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Batteries (Commercial)
Biology (Commercial)
Chemistry (Commercial)
Environment (Commercial)
Falling (Commercial)
Human Body (Commercial)
Laboratory Equipment (Commercial)
Labware (Commercial)
Meters (Commercial)
Microbiology (Commercial)
Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, (Commercial)
Physics (Commercial)
Pressure (Commercial)

Commercial suppliers (by subject)
Biology supplies (Scientrific)
Biology supplies (Serrata)
Biology charts (Serrata)

Botany slides set of 25 slides, (Scientrific)
Botany slides root nodules TS, (Scientrific)
Botany slides (Serrata)
Botany (Serrata)
Plants chart (Serrata)

Forceps (Scientrific)
Forceps (Serrata)
Dissection (Scientrific)
Dissection instruments, (Serrata)
Dissection bone cutters, (Serrata)

DNA (Scientrific)
DNA charts, Forensic: Captured cookies, (Serrata)
DNA genetics experiment simulations, (Serrata)

Flowers, Fruits
Flowers (Serrata)
Fruit types, (Scientrific)
Fruits (Serrata)

Germination (Scientrific)
Germination (Serrata)

Microbiology (Commercial)

Microscopes (Commercial)
Microscope Slides Microslides

Photosynthesis (Scientrific)
Photosynthesis (Serrata)
Potometer Ganong potometer, (Serrata)


Seed Dispersal, (Scientrific)
Seeds (Serrata)

Senior Biology

Bacteria (Scientrific)
Bacteria (Serrata)
Bacterium, Models (Serrata)
Culture Tubes (Serrata)
Fungi types 5 Forms, in clear plastic resin (Scientrific)
Fungi (Serrata)
Inoculating loops and spreaders (Serrata)
Interchangeable models, adapter (Serrata)
Microbes, giant microbe plush toys
Pasteur pipette (Serrata)
Pasteur Experiment apparatus (Serrata)
Pasteur Experiment bent tubing (Serrata)
Pasteur Experiment straight tubing (Serrata)
Senior Biology Antimicrobial growth inhibition (Serrata)
Virus (Serrata)
Yeast Saccharomyces, spores, slide (Scientrific)


Human Body
Physiology, Human Physiology
Commercial suppliers (by subject)
Anatomy human anatomy, set of 10 slides, (Scientrific)
Anatomy human anatomy, blood, charts, (Serrata)
Anatomy Tissues, (Serrata)

Blood Circulation
Blood Cells bone marrow smear (Scientrific)
Blood Frog smear (Scientrific)
Blood Pressure sensor (Scientrific)
Blood Slide artery, vein & nerve (Scientrific)
Blood Smear normal smear slide (Scientrific)
Blood Fish smear (Serrata)
Blood Typing simulated ABO & Rh blood (Serrata)
Blood test Luminol, crime scene test (Serrata)
Circulation heart, lungs

Digestion Nutrients Absorption (Serrata)
Digestion (Serrata)

Ear and hearing
Ear and Hearing (Serrata)

Eye charts of eye, (Scientrific)
Eye charts of eye, (Serrata)
Eye Colour blindness, eye test book, (Serrata)
Eyewash bath without fluid, 200 mL, (Serrata)
Eyewash station without fluid, wall mount, (Serrata)

Human body
Human, charts, models, (Scientrific)
Human Physiology, blood, digestion, respiratory, taste, urine
Human Torso Caucasian, Dual Sex, (Scientrific)
Human Torso models, (Serrata)

Human Physiology
Physiology accelerometer, blood pressure, respiration, spirometer (Scientrific)
Physiology charts, slides (Serrata)
Cholesterol chart, high cholesterol (Serrata)
Cholesterol molecule model (Serrata)
Urine Test Strips urine test for glucose (Serrata)
Urine Glucose Meters ("Clinistix")
Urine Glucose Meters ("Diastix")

Physiology Respiration Monitor Belt, Spirometers, (Scientrific)
Respiration (Scientrific)
Respiratory System chart, microslide, models (Serrata)
Respiration Apparatus inhale and exhale tests (Serrata)

Sexuality, charts, (Scientrific)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases chart, (Serrata)
Genital Organs, male, female, models, (Serrata)


Sweat Glands slides, (Serrata)

Taste (Serrata)
Taste Test Strips, Control (Serrata)
Taste Test Strips, PTC (Phenythiocarbamide) (Serrata)
Taste Test Strips, Sodium Benzoate (Serrata)
Taste Test Strips, Thiourea (Serrata)

