA (commercial)
PA214 Ammeter, 2 range, DC, mA 0-50/0-500 (commercial)
SC13099 Ammeter Dual Range
SC13096 Ammeter Triple Range
EM1100-001 Coulomb meter / Electroscope
DCP-BTA Current Probe, low voltage AC and D
PA214 Digital Milliammeter
SC13159 Digital Ammeter, 0-10 A DC
SC13153 Digital Voltmeter, 0-20 V DC
SC13150 Dual Amp/Volt Meter, analogue
SC5039 Environment meter, humidity, lux, temp.
SC5505 Fuse M205, 200 mA for SC5000,
PA0970-005 Fuse, circuit kit 15A x 1 m
PA0970-007 Fuse, circuit kit 1A 0.05 mm x 10 ml
SC13108 Galvanometer centre zero, -50/+50 A
SC13144 Galvanometer centre zero 50-0-50 A
SC13141 Galvanometer centre zero 500-0-500 A
SC7512 Meter Bench, 1 Range, 0-5A DC
SC7572 Meter Bench, 1 Range, 50-0-50 A DC
SC7552 Meter Bench, 3 Range,
SC7534 Meter Student Bench
SC2285 Moisture in wood and hard material
SC5000 Multimeter Digital Low cost
SC2260 Vinyl Case for Multimeter/Anemometer
VP-BTA Voltage Probe, low voltage AC and DC
DVP-BTA Voltage, Differential Voltage Probe
See: Voltmeters

4696900 Stage Micrometer Economy

MT2000 Binocular microscope
SC7731 Lens cleaning pen
MCAM3.0 Microscope TCA, camera kit USB
MCAM5.0 Microscope TCA, camera kit USB
MCAM10 Microscope 10MP camera kit USB
SC4578 Microscope cleaning kit, pack of 20
LB2162 Microscope lamp, 12 V, 20 W
MMLED Microscope mechanical Stage
MMECH Monocular microscope
MMLED Monocular microscope, rechargeable
SC6250 Optical instrument cleaner, 400 mL
PS-100P Proscope TV, plug into video input socket
PMM-BASE Proscope HR2 camera with 50 x lens
BD-HR2-BIOL ProScope HR2 biology kit
SC14542 Slide box plastic, for 25 slides
MS24LED Stereo microscope 20 x and 40 x LED
B204T Trinocular microscope
MT2000 Trinocular microscope
MT2000-5 Trinocular microscope, 5MP camera
B204T-3M Trinocular microscope, 3 MP camera
B204T-5M Trinocular microscope, 5 MP camera
SC5123 USB Digital camera microscope, LED
SC5135 USB Digital microscope, 5 MP
SC3110 USB3.0 digital microscope

SC7450 Concave mirror, glass
SC7460 Convex mirror, glass
PA2060-018 Light Box Plane Mirror
SC7490 Mirror, Double Sided, plastic
IF-AM1 Mirror, Unbreakable, thick
IF-AM2 Mirror, Unbreakable, thick
IF-AM3 Mirror, Unbreakable

Models, biochemistry
Models DNA & RNA
Models, inorganic
Models, molecular orbital
Models, sets atoms
Models, organic

Models, biochemistry
MKA120-7 Amino acids
MKA121-20 Amino acids
MKS119 Cholesterol
MKS-114 Fat, Glyceryl Tristearate
MKS-115-2 Glucose,
MKS117-U Oleic acid,
MKS120-5 Peptides
MKS120-15 Proteins
MKS118-3 Starch or cellulose
MKS-117-S Stearic acid
MKS-116 Sucrose

Models, DNA and RNA
AMDNA-060-22 DNA Model Kit, double helix
MKS122-2 DNA Model, 2 base pairs, side chains
MKS122-10 DNA Model 10 Base Pairs
AMDNA-060-12 DNA Model Kit, double helix
AMDNA-060-22 DNA Model Kit, double helix
AMRNA-12 Mini DNA-RNA Base Model Kit
AMRNA-24PS Mini DNA-RNA Protein Synthesis
MKOACGT-53 Parts for DNA Bases

Models, inorganic
MKO133-30 Caesium chloride
MKO126-66 Calcium carbonate
MKO132-30 Calcium fluoride
MKO104-30 Carborundum
MKO102-60 Copper oxide
MKO100-30 Diamond, 30 atoms
MKO101-45 Graphite (C)
MKO136-38 Quartz (SiO2)
MKO124-36 Sodium chloride
MKO127-27 Sodium chloride
MKO136-84 Zeolite
MKO140-24 Zeolite
MKO125-45 Zinc sulfide