Commercial suppliers (by subject)
LM-CH-ST Chemistry Starter Package, (Scientrific)
Chemistry charts, chromatography, (Serrata)
Chemical Reactions, Chart, (Serrata)
Chemicals A to Z (Serrata)
Chemicals alphabetic, (Serrata)

Acids & Bases, Chart, (Serrata)

Senior Chemistry

Elements of the Universe, Chart, (Serrata)

Glue Glue gun, Glue sticks, (Scientrific)
Glue adhesives for schools, (Elmer's Glue)

Haber Process Advanced (Serrata)

Kipp's Apparatus (Serrata)

Label Maker Chemical GHS Regulation, (Serrata)

Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry

Periodic Table, Charts, (Serrata)

Reagents (Serrata)

Salinity, (Scientrific)
Salinity (Serrata)
Salinity (YH Equipment)
Sodium Chloride, model, 36 atoms (Scientrific)
Sodium Chloride, model, 27 atoms (Scientrific)

Solder, Soldering (Serrata)

Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Organic Chemistry (Scientrific)
Organic Chemistry Models (Scientrific)
Organic Chemistry (Serrata)

Biochemistry (Scientrific)
Biochemistry (Serrata)

Amine Thylamine, model (Scientrific)
Amines (Serrata)

Amino acids set of 7 models (Scientrific)

Amino acids set of 20 models (Scientrific)

Cellulose (Serrata)

Cholesterol (Scientrific)

Ethylene (Serrata)

Fat Glyceryl Tristearate, model (Scientrific)
Fat Glyceryl Tristearate, model (Serrata)

Glucose (Scientrific)
Glucose (Serrata)
Glucose Test Strips, Urine Test (Serrata)

Glutamic Acid (Serrata)

Ketone methyl ethyl ketone (Serrata)
Ketone test also glucose, protein, pH (Serrata)

Lactose (Serrata)

Oleic acid unsaturated fatty acid (Scientrific)

Peptide (Scientrific)

Protein (Scientrific)
Protein (Serrata)

Salicyclate (Serrata)
Starch (Scientrific)
Starch (Serrata)
Stearic acid saturated fatty acid (Scientrific)
Sucrose (Scientrific)
Tartaric Acid AR (Serrata)
Vitamin C ascorbic Acid (Serrata)

Environment (Scientrific)
Environment Meters (Scientrific)
Environment charts, (Serrata)

Quadrats, (Serrata)


Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory equipment Boss head to Test paper, (Scientrific)
Laboratory ware Disposible bottle to Wash bottle, (Scientrific)
Laboratory Equipment Autoclave to Water Purification, (Serrata)
Laboratory Equipment & Safety Chart, (Serrata).
Laboratory Suppliers (Commercial)
Laboratory Ware Bags to Wire, (Serrata)

Microscopes (Commercial)


Commercial suppliers (by subject)
Physics (Serrata)
Physics physics charts, (Serrata)

Atomizer cap (Serrata)

Batteries (Commercial)

Clinometer elastic and inelastic
Inclinometer, Clinometer (Commercial)

Coding E-blocks - Arduino starter, (Serrata)

Compass (Commercial)

Demonstration devices (Serrata)

Diffusion membranes, (Scientrific)


Fan cart battery operated

Friction (Scientrific)
Friction (Serrata)

Hooke's Law


Mechanics (Scientrific)
Mechanics (Serrata)
Mechanical bath scale, tally counter, trundle wheel, (Serrata)

Microscopes (Commercial)

Microwave (Scientrific)
Microwave (Serrata)

Moments, lever and fulcrum, (Commercial)
Momentum (Serrata)
Angular Momentum Apparatus, (Commercial)

Nuclear Physics (Serrata)

Pressure (Commercial)

Rotary Motion Accessory Kit, (Scientrific)


Senior Physics (Serrata)


Gears (Serrata)
Gears (Scientrific)

Inclined plane
Inclined plane (Scientrific)
Inclined plane (Serrata)
Inclined plane cart (Hall's cart)

Lever, boxwood (moments)
Levers (Scientrific)
Levers (Serrata)

Meters (Commercial)

Air-stream machine (Scientrific)
Propeller (Serrata)

Pulleys (Scientrific)
Pulleys 50 mm, clamp screw (Scientrific)
Pulleys 70 mm, clamp screw (Scientrific)
Pulleys (Serrata)

Wheel and Axle
Wheel and Axle (Scientrific)
Wheel and Axle (Serrata)

Batteries (Scientrific)
Batteries (Serrata)

Battery Charger Fast Charge, AA & AAA (Serrata)
Battery Charger Universal (Serrata)

Button batteries (Scientrific)
Battery Button silver oxide Order code:
Battery Button Packet, coin cell
Button batteries (Scientrific)

Galvanic Cell (Serrata)

Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) Battery (Scientrific)

Lithium batteries (Scientrific)
Lithium batteries button type (Serrata)

Ballistics Ballistics cart (Serrata)
Fall free fall, fall mechanism (Scientrific)
Fall free fall apparatus (Serrata)
Falling Body apparatus
Free Fall Tube guinea & feather experiment (Serrata)
Free Fall Apparatus mechanical, 3 balls (Serrata)
Free Fall Apparatus solenoid, with timer (Serrata)
Free Fall Apparatus solenoid, without timer (Serrata)

Gravity poster (Scientrific)

Guinea and Feather

Meters ammeter, galvanometer, multimeter (Scientrific)
Meters DC V, DC A (Serrata)
Meters ammeters, calorimeters (Serrata)



Clinometer elastic and inelastic
Clinometer Inclinometer (Scientrific)

Digital Meters (Serrata)

Environment meters (Scientrific)
Energy meter electrical energy (Serrata)

Galvanometers tangent galvanometers (Scientrific)
Galvanometers tangent galvanometers (Serrata)


pH meters (Scientrific)

Portable meters (Serrata)



Microscopes (Scientrific)
Microscopes (Serrata)

Brownian Motion (Commercial)

Cameras Microscope cameras, (Serrata)

SIOS Scientific Instrument and Optical Sales, (SIOS)

Stereoscopic Microscope (Serrata)

Microtomes (Serrata)

Microscope trinocular microscope, (Serrata)


Microscope Slides, Microslides, (Serrata)
Microscope slides, Minigrid slide,
Microscope slides glass slides,
Prepared slides
Slides glass slides,
Microscope slides
Microscope Slide Stem of Equisetum,

Air Compression fire piston
Air Pressure Collapsible Can (Serrata)

Bourdon Gauge

Pressure (Scientrific)
Pressure (Serrata)
Air Pressure Collapsible Can (Serrata)


Bernoulli tube (Serrata)
Bernoulli Tube (Increase speed/decrease pressure)

Blood Pressure sensor (Scientrific)

Hydraulic Press (Serrata)

Magdeburg Hemispheres (Serrata)

Manometer +/- 300 mm (Scientrific)
Manometer Sphygmomanometer (Serrata)

Pascal's Law Pressure Syringe (Serrata)
Pascal's Law Pascal's vase (Serrata)
Pascal's Law water level equilibrium

Bags Ziploc bags (Serrata)
Beehive Shelf porcelain (Serrata)
Bench Mats, silicon (Scientrific)
Bench mats polymer (Serrata)
Bucket bucket and rod, Archimedes principle (Scientrific)
Bucket bucket and cylinder, Archimedes principle.(Serrata)
Candles (Serrata)
Happy Flame Candles (Happy Flame)
Capillary Tubes (Scientrific)
Capillary Tubes borosilicate (Serrata)
Capillary tubes 5 different diameters
Capillary Tube Apparatus Glass, with Stand, Set/5
Clamps (Scientrific)
Clamps (Serrata)
Combustion Tube boat, deflagrating (Serrata)
Containers sharps, jerry can, specimen container (Serrata)
Cork Borers (Scientrific)
Cork corks, cork borer, sharpener (Serrata)
Labware (2)
Crucibles nickel, porcelain (Serrata)
Cutters glass tubing cutter, bone cutter (Scientrific)
Cutters ( Serrata)
Deflagrating spoon (Serrata)
Desiccators glass (Serrata)
Dialysis tubing (Serrata)
Dishes, Petri dishes (Scientrific)
Dishes Petri dishes, weighing trays (Serrata)
Dropping bottles droppers (Scientrific)
Dropping botles droppers (Serrata)
Drying tubes (Serrata)
Evaporating Dish glass, round bottom (Scientrific)
Evaporating basin evaporating dish (Serrata)
Foil aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, silver (Serrata)
Gauze mats (Scientrific)
Gauze mats (Serrata)
Glue (Serrata)
Hammers geological, medical, resonance box (Serrata)
Jars bell jars, Coplin jars, gas jars (Serrata)
Jugs (Serrata)
Leads electrical leads
Lighters matches, tapers (Serrata)
Labware (3)
Mortar & Pestle (Serrata)
Petroleum Jelly White, LR (Serrata)
Pipeclay Triangle 50 mm (Serrata)
Plastics Ware polystyrene
Porcelain Ware (Serrata)
Porous pots (Serrata)
Racks (Serrata)
Retort stands retort clamps (Serrata)
Screw clamps (Scientrific)
Spatulas (Serrata)
Spin Bars
Spotting plates (Serrata)
Stirring rods (Serrata)
Stoppers (Scientrific)
Stoppers (Serratra)
Straws construction pack (Serrata)
Tongs (Serrata)
Trays trolley (Scientrific)
Tripod stands (Scientrific)
Tripods (Serrata)
Tubes centrifuge tubes (Serrata)
Tubing glass tubing, tubing clamp (Serrata)
Weighing trays, poly, 250 mL (Serrata)