Models, modelling sets, Experiments
MMS-015 Elementary organic set, 30 atoms
MMS 001 Introductory organic set, 48 atoms
MMS-003 Organic teachers set, 111 atoms
MMS-004 Organic/inorganic teachers set
MMS-008 Organic student set, 50 atoms
MMS-009 Organic/inorganic student set, 52 atoms
MMS-051 Organic stereochemistry set, 74 atoms
MMS-050 Organic stereochemistry teachers pack
MMP-AT2 Organic student pack 19 atoms
MMS-010 Student set, 72 atoms + links
MMS-007 Teachers set, 257 atoms + links

Models, molecular orbital, Experiments
MOK404 Benzene hybridized
MOK405 Benzene unhybridized
MOK409 Methanoic acid (formic acid), dimer
MOS9004 Molecular orbital models, 4 models
MOS901-14 Molecular orbital models, 14 models
MOS902-8 Shapes of molecules, 8 models

Models, organic
MKS130 Detergent, 52 atoms + links
MKS111-2 Nylon 6.6, polymer chain
MKS105-5 Polyvinyl chloride
MKS108-5 Polypropylene
MKS109-3 Polystyrene
MKS110-2 PET
MKS113 Soap

Periodic table
PT-CARD Periodic table, double sided, A4
PT-STK Periodic table, sticker, pack of 10, A5

pH meters
SC6538 Calibration solutions, conductivity, TDS
SC14263 Litmus test paper, red / blue strips
SC6559 Multi tester- pH, conductivity, TDS
SC6537 pH calibration tablets, buffers
PH-BTA pH Sensor, pH 0 to 14
FPH-BTA pH, Flat pH Sensor, Tris buffer
H198107 pH Tester, Hanna, and temperature
SC6556 pH Tester, Eutech, waterproof sensor
GW-PH Wireless pH sensor
Physiology, human
ACC-BTA Accelerometer, kicking foot, ball strike
LGA-BTA Accelerometer, arm, wrist, leg
3D-BTA Accelerometer, 3 axis
NODE-1A Accelerometer, gyroscope, shot put
BPS-BTA Blood Pressure Sensor, arm cuff
SC2222 Blood pressure monitor
EKG-BTA EKG Sensor, muscle contraction
FB-BTA Force Plate (bathroom scale), jump, kick
GNM-BTA Goniometer, dynamic motion of limbs
HGH-BTA Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
GPS-BTA Respiration Monitor Belt, chest
SPR-BTA Spirometer, O2 and CO2 Sensors
O2-BTA Spirometer, O2 Sensor
CO2-BTA Spirometer, CO2 Sensor
STS-BTA Surface Temperature Sensor, for skin
WDSS Wireless Dynamics Sensor System, 3-axis

Power Supply
SC5491 Mains Power Usage Monitor
555001 Air + water Power Kit
626112 Power House Kit (heat + light from sun
555006 Solar Power Kit, Build locomotive)
555007 Solar Power Plus Kit (Build 22 models)
LB2634-001 Power Supply 2 to 12V AC/DC
LB2629C Power Supply
225-1946 Regulated Power Supply, 0 to 30 V DC

Pulleys, 50 mm diameter
MF2590-001 Pulley with clamp screw in line
MF2600-001 Pulley on rod, nylon
MF2560-001 Pulley, Single
MF2570-001 Pulley, Double
MF2580-001 Pulley, Triple
MF2582-001 Pulley, Quadruple

Resistance coils, resistors
EM2702-001 Resistance coil, 0.5 Ohm
EM2703-001 Resistance coil, 1 Ohm
EM2704-001 Resistance coil, 2 Ohm
EM2705-001 Resistance coil, 5 Ohm
EM2706-001 Resistance coil, 10 Ohm
EM2707-001 Resistance coil, 20 Ohm
EM2708-001 Resistance coil, 50 Ohm
EM2709-001 Resistance coil, 100 Ohm
EM2710-001 Resistance set, 10 to 1000 ohm
EM2710-002 Resistance set, 1 to 25 ohm

AB001 Rocket, air burst, launcher pressurized air
SC5363 Rocket launcher, "Aquapod", drink bottle
VPL Projectile launcher, steel balls 0o to 70o

Safety, clothing, glasses
SC92012 Apron, lightweight, plastic, 88 X 78 cm,
SC4986 Laboratory coat, white polyester/cotton
SC4981 Laboratory coat, white polyester/cotton
SC2050 Safety glasses, durable polycarbonate
SC4955 Safety glasses, durable polycarbonate
SC9010 Safety glasses storage, pocket PVC

Soil testing
SMS-BTA Soil Moisture Sensor, % water content
FPH-BTA Flat pH Sensor, protein, sulfide, soil
3896BP Soil quality test kit, TDA, NPK, pH
SC6526 Thermometer, soil, -10 to 200oC

Solar energy
Solar power kit
Solar Power Kit assemble models
620325 Stirling engine model, solar engine
Solar Boat construct a solar-electric boat
Solar Car build solar-electric car models
625825 Power house (V2.0), alternative energy
Solar Cooking parabolic solar cooker
623715 Solar, Physics solar workshop
EM3730-001 Solar energy, lamp, 50-100 mA
EM3732-001 Solar energy motor, fan, light globe
KWC0020 Solar thermal exploration kit
KWC0033-01 Solar panel 2.0V/200 mA
KWC0038 Solar car
SC0036 Solar panel, aluminium frame
SC52400 Solar energy kit, 8 solar cells connecting
SC52405 Solar education kit, to electrical
SC52410 Solar motor, runs electric motor
SC7250 Solar power, energy transformation kit
SC7250 Solar power and energy transformation kit
SC33001 LEDs, 200 mm leads, red
LB3754-001 Audio oscillator, signal generator
SW1996-001 Kundt's apparatus, IEC
SW4220-001 Melde's vibrators
SLM-BTA Sound level Meter, 30 to 130 dB
SC7275 Sound tone tube, whirling, plastic

Spectroscopes / spectrophotometers
PAR-BTA Photosynthetically active radiation sensor
SVIS-PL Spectrophotometer (Logger Pro needed)
SC3650 Spectroscope
SC13387 Spectroscope, hand spectroscope
HL3791-001 Spectroscope, plastic, direct vision
HL3784-001 Spectrum discharge tube
HL3785-001 Spectrum discharge tube

SC7157 borosilicate glass, no rim, 100 X 13 mm
SC7159 borosilicate glass, with rim, 150 X 16 mm
SC7160 borosilicate glass, with rim, 150 X 18 mm
SC7164 borosilicate glass, side arm, 150 X 18 mm
CH3989-401 test-tube rack, 16 mm test-tubes
SC9109 Dabco unitube, free standing, 6 tubes
SC14452 Test-tube, brush, 20 x 50 x190 mm
SC14464 Test-tube, brush, 15 x 250 x750 mm
SC14296 Test-tube, clamp, brass
SC14290 Test-tube, clamp, steel
SC14284 Test-tube, holder, wood laundry peg
SC14302 Test-tube, rack, 6 -20 mm holes

Thermometers, temperature sensors
SC5036N Infrared thermometer, pocket size
IRT-BTA Infrared temperature sensor
SC5037 Infrared thermometer, to 1, 000 oC
GO-TEMP Sensor, GoTemp USB
TPL-BTA Sensor, extra long temperature sensor
STS-BTA Sensor, surface temperature, skin
TMP-BTA Sensor, stainless steel
GW-TEMP Sensor, Wireless temperature sensor
SC92009 Thermometer, -10 to 110oC, non-roll
WW306 Thermometer and hygrometer, clock face
SC5035 Thermometer, clinical, digital, flexible probe, 32oC to 43oC, button battery
SC5011 Thermometer, minimum and maximum
127-1860 Thermometer, digital, -50 to 150oC
SC14185 Thermometer, suspension clamp
SC6526 Thermometer, water resistant
SC13747 Thermometer, wet and dry bulb
SC1220 Thermometer, tray, plastic, 220 x 330 mm
SC1221 Thermometer, tray, plastic, 220 x 330 mm
WRT-BTA Thermometer, -20oC to 330oC

SC6076 Battery, alkaline button, 1.5 V
MF2293-001 Pendulum bob, 12.5 mm
LB2670-001 Recording timer, Ticker timer
SC13795 Stopwatch Electronic 60 minute digital
SC7060 Stopwatch TM104, AA battery
LB3808-001 Stroboscope, xenon

Trays, laboratory equipment
SC9035N Lab trolley, shelves in 3 layers
Tray TechTray, dissecting, autoclavable
SC9103 Unitray without insert, impact styrene
SC9100 Unitray and insert, high impact styrene
SC9106 Unitray, insert only, high impact styrene
SC9109 Unitube, six numbered tubes

Tripod stands, stainless steel
SC92000 Tripod stand, 200 mm height
SC92004 Tripod stand, fine mesh, pack of 5
SC92002 Tripod stand, coarse mesh, pack of 5

Ultraviolet radiation
Light + meter Light lux meter digital 50000 lux
PYR-BTA Pyranometer, watts/m2
SC92022 UV LED Torch, 3 AAA batteries
SC1093 UV beads, colour-changing beads
SC6120 Versalume UV lamp, batteries / main
SC92025 White LED Torch, 3 AAA batteries
UVA-BTA UVA and BTA sensors

Van de Graaff generator
EM4138-001 Van de Graaff Generator, 400 kV
EM4134-101 Van de Graaff Generator, 400 kV
PA4137-010S Van de Graaff silicone belt, 200 kV
PA4138-010S Van de Graaff silicone belt, 400
Sc1002 Van de Graaff kit, show charge polarity
SC7312 Hofmann voltameter, Pt electrodes
SC7091 Platinum wire electrodes