Senior Biology.
Equipment for senior biology practicals
1B. Surface to volume ratio
2B. Microscopic examination of cells
3B. Enzymes and temperature
4B. Stomata distribution
5B. Antimicrobial growth inhibition
6B. Classify an ecosystem
7B. Selective pressure

1B. Surface to volume ratio
Investigate the effect of surface area to volume ratio effect on cell size.

2B. Microscopic examination of cells
Prepare wet mount slides and use a light microscope to observe cells in microorganisms, plants and animals to identify nucleus,
cytoplasm, cell wall, chloroplasts and cell membrane.
Calculation of total magnification and field of view is required.
Minigrid Slide, for measurement under the microscope 1117001 (Serrata)
Microscope - monocular, senior, digital, mechanical stage, 4/10/40/100 X objectives 1122029 (Serrata)
Microscope - monocular, senior, mechanical stage, 4/10/40 X 1122014 (Serrata)

3B. Enzymes and temperature
Investigate the effect of temperature on the rate of reaction of an enzyme, catalase, lipase, amylase.
Educational - Enzymes-Catalysed Reactions 1202026 (Serrata)
Amylase 100g 1038228(Serrata)

4B. Stomata distribution
Compare the distribution of stomata and guard cells in plants adapted to different environments (aquatic, terrestrial) as an adaption for
osmoregulation in plant tissue.
Prepare wet mounts of leaf cuticle tissue from different species of plants and use of microscope to make observations.
Anyview digital microscope - handheld, with stand, 200 X 5006005 (Serrata)

5B. Antimicrobial growth inhibition
Investigate the effect of an antimicrobial on the growth of a microbiological organism (measure zones of inhibition), laboratory
or virtual.
1023100 13 L, (Serrata)
1023103 100 L, (Serrata)
Stainless Steel Sterilizer, 24 L 1052962 (Serrata)
Sterilizer (Autoclave) - 18 L, 240V

6B. Classify an ecosystem
Determine species diversity of a group of organisms based on a given index.
Use the process of stratified sampling to collect and analyse primary biotic and abiotic field data to classify an ecosystem'.
Select and appraise an ecological surveying technique to analyse species diversity between two spatially variant ecosystems of the
same classification.
Phosphate low range colorimeter1165058 (Serrata)
20 cm sieves for soil samples 1052739 (Serrata)
Sieves 20cm x 5cm, 5 to 230 Mesh, (Serrata)
Tullgren funnel soil sampling device collects small and micro-organisms from soil samples 1092013 (Serrata)
Soil sampling Tullgren Funnel, (Serrata)
Quadrat Grid - 50 x 50 cm, with 10 cm grid size, stainless steel, PVC coating 1011118 (Serrata)
Quadrat Grid - one square metre 1011147 (Serrata)
Turbidity Meter Digital, Portable, (Serrata)
Turbidity Secchi Disc Determine Water Clarity, (Serrata)
Turbidity Tube 60.5cm, (Serrata)
Turbidity Tube 1103018 (Serrata)
Secchi Disk 1014378 (Serrata)
Digital windspeed / chill / temperature meter 1052522 (Serrata)
Weather station, basic 1160001 (Serrata)

7B. Selective pressure
Analyse genotypic changes for a selective pressure in a gene pool (modelling can be laboratory or computer simulation based).