Vernier Caliper
GE1825-01 Caliper Vernier Sliding Jaw 150 mm x 0.02 mm Sliding Jaw

SC1100-001 Coulomb meter
SC7523 Meter bench 1 range, 0-20, V DC
SC7541 Meter bench 2 range, DC 0-2 V, 0-20 V
SC13079 Voltmeter triple range, 0-3/10/15 V DC
SC13090 Voltmeter dual range, 0-5/0-15 V DC
SC13093 Voltmeter single range, 0-15 V DC

Water testing chemicals, Water Test Kits
H13824 Ammonia, fresh water, Water Test Kit
H13826 Ammonia, salt water, Water Test Kit
NH4L-BTA Ammonium sensor, 0.1 - 18, 000 mg/L
CA-BTA Calcium sensor, 0.2 - 40, 000 mg/L
H13818 Carbon dioxide, Water Test Kit
CO2-BTA Carbon dioxide gas sensor
H13831 Chlorine, Water Test Kit
H13831F Chlorine, free chlorine, Water Test Kit
CL-BTA Chloride sensor, 1.8 - 35, 000 mg/L
COL-BTA Colorimeter, Beer-Lambert Law
COL-BTA Colorimeter
CH1003-001 Colorimeter, IEC, LCD screen
CON-BTA Conductivity and pH probe
H198312 Conductivity, TDS, temperature
H198129 Conductivity, TDS, pH, temperature
SC6559 Conductivity, TDS, salinity, temperature
H13847 Copper, Water Test Kit
SC93010 Deionizer, Reverse osmosis
H13814 Ecology, 6 tests, Water Test Kit
FLO-BTA Flow Rate Sensor, 0 - 3.5 m/s
H13812 Hardness, Water Test Kit
H13834 Iron, Water Test Kit
NO3-BTA Nitrate tester, 0.1 - 14, 000 mg/L
HI3874 Nitrate, Water Test Kit
HI3810 Oxygen, Dissolved oxygen, Water Test Kit
HI70402 Oxygen, Zero Oxygen, Water Test Kit
ODO-BTA Oxygen, Dissolved oxygen probe
DO-BTA Oxygen, Dissolved oxygen probe
HI7041S Oxygen, Dissolved oxygen probes
HI9142 Oxygen, Dissolved oxygen, meters
O2-BTA Oxygen sensor
K-BTA Potassium sensor, 90 - 39, 000 mg/L
H13833 Phosphate, Water Test Kit
SAL-BTA Salinity sensor
H13835 Salinity, Water Test Kit
TRB-BTA Turbidity sensor
SC92060 Turbidity Secchi Disk
TRB-BTA Turbidity Sensor, 0 - 200 NTU, Vernier
SC92060 Turbidity Secchi Disk, 200 mm, plastic
H13817 Water Quality, 8 tests, Water Test Kit

SW1996-001 Kundt's apparatus, speed of sound
SW4220-001 Melde's vibrators, standing waves
SW2140-001 Microwave kit, wavelength 2.8 cm
SC5024A Oscilloscope, 2 channel, 20 MHZ CRO
SW3430-001 Ripple tank, 3-volt ripple generator
SCSC9045 Slinky spring, 52 mm spring to 113 mm
PA4260 Slinky spring, 100 mm spring to 5 metres
SW4260-001 Spring set, stretch to 5 m
SW4250-001 Wave motion apparatus, camshaft

Weather stations, climate
LABQ2 Field studies, GPS, light, sound, temp.
SC13747 Hygrometer, wet and dry bulb
SC5010 Hygrometer-thermometer
SC5015N Light meter, lux meter
SC5015N Light, Lux meter, digital, 50, 000 lux
LS-BTA Light sensor, near human eye response
PYR-BTA Pyranometer, measure EM radiation
RH-BTA Relative humidity sensor
SC5169N Touch weather station, WI-FI and USB
WW320 Weather station clock
SC5169N Weather station, wireless sensor
SC1347 Wet and dry bulb thermometer, hygrometer

Wind energy
Wind power electricity turbines/generators
Weather vane wind direction on stand
Wind energy science kit
Wind turbine Advanced
Wind turbine Advanced blade design kit,
Wind experiment kit Advanced
Wind experiment nacelle kit Advanced
Wind experiment kit Basic
Blade design kit Basic
Battery charging kit charge AA/AAA
Simple turbine "Firefly", tracks wind
Geared turbine nacelle kit
Electrical generator GENPack,
Wind Turbine MINI , wind turbine
Wind Turbine MINI with Blade Design
Wind Project Science Fair generator
Wind Explorer Pack
Wind Turbine Hub DC generator
Wind power turbine generator