Senior Chemistry
Equipment for senior chemistry practicals
1CH. Enthalpy
2CH. Empirical formula
3CH. Molecular models
4CH. Properties of gases
5CH. Rate of chemical reactions.
6CH. Titrations
7CH. Galvanic cells
8CH. Redox reactions
9CH. Diji Tapless Burettes

1CH. Enthalpy, calorimeters
Equipment for senior chemistry practicals,
Measure the enthalpy of a reaction.
Data loggers could be used here
Calorimeter Aneroid (Dry) - 5 times more sensitive, minimal heat loss
1055021 (Serrata)
Calorimeter, Joules, 1010089 (Serrata)
Calorimeter Cup - Pair, Outer Cup, 75 x 100mm 1035152 (Serrata)
Calorimeter Cup - Box / Lid Insulating, 75 x 50mm 1035151 (Serrata)

2CH. Empirical formula
Equipment for senior chemistry practicals,
Derive the empirical formula of a compound from the reactions involving
mass changes.
Simulations can also be used.
1004757 (Serrata), OHAUS joined to your data logger.

3CH. Molecular models, (Serrata) Construct 3D models (real or virtual) of linear, bent, trigonal planar, tetrahedral and pyramidal molecules.
Approximate bond angles: 180o (linear), 104.5o (bent), 120o (trigonal planar)
109o (tetrahedral), 107o (pyramidal).
Sticky Atoms, 1052869
Molecmodels that fit interchangeably with other molecular models.
Organic/Inorganic Set (Student) 1021009
Inorganic/Organic (Teachers) 1021004
Geometry Kit, 14 models 1021025
Metal Crystal Structures 1021054
Shapes of Molecules 1021058
Construct 3-D molecules (real or virtual) of organic molecules.
Organic Chemistry (Teachers) 1021003
Introductory Organic (Student) 1021001
Biochemistry Teachers Set 1021010

4CH. Properties of gases, (Serrata)
Equipment for senior chemistry practicals,
Boyle's law or estimating the molar mass of a gas.
Boyles law - Simple Type 1011006
Boyle's law Apparatus, 1055138
Boyle's law Apparatus, high pressure 1035139
Bourdon Gauge, Gaseous Pressure 1085001

5CH. Rate of chemical reactions, (Serrata)
Equipment for senior chemistry practicals,
Simulations could be used and data-loggers can be used.
Enzymes-Catalysed Reactions 1202026
Chart: "Chemical Reactions". With Explanatory Notes Illustrates Combustion
& Oxides, Acids & Bases, Acids, Oxides & Hydroxides, Reactions of Metal
with Acid, with Carbonate, Decomposition reactions. 520x760mm Laminated. 1242150A

6CH. Titrations, (Serrata)
Equipment for senior chemistry practicals,
Concentration of a solution with reference to a standard solution.
Perform acid-base titrations with different indicators.
Titration of weak acid to weak base is not required.
Diji Syrette - 25 mL Standard - A Grade 1529002
Diji Burette - 50 mL 1529006

7CH. Galvanic cells, (Serrata)
Equipment for senior chemistry practicals,
Galvanic cell using two metal/metal-ion half cells.
Simulations could be used.
Computer-based models:
Electrochemical Cells1202029
Electrode Voltaic Student Cell 1055015

8CH. Redox reactions
Equipment for senior chemistry practicals,
Feasibility of a redox reaction from the activity series of metals.
Conduct a practical to construct a typical galvanic cell, using two metal/metal-ion half cells, to collect valid and reliable data.

9CH. Diji Tapless Burettes, (Serrata)
They represent a significant breakthrough in liquid chemical management.
They have no taps so are quicker to use, safer, more robust and significantly
more accurate.
The revolutionary design removes parallax error due to the meniscus and
eliminates any interchange with the atmosphere.
A wonderful Australian developed and manufactured product.
This is rapidly becoming the only liquid management system in many schools and a "must have" have for competitive titrations between schools.
By using the red line you eliminate parallax error and because it is a sealed system.
So long as bubbles do not go out of the bottom of either product then bubble inaccuracy is non-existent.
It will handle milk/pulp orange and operates as a "No Clean"environment.
You can change the burette/syrette from HCl to NaOH in 15 seconds if you squirt out the HCl then suck up a small amount of distilled water.
Prepped to industry standards so long as it all stays a wetted surface.
See the range and for sales and service

Senior Physics
Equipment for senior physics practicals,
1PH. Plot data on a scatter graph
2PH. Specific heat capacity of a substance
3PH. Half-life from change in number of radioactive atoms.
4PH. Resistance from current through and PD data across resistor
5PH. Acceleration due to gravity on Earth's surface
6PH. Displacement-time and velocity-time graphs
7PH. Refractive index of a transparent substance
8PH. Horizontal distance travelled by object projected from horizontal
9PH. Force on a conductor in a magnetic field
10PH. Strength of a magnet at various distances
11PH. Photoelectric effect

1PH. Plot data on a scatter graph
A scatter graph (with correct title and symbols, units and labels on the axes), analysed by calculating the equation of a linear trend line,
interpreted to draw a conclusion; and reported on using scientific conventions and language.
Plotting a graph calculating the equation of a line of best fit.
Ruler - Best Fit5005001 (Serrata)

2PH. Specific heat capacity of a substance, (Serrata)
Ensuring that measurement uncertainties associated with mass and temperature are propagated.
Where the mean is calculated determine the percentage and/or absolute uncertainty of the mean.
Calorimeter Block, Aluminium 1Kg 1011010
Calorimeter Block, Mild steel 1Kg 1011011
Calorimeter Block, Brass 1Kg 1011013

3PH. Half-life from change in number of radioactive atoms, (Serrata)
Radioactive Source - Simulation1035456
Geiger counter, Alpha and Beta detection1035462
Geiger Counter, Time and Rate Meter1035764
Geiger Counter, Portable, Built-in GM tube1035458
Multi Counter (IEC), Timer, Counter, Geiger1035642

4PH. Resistance from current through and PD across resistor, (Serrata)
Electroflash Electronics Kit 1015001
Circuit Board Kit - Included Templates 1014998
Circuit Board (Worcester) 1092001
Locktronics-Electricity Magnetism Kit 3000100
Decade Resistance Box - 3 dial x 1 Ohm 1035379

5PH. Acceleration due to gravity on Earth's surface
Use data loggers here with a motion detector.
Newtons G Ball - Digital, Gravity & Acceleration 9003001 (Serrata)

6PH. Displacement-time and velocity-time graphs, (Serrata)
Air Track - With Blower & Timer 1052186
BeeSpi V - Self Contained Photogate 1000050
Dynamics Carts - 3-Wheel, ABS, Pair 1010016
Inclined Plane Halls Cart, Work and Energy 1055001
Inclined Plane - Kit, With Scale 1010017
Inclined Plane - Heavy Duty With Scale & 1035559

7PH. Refractive index of a transparent substance
Use a low power laser beam and a circular tank filled with water to demonstrate refraction and reflection.
As the bright beam bends, its angle can be read on the scale printed around the tank.
The laser is permanently fixed to the tank and can be pointed at any angle.
Also, fill the tank with mineral oil or other liquids to vary theeffect
Light & Optics Demonstrator1024140

8PH. Horizontal distance travelled by object projected from horizontal
Projectile Launcher, Without Mini Photo Gates 1052940
BeeSpi V, Self Contained Photogate 1000050

9PH. Force acting on a conductor in a magnetic field
Data Logging Magnetic Field Detectors
Ampere's Rule, magnetic field around a wire1055006
Force on Conductor in Magnetic Field 1019010

10PH. Strength of a magnet at various distances, (Serrata)
Use data logger with OHAUS balance attached for Chemistry reduction reactions and Biology transpiration, instead of potometer.
Balance (Ohaus) 1004757
Magnetic Field Demostrator - Electromagnetism 1052694
Tangent Galvanometer, Magnetic Field of electric current 1035679
Magnetic Field Of A Current 1052336

11PH. Photoelectric effect, (Serrata)
Conduct an experiment or use a simulation to investigate the photoelectric effect.
Plank's Constant 1052971
Photoelectric effect AP2342-001

Safety clothing, glasses: apron, laboratory coat, safety glasses (Scientrific)
Safety (Serrata)
Sigma Aldrich Australia (Search: Safety)
Clothing List 1D: Protective clothing and safety equipment
First Aid charts, kits, signs (Serrata)
Gloves (Scientrific)
Gloves Heat resistant, Latex, Nitrile (Serrata)
Gloves, List of safety gloves
Risk Assessment (commercial website)
Spill Kits
Sharps containers (Serrata)
Uniforms (Uniform Store)
Swabs wipes (Serrata)